Who knew? One can fire an AR-15 in “full semi-automatic” mode

About the video: CNN’s Gary Tuchman goes to a shooting range to take an up-close look at an AR-15-style rifle with retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling.

Good grief man, what in the world did I just witness? Did Gary fire with his eyes closed?

I can’t believe the military “expert” didn’t teach the reporter proper form and stance. I also can’t believe the range staff allowed him to do that.

You can’t be serious with that “full semi-automatic” language? Kudos to your ability to spread the gun-grabbers’ propaganda!


P.S. All firearms are designed to inflict damage.

28 responses to “Who knew? One can fire an AR-15 in “full semi-automatic” mode

  1. Wawazzdat? “Full semi-automatic” was it? And this came out of the mouth of a lieutenant general? Wow. That’s a new low.

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  2. Most people who do not have a gun or use guns in any application can be fooled by anyone who can talk the talk. The idea that an AR is an assault rifle as in the terms for military is a full auto feed weapon and much harder to control as well. Here is a little history on some of the weapons when they wrote the 2nd amendment.
    The Puckle gun was the first known revolving cannon. It fired a 32mm round, had an 11-round revolving cylinder, and was invented in 1718. The Girandoni Air Rifle, invented in 1779, had a 20-round magazine that could be fired in about 30 seconds, and it was used by the Lewis and Clark expedition. The Belton flintlock could shoot twenty rounds within 5 seconds.

    Clearly these guns don’t hold a candle to the firepower that is available today, but also, the Founding Fathers obviously had the awareness and foresight to know that gun technology would continue to advance well past their lives as the gun technology present in their own time was improving rapidly. The notion that the Founding Fathers based the 2nd Amendment on the right to own muskets and that they weren’t banking on guns becoming more advanced is beyond stupid. The Founding Fathers debated over the precise wording of the Bill of Rights for months and so there is a deliberate reason why they chose the phrase “the right to bear arms.”

    Our inalienable rights do not change simply because technology advances. If that were true then the 1st Amendment would not apply to the internet, and the US government would have free rein over censorship, and thought and information control.

    Just a little research when my rights are on the chopping block nothing stops me from finding and showing the truth to fight the false hoods people are spreading to take our rights away.

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  3. So much stupid, so little desire to finish watching…

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  4. Who watches CNN?
    This expert is a full semi-automatic loose canon.

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  5. You want MY weapons??
    Molon labe

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  6. Reminds me of the video from a few years back with the young girl at a shooting range, firing an AR — and its recoil forcing her to wildly flail it around as she… shot her instructor standing there right next to her. Genius.

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  7. Stand by to see these buzz words and catch phrases repeated, ad nauseam, on the MSM. That’s how it works. You KNOW they get scripts. You couldn’t all come up with stuff like this without coordination.

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    • Yep, I’ve heard libtards say AK-15, gas-assisted receiver firearms and high-capacity rapid-fire magazines. Derps.

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      • Seriously, legislators do it all the time. They pass legislation that is impossible. That’s because they didn’t know what they were talking about in the first place, didn’t even think it through, and either relied on “experts” who knew nothing or none at all.

        All through the 2970’s the emissions laws were like that. The goals were unattainable. They didn’t understand the mechanics or the physics. Didn’t slow ’em down a bit.

        One of the California parasites, it could have been Feinstein (I can’t remember), proposed only “allowing” firearms that laser printed the serial number of the firearm on the bullet before it left the chamber.

        You would think they’d be embarrassed. They aren’t.

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  8. Yup, that kind of stupidity is amazing.

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  9. I have been unable to find the full auto switch on my AR15.

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  10. Um, “full semi-automatic”? No, CNN, full retard…

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  11. Kevin J Lankford

    I may just have to buy me one them thar ARs one O these days. Always have felt safe as a catfish in a firestone tire with my revolver and ole lever action rifle, but then who knows what them dadblamed politicians are up to now.
    I think we gettin the idea now…tho.

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    • Buy soon. Manufacturers getting ready to raise prices (according to gun store folk we spoke with) and Florida tried to put a two-year moratorium on purchase of them today (it failed).

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      • Hmmm? Not too surprising. I already have all I need. Look for them to do an Obongo and go after ammo.

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        • Yea that’s probably next.

          In 2012 my gun guy in WA state said Obama’s admin kept ammo stuck on containers not releasing it due to paperwork BS.

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          • They bought up all the ammo. You couldn’t get .22 ammo. They simply, quietly, bought all they produced to keep it off the shelves. Then later, they destroyed it.

            Now that the POS is gone I have no problem getting ammo. That creep should be under the jail. He and Holder and all their little buddies are the scourge of gun owners everywhere.

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    • Go ahead, I love mine. I’ve got old western guns too. I think you’d better read DCG below. It won’t be long before they try to nanny us out of them.

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  12. Now THIS is a machine gun:

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