Massachusetts man arrested for sending white powder to Donald Trump, Jr.’s NYC apartment

daniel frisiello facebook photo

Daniel Frisiello/Facebook photo

About the perp, Daniel Frisiello, from his Facebook page:

  • Currently works as a program assistant at the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston
  • Favorite quotes: “You can’t stop my happiness, cause I like the way I am”
  • Favorite athletes: The homosexual wanna-be NFL player, Michael Sam
  • Inspirational people: The homosexual actor Neil Patrick Harris
  • Other organizations he likes: Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and Never Again

Ironic that one who supports ending gun violence resorts to violence himself. All the markings of a demorat.

From Fox News: A Massachusetts man was arrested on Thursday after a letter with white powder was sent to Donald Trump Jr.’s New York City apartment early last month, federal authorities said.

Daniel Frisiello, of Beverly, was taken into custody just before 8 a.m. while he was heading to work, federal authorities said. Frisiello expected to appear in federal court in Worcester later in the day.

“These kinds of hoaxes may not cause physical harm, but they scare the heck out of people,” said Andrew Lelling, U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts.

Frisiello is accused of sending a total of five letters filled with white powder. Authorities said he sent them to Trump Jr.; the office of Sen. Debbie Stabenow, of Michigan; Nicola Hanna, the interim U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California; actor Antonio Sabato Jr., who is running for a U.S. House seat in California as a Republican; and Michele Dauber, a Stanford University law professor.

He faces charges of mailing threat to injure the person of another and false information and hoaxes.

Trump Jr.’s wife, Vanessa Trump, opened the letter in the couple’s Manhattan apartment on Feb. 12 and reported feeling nauseous and coughing. President Trump’s daughter-in-law and two other people were taken to the hospital in the incident.

The letter was postmarked in Boston on Feb. 7, had an American flag stamp and no return address. The powder was ultimately determined to be cornstarch, The Associated Press reported.

Authorities later revealed the letter included a threatening note that read: “You are an awful, awful person. I am surprised that your father lets you speak on TV. You the family idiot. Eric looks smart.”

“This is the reason why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve. So shut the F— UP,” the letter continued.

Frisiello also shared a news report of Vanessa Trump being hospitalized on his Facebook page the day it occurred, federal authorities said.

The president’s son later tweeted about the “scary situation,” saying it was “truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior.”

Like the one Trump Jr.’s wife received, each enveloped contained a different threatening letter addressed to the individual.

A courthouse mailroom employee opened the letter addressed to Hanna that stated: “That’s for murdering [former ‘Glee’ star] Mark Salling! I Hope you end up the same place as Salling.”


40 responses to “Massachusetts man arrested for sending white powder to Donald Trump, Jr.’s NYC apartment

  1. Just what the world needs, another delusional, hateful, violent, faggot.

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  2. Massachusetts resident? DCG, the upper left coast and the upper right coast are in close contention for a gold medal in stupidity.

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    • TD . . . . As much as it sorrows me to admit it (coming from Oregon) that is entirely a true statement. I am hoping that the upper right coast is the winner.

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  3. St. Peter Damian:

    “Without fail, [the vice of sodomy] brings death to the body and destruction to the soul. It pollutes the flesh, extinguishes the light of the mind, expels the Holy Spirit from the temple of the human heart, and gives entrance to the devil, the stimulator of lust.”

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    • Jimbo . . . . Bravo! Thank you for taking the time to provide the rest of us with the spiritual angle on this article. Although, we already know the outcome, it is never the less important to “red the nitty gritty.”

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    • Yep. Instead of praying for help they want us to tell them that’s it’s a “superior” way to be. Sick bastards.

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  4. It is the textbook definition of “terrorism”. This should be a federal matter and he should go away for a VERY long time. That’s what we’re looking forward to. Armies of homicidal triggered queers. Wow. What a waste of skin.

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  5. Cornstarch is a cure-all for all kinds of rashes, so I suggest to this homo to save lotsa of powder in case he is sent to jail – the “brothers” will sure give him a welcome pat on the a#$,!

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    • It’s such a wholesome “lifestyle” that it breeds things like this. I’ll bet her mom’s proud:

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      • Yeah, cuz that will definitely stop a home invader. Fool…

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        • lophatt . . . . that picture leaves me speechless. I am left to wonder, what do men her age think of her and cavorting around like that. I suppose she really thinks she’s an Einstein to be able to come up with that! Much less what her mother would think . . .how about what her grandmother, or greatgrandmother . . . If you go back not that many generations I would imagine the woman who are her progenitors would faint dead away

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          • Yeah you wouldn’t get that behavior if she was raised in a cave by wolves. She’s “proud” too. She looks like bait for Rosie or Lena.

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          • In another era they’d bury her face down so she couldn’t claw her way to the surface.

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          • Dear Auntie and Lo—TWO decades ago, our disgusting neighbor sent their daughter to High School (with our son) wearing T-shirts that proclaimed, variously and similar…..”Will Trade Sex for Food.” So, these sort of parents and parenting “skills” are not in short supply, sadly. These sorts of parents & kids have been around for a LONG LONG time in America…& they are all VOTERS. Ohhh– SCARY! So, it was not surprising when she did not finish high school b/c she delivered a baby sometime in her early years, which her parents proudly trumpeted with balloons and banners…..and then she went off with a tattoed army jeep driver, and they posted all their NEW tattoes online for years and years as they became more decorative….and finally left the army and disappeared.

            The rest of our story: After these disgusting people “invaded” us & damaged us with their attacking Pit Bulls (not the dogs’ faults–they were let loose), TWICE causing our pets medical distress and repair…..IN THEIR OWN YARD—–and then they trespassed on our property time and again to vandalize our property, our vehicles—we have cameras—killed our cats ON OUR PROPERTY (proof…we took them to court )…..we finally put up a 6-foot LEGAL wrought-iron fence (it is quite attractive, w/$1000 extra of fleur-de-lis across the front expanse…so we didn’t want it to be UGLY in the neighborhood)….and stood them down. They finally over-spent themselves in a riot of “entitlement” (matching motorcycles, new cars, sandrails, etc, while not paying the mortgage) and lost their home to the bank. Sigh….the home was bought by someone who uses it only occassionally as their “farm retreat” from the coast. They, too, put up an even MORE substantial fence than we have (block and iron). All this makes me harken back to the Sandburg poem about how fences make good neighbors. Maybe Trump is “on to” something???? (Ya think?!!!)

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            • I have good neighbors now. Many years ago we had “the neighbor from Hell”, though, so I know what you mean. The woman had four kids (each by a different man), who ran wild. “He” was a long-haul trucker of some kind who only made it home about once a month (by design, I’m sure).

              After her daughter brained her brother with a baseball bat and they hauled him to the ER in the back of her pickup, she came over and asked me to look at her cat because “something was wrong with it”. Indeed there was. It was stiff as a board. She couldn’t believe it. It took me over an hour to convince her that it was an “ex-cat”. It was probably killed by one of the kids.

              They eventually went back to whatever backwater they were from. By that time they were inches away from a neighborhood vigilante committee. It only confirmed my suspicion that it doesn’t take much of an IQ to have children. Raising them is another matter entirely.

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  6. Make an example out of him that no one else with chance doing it again for a stupid prank. If he gets 15 to 20 that will make people wake up to the fact that you can do this to people.

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  7. What Frisiello did constitutes menacing and is, in my opinion, an act of terror. So he has an opinion and he’s adamant about it? Who Cares?
    Once again: 100% of the hatred in America comes from THE LEFT. And the name of the game of this hatred is not merely to manifest temper tantrums, No Sir: The endgame is the gas chambers and the ovens.

    I recognize hatred when I see it. I also recognize demonic activity when I perceive it. And I see FEMA camps in America’s future: this is not about “getting rid of Trump” or “resisting.” THIS IS ABOUT A COUP DE TATE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THEMSELVES. As Larouche PAC member Harley Schlanger told Sean of SGT Report (about ten days ago), “Our lives depend upon ending this coup.”
    THIS is the real focal point. This goon will go to the FEMA camp as soon as it suits the elites, because they don’t need him, either!

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    • Steven . . . You have very wisely brought out the fact that this is all about either the government of the USA will be taken over by a “COUP DE TATE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THEMSELVES.” The very saddest of facts is that should that happen, it will impact even the libtards. They seem to feel that if their ideology can win out–that they would be sittin’ pretty. Not so! They will also take their lumps, along with the rest of us.

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      • Auntie Lulu they don’t even see it coming you would think after seeing how they are all about throwing their own under the buss once they outed. And they disassociate them selves as far away as they can get. But they are so blind and will be consumed by the very people that they voted for. You are so spot on.

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        • Brian . . . . That very fact that they are so ignorant of what will happen is exactly what makes them dangerous to begin with.

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        • Yes. They are irresponsible and lazy. They just “observe”. Not being masters of their own fate they just follow. Those who ask the least of them are the most attractive. They’ll live in Mom’s basement forever.

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  8. squeeze my charmin

    That’s not a man. Its Rosie O Donnel !!!!

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  9. Fat, pissy homosexual guy that’s completely “out there” with his ranting. And Catholic Charities saw nothing? What a DA, as of this morning anyone could still comment on his Facebook page.

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    • The Catholic Charities is one of the main groups taking millions for resettling illegals all over the country quietly in the middle of the night. They are working against America for a bloody dollar. No wonder he is twisted.

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        • I was not aware of that until recently. It looks to me that whoever is in charge of declaring it a “Catholic Charity” should have a list of acceptable recipients. Definitely “Planned Parenthood” would not be on the list.

          I did some volunteer work for Catholic Relief Services several years ago. Then we supported “Birthright” which is the polar opposite of “Planned Parenthood”. I was not on the board so I can’t vouch for who else received funding.

          I do know from my days on the Board of Religious Education for my former diocese that we looked at things like that and there were several that would not have been the recipients of any services we might have provided. After all, we say we stand for certain principles.

          Anyway, I’m not looking for much improvement with Francis in the Chair. I’ve always said that The Church should put some pressure on members that hold public office and apostate ideas.

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  10. In every picture that you see of this man, you see that he has his chin up, with a sort of belligerent look on his face. I can hardly wait until he reaches the big time prison . . . I wonder how long that belligerent look will remain on his face? I would rather think no very long.

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  11. A murderous homosexual works as a program assistant at the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston. That’s the U.S. Catholic Church in our time.

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    • Wow. That’s a BIG archdiocese too. So, if he is a paid employee he’s a “representative” of the Church? That’s embarrassing. That’s probably how they found him. What do you wanna bet that he used Diocesan stationery?

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  12. I don’t know how the tracked him down without a return address, but I am sure glad they did. Think how brazen he could have become if he hadn’t been found. This was terrorism and should be treated as such. If this had been someone from the right, the left would be screaming bloody murder for justice.
    Just another twisted sorry soul from the left. Sad in his gay body and wants the world to have the same experience.

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    • Of course even w/o a return address, the post office still stamps its location. They can then check its video feeds for the day it was mailed/post stamped.

      Then you have latent fingerprints and DNA from licking the envelope to seal it. Possible hair etc. inside it. Then ink & handwriting analysis and of course, matching what/how he said in multiple letters to what he’s posted online.

      And finally, the dumbest, the fact he posted a news report of Vanessa going to the hospital right after opening his letter on his Facebook page.

      What a nutjob. Leftards really are mentally short-changed & deranged.

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  13. It didn’t say much about the other letter recipients. Why is he sending it to Trump Jr.? Is he retarded? They should make an example of this twit.

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  14. Brought to you by the party of tolorence, benovolence and peace.

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  15. I’m as glad as all of you that they caught this turd so quickly. However, people who have committed much bigger crimes, crimes against our nation and We The People, are still out there. Master grifters Hellary and Bill, Hussein, the Bush mob, McCabe, Podestas, Awans, DWS, traitor McCain, the list goes on and on and on. All still free. Why? Hollyweird celebs threaten violence against the President seemingly daily with no consequences. How are they different from this dude? All still free. Why? Sanctuary city mayors flaunt federal law every day with no consequences. All still free. Why?

    So yes, good job on this guy, but it’s like bragging about catching a minnow while a school of Great White Sharks are devouring every swimmer up and down the west coast. Personally, I’d let a hundred of these guys go to see just one of Hellary, Hussein, GWB, Cheney, Slick Willy, or GHWB rotting away in Gitmo. Eyes on the prize.

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  16. I heard about this ONCE in a little inch of space in my local Democratic owned newspaper. I did NOT hear of it anywhere on my TV news. I’m shocked that it was NOT widely reported. Hmmmm. I WONDER what would have happened if this would have been delivered to the Obama girls or Chelsea Clinton……or similar????? OMG….the lame-stream media would have covered it for a MONTH!!!!!!! Instead, it was an assault upon a member of the Trump family, so….no news……SHAME!

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