Liberal utopia: Seattle small business owner begs leaders to stop crime

government solve all problems

But, but, the public is “not at risk.”

From Dori Monson at Bo Saxbe has become the mouthpiece for a collection of small businesses and food truck operators in Seattle. They have a simple message to city leaders: Help.

Saxbe says crime has gotten so bad within the past six months, that businesses are experiencing extreme pain. And worse, no one will do anything about it.

“Police won’t come,” Saxbe told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson. “Unless you are getting murdered with a knife or gunshots are going off. There are no resources for theft. One of my colleagues actually had a guy grab a tip jar off the counter as they were serving. They followed them down the street a couple blocks. A UW security officer joined in. They were yelling, ‘Stop. Stop. Thief!’ They called the cops. They guy was on 911 for 40 minutes. No police.”

“They actually saw the guy go in, with the tip jar of their money, order a plate of wings, eat them – completely impervious to any fear of getting caught,” he said. “And finally, they had to pack up and go. They had to work. It’s frustrating to see that kind of crime and know the perpetrators are almost guaranteed to not get caught or punished.

Not to mention, when King County prosecutors drop misdemeanor charges — including theft — it’s not encouraging.

Food truck fears: That is one story that Saxbe relates in an open letter to Seattle city leaders. The letter details the difficulty his food truck business has experienced. He reports that Cheese Wizards has suffered about $15,000 in losses just related to theft of power generators. But there’s more. He says people will break car windows just to get at spare change, or for soda and chips. The problem has become so bad, small business owners have started to talk.

“We had a couple dozen different businesses that chimed in,” Saxbe said. “The feeling is universal. It’s not just Ballard, or Interbay where we are based. We’ve got colleagues working in SoDo, downtown, even Magnolia. And they are all feeling that every moment it is getting worse and worse.

Those businesses tell their stories in Saxbe’s open letter. Many report thefts. Generators are a primary target. Others maintain that police won’t come to help. An entire food truck was stolen and the owners said that they still don’t know if Seattle police are investigating it.

“We’re really scared,” Saxbe said. “Small businesses like mine are the smallest in the city. They’re a lot of us and crime is just killing us. It’s going crazy.

“We really are asking for help,” he said. “This is us saying, ‘Hey, you guys in power. Give us a hand. We need it now.’

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23 responses to “Liberal utopia: Seattle small business owner begs leaders to stop crime

  1. I wonder how many of Seattle’s small business owners voted Democrat? And if they did, how many will continue to vote Democrat, and so give new meaning to the term “useful idiots”.

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  2. How long before some of those businesses start taking the law into there own hands and what will that bring. Reminds me of a quote
    “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

    Seems they got what the wanted but now don’t want it.
    Nice post DCG show them for what they are.

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  3. This is so sad – some or all of them are so dim-witted they probably won’t even realize where the problem lies and the mistake they make when they continue voting for the false-utopia policies of the Democrat/communists. Democrats are so passionate and committed to their false-utopia policies – this blinds them to truth and reality. If they move to another state that is conservative and has a more thriving society, their blindness just infects that area and takes it down to the pits. They believe it’s the person they voted for’s fault and continue voting for another Democrat/communist thinking that will solve the problem of the policy not working for the better. In their minds, the policies aren’t the problem, it’s the person. The liberal leaders keep feeding them their lies and they continue being their robotic slaves. The Democratic Party isn’t the Democrat Party anymore – it’s the Communist Party, and socialism/communism will never, ever work because it isn’t based on truth or cosmic law. Truth: What you put in to something is what will return to you. If you give nothing, at some point, you will get nothing. The idea of “freebies” is a completely false concept! Believing big government will take care of everyone is a false concept. We’ve seen how big government has taken care of everyone – milions were put out of work, on food stamps and welfare or just living on the street. This type of living makes slaves to the elites (who by the way have everything their empty hearts desires). It also kills mankind’s opportunity off creating a better life for themselves. Socialism/communism creates selfish, lazy, slothful people without hope, love or peace. It destroys the spirit! I pray for them daily to be cut free from their faulty vision and see the Light! God bless America, the US Bill of Rights and Constitution!

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    • M Reineri . . . . That was an excellent addition to this article. The one point that really sticks in one’s craw, is the idea that you can get something for nothing!

      When governments first began to be, particularly city governments, there was the expectation that they would provide safety services, such a lawmen, and other services that should be under city control. Now all these cities are so busy spending monies on everything under the sun, but the very thing that they are actually expected to provide.

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  4. In Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, we have a liberal who wants to fight against crime placing light poles on the streets according to him this would help, but he forgot that the bums steal in the light of day… His statements: “A safe city is an illuminated city”. HOLY SHIT!

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    • Ivan Silva . . . . Not that it makes me hilariously happy, but I am glad to hear that all the craziness is not relegated to here in the United States. I guess people all over the Earth, are stuck battling people who are in charge that are incapable of grasping the actual facts of the matter.

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    • Perhaps he could pass out blindfolds so the people couldn’t see them stealing?

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  5. noreen cerino

    Keep electing Democrats and liberal loons… will lower your official crime stats.

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  6. That’s easy. Fire the lot of them and start over. Do it yourselves. This is classic. Not only do they want you helpless and disarmed, they want you to let them rob you blind and laugh at you. Oh, and by the way, keep those paychecks coming.

    Look at how this works. At no previous time have we had more types and numbers of “law enforcement”. They are EVERYWHERE! So, do you get improved service? Of course not. They aren’t there for the citizens or the small business owners. They are there to ensure that your owners retain control.

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    • lophatt . . . . You have brought up an extremely pertinent point. Here in Portland, which is located in Multnomah County . . . we have Multnomah County Sheriffs, and we also pay for police officer’s for the City of Portland. Whuz up with that? I rather doubt that we would get any better service if we cut out the Sherriff’s Dept.

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  7. Iophatt, you said it! Though the police in my region are, thank God, relatively good people still. In my city. But even then I hear more and more bad news regarding them, knowing nothing can really be done. These people legitimately believe they are a superior class from us.

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  8. Isn’t this what they asked for? Poetic justice.

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  9. I’m afraid the powers that be see the thefts etc. as a “distribution of wealth”, and aren’t going to be concerned about it, or get involved unless and until “real” harm occurs… such as physical violence (and probably NOT bother even prosecuting for “mere” property damage). And that, unfortunately, includes prosecuting owners who chase down and harm those who steal from them.
    (“I’m the Bad Guy? How’d that happen? I did everything they told me to.” — from “Falling Down”, 1993.)

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    • BTW, for those who are wondering about “Falling Down” (or fans of, like me), that now 25y old movie, it’s just as topical today as it was then. Here are some great quotes (although a bit of foul language; it’s gritty reality) from it:

      If you like lighter, but still seriously annoying topical reality, try to catch “The X-Files” from this past week. It was awesome. Everything wrong with today’s high-tech society and our reliance upon it, and what could possibly go wrong — terribly wrong with it. I was rolling on the floor laughing in empathy. And feeling the burn…

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    • Interesting. Maybe a “[re]distribution of wealth”? In other words, I don’t care who I steal from as long as I get my cut. In that scenario, “real harm” means there’s nothing left for me to steal.

      In my experience they all say that they work for us, but none of them believe it.

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  10. Here’s a nifty idea they might consider when they call in and hear no units available after you tell them a guy is stealing right of there store then hang up and wait 30 sec. Then call right back and say those guys I told you about, my clerk just shot both of them and my attack dog is eating one right now so we don’t need you now and hang up. I bet the response time would be less than 3 mins. and when they get there and say they aren’t shot then you say well I thought you said no units available.

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