Armed robbers breaking into homes, restraining & hitting victims yet Seattle Police doesn’t believe “public is at risk”

second amendment

No need for self-defense mechanisms such as firearms, folks! Nothing to see here, move along. The police will keep you safe!

By Jason Rantz at A violent series of armed robberies have hit the Seattle’s Beacon Hill where three, armed men kicked in doors and held residents hostage while they ransacked the victims’ homes. There have been no arrests.

The first home invasion occurred in the early morning of February 16 where three masked suspects armed with guns broke into a home on Alamo Place South, where three roommates reside. The suspects, male Hispanics in their 20s, kicked in doors to the rooms of three roommates, held guns to their heads, and demanded money and drugs. According to the police report, the trio originally broke into the residence via an unsecured window on the south side of the home.

The second home invasion occurred the very next night — this time on 22nd Ave South, not far from the first robbery. According to the police report, three masked men, armed with pistols and a shotgun, broke into the home. One man was home alone at the time. Again, the suspects held a gun to his head and rummaged through the home. The victim was restrained with a plastic zip-tie, which held the victim’s feet together.

The suspects each took turns guarding the man while the other two ransacked the home. According to the report, “As each suspect guarded him they placed the firearms to his head and lower back.”

In this case, one of the suspects shot the victim with a taser, one probe hitting the man in the jaw, and the other his shoulder. The report says:

“The suspects continued to demand money and valuables, spraying him in the eyes with an unknown chemical before departing his room. As the suspects were leaving [his] room [the victim] heard a gun shot, just outside of his room.

The suspects laughed at the victim as they sprayed his face with what may have been lighter fluid. Police, using a K9 unit, were unable to track the suspects. A semi-automatic pistol and magazines, plus a 20-gauge shotgun, were stolen in this robbery.

Though the Seattle Police Department does not believe the public is at risk, it’s possible that more cases will be tied to these three suspects. And while police haven’t yet officially tied these two cases to each other, it’s hard not to note the similarities.

“Detectives are still working to see if the two cases are, in fact, the same suspects,” said Detective Patrick Michaud. “We hope to have more on that as soon as tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.”

It didn’t take long after I posted this for people to reach out, including one Seattle police officer who expressed frustrating over these robberies. “At least once week we have home-invasion robberies,” the officer explained. “We’re routinely catching people and then having to release them … when they’re juveniles.”

The officer described a system of catch and release due, in large part, to “restorative justice.”

“I hate to point the finger at other people in the process … but we will do the job and the prosecutor’s office is taking a line that ‘We won’t hold these kids,’ according to the source, who says judges will release juveniles up until their third offense, wiping the slate clean.”

And that exact same thing, releasing minors who commit violent offenses, is not occurring in just Washington state.

In Oklahoma I have a 19-year-old thug living on my street who committed multiple firearm offenses as a prohibited possessor and minor. He even broke into my neighbor’s home and my neighbor shot at him (but missed the target). Mommy bailed the thug out each time and he never did any hard time for his gun crimes. And gun control laws didn’t stop him from obtaining another firearm.

Tell me, #GunControlNow crowd, why you would want me to be defenseless should this thug try and break into my home?


26 responses to “Armed robbers breaking into homes, restraining & hitting victims yet Seattle Police doesn’t believe “public is at risk”

  1. Seattle deserves whatever it gets. They voted for these policies, may they reside with them forever. Just don’t let these cancer victims spread their mental illness to stable , sane communities.

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    • I have a blog post scheduled for Friday about how Seattle business owners are BEGGING the police for protection from thieves. It’s unbelievable yet I guarantee you they will still vote “progressive.”

      They always do…the last mayoral election is proof of that.

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      • I agree. There is a point at which stupidity becomes insanity. On the other hand, if you were the business that armed itself and word got out, I’ll bet you would be the LAST one on the block to get robbed.

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        • You know, I just don’t get the mentality of the left. They are perpetual victims expecting the government to somehow protect them.

          You think the local police are going to do anything to stop the thug that lives seven houses down from me if he came breaking through a window in my home?

          It just boggles my mind that anyone would not want the ability to protect their life (and business) and the lives of their CHILDREN.

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          • I totally agree. In fact, that is what we should focus on. Stop asking government to protect you. Stop asking for solutions you can manage yourself.

            The simple reality, as you described, is that the cops are not going to get there in time to do anything, if ever. If they do, the odds are very good that they’ll shoot the entire place up and someone will get killed.

            I have had to call the cops about three times in my life. They all went badly. I deeply regretted it. They were rude, pushy, arrogant and completely indifferent to my rights. I was the “victim” they treated me like the perpetrator.

            In hindsight, the situation demanded that I call them. I could not have taken care of it myself without going to jail. When it was over I was left disgusted, mad as hell and spent months filing complaints. I had nothing to do with any of these incidents other than being there.

            So, from the perspective of defense, I don’t even think in those terms about cops. If the law requires you to report something that has already happened, stand by.

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      • Delayed thought: Several years ago there was an incident of the Seattle police firing at a naked guy while he ran through a restaurant at lunch. After that they shot a homeless schizophrenic for not paying for the light rail.

        They don’t seem to have any problem with guns if they are the ones doing the shooting. If I had been in that restaurant I might be behind bars now as I wouldn’t sit still for that.

        Seattle, like San Francisco, is a living example of what it looks like when the lunatics rule the asylum.

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  2. It looks like the taxpayers are clearly not receiving a return on their investment. How “cutting edge”. We have “sanctuary cities” that have declared their intention of being lawless. Here we have “law enforcement” declaring their intention to ignore crime.

    Maybe they could fire them all, along with the mayor and the rest of the Maoists, and start again. Surely they don’t expect federal funds to bail them out when the collapse occurs.

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  3. So if you commit a crime and your illegal and underage and this is the third time you did it you still get a pass. Someone put the judge and cops in jail. Someone needs to call them on the carpet on this garbage. And how long before they break in and are blown back out the door with a 12 Gage in the face. Kids or no kids if you break into a home your age has nothing to do with me protecting my family and my self. As harsh as that sounds you do not know what a person has in their mind when the crash your door in. The feds need to do something about the judges breaking the law.

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    • If I have time I’ll shout “I’m armed”. If not, clean up on aisle three.

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    • Brian . . . I have thought for some time now . . . the very best justice is that justice is delivered immediately, and harsh! It is not shedding innocent blood when you defend yourself against someone who has already decided that they wish to prey on you. If other thugs could actually see, that by engaging in this type of behavior, they just may be called on to forfeit their life as a result–then perhaps thievery will begin to be regarded as far too hazardous an occupation.

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    • If they crash your door in, and enter your home, it’s very clear that in their minds the only thing spinning around is, “do harm,” be it hurting you and your loved ones physically by taking what is yours, and damaging your property. Harsh? I don’t think so. And the police most of the time could not care less; either you are “in power” or you are part of the “populace” and expendable. That is why weapons of all kinds are needed for self defense. They are “the equalizer” and when the police arrives 10 minutes later, the issue has been resolved in 30 seconds to start with. Liberals are simply mentally challenged, and stupid. They expect government to protect them, when government is the biggest threat of all. Liberalism damages the brain. Turns people into sheeple, the proverbial useful idiots.

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  4. Apparently, Seattle’s nanny state has taken the tack of dead men file no complaints….only a matter of time

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  5. After I read this was blogging and found this you don’t hear much from the other side of the fact that guns do save lives here is a post of two women who with out their guns they would be dead more than likely.
    Mother, Daughter Take On Armed Robber

    Posted at 2:00 pm on February 26, 2018 by Tom Knighton
    Amid all the anti-gun hysteria these days, it’s important to remember just how useful firearms actually are. They allow people who would otherwise be victims to defend themselves.

    A prime example of this comes out of Oklahoma where a mother and daughter took on the guy trying to rob their family-owned liquor store. It did not work out well for him.

    The two women spoke out about the incident, as well.

    When the gunman turned away, the women said they grabbed guns of their own and opened fire.

    They said all they could think about was saving the other’s life.

    “The next thing I know that I have my gun and I’m shooting him. And I get up and I shoot him again, and he just keeps coming back to me,” said Ring.

    The alleged robber was shot in the leg but he didn’t give up.

    He grabbed Ring, pistol whipped her and then tried to go after her daughter.

    “Until you have a gun waving at you, you don’t know what you’re gonna be thinking. It happened so fast, but it seemed like it lasted for so long,” said Lee.

    Lee was able to squeeze off another round at point-blank range, shooting the man.

    The would-be robber was in critical condition.

    There will probably be a few folks who argue that, had they not engaged the robber, all would have been fine. To be fair, it might have.

    But then again, it might not have. People get murdered in robberies like this far too often. Because of that, these two women were clearly in fear of their lives and acted accordingly. As a result, they’re here and relatively unharmed while their attacker is now in critical condition.

    Further, I tend to believe he had no intention of allowing these women to live. After all, why else did he come back after Ring shot at him the first time? The gig was up, right? But he didn’t back down. He kept coming, trying to disarm Ring. Upon finding that Lee was also willing to pull the trigger, he continued to attack. He was ferocious in his assault. Because of that, I can’t help but believe that he had no intention of allowing either woman to walk out of that store. Ever.

    Luckily, it’s academic at this point. Lee and Ring did walk out of that store while the criminal didn’t. He had to be carried and, assuming he survives his wounds, will stand trial.

    Let’s remember this one the next time someone tries to pretend that no one really needs a firearm. The bad guy here had one, one I sincerely doubt he obtained legally. The only hope for Ring and Lee’s survival was to be armed themselves, which they were.

    If some people had their way, the two women would be dead right now, and their killer would probably be the topic of some news story about how he had a horrible home life or something. That’s assuming they even knew who he was. He may well have walked away from that day and continued to rob over and over again.

    Only now, he won’t. That’s a win, no matter how you slice it.

    Sorry I did not include the link to the video on you tube was not sure how your rules apply here for links so did not post it.

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  6. Until this blog (Fellowship of the Minds), I thought the most self destructive lunatics in the world lived in Cambridge, MA. DCG, you have proven me wrong. The Upper Left Coast and the Upper Right Coast are evil twins.

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  7. Well, you get the goobermint you deserve, after all.

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