Agenda-driven reporting: Vox reports that firearms killed more 15 to 19 year olds than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined in 2016

vox explainer

Another example of Vox serious “reporting.” Hey, I want a grenade launcher, too!!!

Because those diseases typically kill so many more young adults. Another fine example of a Vox “Explainers.”

From the experts at Vox: The message from high school students following last week’s Parkland, Florida, school shooting is clear: We are suffering and dying because Congress has failed to enact stricter gun laws.

“I don’t understand why I could still go in a store and buy a weapon of war,” Samuel Zeif, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor, at the White House this week. “Let’s never let this happen again, please, please.”

Zeif is among the thousands of student protestors who, through grief and fear, are mobilizing across the country in a renewed push to end America’s epidemic of gun violence.

They are right to demand action: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention public health database (no match for “firearms” turned up when I searched on this link), when it comes to causes of deaths in US adolescents ages 15 to 19, firearms are an alarmingly common contributor.

Over at PWC, Alex Gaffney crunched the data to see exactly how many high schoolers are dying by guns. He found a staggering 2,300 (only one match turned up on this page when I searched for “firearms” and it was an article about the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School students advocating for gun control; it wasn’t a link to any hard data) deaths per year on average in the period 2010 to 2016.

If you think that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. To put the numbers into context, we took a look at the 15 leading causes of death in high schoolers for 2016. Injuries, suicide, and homicide were the top three causes of death, killing more than 8,000 teens in 2016. Gaffney’s data shows 2,665 of those were related to firearms in 2016. Meanwhile, the next 12 causes led to only 1,500 deaths combined. Among them:

  • cancer killed 596 high schoolers in 2016;
  • heart diseases killed 293;
  • chronic lower respiratory diseases killed 80;
  • influenza and pneumonia killed 54;
  • diabetes killed 54.

So guns led to more deaths than the next 12 leading causes of teen deaths combined.

Arming teachers or bolstering mental health programs, as Trump has suggested, isn’t going to fix this problem. As Vox’s German Lopez has written, America has more gun deaths than any other country — and it also has more guns. The problem isn’t the mental health status of Americans. It’s that our gun control laws are too lax (then please do explain the gun deaths in strict gun-controlled Chiraq, genious). And until that’s fixed, guns will remain a key contributor to the death of young people.

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24 responses to “Agenda-driven reporting: Vox reports that firearms killed more 15 to 19 year olds than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined in 2016

  1. Are you serious how much money is Soro$ and company pumping into all this hype to disarm us. He is systematically doing it one way or another by buying up gun manufacturers and lead company’s just to shut them down. The 2nd is the only thing left standing between us and idiotic gun control we all know don’t work and allows our government total control over the populace. This country is in distress and its people better wake up or they will be goose stepping to a different tune in the near future.

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    • Yes, absolutely. But Soros is an “agent”. He gets his money from his bosses. Money has no meaning after a certain point. It is valueless and they control it. The “art” is for them to keep it from those who need it. That’s how it works.

      Remember, the “idea” of media is to inform a democratic people. It is not to propagandize and sell an agenda. They should be removed and replaced with genuine news.

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  2. Osteoporosis, macular degeneration and gout are missing.

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  3. I think this samuel zeif put it perfectly when he said “Idon’t understand”.

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  4. I’m sure legal pharmaceuticals have a higher body count, (and or maimed), even for that age range, however, damaged, disabled, & dead are all fine for, “them.” Our having self defense FROM THEM, utterly reprehensible.

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  5. Here is a novel idea the largest killer of this age group is car accidents,so we should increase the age for driving to 25 (too bad for all the High school kids protesting guns) .OLD age kills far more children then homicide with a gun (progeria). Amazing how facts can be twisted to enhance a narrative when dishonest people run the MSM.

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  6. This is called manipulation. The Maoists want gun confiscation. So, THEY ask the Government (their employees) to DO SOMETHING! Then they claim its “we the people” DEMANDING action. Pretty slick, huh?

    What needs to happen is for the manipulators to stop with the productions and leave things alone. This is mind control on a massive scale. Every time we address this in any form other than a demand to stop it, we are furthering it.

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  7. In watching some video footage of the Parkland production I came across some footage shot with a cell phone and was struck by its realism. Then today I ran across this:

    The examples here are identical to what I saw earlier. As usual, I can’t really tell if they shot anyone or not. And, as I always say, that’s not the determiner of fraud in my book. However, I AM curious.

    It seems undeniable that they had been told to expect a drill. Even that alone would drive a statistician nuts. We can see from the full-court press that was in the can, ready to go, as usual, that they needed this for another push.

    They are going to keep this up until they get what they want. They are hoping to get away with it with some cooperation. They’ll do it by brute force if necessary. It is important to expose these things for what they are.

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  8. But vox does’ say how many teenagers died in motor vehicle accidents. Gives a broader perspective. In 2016 over 2800 deaths.

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  9. Well. Take out black-on-black gang violence, Hispanic-on-Hispanic gang violence, and, oh, criminal-on-criminal violence, amongst people from 13-25yoa, and you basically eliminate most non-suicide, non-accidental shooting deaths of ‘children’ (remember, our fearless leftists classify some people as children up to and including the age of 25.) (And that group also considers actual criminals killed by their victims or by police as ‘victims of gun violence.’)

    So, yeah, remove all the bull-scat ‘gunskillkids’ stats out there and you might get close to the number of people of the same age that die of heart problems(non-illegal drug related), diabetes and cancer.

    But try explaining this to your typical gap-mouthed national or international socialist and, well, forget it. It’s easier to explain Quantum Mechanics to a pig.

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  10. Switzerland has a law requiring ALL its people to possess firearms. Not too many mass shootings in that country. And with EVERYONE armed, even their own government would not dare to pull a false flag attack.

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  11. How many 15-19 year-olds die in a year from cancer, heart disease, or diabetes compared to total deaths in all combined age groups from these 3 diseases vs those from guns in the 15-19 yr-old group? At least that is the way I AM READING this “study.” More details needed to differentiate this from deaths in this age range from these particular diseases as opposed to OVERALL in the population deaths from these diseases vs. those deaths from guns in the minor age-group…..Don’t know if you can follow me the way I’m stating this….but….I mean to say that this statement of “stats” needs MORE identifying parameters….otherwise…it could be like comparing apples to oranges……

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  12. I’m a bit surprised by Vox. I haven’t read it for a few years now, but I thought it had some interesting stuff in it at that time.
    At any rate, we’ve had so many mass shootings now, I cannot keep up with the information. It’s too much. Yes, I do believe Soros is funding the agitprop end of the PR campaign.

    But there is one question that is not being asked: How many disturbed teens can be found to do these things? In other words, things don’t add up and the narrative falls apart. I think one question must be asked: Is the Mossad participating in any of these crimes against humanity? Because if that is true, then we have an answer: A deep state that employs hit-men to advance a collectivist agenda.
    Sounds loopy? I don’t think so: Multiple survivors of the Las Vegas Massacre insist they saw at least TWO different gunmen firing upon the crowd FROM HELICOPTERS. This—after FBI agents confiscated the cell phones of all and ERASED all the photos and videos from them.
    The first job of a conspiracy is to convince us it does not exist.
    (Check out Dr. Henry Makow’s Twitter page from yesterday re.: the Parkland shooting).

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  13. Some may find this interesting. In the censorship blitz at Google and Facebook, they have sucked up anything related to Sandy Hook and/or Jim Fetzer:

    Welcome to East Germany, comrades.

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