Feinstein loses California Demorat Party’s endorsement


More delegates voted for Kevin de Leon, the State Senate’s current President pro tempore. More about de Leon:

In December 2016 (after the death of Kate Steinle), de Leon proposed a bill that would prohibit state and local law enforcement, including school police and security departments, from using their resources for immigration enforcement. From my post:

Senate Bill 54 would also create “safe zones” at public schools, hospitals and courthouses where immigrant enforcement would be banned, and require state agencies to update their confidentiality policies so that information on individuals’ immigration status is not shared for enforcement purposes.

“To the millions of undocumented residents illegal aliens pursuing and contributing to the California dream, the state of California will be your wall of justice should the incoming administration adopt an inhumane and overreaching mass-deportation policy,” de León said in a statement. “We will not stand by and let the federal government use our state and local agencies to separate mothers from their children.”

In July 2015, de Leon was caught on film making a racist comment. From Dr. Eowyn’s post:

“The WND reports, June 3, 2015, that an independent undercover journalist has secretly filmed Democrats being racist about blacks.

The undercover video (posted by Ryan Sorba), dated May 2, 2015, is posted at Barbwire.com. It captures Democrats and homosexual activists calling conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an “Oreo cookie” (black on the outside, white on the inside) or race traitor, who doesn’t know he’s black.

He (Sorba) turns to California State Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon and asks: “On the question of the marriage issue, if we use watermelon, can we get Thomas to side with us on one case?”

De Leon laughs hysterically and turns to another man: “Hey, John, he’s got a good question right here!”

De Leon’s web site, which claims he is a “progressive voice for California,” touts his achievement/plans for California:

  • In 2016, Senator de León championed the “No Place Like Home” initiative, an innovative and ambitious proposal to address homelessness in California by securing $2 billion in bond financing for construction and rehabilitation of permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless Californians suffering from mental illness. (How’s that initiative working out, de Leon?)
  • With President Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program, Senator de León was instrumental in negotiating $30 million to assist the nearly 250,000 Dreamers in California with legal services as well as “safety net” funding to help DACA students stay in school should they become unable to work to support their education.
  • Guided by a strong belief in a woman’s right to control her own health care, Senator de León has been stalwart defender for preserving federal funding for family planning as a Republican-led Congress continues to target Planned Parenthood for defunding.  Senator de León’s strong and unwavering advocacy for access and choice has been recognized by Planned Parenthood with a consistent 100 percent voting record and numerous awards, with special recognition in 2014 for legislative leadership.

Good luck thriving California, if de Leon wins.

From Stars and Stripes: California Democrats rebuked Sen. Dianne Feinstein at their annual convention this weekend, denying her the party’s endorsement in this year’s Senate race and giving a majority of their votes to her liberal primary challenger.

Just 37 percent of delegates to the statewide convention, held this year in San Diego, backed Feinstein in her bid for a fifth full term. More than 54 percent backed state Sen. Kevin de León, who entered the race in October and has run to Feinstein’s left on health care, taxes and immigration. Candidates needed 60 percent of the vote to win the party’s endorsement, making Feinstein the first incumbent senator in recent memory who will run in June’s primary without official backing.

“California Democrats are hungry for new leadership that will fight for California values from the front lines, not equivocate on the sidelines,” de León said Sunday morning in a statement. “We all deserve a leader who will take our climate action to Washington, and will fight each and every day to protect our human and civil rights, our immigrant families and Dreamers, champion universal healthcare and create good paying middle class jobs.”

Losing at the party’s convention does not stop any candidate from fighting to win in the primary. In 1990, as a candidate for governor of California, Feinstein was denied the party’s endorsement at the convention, in part due to her support for the death penalty. She went on to win the nomination, losing in November to Republican Pete Wilson.

Until Sunday morning, de León had little evidence that his challenge to Feinstein could succeed. The senator entered the year with more than $9.8 million in campaign funds; de León had just $359,261. A February poll from the Public Policy Institute of California found her leading de León by 29 points, albeit with 37 percent of voters undecided. And Feinstein, who since the start of her political career in San Francisco had crossed swords with her party’s left, had voted with the left of her Democratic caucus on issues around the status of immigrants brought illegally to the United States as children.

De León’s strong showing at the convention changed the narrative, demonstrating the trouble that Feinstein — who turns 85 this summer — will face in persuading a changing party to get behind her. The state senator has won the backing of more left-leaning unions, such as the SEIU and the California Nurses Association, and attacked Feinstein for conservative votes she cast after arriving in the Senate in 1993. (She is one of just four Democrats still in the Senate who voted for the Iraq War.)

Read the rest of the story here.


32 responses to “Feinstein loses California Demorat Party’s endorsement

  1. Way to go, California Demonrat Party, endorsing an even more leftist Demonrat for US Senate.

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  2. Sigh……I guess it was time to retire……15 YEARS AGO!

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  3. Reblogged this on Roberts Thoughts 2 and commented:

    This is an excellent read. It’s so much more then just Feinstein loosing the endorsement. I strongly encourage you to take the time and to check out the links on the post. Not just where In July 2015, de Leon was caught on film making a racist comment but also how Democrats and Homosexual atavist really are when no one is looking. Heres a link to the video, you have to watch the whole thing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=7quQKT0gelw
    I’m just a small time bloger but I hope some see’s this, shares and does it justice.

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  4. In terms of “party politics” which I personally believe are nonsense, they’ve certainly set up the denoument for the next cycle. This will be the end of any form of “cooperation” or any hope of ever looking at the country again as “united” with differences.

    No, the owners have decided that now is the time to go for the full-tilt, bull-goose loony, Maoist America or war. Apparently they believe that they will achieve their ends. I don’t think so.

    We will need to keep our wits about us. In preparation they are trying to disarm us as we speak. Soon there will be legions of fairy weasels rappeliing down our utility poles and rain gutters, intent on “uniting the Borg”.

    Anyone not embarrassed by Feinstein’s understudy deserves to live in Communist China. As for me, I’ll stick with Patrick Henry.

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  5. Getting rid of bucket full of cow shit and replacing it with a bucket full of horse shit. Yep, that’s totally what one can expect from Commiefornia!

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  6. DiFi only lost because she wasn’t Liberal enough for the Democratic Party. They need new blood for the ultimate Utopia they had hoped for when Obama was POTUS. And they’ll never achieve it. Experience is the best teacher, but nobody passes the course.

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  7. Communism didn’t end with the collapse of the USSR, it went to California and Massachusetts.

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    • Well it’s also in China, N. Korea, Cuba and a host of smaller countries. In fact, I find it rather interesting that the lefties are so upset with “Russia” now that it is NO LONGER Communist.

      Communism is Judaism by another name. To understand the “who’s who” of chaos and rebellion one has to understand this. No matter what name is applied it is always the same players.

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      • “Lefties upset with Russia now that it is no longer Communist”

        Isn’t it stunning? They are just seething with hatred for the fact that Putin has helped the Orthodox Church flourish there, and won’t let homos run roughshod over the social fabric. Most Russians hold traditional conservative values and are fine with Putin despite some of the corruption. With the title PUTIN, AMERICAS GREATEST THREAT, the History Channel ran a big propaganda piece this weekend. I had to watch to see what they would whip up against him. Almost invariably every “authority” they drug out to speak on the subject was a Jew, including the vile Jewish lesbian Masha Gesson, who is known for her hate filled statement that the real goal of Gay marriage is to get rid of all marriage.

        Here is the gem of womanliness. She looks like Woody Allen with Black hair.

        I’m so sick of the arrogance of these creeps that think they have the right to tell everyone else how to live, and rule the world.

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        • Absolutely right, and brilliant. Yes, he restored Christianity to millions. Russia, unlike here, is on the rise morally. THAT is driving them nuts. You should reed “200 Years Together”. The Russians know what they’re talking about when it comes to their enemies.

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        • I tried to post a link but it wouldn’t let me do it for some reason. I’ll try later.


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        • My first thought after seeing the article was “South Africa, here we go.” To your point, Lana, the communist Jews like Joe Slovo and his wife controlled Mandela like the puppet he was and in the way these Jewish sock puppets Kevin de Leon and Kamala Harris are controlled—talking social justice to the cameras while directing white dispossession and genocide behind the scenes.

          Mandela wasn’t just controlled by SA’s Jews, but was trained by Mossad in Israel in how best to torture and brutalize SA’s whites after the ANC takeover. The ANC in turn was a front for the Jewish-controlled SACP, while here in the US the Democratic Party has become the de facto CPUSA.

          De Leon looks like a gutless wimp, but Kamala Harris will be another Mandela. It can’t be happening in California, right—except that it is.

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        • As we speak they are booting blacks from Israel. All those “migrants” are fine for Christian countries, not for Israel. They even have the nerve to tell the truth. They come right out and say that if they allow them in, their “race” will become impure.

          Those of us who have studied this a while know the truth. “Social Justice” and “social engineering” are for others. The arrogance is born of the belief that we are cattle, their cattle. So when we are done being their “captors” we become their property.

          There is no compromise with this. There never will be.

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        • As you well know, the “Russian Revolution” had almost nothing to do with Russians. It was devised, orchestrated and ran by Jews. Just like the “Russian Mafia” is really, “The Jewish Mob”.

          So, ultimately they were not totally successful in holding on to their Russian “cattle” and had to move West again, as they have since time Immemorial. It is their pattern.

          Don’t make the mistake of assuming that what they demand from others they apply to themselves. As you so adroitly noted in your post, they are “seething with hatred” over Western success. Every Western success is a setback for them.

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          • So you’re opining that Stalin actually killed 10,000,000 of his own Jewish people? Seems excessive even for a totalitarian marxist dictator…


            • “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”
              The American Hebrew, September 10, 1920

              “Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The bloodthirsty Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Patriot

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                • Stalin’s death toll alone may total 50 million, and Mao’s death toll may reach 240 million.
                  Whatever: I consider abortion and contraception to be another genocide. I always talk of the two together, as the demand for contraception leads DIRECTLY to a demand for more abortion. If we consider the death toll from The Pill—and fair is fair—the annual death toll, world-wide, may very well top ONE BILLION.
                  God WILL NOT be mocked.

                  The Day of Reckoning is coming.

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  8. Getting closer to the tipping point they are now consuming their own. The puppets have been useful but not needed now. Funny how that happens, they have no clue to what can come and it will come it is written.

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  9. Feinstein leaving won’t dampen the liberals in any way, she served and her time is up, why fight it -there are the Latrine Waters, Elijah Cummings Fredericka Wilson, and the imperial liberals that need to give away their seats too, they all brought the party down and use the “black” theme to enhance their agenda and do-little for their constituents, blah blah blah, the “ party” is over, move over.

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  10. What,exactly,differentiates the Democrat Party from a Domestic Terrorist Organization? I just can’t see a difference.

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  11. Kevin J Lankford

    Democrats really don’t have a viable candidate for any thing.

    I will forever find it baffling any how that a two party government can actually exist; how it could actually evolve in a system where all are sworn to the very same Constitution. The only answer can be, the true U.S. Citizens have been negligent in the intended application of “our” second amendment.

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    • Yeah, I find that interesting in its own right. Apparently, the “new” goal will be to run AGAINST anything else. It no longer matters to them what they do or say. They will simply insist that they are voted for because there is no other choice.

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  12. At 84y old now, Diane’s just not radical-left enuf for the freaks and geeks…

    OTOH, at 84y old, why would she even consider running for office yet again?
    The good news (for now) is that the left is being similarly split in multiple races across the country, in addition to those poor souls running in pro-Trump country who, regardless of their personal beliefs and prior voting record, must now campaign as more-reasonable Democrats if they hope to have a chance against their eventual Republican opponent in the general elections.

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  13. who ever thought difi would be the preferrable candidate/

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  14. Living in CA, I don’t even know what to think or say anymore about CA politics and their politicians. I have been thinking since the Trump election that the Dems will go even farther LEFT than they already are/have been during the Obama years. In fact, I think they will go all the way to the edge of their flat Earth, and nominate people like Ellis for POTUS, the likes of de Leon for House of Rep and Senate…..Poor old Bernie Sanders is a moderate compared to what I think the Dems will “double down with” in the coming mid-terms and the next Presidential….and Mexifornia will lead the way.

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  15. so he wants to fight mental illness in California – does that include his own? It’s gonna take a whole lot more $ than he was talking because almost the whole population seems mentally ill

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  16. It’s always the ugly lonely ones raising cane. She must want company.
    As for Diane, it must be because she owns guns and that certainly doesn’t fit their profile of a liberal.

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  17. Well, it looks like Feinstein will become WHINEstein, as mourning becomes Electra!
    Time to hang it up, you old WIZZENED PRUNE!

    In the meantime, it looks like de Leon is really De Chicken, as he leads the children, like the Pied Piper, further down the Rabbit Hole into HELL!

    Looks like California won’t become the Land of Nuts and Bolts any time soon. Sigh…

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