Elephant picks up humans’ trash

CCTV camera captured a remarkable footage of an elephant picking up the trash left by humans.

Some commenters on the video’s YouTube page nitpick that the elephant had been trained. This rebuttal by L1ama is the best:

“but can you train people to do it?”

That elephant certainly is cleaner and more civic-minded than illegal “migrants” and the Left:

Antifa trash Nov. 4, 2017

Arizona trash October 2006

A Minuteman stands among hundreds of discarded bags and clothing at a layup area in the Arizona desert.

See also:


17 responses to “Elephant picks up humans’ trash

  1. We all have our issues that will get us on a soap box. One of mine is people who simply do not pick up after themselves. They would rather throw the trash on the ground, toss it in their vehicle or out the window even if there is a trash can right there to put it in. Looks like, in this case, the animal is smarter than the humans.

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    All in a day’s work – cleaning up the garbage.


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  3. They can use some of these in San Francisco. Maybe they can get hold of some cobras too.

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  4. Elephants – cleaner than demorats!

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  5. Elephants should be protected and cherished to the fullest extent. They are awe inspiring. Some of you may have seen Suda, an elephant who paints. She is amazing. Here’s the link:

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!! When I first saw the headline, it crossed my mind may be an elephant had actually crash a democratic rally and drug hillary off to the dump.

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  7. Elephants! I love them!
    I once drove an elephant trainer when I was doing the yellow cab. I asked her if she knew what a KUMKE was. She did! When the professionals take elephants in from the wild, they put them in a barn with a “civilized” or domesticated elephant. The domesticated elephant is as cool as a cucumber, and responds well to its trainers and feeders. The other wild elephants take notice, and approach and smell and “rub elbows” with the kumke. After two to four days, the wild elephants begin to chill out and imitate the kumke.
    Now you know how elephants can be taken from the wild.
    Elephants, which can weigh about 12,000 pounds, are unique in the animal kingdom in that they WANT to cooperate with humans. An adult bull elephant can take a TELEPHONE POLE and lift it and place it precisely where its trainer or master wants it.
    Elephants have been observed—for centuries!—to be kind to children. Elephants mourn their dead.

    FYI, Dr. Michael Savage has donated his own money to elephant rescue funds. Check out his website—I’m sure he still has something on it there.
    Elephants, cats, pigs, leopards and tigers: They’re more intelligent than people give them credit for.

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  8. Thanks, Dr. Eowyn. I will check it out right now.

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