Condoleezza Rice says US needs to consider Second Amendment’s place in a “modern world”

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes

From Fox News: This month’s massacre in Parkland, Fla., seems like a key moment in the nation’s ongoing debate about the Second Amendment, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said during a radio interview Friday.

“I think it is time to have a conversation about what the right to bear arms means in the modern world,” Rice told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday. “I don’t understand why civilians need to have access to military weapons. We wouldn’t say you can go out and buy a tank.”

More specifically, Rice said weapons like the AR-15 rifle that authorities say shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz, 19, used to kill 17 students and teachers Feb. 14, shouldn’t be available to civilians, the Washington Times reported.

But Rice, who served under President George W. Bush, made clear that she remains a believer in the Second Amendment. “We can’t throw away the Second Amendment and keep the First,” she said, adding that she considers the first two amendments to the Constitution to be “indivisible.”

Hewitt then asked if Rice — being an educator herself as a political science professor at Stanford University — supports the idea of teachers carrying guns as a deterrent to potential campus shootings. Rice said she doesn’t think that is “going to be the answer,” the Washington Times reported. “I don’t really like the idea, frankly, of a gun in my classroom,” she said.

Rather, she supports looking to law enforcement and guards as ways for protection.

Rice, 63, was exposed to senseless violence at an early age, having grown up in Birmingham, Ala., where the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963 resulted in the deaths of four young girls. She has written and spoken frequently about the impression the horrific event made on her.

She told Hewitt that despite her reservations about weapons in the classroom, the proposal merited a serious discussion. “Look, if people need to train people to protect our schools, and perhaps even communities want to consider whether or not they need guards to protect the schools, it’s a sad thing to think that we might, then that’s something that we should look at,” Rice said.

She told Hewitt that talking across “our differences is extremely important” and that communities have to “pull together.”

“We have to start listening to each other, first and foremost,” Rice said of the people from all sides of the debate on gun control.


29 responses to “Condoleezza Rice says US needs to consider Second Amendment’s place in a “modern world”

  1. Russian Govn’t took guns away from it’s Citizens, = 50 Million of it’s People were then killed.. Nazi Germany took guns away from it’s citizens & also from the countries they conquered, = 20 Million Plus were then Killed.. Red Communist China took guns away from it’s citzens, = 50 Million of it’s People were then murdered.. South-East Asia dictator governments disarmed it’s Citizens, = 7 to 12 Million Citizens were summarily killed, = All World Countries where Citizens surrendered their Personal Self-Defense weapons – were then subjected to “Massive Murders” by their Own Governments..!! Today’s so-called Modern “Power-Hungry” World Govn’t’s are No Different from the the Murderous Govn’ts of the recent past.. NOTICE = that all the Govn’ts listed here became the “Domestic Enemy” of their own Citizen’s.. Then Please Notice that Barrack Hussein Obama was “Weaponizing with Military Equipment” all the Domestic Departments of Govn’ts that were fully under the Command of His Administration.” Remember Patriot Americans, = in all the dis-armed citizen cases noted here, “The Government” became the “Domestic Enemy” of the dis-armed People.. = A “Warning” that is clearly stated by the Second Amendment of the American Constitution.. A US Senator from Colorado once proclaimed that, “A Dis-Armed Citizenry is Easier to Govern..!!” == What say YOU..??

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    • actually in China the number was more than 70 million. Pol Pot wiped out half of his country’s population in Cambodia. Today’s NWO advocates are far worse and far more dangerous than Mao, Hitler. Pot, Castro, or Stalin were combined.

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    • EddieBG, in Cuba, 1960, the government “CONFISCATED” all the guns, from the police, rifles from hunters and weapons (guns) from honest citizens that had them for protection and others that wanted to say “I own iron”. THEY DISSARMED THE PEOPLE SO THAT they COULD ACHIEVE THE TAKE OVER. The opponents of the regime sent before a FIRING SQUAD to silence their voices -WE MUST T NOT let them destroy our freedom, OUR SECOND AMENDMENT IS SACRED, we must defend it to the last bullet in the barrel, if we don’t we are in their hands. There won’t be another place we can flee to and they won’t have mercy on us.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    The attitude of our elitist minded government bureaucracy, miss rice being just one meager example, has long ago evolved to the point that the insight of our founders enlisting the right of the true citizens to be armed as a legitimate guard against tyranny in our system can hardly be questioned by the just patriot.

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  3. As background (roughly from bollyn), Condi was the protégée of Madeleine Albright’s Zio gun-running father who, posing as a diplomat, supplied the post-WW II mass-murdering Jewish terrorist gangs in Palestine with Czech weapons. Albright’s placement by Israel as the first woman Sec of State under Clinton and then placement of her father’s protégée Condi under Bush II should be all the proof in the world anyone needs that “continuity of government” in America, if it means anything at all, means the continuity of Zionist control.

    As for continuity of propaganda themes, Condi was a close associate of Zelikow, the Israeli agent placed in the White House who spearheaded the thoroughly debunked 911 coverup and narrative. All these terrorist events, with real shootings or not, follow from 911, and anything Condi says on these matters should be assumed to have been scripted in Israel or by its agents in the US.

    My take is that of course Condi’s been told to suggest the Second should be re-evaluated in light of these events—the rest is blowing smoke in our eyes—because Israel fears recriminations when enough Americans realize Israel did 911 and is responsible for all the subsequent bankrupting of our nation and terror becoming our new cultural milieu. This woman has ten thousandfold more blood on her hands than all the supposed mass shooters put together, and all to look good for her masters.

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    • I would think by now people would be sick and tired of this anti semitic vitriol that keep getting posted on the internet. First they need to figure out what Jesus meant when he said in Revelation, that there are some who say they are Jews (i.e they may have some Jewish blood, and surnames), but are NOT but instead are of the synagogue of Satan. I can think of some right off the top, of the Highest Illuminati Level , who don’t hide their Luciferian beliefs – Rothschild for one, Goldman, Sachs, Astor, etc

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    • She should also consider how she’d see the second Amendment’s meaning if her beloved Government suddenly turned on her and made all her comforts and carved-in-stone truths illegal. I’m sure she doesn’t believe this could EVER happen,but WE have been seeing it happen,right before our eyes. Sometimes,when a person’s reality is altered for no apparent reason,they’re forced to reconsider what reality actually is.

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      • Rice is another bobblehead doll. She is a mental midget and yes woman. Sparky Bush liked her just fine. All of these mutts are merely employees. They’re just more mature versions of David Hogg.

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  4. Hugh Hewitt is a wind-sock repubelican fake, flapping whichever way the wind is blowing and everyone should have figured out Condi is a one worlder by now…all these phonies

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Ms. Rice is right – listening is very important. But those who are in law enforcement have to be honest and uphold and follow the laws of the Constitution.

    We have to start at the top of the food chain as to who was skirting the law:

    The School Board making deals with the Sheriff for not reporting arrests to bring in more Fed money for the school. The Principal for allowing it with a go along attitude. The end result – all of the visits to the killer’s house for violence and not reporting it to the FBI. This resulted the killer not being put on the gun registry as a violent offender. The FBI who had countless reports about the killer.

    Then you have the officers who committed a dereliction of duty. The sheriff and his officers have to go – they are corrupt. They must stop the “GUN FREE ZONE AT ALL SCHOOLS” to protect the children.

    And you end up with 17 dead people that should have never happened.

    As usual, it started at the top of the food chain.

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    • which has all the markings of a false flag as well. It’s been reported that Hogg, the “student survivor” advocating gun control, was never in fact, a student there, but instead graduated from a California High School 2 yr ago – when Infowars reported it and upload a video about it, they were put on notice that one more “infraction” and their channel will be permanently deleted. How’s that for “freedom of speech, thougt and expression”?

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      • Yep. Hogg (or Ham, you decide), is the Robbie Parker of Parkland. I know that Joey Wong is never wrong (pun intended), but I find him the most deeply suspicious of all. The other giggly girls merely look stoned out of their minds (and probably are).

        Little Danny Hogg, of the diminutive body and enormous head, strikes me as an older actor straight from Central Casting. Interesting point about the ‘strike’.

        I have said before that one of the points of these exercises is that they are graded on how well they can control the narrative. If they want to make a hero out of a Hogg, they have the means and methods to do it.

        Just like all the others, there is a “core group” of “witnesses”. Think about that. This is a LARGE school. Real reporters would be out beating the bushes looking for students who saw anything. Of course they don’t want to do that because they are trying to control the narrative.

        It’s another sick joke. We are being blatantly lied to and our futures are being shaped by those lies.

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  6. Sorry, Condoleezza Rice is passé, she has kept herself in the background since her last days in government, sixteen years in the dark, why come out of the shadows and speak about weapons that destroy lives. Why didn’t she speak before? Why now. There’s been mass murders and she has not spoken. I admire her for her defense of the first two amendments, I do too but, let’s hear her bring a solution against the derrange that are the killing machines.

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  7. Rice is a shameless whore. As usual they made her an “expert” on Russia, of which she understood less than nothing. She is a witless politician who got her position the same way she “earned” her degree, Affirmative Action.

    She “favors guards and law enforcement”? What does that mean? Oh, we should call daddy when we’re in trouble, drop to the floor and hope for the best. I can assure you that she has a taxpayer paid team of armed stooges that follow her sorry butt around wherever she goes. Some of us aren’t so “lucky”.

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  8. That’s why I call her Condaleezard. Here, leezard leezard!

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  9. Condi needs to move to Haiti.

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  10. Where has she been lately?

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  11. The swamp dwellers can’t wait to destroy the Constitution so they can exercise their rightful place over you peons.

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  12. The powers to be will use any useful idiot they can to forward their agenda on to the people of this country. They use emotion and every heart tug crying children and parents to push the confiscation of all those nasty guns out there and every body knows what they are doing they don’t even hide it any more. Seems there is no debating any more it full tilt emotional drive to whip up the masses to force a change the squeaking wheel gets the oil so to speak.

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  13. Why is it ok to murder the unborn, it’s a choice,my body,my decision. My decision is to own firearms. Never killed.any one,am I guilty because of.snot nosed demented child?

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  14. You can own a tank if you are willing to go thru all the red tape that goes along with it. It never ceases to amaze me that these dammed globalists who have armed security and live in gated communities are so eager and willing to throw the rest of us away as if we don’t exist. Oh wait a minute……to them we DON’T exist. Fuck her and all these bastards who are in the grip of Satan. My guns have NEVER asked me to commit mass murder. Mass murder requires an evil PERSON willing to cooperate with Satan.

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  16. One more member of W’s group reveals her real agenda.

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