Two ladies have more guts than Broward County Sheriffs; fight off armed robber with their guns

That’s how we roll in Oklahoma!

From Tulsa World: The Tulsa Police Department has identified the man accused of attempting to rob a Tulsa liquor store Thursday evening before he was shot multiple times by a clerk.

Tyrone Lee, who is either 36 or 37, remains in the hospital, according to Tulsa robbery Sgt. Brandon Watkins.

Watkins said Lee was using a shotgun to rob Forest Acres Liquor, 1275 S. Memorial Drive, when a woman who was working there pulled out her own gun and shot him Thursday night.

Lee was able to get away, but a man who matched his description and had multiple gunshot wounds showed up soon afterward at a local hospital. Police initially reported that Lee was in critical condition, and Watkins said Thursday evening: “I’m not even sure he got away with his life at this point.”

A homicide detective said about 7:45 p.m. that day that the man had died at the hospital, but he later corrected that report, saying he was not dead. Later in the evening, Watkins said the man’s condition had improved from earlier reports, and the Tulsa Police Department tweeted that he was in an induced coma.

During the struggle with the robber, the clerk received injuries that were not considered life-threatening, Watkins said.

He added that police think the man she shot is responsible for a series of Tulsa and Tulsa County armed robberies with a sawed-off shotgun during the past few weeks.

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33 responses to “Two ladies have more guts than Broward County Sheriffs; fight off armed robber with their guns

  1. yea!

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  2. Cool, good job. That’s what happens when your sheriff isn’t a DNC operative on the make. Note that they think he was responsible for other robberies. Note that they didn’t catch him. This is why people must defend themselves.

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  3. Way to go ladies! But this is why you carry concealed and don’t keep a gun under the counter or in a drawer. If she had the gun on herself, she could have dropped the idiot dead before he even walked around the counter.

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  4. Well those Broward country sheriffs have an incentive besides their cowardice not to use force.


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    • This clown, Israel, got 103% of the available votes. He’s a NWO/DNC stooge. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t a dual citizen as well. I saw him interviewed, he’s arrogant as hell.

      My current theory of this is getting more solid. He and his handlers planned this as another gun-grabber/tear jerker event. It only took six minutes of shooting. All they had to do was sit outside for six minutes.

      As soon as the other cops arrived they immediately entered the building but the fireworks were over. The school ‘resource” officer was hiding out. Does anybody think for a minute that he did that on his own? I don’t.

      There’s lots of money to spend on stuff like this. It’s important to them to take our guns from us. Money’s no object. Those cops probably won’t have to work another day. If they decide to talk they won’t have another day.

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      • I don’t dispute your thesis at all. I think you are on the money.
        I posted the link above as more evidence in how they were operating outside the law before anything even happened with the school

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        • Yeah, thanks. That was a good link. It is just like SHES with Holder, Obongo and the governor. This is a lawless land.

          We still have them but, because of the placement of criminals the laws are selectively enforced. They KNEW of this kid, Cruz (if any of that is true). So, all they have to do is feed the patsy and make sure he gets enough time to do some damage. They have some “help” to make sure he gets enough to make a splash.

          Then the REAL phase kicks in. All of the hand-wringing, wailing and gnashing of teeth and the cries of ‘somebody do something!’. They trot that preposterous monologist, Hogg, to steer the discussion. Then they feed it to the propagandists on TV.

          The bobble-headed whores in D.C. are all out trying to outdo themselves. This is how NWO agendas are advanced now. They do this in France, England, Germany, you name it. We either have to stop this or resign ourselves to their tender mercies.

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          • “We have to stop this…..”
            I don’t know how we do that when the vast majority of people buy this dribble. There has been a lot of awakening however with the recent censoring on YouTube, google searches, and other social media they are making darn sure that awakening does not continue. Then there are always the sheep that no matter how much evidence is before them, they refuse to believe. An opposing power requires numbers when the whole stinking system is corrupt as Dr. Eowyn pointed out below.
            Some folks are saying the only hope there is left is a military coup….but in my opinion the top brass there is corrupt too.

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            • It was largely a rhetorical statement. We can “individually” refuse to cooperate. At a minimum, that’s what we need to do. Beyond that, exposure to sunlight is the best medicine. Next is laughter. We need to ridicule these fools until they are ashamed (if that’s possible).

              Instead of becoming cowed by epithets like “conspiracy theorist!”, we have to turn that around. The world is full of lazy idiots. The reason they get away with it is that a lot of people would rather stick their fingers in their ears and pretend it isn’t happening.

              Individually we have to do all we can to throw a spanner in the works. They won’t get far by having to herd cats.

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  5. Meanwhile, why are Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and the deputies who stayed outside the M.S. Douglas School, still have their jobs?

    Notice how government officials and employees, no matter what they’ve done, are no longer held accountable. As an example, how come Rod Rosenstein is still deputy attorney general? Why wasn’t IRS’s Lois Lerner arrested and jailed? Why is Hillary Clinton not locked up?

    The U.S. has become a 3rd World country.

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  6. My only argument with this lady is her lack of better aim.
    Criminals may be desperate. They may have legitimate problems that need immediate solutions. They might actually be sorry for their sins. But they MUST BE STOPPED.
    We MUST have the Rule of Law RESTORED, and the President alone cannot do it. We the People have to do it. The alternative the left and its minions won’t have you see is America’s taxidermied head on the wall.

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  7. That M.F. should have gone down as expected, so sad they rendered aid when he should have bled to death. For the “girls” they sure have what it takes to be a WOMAN, I salute them and their courage and guts.

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  8. Just remember that when seconds count the police is a half an hour away! They don’t come in a hurry and then sometimes shoot the innocent caller. We have way too many sissies in LAWMAN JOBS! Semper Fi.

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  9. Thank Heaven’s these two women did a job well done! There should be more citizens who step up and “exhibit the way Oklahoma rolls!”

    DCG . . . Great article!

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  10. I believe the accompanying video is a pretty strong argument for carrying a .45 as opposed to a .32 or .380.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  11. Thank goodness the ladies had a gun on premises otherwise we could be reading a completely different story. Sounds like they need to give her a commendation for community service by eliminating a repeat offender.
    As for the sheriff, the more I read about him. The nastier POS he has become. Seems like there was a ongoing deal of not reporting school crimes for receiving additional monies. I think he is due a complete fiscal audit. He is also a friend of Clinton. That alone, raises flags.
    For him to stand there and tell the world on the TV that if the deputy didn’t feel like going into the school, it was his choice and not the sheriffs responsibility. What kind of people is this jerk hiring?

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    • Glenn47 . . . . I agree with you 100%. I agree in this instance, both of these women really did a “great community service” by eliminating this guy who just could not be depended upon to mind his P’s and Q’s. I see that although at first they thought he had died, later he was said to be alive–that really is a cryin’ shame . . . I suppose in 10 years, he will be out on the loose, doing the same stuff to two other frightened women. Hopefully they will be prepared to do what it takes to repel this POS.

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  12. No woman who works alone at a vending point, esp. one open long hours through the day…or even 24-hours…or even a tandem pair, like this mother/dau. team….should EVER be without a firearm. They are “sitting ducks” in the eyes of the wickedly-driven, and deserve to be met bullet for bullet. These ladies did a very scary, very brave, and spectacular job of defending their lives against an armed robber. I happen to be one of those “deplorable” school teachers who, given the training, would pack a gun in my classroom. I don’t want a politician or my local sheriff to decide whether I live or die, along with my students. I want my 4-6 minutes of self-defense to keep me and mine alive. The politicians and local sheriff can deal with the aftermath…one way or another.

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    • CalGirl . . . . Bravo! excellent addition to this discussion. It is folly to think that you can sit by and wait for the police, or the sheriff’s department to show up to “save you.” The minutes that you would be spending . . . waiting for them to show up . . . truly means the difference between life and death. Your life or death! Don’t count on anyone else, when you know darn good n well, that you could do a much better job of defending your own life.

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