Monday funnies!


11 responses to “Monday funnies!

  1. The woman in the pink pussy hat reminds me of Vogue fashion editor Lynn Yaeger who trashed Melania Trump for wearing high heels while boarding Air Force One to visit Hurricane Harvey flood-ravaged Houston.

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  2. Leave the “fashion” to the Hollyweirds and their attire, boobs busting out of their costumes, see thru lace showing their plastic butts, pregnant belly buttons like swimming holes and the adulation of the fools that pay to see them on the screen. Trash is trash, they are the dumpsters best ambassadors.

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  3. DCG . . . . Fabulous assortment of funnies! When I saw the ding-bat in the pussy hat accusing Melania of dressing in a manor that embarrassed women . . . it made me wish we still had the “dunking stools.” This lame-brain certainly could use a few dips in the water to clear her thinking.

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    • No kidding. The pink pussy female, really needs a mirror. Have you noticed these people, can’t call them ladies, are always ugly inside and out? Our First Lady had done nothing but bring us pride, something they could never understand. But, they do bolster the argument for reopening mental institutions.

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  4. Anyone who bashes Melania MUST be pure deep JEALOUS-Melania has NOTHING bash-worthy.

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  5. Pussy hat lady says Melania wears embarrassing clothes?
    rofl donald duck

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