Parkland teacher: ‘Shooter was in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting a rifle I’ve never seen before’

According to the official timeline, issued by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School shooting of February 14, 2018, in Parkland, Florida:

  • 2:19 pm: Uber driver drops off confessed shooter Nikolas Cruz at MSD School at 5901 NW Pine Island Road, Parkland.
  • 2:21 pm: Two minutes later, Cruz enters the east stairwell with a rifle inside a black soft case. He exits the stairwell after pulling the rifle out of the case.
  • 2:21:33 pm: 2 minutes 33 seconds after he was dropped off by Uber, Cruz begins shooting at classrooms 1215, 1216 and 1214; returns to classrooms 1216 and 1215, and then to classroom 1213. He then takes the west stairwell to the second floor. He shoots one victim in classroom 1234. In all, the shooting lasted 5 minutes 27 seconds.
  • 2:27 pm: Cruz takes the east stairwell to the third floor. He drops his rifle and backpack and runs down the stairs. He exits building 12 and runs toward the tennis courts.
  • 2:29 pm: Cruz takes a southbound turn, crosses fields and runs west along with others who are fleeing and tries to mix in with the group running away.
  • 2:50 pm: Cruz arrives at the Walmart at 6001 Coral Ridge Drive, buys a drink at the Subway inside and leaves on foot.
  • 3:01 pm: Cruz arrives at the McDonald’s at 5741 Coral Ridge Drive, sits down for a short time and leaves on foot.
  • 3:41 pm: A Coconut Creek Police Department officer detains Cruz at 4700 Wyndham Lakes Drive. He is positively identified and taken into custody.

19-year-old Cruz faces 17 charges of premeditated murder and is being held in custody at the Broward County jail without bail. He told law enforcement officials that he’d taken an Uber to school along with a concealed AR-15 rifle and extra ammunition. The driver of the Uber confirmed to law enforcement that she had dropped Cruz off at the school.

According to an eyewitness, Cruz arrived at the school in a small, gold-colored vehicle. He was wearing a maroon shirt, black pants, and a black hat and carried a black duffel bag and backpack. The eyewitness watched as Cruz walked towards one of the school buildings. Moments later gunshots were heard, and the eyewitness called a “Code Red.” (Breitbart)

Stacey Lippel is a language arts teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. That afternoon, she was in her creative writing class when she heard a “popping sound” followed by the fire alarm moments later. She unlocked her classroom door and a flood of students came running in. (ABC News)

In the video below, Lippel told ABC’s Good Morning America what happened next (1:18):

“And then I suddenly saw the shooter… standing in the hallway, actively shooting down the hallway. Just a barrage of bullets. And I’m staring at him, thinking, ‘Why is the police here?’ This is strange ’cause he’s in full metal garb — helmet, face mask, bullet-proof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before.

I don’t know when I decided that it was the right time to close the door. I grabbed the handle with both hands, and that’s when I got nicked [pointing to her upper left arm] or grazed, or whatever you call it.”

At the 2:04 mark, Lippel says:

I had a good visual of him [the shooter].”

Watch and listen for yourself:

Someone put the video on YouTube (don’t expect this to stay on YouTube for long):

But an eyewitness saw Cruz arriving at the school in a small, gold-colored vehicle (the Uber), wearing a maroon shirt, black pants, and a black hat and carrying a black duffel bag and backpack. The eyewitness watched as Cruz, still wearing a maroon shirt, black pants and a black hat, walked towards one of the school buildings. Moments later gunshots were heard.

Recall that according to the official timeline, 2 minutes 33 seconds after he had been dropped off by Uber, Cruz walked to began shooting, where he was seen by teacher Stacey Lippel as dressed “in full metal garb — helmet, face mask, bullet-proof armor”.

Recall also the testimony of Alexa Miednik, who said she was walking with Nikolas Cruz after she had heard shots being fired, and told Cruz she was glad “it wasn’t him” who was doing the shooting.

So we are to believe that in the space of 2 minutes 33 seconds, Nikolas Cruz managed to:

  • Walk from the curb where the Uber driver had dropped him off, to the east stairwell.
  • Put on a full metal garb of helmet, face mask, and bullet-proof armor, and began shooting.

H/t Intellihub, where you can watch the Stacey Lippel interview in the event ABC takes down the video.

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  1. I found this article last night which shows multiple students telling a different story and yes, it’s bein scrubbed clean of the net.

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    • C . . . . Thank you for that article . . . I have little doubt that the powers that be are attempting to “scrub everything, and anything they can find on the net.” When people are so busy attempting to keep any information from you, a private citizen — you had better believe that something is going on!

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  2. As recently as 10 years ago [I just turned 75] I was very proud of my ability to completely change from work clothing to ‘going to Meeting’ dress in way under a few minutes, perhaps 1.5 minutes. Assuming this patsy had this garb in the satchel [?] he was carrying, I think he could’ve slipped into the Men’s room, changed, and exited as Death [sic] Vader.

    I’m very impressed by Stacey Lippel’s cool demeanour and actions; I trust she’s for real.

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    • I agree–I am a clock watcher. I can do amazing things while heating food in the microwave and counting seconds.
      In 60 seconds, I can even sweep a floor!!!
      Try multi-tasking and you’ll be amazed at what can be done in a few seconds.


  3. Here is another angle the cabal is coming at us.


    “What is most alarming in the indictment is language clearly targeting ‘witting and unwitting accomplices’ to the so-called Russian efforts. As former CIA officer Phil Giraldi points out, ‘persons known and unknown’ who ‘unwittingly or wittingly’ helped the Russians could face consequences. Phil quotes a former prosecutor who says, ‘if I was an American and I did cooperate with Russians I would be extremely frightened…’ and also quotes Politico, which writes, ‘Now, a legal framework exists for criminal charges against Americans…’

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  4. The answer to this situation is not actually difficult. The shooter (as actually being 2-3 as per a survivor & receiving death threats (law enforcement as well as the FBI (it’s been proven that the police were actually told to stand down)), the perpetrators were supplied with all this high tech protection via law enforcement. And many of the so-called survivors , & people screaming for even more gun laws are actually known as crisis actors. It’s plain as day the Government wants us all stripped of our right to possess firearms in order to protect ourselves from the ever enlarging Police State.

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    • That was the WHOLE point of this operation.

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      • Amen to that! How very unfortunate that we have so many citizens whose actual thinking power is so limited that they will not even conceive that something else (other than a school being shot up by Cruz) is going on here. The ignorance of fellow citizens will prove to be a disaster to all citizens.

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    • Sure. Let’s not forget that the students were told that they were going to have a drill as well. So, seeing someone all “SWATTED up” wouldn’t be all that strange. In fact, many of them said that they thought they were firing blanks.

      I went to a large high school. It isn’t like a little one-room schoolhouse. Nobody knows everybody. Things happen all the time that you don’t know about for days or weeks.

      Kids in these institutions are in a dangerous situation. They are run like prisons. They can be isolated, locked down, herded from one place to another. It isn’t healthy.

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  5. “Actively shooting?”

    How many people who don’t know the term “nicked,” “grazed” or “whatever” say that? Odd…

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  6. I stumbled into this HD footage on the event, I hope maybe a ‘film critique’ and/or professional like Mr Halbig would consider it helpful.


  7. Stan is right, but where did you hear that the police were ordered to stand down? I’d believe it, but others won’t without links and proof. Heck, most don’t even accept eye-witness testimony is valid!

    They’re like “Those people could’ve imagined ANYTHING!!!”

    Gosh, guess those crazy, terror-struck deciples waaaay back 20000 years ago were also just imagining stuff, huh?” was my half-sarcastic response. Seriously. If we know people aren’t crisis actors, why are Christians disregarding eye witness testimony about a gunman’s appearance, but not Christ’s resurrection?

    Note, I’m not trying to discredit the resurrection, merely making a point that my associate Christians aren’t thinking right. Those who aren’t Red-pilled truly are not awake to the world around us. Christ warned us to be watchful! And so many of us have not been…

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    • Eli . . . . Bravo! You have brought up a question that is puzzling indeed. Today’s people will believe one thing but not another . . . ” …why are Christians disregarding eye witness testimony about a gunman’s appearance, but not Christ’s resurrection? Thank you for reminding us . . . “Christ warned us to be watchful! And so many of us have not been …” You truly have brought us words of wisdom, and scenarios to ponder.

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    • There always seems to be a clerical bent that tries to keep the lid on everything. That translates to “obedience above chaos”. I think most clerics do not want to have their flocks involved in controversy.

      Many Christians interpret that to mean that they should show unwarranted respect for their political parasites and others in positions of authority. There was quite a fracas during the Sparky Bush era over pastors being asked to “hype the propaganda”.

      Being thoughtful and logical are Christian traits. That is not the same as acceptance of the unacceptable. Indeed you are correct. We are to be watchful. Remember, Christ said “blessed are the meek”, not the wimpy.

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  8. Here’s another chink in the armor. One cop — now four cops — reported as not entering the school during the shooting. Can you say “stand down”, boys and girls? If even one cop spills the beans the gig is up. Look for teacher Lippel and cops to “suffer from depression” post-shooting and take themselves out in a variety of ways.

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    • No one is denying that they were told to stand down but Israel, now that he’s busted. It only took six minute, tops. That’s one of the things that makes Hogg’s Henry V speech so outrageous.

      Besides the teacher here, there were several other students who made videos all claiming multiple shooters. I believe them. They have been taken down. Where are any of the videos from official sources?

      There are reports of multiple fire alarms in different buildings. That comports with multiple assailants. I think they wanted to inflict as much damage as possible and get out quick leaving just the patsy.

      As it was he just wandered off. Israel’s cops were first on the scene. All the other cops report arriving to find four deputies in position out front. None of them went inside. Inadvertently they were like getaway car drivers.

      As soon as the calvary arrived the game was over. Of course by then the shooting had stopped and he had wandered off.

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      • lophatt . . . . I believe that your synopsis of this horrific incident is absolutely correct. It is rather hard to claim anything else when there are films of the four officers just standing by. It is little wonder that Israel refuses to resign; I would wonder if he actually knew the full extend of what was to go on that fateful day? Probably not. He may well see himself as having been duped, under the circumstances.

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        • I can’t say Lulu, but, judging from other things associated with him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew all about it. The other cops probably didn’t. They were ordered to stay put, and they did.

          There is a massive coverup underway. There is also one on the Las Vegas fiasco. None of these will pass any degree of scrutiny. That is why they are always deflecting attention.

          Think about it, if there was nothing to hide, why are they doing what they’re doing? Let’s see all the video in the school and parking lot. Let’s hear all the transmissions. Let’s see the ballistic reports.

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          • lophatt . . . . I wrote the above BEFORE I read your entry below, and I must say your second entry rather tipped my thinking the other way. I think sometimes us woman come at problems thinking the best of our fellowmen, when we should be more suspicious.

            I do have to admit, in the great majority of your writings, because you back them up with sound reasoning, I find I must defer to your greater knowledge. I now think you are probably correct in assuming that Israel was in on it, but probably not his deputies. I guess they are the ones who are the dupes in this scenario.

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  9. My current theory (which could change) is that the FBI in collusion with Sheriff Israel, (who “won” by 103% of the vote!), arranged the whole thing. That is why there are multiple shooters. They had to get maximum effect in the time they had between Israel’s cops being ordered to stand down and the arrival of others who actually entered the building.

    So the whole thing is a NWO, Holder, Clinton, Obongo production for disarmament.

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  10. So many mistakes in so short time, FBI, Chief of Police, low moral in the department, POLITICS instead of POLICE, a LOCO running around unchecked. Clean the Bureau, kick ISRAEL’s ass to the curb, commit the basket case and fry him on “the chair”, anyway, he is only a burden to taxpayers and useless to society and again, cleanup the police departments and restore the policemen authority and respect. If politics is the only worry, my fellow contributors we have lost the Nation.


  11. So the deputies stayed outside, she sees someone in tact gear… uh was the shooter Law Enforcement?

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  12. Let me get this straight… the “hero” teacher is 2 feet away from her classroom door when she hears gunfire. Hearing students screaming, she goes over to the door to see students running in her direction…. She unlocks the door and kids pour into her classroom. That is the easy part. Here is where I am confused. After the kids run into in her classroom, she sees the active shooter and thinks…. “Why are the police here? This is strange” Here is the tricky part. WHY WOULDN’T THE POLICE BE THERE???? She is either confused as to what she saw or messed her script up. Perhaps the trauma of the entire ordeal has her believing that she something else, confused…


    • Lisa . . . . I could see your proposed synopsis of this scenario . . . unless, she actually saw this person in helmet, metal armor, holding a strange gun she had never seen before . . . unless she actually saw him firing bullets! Then she would come to the conclusion that he was actually a shooter.

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      • Yeah, I didn’t know what to think about that either. They HAD been told that they were going to do an active shooter drill one day soon. Maybe she thought he was a “player”. I think he was a “helper”.

        I always look at these as if I were going to do them. Having one or two guys dressed as cops would make sense. They all dimly expected a drill. If someone noticed them they would later assume they came with the response team. That’s what I think the teacher is saying. She thought it was a cop.

        She said that his shots shredded a door. I was having difficulty imagining just standing there and not taking cover.

        There is a lot of confusion that needs to be sorted out. There are claims of fire alarms and evacuations going on. Remember, all of this is supposed to have happened in six minutes. Then Cruz is reported to have laid down his weapon and associated gear and walked out with the students.

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    • “she sees the active shooter and thinks…. ‘Why are the police here? This is strange’ Here is the tricky part. WHY WOULDN’T THE POLICE BE THERE????”

      Because she saw the active shooter, in full SWAT garb, “shooting down the hallway”.

      The police should not be “shooting down the hallway,” sending panicked students into Lippel’s classroom.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . God Bless you for keeping us up on this important event. I must agree with your synopsis of the event where she saw someone in tactical gear . . . If she saw him shooting up the hallway, she might assume he was a police officer from his dress, but seeing him wreak havoc inside the school would tend to make her believe that he was the perpetrator. It is troublesome that so much of the evidence that supports the idea that this was a false flag is disappearing . . .

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  13. Something really stinks about this entire episode. We have too many inconsistencies in the relating of the sequence of events, and we have a media outlet—at least one, CNN—who is lobbying to have alt-right and other news outlets censored for attempting to report the truth about it.
    And we have a sheriff and his deputies who refused to enter the building and stop an active shooter, an act of disobedience of a DIRECT ORDER that requires same (issued after the Columbine event).
    And then we have the son of a former FBI man who reads scripted talking points for gun control who did not even attend this school.

    This is an orchestrated false flag event, and CNN and the Broward County sheriff are in on it, performing their roles.

    Where is Donald Trump? Where is Jeff Sessions? Where is Rod Rosenstein? Who is minding the store? Hello? HELLO??

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  14. Reminds me of San Bernardino, where the eyewitness described three White males in combat attire and rifles running from the building, getting into a car, and speeding away, long before the cops showed up

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    • Yes. You could say the same about Aurora. There’s even more of it in the Las Vegas extravaganza.

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    • Jurist . . . . Thank you for pointing out that very relevant point! These are the very things that cause any person of reasoning to doubt the “obvious story being told.”

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    • Actually there were a lot of similarities. The central kid figures were all actors. Hogg’s father is connected to a bunch of spook activity and his “stepmom?” to CNN. Their social media pages have tons of Clintonista stuff as well as pictures of Joe Biden and other Obongo illuminati.

      There are some personal cell phone videos that are pretty frightening. I don’t think they faked those. The cops show up within seconds telling the kids to shut their phones off and not to take pictures. They did anyway (good for them). I’m surprised they didn’t take them away from them.

      There are bodies but, of course, you can’t take the time to examine them. It doesn’t make sense though, so soon after the shooting to walk them through there. Allegedly he was done before they went in and just blended in. The footage doesn’t match the tale.

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    • I watched one video that I can’t find again because it was removed. It appears to be very real and taken by a kid with a phone. It is VERY loud, lots of screaming and sobbing and firing. You see a body of a black girl against the wall. There are no black girls reported killed.

      It looks very “real”, but I have to remind myself that, with a little make up it could just as easily be faked. The video is continuous. So, first you hear voices, then shots outside, then shots in the room. Immediately, there is a cop telling the kids to shut off their phones, not to take pictures, etc. Very gruff.

      That is absolutely not what they said happened. There isn’t any elapsed time between the shooting stopping and the cop coming in the classroom. Then they are marching out through the hall. There are bodies on the floor.

      If they had just been shot they would not know yet who was dead and who was wounded. The more I look at it the more I’m convinced its a fraud. The kids are scared. I don’t blame them. If any are actually dead or wounded somebody had to do that and I don’t think its Cruz.

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      • There was an African American student interviewed by Alex Jones who claimed while outside his friend borrowed his phone to call his mother. Teacher then indignantly snatched it away and said don’t talk to anyone. Was actually going to confiscate and break phone. Either the teacher was complicit or concerned because of his insight to the real narrative could endanger the child. I, too, thought that was fishy when police ordered students to drop their phones. I guess if they were complicit (the police) and it was revealed and that police officer or unknown shooter were captured on live footage, it would be bye-bye for them. Mission failed. Too much at stake!
        Shades of J.F.K. Round up all the cameras and never see them again!

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    • Thanks Dr. E for the edit 🙂

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  15. Does the word Manchurian Candidate mean anything to ya’ll….

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  16. Something weird here .. school LOCKDOWN, said to have been implemented immediately, means “hold and contain,” i.e., nobody leaves without being checked and permitted to leave. So, since students, teachers and cops knew exactly what Cruz looked like, what he was wearing (maroon shirt, black pants, black hat), how was he able to leave and join a group of students, who reported shots still being heard? Where did they find the “full metal armor, helmet, mask, rifle, etc.?” There should be plenty of proof who wore and handled it. Masked shooter was reportedly last seen on the 3rd floor, though Cruz was said to have left the building? P.S. I doubt Wolfgang Halbig wil get involved in this situation, since he was greeted with numerous death threats for challenging the “official” story, offering PROOF that the closed Sandy Hook school event was an extremely flawed hoax.

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    • Good observation. They also said that there were fire drills and evacuations ongoing. How do you evacuate in a “lockdown”?

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    • Sort of reminds me of the Oswald description. Nobody should have known what he looked like either. Remember, he wasn’t attending the school (allegedly). The girl saw him in the corridor when they were evacuating due to a fire drill. I doubt if they got what he was wearing from her. So, how would they know?

      They also claimed that the school’s camera system was on a 20 minute delay! Why? Does that even make sense? Then they said the cops were watching it on the delay. How did they do that without entering the building?

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  17. I still cannot believe that any of these supposed shooters, being dosed with psychotropic drugs, or cocktails of them, would have the composure to kill and wound so many in so short a time.

    Many years ago in ‘70 on my last day or so in Vietnam I was sitting under a tree behind a hooch with a bunch of fellows drinking beer, when a fellow who’d cracked and should have been under guard himself was put on guard duty (done even over there with an unloaded M16). He picked up a few loaded magazines lying around, and to make a long story short, opened up on us at nearly point blank, hitting no one. As he was fumbling to reload two fellows tackled him, that was that, and we went back to drinking. He really did think we were enemy, so I can see how a crazy person could be coached into a Manchurian Candidate. Also and oddly enough, in close-in firefights with hundreds of rounds exchanged, as often as not no one got hit.

    Even if some destitute lone nut could mysteriously buy an arsenal of weapons, I doubt he’d have the composure to go out in the wilds undetected to practice with thousands of rounds at moving targets, having to keep the muzzle down so he wouldn’t end up spraying the ceiling or floor while simultaneously selecting targets in the ensuing pandemonium. It’s possible of course, and while I’m no expert, I don’t believe it for one minute. Seemingly it would take more than one highly trained special forces types just to come close to such casualty numbers, and you’d think it’d be virtually impossible to recruit such cold-blooded fiends from among Americans. I don’t know what to think, except that the official narrative is already proved a lie in key respects.

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  18. If anyone cares to find the Sane Progessive’s video on this, let me say, it is very well put together. Debbi does a fantastic job of literally letting the story and timeline disprove themselves!

    She also says this is it for her, though. And I really don’t blame her. I’ve about given up as well after my father made a very disturbing argument. In his mind, it’s not his business to learn the truth, or bother with it. So long as he goes to church on Sundays, he’s doing God’s work. So long as he’s working tirelessly for his finances, that’s his earthly work. He has no power to do anything, so he gains NOTHING by learning what is real or false.

    And then had the aduacity to say I should be an investigative journalist. So I shouted: “It’s pointless to do that if I don’t have an audience!”

    By my father’s, and by extension I’m sure +80% of Amiercian’s philosophy, 9/11 was allowed, and most of our wars. No one bothers or cares. Even when it means war, violence, death hearbreak… and sin.

    We are the last of the harvest. Only by Christ’s mercy are we not cast aside like we deserve. Truly, none before us have been so pathetic in our apathy.

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    • Eli, there’s a lot to be said for not spinning one’s wheels and manfully attending to the business that one can affect, as your father does and as you probably will as you grow more like him in time.

      As far as the PTB go, as long as we’re expending our energies on the Internet and not in public meetings and in the streets, they know they have nothing much to worry about.

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  19. Clearly, we must OUTLAW Uber to save our children!
    Had Cruz not taken an Uber ride to school, NOBODY would have been shot, injured, or killed… In fact, we should outlaw ALL CARS! Safety for our kids!

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  20. Here’s another little mind teaser. All things are not as they appear:

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  21. Would you buy a car from this ham, I mean “Hogg”?

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    • This is basically the same video as above, but check out the links in the video’s description. Scott Israel’s deputy is a CAIR Florida regional operations director.

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      • Thanks, I hadn’t seen that before. I suppose the simplest thing I could say is that these Maoists come with an agenda. Remember, “we the people” are supposed to have the agenda. Most of us don’t want our culture destroyed or our traditions ruined. I remind myself all the time that when in my country foreigners are supposed to be respectful.

        A person would have to be incredibly stupid or divorced from reality to not see that this is a mind control production. It isn’t even a well-done production. Look at the players. They are ALL connected. They represent a narrow section of servile thought that wants to destroy all cultures to make way for their master’s offering.

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      • Here is another twist to the same information. This could help explain why there is no delay between the end of shooting on the video and the cop giving orders. Beyond that, Yoichi Shimatsu is a good writer:

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  22. These guys have it about right. Please read the entire thing, carefully. You couldn’t be this “incompetent” unless you were trying. Nice pic of the other fraud, Hillary:

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  23. It truly is a “small world”. Why, every one of these productions bring out new acquaintances and old occupations. Take this for example. As the “special witnesses” to the Parkland affair develops, we find that there are Demon-rat connected people in the “cattle biz”.

    Not only is this DNC-certified, it has the kosher seal of approval. They did everything in their ads to signal their affiliations down to practically showing their circumcisms. I’ll bet Junior’s a chip off the old block.

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  24. So, if Nikolas Cruz was indeed wearing “full metal garb”, aka bulletproof vest, helmet, etc., then that clothing should be in the custody of one of the County Sheriff’s Offices, yes? And, don’t most schools nowadays have HD video camera surveillance that could be reviewed to locate/spot Cruz in the alleged commission of his crime? My guess is that you won’t see or hear anything about this from the media… or Law Enforcement.

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    • Well, yes. We’ve been asking where the video footage is. So far, no dice. I don’t think the suspicion is so much that Cruz was wearing armor. I think it is that there was more than one shooter. Either event might be captured on video.

      The more one looks into this, the more holes are discovered. It seems to be the “standard” with these.

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    • Sheriff Israel from Coward County arrogantly announced he will never release the surveillance tape. It took a court order to reveal Officer of the Day standing outside doing nothing for twenty-minutes.

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  25. What I also find highly suspect is that in performing a (paid) Background Check for both Kevin Hogg (father) and Rebecca Boldrick, neither have a David M Hogg listed as a relative or even an associated reference. And, as you might have guessed, ZERO results for a Search for David M Hogg… in ANY state… He is surely real, however, his records and that of his family have and are in the process of being scrubbed. SOMETHING STINKS HERE REALLY BAD.

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    • I couldn’t find “David Hogg” either — in California or Florida.

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      • That was my point when we were beating this to death the other night. Anybody can dummy up a yearbook. I’ve attached various videos of drills, complete with realistic makeup.

        No matter how many students attend, they always confine these to a small group who plays “the students”. That makes it very easy to control. Because they control the whole media, anybody trying to say anything at variance with them has a problem.

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    • Well, we know his “name”, or that’s the character he’s playing. To me that’s the lesson. “Seeing is not believing”. If you see something on MSM it is there for a reason.

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  26. Regarding the subject of the video where a Linda Traitz claims she went to high school with Hogg at Redondo Shores High School (class of 2015), The pic of Linda Traitz in the video screenshot appears to be the SAME Linda Traitz (Bill Cosby Accuser) who is anything but 20 years old… Google her name and pic and you will find it matches the video of the Stoneman High School Yearbook debunking… This is seriously strange….

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  27. WHO was this person in metal garb seen by teacher & why isn’t she interviewed by Police? Also Alexa Miednik’s testimony that she was running down stairs NEXT to Nicholas Cruz; WHY is this made public??
    Who’s behind this raucous happening? “Supposed parents”, Israel’s buddy muslims, demos who want NO guns??

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  28. My guess is that the shooter in the full metal garb was a fed or police officer, fulfilling the Deep State agenda for gun control.

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    • Well yeah, but that’s not what they SAID. They have a storyline and anyone who doesn’t pledge allegiance to it is a no good Trump Fascist (or something). But……, who is THIS guy?

      While we’re at it, who was shooting in another part of the school while the blonde stoner walked the hall with Cruz? I think somebody isn’t telling the truth.

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  29. I ran across this which tends to confirm my suspicion about the ham, er, Mr. Hogg.

    Note the link to the right about him claiming a false time for the event. I noticed this as well. Every day my list of anomalies associated with this grows.

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    • All very bizarre Lophatt, I also note that other curious corporate affiliations also happened with previous shootings, like the Orlando homosexual club shooting, the alleged shooter was an employee of G4S, a government contractor security company, among other things, but what makes this especially creepy is that wackenhut was merged into G4S some time ago, and wackenhut was one company involved in joseph “danny” casolaro’s “octopus” and the PROMIS/inslaw events. I’d suspect cubic and others involved in this one have a spotty track record as well.

      One wonders, are any modern shootings that go on the news legitimate, and is an aspect of this what those guys in Jade Helm 15 were practicing for? They were trying to practice blending in with the general populous allegedly, weren’t they? One also wonders what else they were up to. Not sure if that also means the exercise was training for crisis actors as well… but such is speculation. I also wonder what other kinds of affiliations other notable personages of this event might have, aside from the alleged Hogg.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I used to manage a government contract that had G4S as a subcontractor. Originally it was Wackenhut but got eaten by G4S. I think what it means to me is that there is a whole shady underworld of activity that most of us are not aware of unless something brings us into its sphere.

        All of these companies that cater to DoD have “connections” with the military or former military and they use it like an extension of an exclusive club. When they set one of these operations up all they have to do is assemble a few of their “friends” and they bring in whoever they think will be useful or needs a buck or two.

        I can see them getting to “Dad” in the lower levels of this and he mentioning he just so happened to have an out-of-work son that’s an aspiring actor. Easy-peazy. A star is born.

        Now, does any of this make me think that its real? No!

        Liked by 2 people

      • Excellent point and thank you for the reminder of the Orlando alleged shooter’s association with G4S government contractor with many contracts with Dept of Homeland Security.

        Liked by 1 person

  30. Ran across this today as well: seems to tie into this rather nicely. Also I ran across some news sayign some kid killed himself as he was planning another “school shooting”, suffice it to say the police chief was actually grateful about the kid’s death. Granted this story: is probably fictitious in support of the ongoing psy-op, but it sets a grim and heartless example. I note the plethora of other “stories” coming out at present in relation to this malarkey, such as the grandma who turned her kid in to the “state” after invading the privacy of his journal, this regardless of anything was actually meant or not (Anyone care to guess at how many kids actively hate the bolshevik school system, and write to vent, but that’s as far as their justified displeasure ever goes?)

    All these stories seem very “conveniantly” timed to make maximum use of the psy-op, shall we say.

    It doesn’t appear that the devil worshipers are after the guns as the main focus, like so many seem to think, (although it seems to be a side benefit) it does appear they’re after the minds of the citizenry, and intending to instill as much terror as they possibly can to serve that purpose.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks for the Makow link. I had seen the videos in question. I also wondered about the “cops” shown with the large, heavy bag (probably weapons) throwing it into the pickup and then throwing something from the driver’s window onto the sidewalk. Very suspicious and “Aurora-like”.

      I can’t say if it was the cops or some contractors. G4S comes to mind, but I can’t tell. This intermixing has been a staple since BMB. It could even be Israeli. There’s a very active Chabad House near there.

      I’m glad you’re looking. The more eyes the better. It seems like not a day passes that I don’t find another one. There are a number of them about the para-medics being shut out and they’re angry. It’s almost as if they wanted the highest body count. Either that or there was nothing to see. You decide.

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    • Just a quick note on “Grandma the Rat”. This is another meme they’re pushing. Rat out a relative or friend. I think that the more frightened and insecure a person is, the more likely they are to do something like that.

      So all of these paranoid freaks think their relatives are trying to kill them. This will be family life in the New World Odor.

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  32. Another thing no one is mentioning is the news helicopter footage of 4 men in black tactical gear, one carrying what looks like a heavy duffle bag, exiting a back door of the school, getting into a truck and driving away right after the shooting.

    Who were these men? Why where they ALLOWED to drive off school property? Did they remove evidence?

    I and millions more viewed this news footage, but it’s been completely scrubbed from the internet! Why? What is the Government hiding? Was Cruz setup and Deep state agents actually additional shooters to kill more people?

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  34. mik


  35. Pingback: In the Internet Age, Governments and Media Can Lie Only Because We Let Them ⋆ Unite or Die

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  38. Hamburger James

    Perhaps I could get a second set of eyes. While inquiring about the obituaries, Utah Outcast provided me with the above site of the Tribute to the Parkland Victims in the Sun Sentinel. It all looks very heartfelt except for a couple of anomalies.
    First it seemed to be posted rather late. The title reads; “At Least 17 People Killed.” What does that mean? They don’t know if there are more people still trapped inside the building?…Then I notice something else unusual. When you plug not just any, but all victims into there obituary search, and make sure you click on the above left hyperlink called obituary which actually generates a real traditional obituary, replete with all loving and kind remarks. However, one thing is missing. The published time stamp that should be at the bottom which I feel is critical when it comes to documentation. Now, attempt to pull up any other obituary from the same site for people that died recently and in the past, you will find a publishing date at the end of the obituary. Why for the discrepancy. Why did they change their protocol and format procedure just for these victims. Did someone NOT want to officially sign off on this for fear of falsification?

    Liked by 2 people

  39. Hamburger James

    While searching in I stumbled across what could potentially be a smoking gun (no pun). I came across 5 results, the last one listed as Hogg david. Unusual. Perhaps it was by design to conceal or misdirect the search. What popped up was David Hoggs personal page replete with his picture but it was under the name John (Johnson) Hogg. It has titled beneath his picture Redondo High School ’15.
    While rummaging still further I staggered upon an Old Friends/Redondo High School Reunion 2013. It also had both David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez posted next to it.
    I did not initiate or create these. I have snapshots to share!
    This could be a gem or a red herring. I would fully research this but tread lightly. We do not want any disinfo mines (figure of speech) setting off. Only the unvarnished truth.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Hamburger James

    I have the actual snippet shots and even though I am a little tech savvy, I am not quite as versed as my daughter when it comes to inserting them into text forum. When she awakens I am going to send the snapshots. I will get the addresses and have them posted by the end of the day along with updating my subscription. This is real. I am not sending anyone on a wild goose-chase. Whether or not they are official is another question and we want to be sure. Providing false information is serious and can only sets us back…thanks! Please let me know if anybody has tested my original Sun-Sentinel aspect in my previous comments regarding the obituaries and their official time stamp and lack there of….

    Liked by 2 people

  41. Hamburger James

    Until I brush up on my attachment in forums skills I thought I would provide you with something. Hopefully by tonight I will submit the rest.!/e?communityType=1&communityId=32123&startYear=1990&endYear=1999
    click on this link. At mid page, to they left of the picture of the dog is the name John Johnson. Click on that and tell me what you think. I promise you this is genuine. I did not fudge anything…thanks!


  42. Hamburger James

    To Lophatt; When you click the above link, directly in mid-center you will see a picture of most recent picture Ryan Favre Stepha Fischer
    Raven Hawk John Johnson
    Pauly Perl Rohit Ponnaiya
    Click on John Johnson and tell me if a picture of David Hogg appear.
    I found Emma Gonzalez name on another Redondo High School Reunion for 2013. I guess it was a freshman reunion.. Her attachment did not generate a picture but it seemed suspicious they were both listed next to each other. I could try and send them attached in a personal email if that is the one you indicated above. Let me know

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tried to take a screen shot but I get it to copy here. That is NOT what I see at your link.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Why don’t you explain what you want us to see? I don’t know why mine would be different but I’ve explained what I see. The last attempt resulted in three “Hogg’s” across the top, the last being “David”. Only one picture on the rest of the page. Not a dog.

      Liked by 1 person

  43. Hamburger James

    Here was the problem. When I could copy an url (uniform resource locator) it was not directing you to the proper place. That is because I opened a logged in account, firstly.

    Here are directions. I hope this helps!

    open a log on account: Select your state ‘California’ on the cover page.

    1) type in California on first page. (Click C and California)

    2) when asked for a city type in Los Angeles. (Click L and Los Angeles)

    3) When asked for school click R. You have to navigate to bottom to ‘search for it now’
    A new page will open asking for High School type in ‘Redondo Shores High School’ then to the lower left just beneath type in city ‘Los Angeles’ then select drop menu
    for state and enter ‘California’ and hit enter.

    4) click first blue hyperlink ‘Redondo Shore High School. Hit enter.

    5) beneath first name enter John (stumbled accidentally across this)

    6) to the right enter ‘Hogg’ for both Last Name Entries.

    7) beneath that to the left enter your email address and just to the right the
    year of graduation ‘2015’.

    8) it may ask you to log in on the Log in page (pic of 2 elderly woman wearing funny sunglasses) but then the page will populate and you will see the picture of dog. Just to the left you will see the name John Johnson. And whose picture appears but david Hogg’s!
    It is my suspicion that while grooming nurturing David, he used an old alias as John Johnson. While scrambling to recall all entries on David Hogg in effort to hide the fact that he attended Redondo, they overlooked his alias. I think John Johnson or John (Johnson) Hogg..


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