Rosie O’Donnell selling Trump t-shirts that say “assh*le” and “rapist”

rosie o'donnel trump shirt 

“When they go low, we go high.”

From Fox News: Rosie O’Donnell dislikes President Trump so much she put it on a T-shirt. The comedian is selling anti-Trump shirts on Etsy and giving the proceeds to “anti-Trump candidates and causes.”

“Til trump is out I will keep making these,” O’Donnell wrote on her Etsy page. “My sadness rage disappointment will now be expressed with these pieces.”

O’Donnell alerted her followers about the T-shirts on Wednesday tweeting, “get em while they last.”

The first shirt posted by O’Donnell, which has since been sold out, featured a caricature of Trump with the words, “Rapist, Cheat, Liar, Racist, Con Man, A–hole.”

The 55-year-old wrote, “We can do this America save ourselves from tyranny.”

O’Donnell has been an outspoken critic of Trump since the 2016 presidential election. She called anyone who supports Trump a “Nazi” for working with “Adolf Hitler,” and she once promoted an online game that prompts players to push Trump off of a cliff.

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31 responses to “Rosie O’Donnell selling Trump t-shirts that say “assh*le” and “rapist”

  1. “We can do this America save ourselves from tyranny.”

    Some tyrant he is. He can’t even get over-spending Congress to fund the Wall.

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  2. Yet. Tee shirt sales weren’t so good they stopped Stalin or Pol Pot. This woman belongs in a rubber room writing home with crayons.

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  3. Rosie O’ Donnell should sell her body instead. Oh, wait nobody is going to buy it.

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  4. The 55-year-old wrote, “We can do this America save ourselves from tyranny.”

    Wait until you feel the complete tyranny of OWG via the UN.

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  5. I think she meant Tierney. Ha- Ha- Ha
    She should run for president.
    The first, female, homosexual, liberal. mentally ill, room temperature IQ, president.

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  6. Rosie O’Donnell is the tyrant: She won’t allow anyone to disagree with her.
    Let me see if I have this straight: She has to have America be run the way she likes it, or she will never shut up? Uh-Huh, Right. And THIS is a newsworthy event?!?!
    Again, this is yet another example of the institutionalization of mental illness. In the meantime, bakers are being fined or sued for half a million dollars for refusing to bake a wedding cake for gay couples, Google, Facebook and Twitter are censoring every alt-right commentator they can get their hands on, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama escape prosecution for their crimes, and we have a sheriff and his deputies in Florida who disobey a DIRECT ORDER (issued after Columbine) to enter a building and stop an active shooter.
    But Rosie O’Donnell wants her way. Hey, mainstream media: What else are you trying to distract me from now?

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    • Yes, it isn’t enough that nobody cares what they do at home. They want to be placed on a float and driven around town so that everyone can clap and tell them that their perversion is desirable.

      So we have kiddy diddlers and goat rapers all vying for top billing. What used to be a source of shame and ridicule is now “cool”. Spirit cooking (cannibalism), who’d a thunk?

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    • stevenbroiles . . . . That was an excellent comment to this discussion. I am left wondering if Rosie is actually getting work in her field (comedy, film, TV, etc.) If not, then I would say it is a major set-down to have her pathetically selling tee shirts, in order to make a living. I for one, would not take advantage of seeing her in ANY type of media . . . she is a vile, odious creature. (Even some of her own adopted children know this is true.)

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  7. Hey Rosie, Why aren’t you talking about the rapes by Hillary, no not Bill, Hillary? Probably because she approves of Lesbian rape.

    Warning: graphic content.

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    • I’ve noticed that in relationships between women one usually “plays” the male role. Often they are more obnoxious and crude than most men. So at least on the surface, it appears that the desire for the opposite sex is still there, they just don’t like men.

      One thing is obvious from all this. Even though this is booked as a “conservative” administration, they are continuing their destruction without a hitch.

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      • “I’ve noticed that in relationships between women one usually “plays” the male role”

        I have noticed that too, and it has always begged the question, why not just be with a man? If you are with someone who acts more obnoxious and crude than a man, and looks like a man, what do you have against men? If these loony lesbos are justifying hating on men because of the violence that men are cable of, that doesn’t hold water either because from the stats I have read, violence in homosexual domestic partners in something like 4 times higher than in hetero couples. A lot of those lesbiatics are violently mean.

        Candice Wiggens said this about being straight in the 98% gay WNBA

        “People were deliberately trying to hurt me all of the time. I had never been called the B-word so many times in my life than I was in my rookie season. I’d never been thrown to the ground so much. The message was: ‘We want you to know we don’t like you.’”

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    • Holy cow… how has the MSM repressed that info/video?
      So Billy used cocaine AND is a homosexually-leaning bi-sexual too?
      Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me in the least.

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    • yep Killary was in the book by Cathy O’Brien and Fritz Springmeier “Trance Formation of America” where she detailed her rape by Killary when Cathy was 13 – and in the grip of MK Ultra mind control programmers

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  8. What do you expect from some bitter, twisted, old dyke who looks like Moooochelle pooped her.

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  10. You know what reeeeally troubles lesbo O’Donnell. That she is a woman, was born one with a vagina and cannot perform as a man because she doesn’t have a pecker.

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  11. For a minute I thought the T-shirt was a perfect description of Bill Clinton . I guess as long as you have a “D” behind your name making note of your political persuasion it’s ok to be a ” rapist , cheat , liar , racist , con-man asshole “.

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  12. Japoa—OMG….I’m on your same page! Where is everyone else? How cn they NOT see the Rosie T-shirt/Bill Clinton link???????

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