This is CNN: Trump supporter receiving threats after ambushed by CNN reporter

florine gruen goldfarb ambushed

CNN reporter Drew Griffin ambushing Florine Gruen Goldfarb at her home

Any wonder why some folks want to “cling to their guns?”

From Fox News: Florine Gruen Goldfarb, 76,  never thought her Trump-inspired activism during the 2016 election would earn her infamy and ridicule – but that’s what happened thanks to CNN.

CNN correspondent Drew Griffin ambushed the Trump supporter outside her home earlier this week because she may have unwittingly promoted a Russian-coordinated event during the 2016 election. Now she’s receiving threats on social media, and she lays the blame at the news network’s feet.

Goldfarb had her full name plastered on the video that was tweeted out to CNN’s nearly 40 million followers. Her house number was also visible for much off the video. Her crime? Unknowingly organizing a pro-Trump event on Facebook that was influenced by the Russians, who are accused of meddling in the election.

Fox News reached Goldfarb, of Pembroke Pines, Fla., via Facebook Messenger and she declined a phone interview because she wants the “situation to go away.” She says she’s been bombarded since Griffin showed up at her door.

“My phone is ringing off the hook and I can’t keep up with the emails and Facebook messages. I am being trashed by anti-Trump trolls on Facebook. This would have never happened if Fake News CNN had not caught me at home and ambushed me trying to coerce me into giving them the answers they were looking for,” Goldfarb told Fox News via the messaging app. “CNN is doing a great job exposing themselves as Fake News.”

Goldfarb was called “public enemy number one,” a “traitor,” “miserable racist trash” and a treasonous hillbilly.” One Facebook user said she “should be arrested and tried for treason” in a series of messages arising in the wake of the CNN segment.

Outspoken liberal actor Jon Cryer, co-star of “Two and a Half Men,” tweeted out CNN’s video of the ensnarement and wrote, “We are dealing with a cult.” One user responded that Goldfarb should “move” and ought to be embarrassed to show her face in town. Yet another user called her a “complete moron,” and one person responded that “there’s no witness protection program for the willfully ignorant.”

The episode puts the spotlight on CNN’s own coverage and promotion of an anti-Trump rally that was allegedly coordinated by Russian trolls fingered by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Back on Nov. 12, 2016, CNN gave “enthusiastic coverage to the Russian-organized anti-Trump rally that day, with live reports every hour,” according to the Media Research Center“They should do an ambush of their own producers,” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld recently said on “The Five.”

Instead, Griffin approached Goldfarb on her own front lawn in Pembroke Pines, asking if she’d been part of a coverup. “The Russians? I don’t care if they were involved or not,” she said.

The combative CNN correspondent then asked if she was aware of the Russian influence, but Goldfarb quickly shot down his question. “They weren’t involved with us. Just make sure you report it correctly,” she said.

Griffin then shifted gears, asking her if she was involved in “Being Patriotic,” which is apparently the name of a Russian troll group. But Goldfarb responded that she was “very patriotic.”

Griffin continued to question her outside her home, essentially accusing her of complying with Russian trolls. Goldfarb eventually walked away, calling the allegations “bulls—t” on her way inside the house.

CNN’s verified Twitter account shared the video with the caption “A Florida woman who ran a Trump supporters page that unwittingly promoted a Russian-coordinated event on Facebook says she doesn’t believe that she was influenced by Kremlin-linked trolls.”

With the apparent shaming of her for being manipulated by Russians, CNN gave American trolls a green light to harass her on social media. She isn’t hard to find, as only one “Florine Gruen Goldfarb” appears in the search function on Facebook.

Her page features an Ivanka Trump photo and reveals that she is part of numerous conservative pro-Trump groups. Goldfarb said she has received messages from fellow Trump supporters across the globe who saw the CNN segment. “I greatly appreciate their support,” Goldfard wrote to Fox News.

“The Five” co-host Jesse Watters established himself as a cable news star conducting man-on-the-street segments and ambush interviews. “I’ve done this dozens and dozens of times and ambushed people. I’ve never done it to a regular person outside of their house,” Watters said. “The guy can go to someone’s house with a camera and a mic, that’s fine. … His tone was so wrong and accusatory.”

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle added that Goldfarb would have “quite a lawsuit if anything happens to her” as a result of the CNN report.  

Goldfard shared one of the threatening messages she has received with Fox News. She received it on Friday at 9:10 a.m. ET from a stranger on Facebook.

“Hey Comrade, I saw you being interviewed and denying helping Russians. You and all the Russian allies should go prison once we hang Trump for treason. Looking forward to impeaching your treasonous pos fake President, and coming after his enablers like you,” the message said.

While Goldfarb is concerned for her safety, she doesn’t want anyone feeling sorry for because of her advanced age. “I may be 76 going on 77 but I am not an old lady. I have been active in politics for 10 years. Worked on many campaigns. In between my hobby is dancing, such as line dancing, couple dancing such as cha-cha, west and East Coast swing dances,” Goldfarb said.

Pembroke Pines police did not immediately respond to request for comment.


30 responses to “This is CNN: Trump supporter receiving threats after ambushed by CNN reporter

  1. She had better purchase a semiautomatic — while she still can. That’s about the only way to scare off shock journalists!

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  2. This is beyond disgraceful! I hope she sues CNN and the gutless reporter that came to her house. I have serious doubts about whether we can even live in this country together with these evil psychopaths.

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  3. Never talk with the Fake News journalist whores (most members of the
    Self-Chosen Tribe) who dominate mainstream media propaganda.
    Calling their continual diatribes a “narrative” is far too kind to these
    traitorous mercenary parasites.

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    • Good point. It’s not a narrative, it’s their cult’s creed.

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    • I think this is the same clown who had the magical, or otherwise impossible, wardrobe change during his daring and heroic rescue of a man from his pick up during the hurricane in Texas. As fake as CNN is, according to the article it has forty million cretins hanging onto its Tweets in what they believe is their lifeline to reality.

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      • 40 million cretins hanging on to CNN tweets?
        I just find that hard to believe. Is it possible for that number to be artificially inflated? If not, indeed this country is done for.

        I do not like feeling hate in my heart, but candidly these vicious, moronic,”cretinous” lefties stir me to such emotions. I know some are just rubes, but there are way too many that are just plain evil. I HATE evil.

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    • “Never talk with the Fake News journalist whores”

      This should be engraved in the minds of every conservative.

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      • Exactly. Think you have “freedom of speech” still? Because of the covert actions of the Obama admin. and his rabid supporters, I’ve learned to NEVER EVER participate in a “poll,” neither via phone nor in the street. Don’t answer political emails. Don’t display politcal support signs in your yard. Don’t write letters to the editor. NEVER EVER show your political” hand” in this day and age when you can be maligned, attacked, vandalized, even physically or financially harmed (put on an IRS audit sheet by the likes of Obama admin…..or politcally targeted by such from any number of gov’t orgs. ) by the left for answering or revealing otherwise truthfully about your political leanings that MIGHT differ with the left. Never tell ANYONE how you vote. It is secret and sacred anyway. BUT GO VOTE ANYWAY…help sympathetic others to the polls…..this is HOW Trump won by “surprise.” These are all the (shameful for our Republic) things I’ve learned during the last decade through the Obama admin. and the ensuing election of Trump, as he (and we) are being descecrated and maligned, assaulted by the left….the LOSERS who can’t “take it” nor even come close to continue being a productive participant in our DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC…….but resort to tantrums of public “marches,” “uterine-hatted” rallies, violence, shootings, vandalism, desecration, assault, malingnment, and obstructionism in an attempt to “get their way” —even tho’ they are outnumbered in Congress, the White House…and almost every state house. The TAIL has been wagging the dog for a long time now….and most times—-as the “Russia Investigation” has proved lately……all because THE LEFTIST TAIL has been dragging around in political intrigue, schemes, and the SWAMP–including Russians— leading up to and continuing into today……ENOUGH ALREADY. I feel just like when Joe McCarthy was FINALLY called down with something like, “DO YOU NOT HAVE ANY SHAME ANYMORE?” Haven’t we all had ENOUGH ALREADY of this Random BULLSHIT that was “trumped up” 🙂 by the left in desperation the very NIGHT that they lost the election…b/c, they didn’t THINK they could have EVER lost this election…and NOW, THEY MIGHT BE FOUND OUT about their OWN collusion w/Russian concerns to interfere in the election…code: defeat Donald Trump?

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        • It makes me SICK to see how “covert” the Left has forced us to become just to SURVIVE. America was founded so we could enjoy “Free Speech”-look what THAT has become. In light of what’s fast becoming the “New Normal”,Who,in Authority can argue that being a Democrat ISN’T an Enemy Of The State,subject to Federal Sanctions? Can ANYONE prove this wrong?

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  4. Right out of Mao’s Little Red Book. Next they’ll be showing up with students to beat intellectuals. It’s the “Russians” don’t ya’ know? How ’bout “Romulans from Uranus”?

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  5. This is when it really took off:

    Lying and fraud is now institutionalized. We need to bring back the Fairness Doctrine that Clinton destroyed and pull these clown’s broadcast licenses.

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  6. I don’t think we can have a society where a significant portion hates the Constitution. If one segment refuses to acknowledge the fundamentals of our state we can’t have a mutual state.

    That is what I’m seeing . This has been getting worse and since Trump has exploded into completely opposite “camps”. I know that it is contrived but they very well may be the undoing of our republic.

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  7. Please Understand that CNN by their provokative questioning, – was attempting to set-up a future (unpleasant) News Event for this person.. By CNN delibertely publishing all her Personal details to their deranged listeners, CNN may be hoping for a future “unpleasant” Event to occur to her or to her property.. To understand the Evil Mind of these Reporters, You gotta understand how they knowingly & deliberately provoke & connive to ‘make” a story & to keep it going & growing by exciting their listeners toward “Hate” while hoping that one or some of their listeners will act on that hate.. = “How to make future News Stories by the cunning provocations of your listener base..!!”

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  8. What does one expect from CNN. If he were alive today Walter Durranty would be CNN’s star reporter. CNN has always been the propaganda arm of the SPLC, ACLU and communist party.

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  9. One good thing, they were always here, and now all of their masks are off and we can now see just who’s who, that helps us a lot because we aren’t wearing uniforms like most conventional opponents always have. It has exposed a lot of RINO’s too, Academia has been exposed, Main Stream Media…on and on. CPAC and the recent gun grab, along with our President, has energized our Base like never before. We come with facts and truth, so don’t worry folks, we’ll win. God Bless us, and God Bless America.

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  10. We are struggling against the demons that powered the Bolshevik revolution. These principalities are seeking to turn America into a wasteland. CNN is a poisonous viper, and must not be trusted.

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  11. How very brave for Griffin to attack an unarmed 76 yo woman with fake information. What a guy.

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  12. I am surprised she has not yet filed a lawsuit against CNN for defamation of character and harassment and abuse. CNN is just a mouthpiece of the Rockefellers and Soros and the Clintons.

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  13. That’s one of those ‘Do you still beat your wife’ kind of questions. No? well then you admit beating your wife? No. Well which is it? ,,
    First kill all the lawyers – bill shakespear

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  14. I would have turned his mic into an electric butt plug.

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  15. It’s obvious there are millions of otherwise decent and good citizens who still drink the MSM kool-aid and hate Trump. These people are those who typically are working long hours at their professions and jobs and know very little about alternative media and the issues of pervasive corruption from both parties, the surveillance agencies, George Soros, the deep state and the globalist technocracies. This past weekend, I spent 6 hours with a childhood friend I had not spoken in depth with for 16 years. She is smart, level headed, has a CPA and is an auditor with a national corporation. She works an average of 65 hrs./week. We grew up with the same conservative values. She is still predominately conservative, but hates Trump and believes the Russian collusion delusion story. She is an example of those who don’t have much free time and what free time they have, they are engaging in other activities and not really keeping up with politics. They know little to nothing about alternative media. My friend is suspicious of some of the information she hears on MSM, but because of her hatred of Trump (MSM influenced), she does not want to talk about the specifics of the corruption and the individuals involved and the ways it has snowballed since we were kids (we both were born in the 50’s). People like her just don’t want to believe our government is totally corrupt and don’t want to put the time in to do their own research. These are not stupid people……but, they are grossly uninformed. My friend told me she doesn’t want to talk politics when we get together. I can live with that, but it makes me sad. The only way she and the rest like her will “wake up”, realize, understand and BELIEVE what has been going on is for the indictments and trials to begin and hopefully resulting in jail time for the evil ones. As for other citizens, we know we have millions here, not just recent immigrants over the last 50 yrs. or so, but who come from families who have been here since the 1700’s and 1800’s who never valued education. They are the ones who live on the fringe of society with many illegal aliens and on the dole, dependent on the system. They are imbeciles and could care less about politics except when voting for the evil ones who promise to keep supplying the free stuff. Informed society is drowning amid the uninformed and the imbeciles.

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    • Yes, that’s an important part of it. Being too busy to acquire information. They pump out hate 24/7, which is not the same as “information”. I run into this too. When you try to educate them they don’t want to hear it.

      That’s actually pretty bad, they would rather be misinformed than correct the problem. If would be better if they just said, I have no opinion, all I know is the hate on TV.

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    • I feel your pain. Double. My own kids get their news from the late night “comedy-talk shows,” “Saturday Night Live,” and such sitcoms as “Modern Family.” No newspapers or magazines in the house….sometimes only local news stations for every day news…..We don’t DARE bring up any salient national issue with them…including….when we transfer family-owned heirloom guns to them…….and brow-beat them into the registration process here in CA so they won’t be confiscated by CA and melted down…..or worse…make them end up in jail…..They are totally UNINTERESTED in and ignorant of the “state of the Union” outside of the State of California. Worse yet—they are “OK” with the “state of the Union WITHIN the State of California….” They are well-off enough so far to NOT feel the terminal “squeeze” of this entitlement state. I don’t know what it will take for them to “see the light.” Their only child attends very expensive, private religious school…and will do so, barring financial disaster, until graduation from HS. I don’t know what it will take to make them “come home to their roots ( how they were raised by us) or to work up a good case of rage against the entitlements for which their appreciative tax dollars are going….and meanwhile, realizing that they are spending a fortune yet to KEEP THEIR OWN CHILD away from the very people whom they “champion” through the Dem party policies…….Isn’t this a “crazy-maker?????”

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