Gun control activists pressuring companies to break associations with the NRA

nra billboard

This works both ways, folks. We can boycott companies that cut ties with the NRA.

And this “boycott” in no way affects the bottom line of the NRA. The companies were merely offering discounts to NRA members. But have at it proggies, whatever makes you feeeeeeeel good.

From Yahoo: US companies are distancing themselves from the National Rifle Association as the gun lobby comes under increasing pressure following the mass shooting in Florida last week.

On Friday, Hertz announced it was severing ties with the NRA (contact Hertz here). The car rental firm had offered discounts to NRA members.

The move came after Best Western (contact here) and Wyndham Hotels (contact here), which had offered discounts to NRA members, confirmed they had cut ties with the group after a social media campaign using the hashtag #BoycottNRA targeted them and others.

Insurer Chubb (contact here) has also dropped cover for NRA Carry Guard insurance, which insures gun owners for legal and other costs if they shoot someone and claim self-defense. Pressure group Everytown for Gun Safety, which has been pressing for Chubb to end the coverage for months, applauded the move.

John Feinblatt, Everytown’s president, said: “For years, the NRA has pushed to allow guns for anyone, anywhere, anytime – no questions asked. With Carry Guard, the NRA has figured out how to profit from gun owners who are concerned about being accused of murder. Carry Guard is a danger to the American public, pure and simple.

Membership of the NRA comes with discounts on goods and services including car rental, hotels, home insurance and wine. But the companies that provide those services are coming under increasing pressure to step back after the Parkland shooting, which claimed 17 lives.

On Friday, one of the survivors of the shooting, 17-year-old David Hogg, who has become a powerful voice in the push for stricter gun laws, joined the debate and urged FedEx to stop its relationship with the NRA.

Wyndham “is no longer affiliated with the NRA”, the hotel group said on Twitter. In an email to the Guardian, the chain said it ended its relationship “late last year”.

Best Western, which has recently offered perks to NRA members, tweeted that it “does not have an affiliation with and is not a corporate partner of the National Rifle Association”.

Other companies that have announced they have severed ties include Enterprise Rent–A–Car (already on my boycott list), which owns Enterprise, Alamo and National, and First National Bank of Omaha (contact here), which announced it would end a Visa credit card it offered with NRA branding.

The moves are putting pressure on other corporations that maintain ties with the NRA. On Twitter, people using the hashtag #StopNRAmazon are calling on Amazon to drop the NRA’s video channel from its streaming service.

Add Delta and United to the list of companies dropping their association with the NRA.


20 responses to “Gun control activists pressuring companies to break associations with the NRA

  1. I love it when companies make it easy to know who to boycott.

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  2. why don’t these morons take that same mindset of ‘guilt by association’ and apply it towards the pharmaceutical industry (directly responsible for millions of deaths) to boycott and stress the importance of saving lives over profit?
    I guess that would be too common sense for useful idiots and paid shills to think about and it doesn’t fit the narrative for the agenda of gun control

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  3. Isn’t that billboard message a criminal threat or an incitement to “kill” approximately 5 million people? Shouldn’t the FBI investigate who paid for that billboard?

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  4. So here we are again with billionaires funding movements against “we the people”. We are supposed to be in charge of our government. Instead, its the other way round.

    This is a threat. I read this morning where another billionaire has started an “army” to oust Trump. Same idea. Democracy is definitely dead with these people. They have no respect for others at all.

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  5. Maybe it’s time for more people to join the NRA. I don’t own a gun but I’m thinking of joining.

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  6. If all the folk who voted Trump boycotted all the comanies that advertise on CNN and MSNBC – and boycotted all the companies promoting the SJW cultural revolution, America (and the world) would be a very different place. And then there’s Hollywood, and all the Trumpsters who still go to Springsteen concerts, Jay Z concerts, De Niro movies and all the rest. Right-wingers have to get serious – because their enemies have never been more serious.

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  7. I will boycott them all.

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  8. Meanwhile in strict gun-controlled Chiraq, it’s business as usual: 3 killed, 14 men wounded, in shootings across Chicago since Friday night.

    How come Rahm Emanuel hasn’t been calling for a boycott of the NRA because of all his city’s gun deaths?

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  9. And not a one can explain exactly what the NRA has to do with any shooting. They are about support and training and safety. How can anyone be against that?
    Why aren’t these demanding protesting twits scream for the hundreds of babies being aborted daily?
    If they did their homework, they would find a lot of these shooting are being perpetrated by first and second generation Muslims. Ft. Hood, San Bernadino, the gay night club, the Boston Marathon and others. Vet and rid the country and that leaves the mentally unstable, open the mental hospitals back up and let us deal with them. Attack the drug companies and Drs. That deem the drugs safe.
    Have schools have metal detectors and guards right by them anything sets them off, an immediate gate comes down and access is denied. The rest of the doors are exit only doors. Each room has bullet proof glass and the new bars that fit under the doors and over the door closers they have come up with that denies entry. Expensive yes, but not as expensive as losing our loved ones.
    So many things can be done. But to chastise a group that has never had a thing to do is just an agenda being pushed by liberals using our kids as useful tools.

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  10. Why Leftists want to push progressivism on corporations…

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