That picture you Tweet when you know absolutely NOTHING about gun safety

teachers lounge

A womyn on Twitter, @synewaive (AKA Niurka Marcos Stan from California with 5,234 followers), tweeted out the above picture on February 22 with the comment, “when you walk into the teachers’ lounge without knocking.”

This Tweet has 45K retweets and 124K likes (and climbing, as of my scheduling this post).

Way to spread disinformation about the proper use of firearms (gun pointed in a safe direction, finger off the trigger, etc.).

I’m not sure if she meant this to be satire yet I gather from her Twitter timeline that’s she a gun control supporter. Some of her Tweets/retweets:

  • “Sarah Chadwick//#NeverAgain (Parkland shooting survivor/activist): Hey Jack! Just wanted to let you know that, yes! Us 17yrs really are planning a nationwide rally! It’s crazy what determination, and a strong work ethic can lead to! But I mean you have neither of those things so I wouldn’t expect you to understand.
  • Replying to @realDonaldTrump: you a duMB fuck”
  • “Dear @SpeakerRyan: I’ve been in Congress since 2015 and there have been at least 20 moments of silence on the House Floor. The problem isn’t that anyone has a knee-jerk reaction to yet another mass shooting. The problem is that you repeatedly have NO REACTION.
  • “GOP: Abortion is murder! What about actual murder? GOP: Mental illness! What about healthcare to help treat mental illness? GOP: Healthcare is a privilege not a right!”
  • On the day of the Parkland school shooting: “I feel so powerless in situations like this idk what to say… :(“

I don’t know who this @synewaive person is but if you and the people retweeting this INSANE picture want to push an agenda, do your homework and get your firearm safety facts STRAIGHT.

Purposely mocking gun safety procedures us law-abiding firearm owners take VERY SERIOUSLY does not advance any meaningful conversations about gun violence.


17 responses to “That picture you Tweet when you know absolutely NOTHING about gun safety

  1. That person seems seriously indoctrinated.

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  2. Also, it’s a crime to post a picture with a fat dyke-looking thing in the foreground when there’s a perfectly cute, slender blonde available just behind her.

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  3. She could have saved 17 kids given the training and opportunity.

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  4. I say the element of surprise is always the best choice. Why would you let folks have any idea in any manner that you own a gun? Ignorant! Ignorant! Ignorant!

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  5. Let them carry on with their bullshit, MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT -MY GUN I WONT GIVE UP, as are the rest of my “life savers”.

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  6. Sometimes pictures just leave you speechless and shaking your head.

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  7. They may have a point disturb Teachers and risk getting shot….


    • Proggies only points are to spew hyperbole, lie, and distort information about firearms while allowing cops, schools and other government agencies to fail to protect children. Oh, and boycott the NRA.

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  8. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    But of course, we all misunderstand the meaning! Of course we don’t! Great rhetoric without a clue. Nice! Keep it up! Well done!You my dear are an asshat!

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  9. Isn’t it amazing how many of these twits think its better to be incapable of defending yourself? It’s like a suicide wish.

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  10. Silly libatads. Everybody knows you line up in a circle. Like a conga line.

    Oh! I thought this was another caption contest.

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  11. If I were in that photo….I would much prefer to be in the last row. Either that or I would be lying prone on the floor.

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  12. That is chilling! Does their “teacher” know anything at all?!!!

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    • This is one reason why I don’t lose a lot of sleep at night worrying about “armies” of snowflakes. In all likelihood they would shoot mostly each other. The survivors would exhibit a “Bradley Manning” level of competence.

      When it comes to firearms “helpless” can be forever.

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  13. Not how one checks if it’s loaded:

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  14. FINALLY! A school in which I’d not stress every day about whether I’m going to live through the day and come home alive to my family…as well as the fate of my students. Ladies and Gentlemen of the left—OUR WINDOWS DON’T EVEN OPEN so we can escape!!! My room has 3 exits/entrances b/c it was an old “shop room” (remember “shop?” doesn’t happen anymore…so I inherited the room)…….but NONE of my 60 other teaching colleagues have anything but ONE entrance/exit, & that is from the hallway. At least my room has TWO exits out into open air/open ground. One is “hidden” b/c it is from a storage area. I’ve taught my students to NOT “shelter in place” when/if they hear gunshots…but to rush out the concealed door and scatter into the neighborhood. Most other teachers have NO WAY OUT of their room if someone enters with a gun. Most modern schools built in the last 30 years are the SAME—in the name of “energy efficiency” and cost-savings in materials when built. Most of us don’t even have as much as a CLOSET to hide in, let alone a way to “secret away” 38 or 40 kids (very insulting that we are left with ONLY this sort of “option” anyway…) ……

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