Pound dog holds new owner’s hand

A golden retriever from Tennessee ended up in a shelter after her owner died.

Then the dog was adopted by another human.

On their way home in the car, the dog gently puts her paw on the hand of her new owner. (Source)


19 responses to “Pound dog holds new owner’s hand

  1. Hadenoughalready

    Awww! Brought a tear. Mine does the same when we’re done playing… It’s awesome.
    People need to get in tune with their “friends”. It’s beyond cool.

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  2. You got me again Dr, Tears of joy! Thanks for Posting.

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  3. A fresh breath of air with out debate that was really a good heart tug.

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  4. Our four legged friends know more than we think they do. This little pup is thanking the new master and joyous at the new home. God is good…

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  5. If there are no dogs in heaven, I will be pissed.

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  6. If there are no dogs in heaven, it isn’t really heaven.

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  7. That was the sweetest most tender interaction, initiated by that beautiful dog. She/he just exudes such a sweet spirit. The new owner sure got a good deal.

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  8. You’re tearing my heart out! So sweet it makes my heart hurt.

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  9. Golden retrievers! A true friend to man.

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  10. I’ve watched this over & over. I wished I could have adopted him. Thanks for posting this ..

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  11. ♥ This makes me think of our rescued cat that we adopted in 2015. She never stops expressing love to her new family. Every morning, when I stand up out of bed, she’s waiting on the floor, and jumps up to greet me with a chirp, and then walks downstairs with me.

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  12. Dogs are the best people.

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