Possessed: Lady Gaga had woman vomit green slime on her

Are we in Hell yet?

Most of FOTM‘s readers are older than the demographic groups who go to pop concerts or listen to what passes nowadays as pop music. So we don’t really know what goes on in pop concerts.

The reality should come as a shock to us — things are even worse in America’s pop culture than I’d ever imagined.

On March 13, 2014, during a South by Southwest (SXSW) show, the pop singer Lady Gaga performed a song titled “Swine“. Here’s some of the lyrics:

I know, I know, I know you want me
You’re just a pig inside a human body
Squealer, squealer, squeal out, you’re so disgusting
You’re just a pig inside

Swine, swine
Swine, swine

Be that hog
Sweat it out, you squealer
Let your body jiggle
Slap her skin-he
Love to watch her ass go wiggle
It’s the feel of ecstasy

While Gaga sang, a woman wearing black pasties under a see-through top, made a devil’s sign with her right hand as she stuck two fingers down her throat and barfed lime green vomit all over Gaga. Again and again.

You can watch the disgusting performance here: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=EKAD_VJRWmI

The vomit woman is Millie Brown, who was 27 years old at the time.

She’s a “vomit performance artist” from London, who “uses” her body “to create a performance that was about the beauty from inside out”. Brown’s vomit paintings sell for around $20,000 each. (Elle)

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58 responses to “Possessed: Lady Gaga had woman vomit green slime on her

  1. And young people go watch this vulgar insanity? The culture is being destroyed.

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    • Christian Zionist . . . . Amen and amen! It makes any sane person feel like they have arrived in Hell to see hear such lyrics, and see such demented comportment.

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  2. IN-deed, Hell is empty. The devils are all here and have been for a long, long, long while. Ingesting that cr@p even if only to vomit it later, she may well be getting cancer some time down the slime… sorry, down the line. Lady “Caca” too. It’s mostly a shit life these people live, and wherever they are, it’s pretty much shit-hole country as far as I am concerned. Never went to a pop music or rock concert all my life, nor had any appreciation for that kind of garbage noise some call music, and never will, and could never understand the hysteria surrounding these people, not even in my teen years.

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  3. Feel sorry for those folks that can’t take it and they hurl right along with others lol they couldn’t run out fast enough before spraying the wall or ground. One word DISGUSTING and so are most of their progressive ideas.

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  4. 20 grand?? I am in the wrong business… and ppl buy it

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  5. I am utterly disgusted by this Millie Brown woman. I cannot believe she pulls that much money for something so beyond gross. Puking on people has a place in some sicko porn maybe, but not pop concerts attended by MANY very young people! Even worse is the comments on the video, people claiming it’s ‘iconic’ and ‘true modern art’ ‘pushing the envelope, creative genius’. Are you friggin kidding me???? The young generation is doomed it would seem.

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  6. To call that perversion would be an understatement.

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  7. I cannot even imagine that one person would willingly allow someone else to vomit on them, all in the name of entertainment. How do you know what bacteria or viruses this person may be introducing you to. It is just unreasonable that people behave in such a manner in this day and age. I think if folks from 100 years ago, or even 50 years ago were “transported” to today, and could see this shameful behavior–they would keel over dead (even if they were already dead.) I am sure that Satan is more than pleased.

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    • Auntie Lulu, what’s the difference between Lady Gaga and a mule? Answer: lipstick. Actually, putting lipstick on this untalented, mule-faced woman and then getting America and the world to worship her is proof that pop entertainment has become little more than Satanic human alchemy, which, being in the hands of the earthly Synagogue of Satan, shouldn’t be surprising. She isn’t an outlier by any means and was chosen to preside over the 2017 Satanic rites we know as America’s Super Bowl Halftime Show and she was worshipped, so I’ve read, by delegates as the runaway biggest hit at the last Democratic Convention.

      As for your point about this being unthinkable 50 or 100 years ago, it’s true enough, yet we were always taught from an early age (and still are) that the fallacy of political compromise is the best policy—that the middle ground, even between good and evil, is the high ground and the “American Way.” The problem was that it always amounted to our meeting evil halfway, and yet never once resulted in a concession from the Left in the past 100 years.

      As an example of how the Republican Party exists to concede to this evil under the Satanic principle of compromising with evil, just one election cycle ago in 2012 Romney and the Rep establishment offered Gaga $1 million to perform at their convention but she flipped them off. Lady Gaga, you might say, has replaced the previous secular icon, Lady Liberty, and now symbolizes what both political parties actually represent.

      We still have power over them, however, which is silently ignoring them and laughing out loud as their attempts at disturbing, infecting, and contaminating our minds become more desperate with every passing day. Pretty soon they’ll show us, all right! and start eating their poo on stage as they brag about doing behind closed doors.

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      • If it were real your words would ring true. These parasites, of either “party” don’t work for us. It’s a show. Just like “Lady CaCa”.

        Compromise is rarely good. But, without respect it is meaningless. What is happening is that they are continuing to play government while making the “relative positions” untenable. This will force an irreconcilable divide.

        Into that vacuum will come the NWO, fully formed and ready to go. Watching politicians is as useless as watching CNN. It is all a distraction.

        We have to take charge of our futures and that doesn’t include these Maoists we’re looking at. If you want to discuss “compromise” we have to decide how that can work with something as evil as communism. The short answer is, it can’t.

        We know who is driving this bus. It’s time to get off.

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  8. 🤢🤮🚽

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  9. Can you say, “SATANIC” children?
    Looks like this is an extension of the Abramovich school of spirit cooking.
    Lady Gaga sold her soul BIGLY.
    What I am blown away by is that parents actually allow their young ones to go to these concerts, or even patronize in any way by allowing them to buy their CDS.

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  10. Vomiting performance art as your profession?

    Her parents must be so proud.

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  12. Delightful, not. Gaga is all over the spectrum when it comes to entertaining. She can give an outstanding performance singing the National Anthem, or a duet with Tony Bennett, then falls off the decency chart and does crap like this. She seems unstable to me.

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    • she’s possessed. not just unstable. she’s one of the modern Luciferian entertainers / celebrities who thinks ole Heylel ben Shachar (Satan) is cool and like Madonna, Katy Perry, etc, flaunts the Illuminati signs frequently

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      • Think about it this way. They snap their fingers and these “entertainers” (ha!) will do ANYTHING to show their support. They are whores, pure and simple. Actually, they’re worse than whores. They don’t even provide a useful service.

        If they want to sell cannibalism, there they are! Pedophilia? She’s your girl! Then, people PAY to go see them. I wouldn’t walk across the street to pee on them if they were on fire.

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  13. Nope, not shocked at all, nor surprised……just disgusted and sad.

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  14. Augh, GaGa got a taste of her own GoGo,

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  15. this is revolting. unfortunately it’s not new to have disgusting acts on stage. in the late 60s Jim Morrison of the Doors masturbated on the audience in Florida. Iggy Pop was well known for doing the same, or for “gobbing ” on the audience his spittle, etc. Back then Jim had to flee to Europe (where he died of an overdose) to avoid prosecution, nowadays there doesn’t seem to be very much that “violates the public decency” laws /codes. As Paul told Timothy, “evil people shall wax worse and worse…”.

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  16. That’s funny, when I hear lady gaga I vomit too

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  17. How else will they reach the point where they no longer know good from evil, right from wrong or sanity from insanity? I believe things will get worser than they are now. This is not the Sodom level yet but things like this are only shadows of what is to come.

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  18. A “vomit performance artist” will soon be not edgy enough.

    I challenge them to invite a “flatulence performance artist” to their next show.

    Green slime is not avant garde either. Boiled cabbage & Stroh’s is.

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    • Dudley Moore and Peter Cook after they left the Goons in the UK, in the early 60s were then doing comedy routines about “catching celebrity farts in jars and sealing them” saying they’d be worth lots of money when the celeb died – they were being ridiculous of course in the true sense of “ridicule” but goes to show it’s already been thought of

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  19. Stephen T. McCarthy

    For years I’ve been referring to her as “Lady GagGag”. Suddenly, it seems more fitting than ever!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  20. You have to admit. She’s the ultimate attention whore. Most wouldn’t stoop to having people puke on them. I’m struggling with why that’s considered “entertainment”.

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  21. Carlos Lantigua Rodriguez

    El 24/02/2018 09:01, Fellowship of the Minds escribió:
    Dr. Eowyn posted: ” Are we in Hell yet? Most of FOTM’s readers are older than the demographic groups who go to pop concerts or listen to what passes nowadays as pop music. So we don’t really know what goes on in pop concerts. The reality should come as a shock to us — t”


  22. FOTM readers might not be the youngsters whom flock to events like Lady “GaGa” proffers as “entertainment.” However, I think we can all recall & relate from our youthful experiences with those individuals, who, in the face of a true talentless yearning to grab attention, popularity, immediate impact amongst their peers, teachers, fellows of their communities…..did or said or claimed outrageous beliefs or did outgrageous things. (Personally, I remember one such individual from my HS years who “electrified” our sophmore speech class by standing up to deliver a speech about why she was an Agnostic….and later, age 14, ran away with her older boyfriend, had an abortion, and was put into custody in a far-away county to keep her from “running” with the boyfriend until her parents could collect her…..lots and lots of “shock value” for the day….and that wasn’t the END of it, either …..much more came later, and yet….this person was held in “awe” by her peers….nearly “worshipped” b/c of her rebelliousness and the way she publicly displayed it.)

    When a person with such a drive for attention and admiration/notice……has NO REDEEMING talent or quality about them, or ability to patiently put the time and thought and work toward an ACTUAL achievement………this is what they do. It always works, sadly…b/c there is always an immature generation coming up that needs to “push their envelope” while finding themselves …and so, they will “reward” this sort of person with a year or two of attention…(& then, there will be another upcoming group to give their 2 years or so…) but, in the end…..all the Lady GaGa-s of the world end up being is a stage performer remembered for wearing raw steak as a dress to an awards assembly….or hiring someone to vomit upon them on stage during a performance……they, in effect, cancel themselves OUT from the thing they most desire, the thing that drove them to such wretched acts in public: the desire for recognition of their talents, their looks, their achievements. Big Zero. When the likes of Lady GaGa can walk on stage with minimal make-up, “regular” clothing, and actually SING a concert filled with old “standards” or even folk and religious works germaine to our American history—-and PULL IT OFF due to her own “talent,” that’s the day I will believe of her anything other than what I just wrote about her and her ilk.

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