Man who killed Maryland officer was ordered to surrender guns 3 times in 5 years

mujahid pgpd officer

Cpl. Mujahid Ramzziddin: Killed by a prohibited possessor.

And shocker, the killer never surrendered his firearms.

Do tell, #GunControlNow crowd, how do you propose to make criminals obey gun laws?

From Baltimore Sun: Court records say the man who fatally shot a Maryland police officer earlier this week had been court-ordered to surrender his guns at least three times in the last five years.

The Washington Post reports three different judges ordered Glenn Tyndell to “immediately surrender all firearms” after they found his wife, ex-wife and child needed protection. Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Col. Darrin C. Palmer says Tyndell had told deputies he’d turn himself in Tuesday. He didn’t show.

Prince George’s County police say 37-year-old Tyndell shot Cpl. Mujahid Ramzziddin five times with a shotgun Wednesday when the off-duty officer attempted to intervene in a dispute between Tyndell and his wife. Tyndell then fled before being fatally shot by officers Luke Allen and Channing Reed, who have been place on paid leave.

From The Washington Post:

The Prince George’s County sheriff’s office attempted for weeks to track down Tyndell but he consistently eluded law enforcement, at one point avoiding going to work knowing he could be apprehended at his job as a Metro mechanic, said Col. Darrin C. Palmer, chief assistant sheriff for Prince George’s County.

Deputies had visited his home and a second address for him three times, conducted surveillance and were working with Tyndell’s estranged wife in an attempt to serve a protective order and three arrest warrants related to the couple’s domestic disputes, Palmer said.”

Cpl. Ramzziddin was laid to rest on Friday, according to the Prince George’s County Police Department.

“Mujahid stood his ground to defend the life of the individual who had come to him for help,” Chief Henry Stawinski said. “He saved her life by giving his own. I’m extraordinarily proud of him.”


6 responses to “Man who killed Maryland officer was ordered to surrender guns 3 times in 5 years

  1. Like the Parkland school shooting, this is another instance of government incompetence and failure. America is devolving into a 3rd World country.

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  2. Just imagine if they’d been successful, only having his name, address, place of employment and zoological sign (I made that part up), and still couldn’t find him, and he had to beat him to death with a hammer.

    As every snowflake knows, it isn’t the trigger nut, it’s having a trigger. Something tells me that if this guy was wanted for something with a large fine attached to it they would have had him before the sun set.

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  3. No need to boo hoo crying why the man still have guns even after being made to surrender them on three different occasions. The law permitted him to retain the guns……..


  4. That’s just two instances in just about as many weeks. The law had the info. They knew these guys were dangerous. These guys weren’t off the radar. They were all over the radar. Where’s the outrage on national news that the officer assigned to protect the children DIDN’T EVEN ENTER THE SCHOOL? And the msm is dancing around the fact the the cops knew about both of these guys. For a long time.
    And the response? Let’s make some more laws that the bad guys won’t pay any attention to. And disarm honest people so that they can’t protect themselves.
    And like I said, two in two weeks.
    And this doesn’t address illegal invader felons.
    And this is just the ones we know about.

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    • You KNOW what it’s about, and it ain’t crime. This is a classic. They had domestic disputes. They are nobody’s so they aren’t really looking for him, despite what they NOW say. Now if it were somebody like Pelosi or some other highly regarded thief, they’d pull out all the stops and do it on overtime.

      They will NOW use any excuse to seize guns. My advice is never to call them, at least until its all over. If you mention “gun” or “shots fired” not only will you add an hour or more to the response time, you will be calling in an armed-to-the-teeth SWAT team that will shoot anything that moves.

      Guns didn’t create this situation. If they had taken his guns he would have gotten a knife, or a hammer.

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