How is this possible? Over the last three years there has been a significant rise of gun crime in London

The UK has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. Do tell, #GunControlNow crowd, how do you propose to make criminals obey gun laws?

From the Mayor of London web site (23 Jan 2018):

The term ‘gun crime’ covers both lethal weapons, such as shotguns and handguns, and non-lethal weapons, such as air weapons and stun guns. Over the last few years, gun crime has been on the rise in London. The number of offences is small compared with other types of crime, but nonetheless it is a crime with devastating consequences for victims, families and communities.

Key facts

  • In the last three years, the number of offences has risen. In the 12 months to October 2017, there were 2,500 offences involving guns: a 16 per cent increase on the previous year and a 44 per cent increase on 2014.
  • In the year to October 2017, out of 2,542 gun crimes, 770 guns were fired, of which 318 were classed as lethal weapons.
  • The number of lethal guns fired has increased by around 20 percent since 2012.
  • In the year to October 2017, gangs accounted for 10 per cent of all gun crime offences, 18 per cent of the offences where a gun was fired and 41 per cent of the offences where a lethal gun was fired.
  • In the year to October 2017, 59 per cent of gun crime offenders were aged 25 or younger.


  • The supply of guns into the UK from abroad is a growing concern, with a small but increasing number of weapons originating from Eastern Europe, particularly de-commissioned guns, which are easily converted.
  • The use of technology is changing the way people access guns, in particular with the use of the ‘dark web’.
  • Gangs account for nearly half of all offences where a lethal gun is fired.
  • However, gun use appears to be spreading outside of gang disputes.

The Mayor of London needs to ensure that he is focused on stopping guns from entering the capital, and making sure young people are aware of the consequences of carrying a gun.

More information the full report which you can read here:

  • Data shows most instances that involve a gun are violence against the person offences. The use of guns in this type of crime—which includes offences such as harassment, Grievous Bodily Harm, and assault with injury—has risen since 2012.
  • The Met said that “surprisingly low numbers” of legally owned firearms are stolen in London.
  • It is less clear how much fear for safety drives gun use, but given that much gun crime is linked to drugs and gangs, it is more likely to be an adjunct to other crime, in which the criminal needs to adopt an aggressive, controlling stance, and which elicits the need for a different response.
  • The Deputy Commissioner has said that while surrenders tend to result in “‘trophy’ weapons” being handed in, rather than guns used in crime, it contributes to a reduction in weapons that could potentially be used in criminal activity.


10 responses to “How is this possible? Over the last three years there has been a significant rise of gun crime in London

  1. I’ve been wondering about Australia — much touted by U.S. gun-control advocates, including Hillary Clinton — where the government instituted a gun buy-back policy in 1996, which resulted in a reduction in gun ownership from 3.2 to 2.2 million guns.

    Contrary to a Snopes effort to debunk claims that the buy-back policy was ineffective in reducing gun crimes, a 2014 Report to the Australian Parliament points out that:

    (1) Although the number of firearm homicides had decreased, “Prior to 1996, there was already a clear downward in firearm homicides, and this pattern continued after the buyback. It is hence difficult to link the decline to the buyback…. In fact, the trend in non-firearms homicides shows a much larger decline between the pre- and post-buyback periods. This suggests that crime has been falling for other reasons.” The same with gun suicide rates.

    (2) As for armed robbery: “the armed robbery rate right soared right after the buyback and then gradually declined. Indeed, over the next eleven years, there is only one year after the buyback where the armed robbery rate was lower than it was in 1995, the year immediately before the buyback…. The one thing that might point to the buyback having a detrimental impact is that the increase in the armed robbery rate after the buyback was bigger than the increase in the unarmed robbery rate.”

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  2. I would venture to say living in the UK is detrimental to your heath being that they do not want you to defend your self. Why would you do that to your citizens? They break in your front door and your expected to climb out the back window and run. I seen were that happened and the home owner use a baseball bat and was arrested and was sued by the attacker. How can it get to this point unless evil is left unchecked and seems to me it has there.

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  3. As I think we know, it has never been about “crime”. It is about protecting political parasites from their constituents. The real question is, how do they get people gullible enough to support this?

    Who on Earth would willingly sacrifice something they can voluntarily do so that they can ask permission? I don’t think it is any exaggeration to say that we have hundreds of times more laws on the books than we need. We certainly don’t need any more.

    Committing a crime with a weapon is already illegal. Passing another stupid law will not make that more effective. Of course, with every law they whittle away on the concept of the Second Amendment.

    I have said this before and I’ll say it again here, whenever they try something like this the smart thing to do is to introduce something opposite that is even more to their displeasure. Introduce a bill making fully automatic weapons available to five-year-olds. Get creative. They’ll shut up.

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  4. Forget the guns, they are now using machetes on the streets of London. Over 14,000 knifings in one year. What enrichment the vibrants have brought to to backward old Britain.

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    • Ain’t multiculturalism grand!

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    • Well thank Gawd it isn’t guns (grrr!) (sarcasm). Guns are “messy”. It was very safe in the 60’s and 70’s. The most dangerous thing was the cooking. Did you know that all the cooks in Hell are English?

      Anyway, It is so blatantly obvious what they are doing with this. Only an utter fool couldn’t see it. Still, fools are something the world has never been short of.

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      • Yes, thank GAWD it’s not the guns! Machetes are so much more preferable!
        And very sadly you are correct..fools abound. Some days I wish I could run off to the mountains and never witness the madness again.

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    • It used to be extremely civilized. Now you have “Zulu Dawn”.

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  5. What can you expect, they elected a Muslim mayor? In the next decad we won’t recognize London unless the people pull up their big girl pants and take it back.

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