Delusional: Pope Francis says he’s on waiting list to be a saint

Dr. Thomas D. Williams reports for Breitbart that on February 15, 2018, Pope Francis said to a group of priests that he is “on the waiting list” to be a saint:

“There are two recent bishops of Rome who are already saints. Paul VI will be a saint this year. One with his cause for beatification in progress—John Paul I—his cause is open. And Benedict and I are on the waiting list. Pray for us!”

Note: The pope is also the bishop of Rome. The “two recent” popes who were canonized (declared saints) are Popes John XXIII and John Paul II.

Breitbart‘s Dr. Williams charitably assumes that Francis “was almost certainly speaking tongue in cheek,” but would you joke about expecting to be declared a saint?

Jesus said, in Mark 8:38:

“For he that shall be ashamed of me and of my words . . . the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

It is difficult to imagine that any Christian, even less a Pope, can become a saint when he is so ashamed of Christ that he conceals the cross by stuffing it into his waist sash, so as not to offend Jews. (See “Pope Francis is ashamed of the Cross, knows better than the Gospels”)

Pope Francis in Israel

L to R: Israeli Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Pope Francis, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau, during a visit to the Heichal Shlomo Center in Jerusalem on May 26, 2014. (Photo by Vincenzo Pinto, AFP)

Pope Francis hides crucifix

Pope Francis hides the Crucifix meeting Israeli rabbis

Pope Francis at Ben Gurion International Airport, May 25, 2014

Or a pope who joked about Christ’s crucifixion.

Or a pope who’s so dictatorial that he, through his mouthpieces, threatens to excommunicate faithful Catholics who disagree with his unorthodox (but artfully ambiguous) notion in his “apostolic exhortation” Amoris Laetitia that divorced Catholics who remarried outside the Church — and therefore are adulterers — can nevertheless receive Holy Communion, including:

  • Alessandro Maria Minutella, a priest in Sicily.
  • And the latest to be subjected to Pope Francis’ wrath, Raymond Arroyo of EWTN — the Catholic radio and TV founded by Mother Angelica. In his “World Over” show of February 15, 2018 on EWTN, Arroyo was critical of ultra-liberal Cardinal Blase Cupich, and of a recent speech at Georgetown University by Fr. Antonio Spadaro, Pope Francis’ confidante and mouthpiece. So Spadaro is calling for EWTN to “get rid of Raymond Arroyo,” and EWTN itself to be “interdicted”. Interdiction bans a Catholic from accessing most Church Sacraments, and is one step short of excommunication. (LifeSiteNews)

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64 responses to “Delusional: Pope Francis says he’s on waiting list to be a saint

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  2. I’m not at all a fan of Pope Francis but I wouldn’t read too much into the practice of tucking the cross into his sash. I’m a Catholic and ever since childhood I’ve seen pictures of popes doing this. Those crosses are usually encrusted with jewels and the sash tucking probably has more to do with not banging them around on table tops or other things. I’ve even seen pictures of Saints with their crosses tucked into sash-belts.

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  3. Sorry, Pope Frankie, but you’re no Christian and certainly not saint material in my book.

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    • Goldbug . . . . God Bless you for stating the obvious. Although, as I have indicated before, I am not Catholic–never the less in past times all people could look to the Catholic Pope to see one who displays righteousness, and certainly was a follower of Jesus Christ. Now the entire world has been cut afloat, and there is no one in Rome to look to for comfort, and religious advice. I certainly would not vote to have him made a saint, I would rather think that Jesus Christ would not be in favor of that move either. I will be glad when he is gone, and hopefully a man of righteous intentions, and one who strictly adheres to and professes his love of the Savior is put in his stead.

      What’s going on right now truly is a travesty. We all, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, are mystified by Pope Francis’ behavior.

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  4. He gets to be a saint after Obama.

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.
    Maybe he said this to see what kind of response he would receive from the people or was he being sarcastic?


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    • Why would sainthood be a subject for sarcasm by a pope?

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      • Well he probable isn’t a real Pope of God, but of satan.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for stating the obvious. Sainthood is not something to be brought up lightly. Actually, I think it is a subject that is best left to others once we have passed away, rather than attempting to garner votes in the here and now.

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      • I’ve never seen anything like it. The only explanation that fits is that he hates the Church. If not he’s some sort of moron who can’t keep his foot out of his mouth.

        That’s all the news we get of him. Chastising rape victims? Hiding his crucifix? Telling Jews that they’re saved? Telling people that homosexuality and pedophilia are no big deal?

        If I wanted to wreck the Church from the inside I couldn’t pick a better weapon. Now, just who would want something like that???????? Hmmm?.

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  6. Saints are the true believers in God and keeps God’s commands. Since the Bible says we sleep till resurrection which means judgement for those to heaven or he’ll have not occurred yet. When Jesus returns will be judgement, pray we are in the first resurrection.

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    • weezy . . . . God Bless you for bringing up the idea of “the first resurrection.” I cannot think but what, the majority of the FOTM family are striving to the best of their ability to be worthy to be among those in “the first resurrection. Thank you for reminding us of this fact.

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  7. Even the Devil doesn’t hear that one with a straight face.

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  8. How in his mind can he think that he is not mocking God? I for one would not want to be standing in front of my Lord with that on my head. I think the goat side might see a rouge pope on it. How Sad is this guess Rome is on its way to a resurrection.

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  9. The Pope plays with the big boys, and not those on this Earth. That’s a dangerous endeavor.


  10. Pope Obnoxious I

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  11. God help me, but since day one, I felt he was anything but sincere in his faith. He has done more to destroy the religion than anyone can imagine. He is working for the other side. I have always looked up to the current Popes, and I realize not all are perfect, but, who is this guy?

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  12. Pope: “I haven’t actually performed any miracles, or even adhered to Church doctrine, but I put myself on the list for sainthood, so that should probably help me, what with the Vatican having a satanic pedophilia faction, and all. Keep your fingers crossed!”

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  13. I thought communism already had its saint.

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  14. trick question: What do Jews, Christians & Muslims all have in common??

    The Holy Father knows, & is going about the business of gathering ALL the flocks into the Ark of the Immaculate Heart in these the End of Times. He is surrounded by vipers & the wicked who spin & trash & misinterpret his every move & word. … & the devil is laughing in a comment post above me!! … really … & you think it’s @ the Holy Father?!

    The Spiritual RedPill will be the hardest to swallow.

    “The Saints are those who realize while on Earth that they can do nothing w/out Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, & live accordingly.”


    • Yes indeed, the way to “gather” Jews “into the Ark of the Immaculate Heart” is to conceal the cross in your waist sash, and to joke about Christ’s crucifixion. And a real saint actually tells people he’s on the waiting list to become a saint. That’s just so humble and holy of the real saint. /sarc

      And if one has a problem with a pope declaring he’s on the waiting list to become a saint, you call that person a “viper and the wicked who spin & trash & misinterpret his every move & word”. Are you a saint too?

      By the way, about that man in the wheelchair in the video — the late Fr. Gabriele Amorth, who was Rome’s chief exorcist, said he performed a lengthy exorcism on the man AFTER Pope Francis’ laying on of hands, which means Pope Francis did NOT exorcise the man.

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    • You really need to go do some research on this anti- Christ pope, or you are going to be misled. This man has said one blasphemous thing after the other, and if anyone was aware of the catalogue of evil and doublespeak that has come from his mouth, it is not really a stretch to think he could have been serious when he made this remark.
      I’ll give you a for instance…. Francis says the Jews don’t need to accept Christ to be saved. Think about that one for just one moment. If the Jews don’t need to accept Christ to be saved then what did Jesus die for? The very idea makes a mockery of Christ’s passion. That is pope Francis. A mocker of Christ.

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      • I haven’t made much of an effort to learn more about him for a number of reasons. It makes me mad and disgusted. There’s nothing I can do about it. As I say about other criminals, they get the justice they deserve.

        What little I have read about his history isn’t good. He couldn’t be more opposite Benedict if he tried. His sudden departure is HIGHLY suspect. Benedict was “Creepy”, but he was a wonderful theologian and he didn’t take heresy lightly.

        You would have NEVER seen the displays of apostasy we’ve witnessed from this one. He is definitely the New World Odor Pope.

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      • On December 10, 2015, the Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with Jews issued a major new document pronouncing that God had never annulled his covenant with the Jewish people, and so Catholics should not try to convert Jews: “The Church is therefore obliged to view evangelization to Jews, who believe in the one God, in a different manner from that to people of other religions and world views.”

        That is nothing less than heresy.

        Luke 22: “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my Blood, which will be shed for you.”
        Hebrews 8:13: “In speaking of a new covenant, He makes the first one obsolete.”


        • Yes it is. He must be freelancing “Vatican III”. He is NOT a theologian. On the other hand, most Confirmation kids know this. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know what is going to happen with this guy. Most “real” priests can’t stand him. I think that’s the idea. They think they can split the Church from the inside.

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        • I hate having this stuff up here because it makes my blood boil. I never thought I’d see the day. It wasn’t too long ago a priest that I like was delivering a Homily on this very thing. It was powerful and spot on the money.

          To me it is more than suspicious for Ratzinger to quit. I didn’t like his looks, but I did know of his scholarship and it was first rate. Obviously, something underhanded happened there.

          All I know about the present one is that in his native land he got a lot of Christians killed by private armies. From what I can determine he’s always been a globalist. He certainly looks right at home with his Chabad friends.

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        • This sounds for all the world like the Jews are now in control of the “Congregation for Religious Relations with Jews”. This flies in the face of earlier documents and theology. It looks to me as if they have a mole in the Vatican.

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  15. the poope has become as useful as the queen of england

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  16. sixlittlerabbits

    Thank you for this post. It has been reblogged at Dorothy Day Another Way, with credit given to FOTM and Dr. Eowyn.

    Ironically, Dorothy Day is famous for egotistically saying, “Don’t call me a saint, I don’t want to be dismissed that easily.” No humility there!

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  17. I am not catholic – – but – when those black birds went after Pope Francis’s white doves on 2 occasions? I saw it as bad sign – and based on this article – maybe he did as well.

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  18. Pope Frankie, I’ll pray for you……..that you will soon burn in the cauldrons of hell!


  19. Just finished blog post #6 in a series on the Pope and the Vatican for anyone interested …….
    I will pinch the cross-hiding picks above for another post which will include Frank’s reluctance to genuflect or to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament. Tx

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  20. Inside his flowing robes and ornate headgear marking him out as the face of Catholicism, hides evil, to do Satan’s work here on EARTH.


  21. ‘his unorthodox (but artfully ambiguous) notion in his “apostolic exhortation” Amoris Laetitia that divorced Catholics who remarried outside the Church — and therefore are adulterers — can nevertheless receive Holy Communion’

    Um – no.


  22. Francis will have a long wait.

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  23. One of the hallmarks of Peter’s Chair has been a love for and respect for the laity. His willingness to issue off the cuff remarks on deeply held beliefs is unparalleled. Just as with the last Ex-cathedra Papal Pronouncement, The Assumption of Mary, in 1954 (I believe), the theologians did not agree. The Pope, gauging the beliefs of the faithful followed the beliefs of the many as they are a voice of God as well.

    Since then there have been many comments, not theologically binding, by various Popes. Usually the process is very slow and respectful. This guy acts like he cares nothing for those who disagree with him. Does that sound familiar?

    Something is VERY wrong here. It isn’t a simple little internal Church problem. This is an attack from the inside. The last time something similar happened was Vatican II. But even that, was with the collaboration of many religious scholars, not simply a Papal Idea.

    I really think the story of what happened to Benedict would be enlightening.

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