Delaware may let students choose their race, gender without parental consent

possibly go wrong

Things could get very complicated for schools if they have a student who doesn’t decide what gender he is until he has woken up and then decides what he feels like being for that day. And what will schools do if said person feels the urge to “shift gender” during the day?

From Fox News: A proposal that would let students in Delaware as young as 5 choose their own race and gender-identity – without approval from their parents – has sparked a bitter battle in the First State. 

On one side are parents who say they want a more welcoming climate for their transgender or non-binary children. On the other side are parents who say the proposal infringes on their basic parental rights.

Under Regulation 225, schools would be required to provide access to facilities and activities that are consistent with a student’s gender identity—regardless of the child’s sex at birth. That includes bathrooms, locker rooms, team sports and adhering to the child’s preferred name. Under the proposal, students could also choose their own race.

What has rankled some parents is that the new regulation does not require schools to inform parents of the child’s decision. Instead, the policy advises administrators to assess the child’s well-being before disclosing the information to the child’s parents.

While a growing number of states are imposing rules to protect transgender students, Delaware’s proposed rules go further – letting a child decide, even if the parent disagrees with the decision.

“The regulation isn’t about keeping a secret, it’s about what’s in the best interest of the child,” said Mark Purpura, president of Equality Delaware. “The reality is there are children living in fear who do not feel comfortable coming out to their parents as gay or transgender.”

But some say this is yet another example of government overreach. They say parents should be involved in making such a critical decision involving their children.

“I would be livid if the school allowed my daughter to make such a significant decision without me,” said Terri Hodges, president of the Delaware PTA and committee member.

Hodges said she does not oppose the regulation but feels that alienating parents is not the right way to carry it out. “I want to protect children,” she said, “but we can’t pick and choose when to engage parents.”

The state’s proposal drew more than 11,000 public comments in the form of letters, emails and online submissions— the majority opposing the new rule.

If approved, the regulation would protect 19 characteristics—protections that expert David Cohen, professor of law at Drexel University, said are not represented in the current federal anti-discrimination policy.

“Title IX does not explicitly cover gender,” said Cohen. “All it talks about is sex discrimination – and not every court, administrator or administration interprets gender identity as sex.”

Delaware’s governor, John Carney, felt strongly that more could be done to protect students from bullying and discrimination, and in 2017 urged the DDOE to enact a policy.

But last month at the committee’s final public meeting, a crowd of more than 250 people packed the auditorium of Delaware Technical Community College to express their opposition.

Delaware State Rep. Rich Collins, R-Millsboro, said the proposed regulation is onerous, excessive and confusing. He said the current anti-discrimination policy is concise and efficient, and replacing it with a multi-page regulation is a distraction. “This is taking our eye off the ball,” Collins said. “We have one school that has a 3-percent math proficiency and there are issues educating our kids [across the state].”

But Andrea Rashbaum, a parent of a transgender child, said parents can’t expect a child to learn if they don’t feel safe. “We have to take these worries off their plates,” Rashbaum said. “Similar to how hungry children can’t perform, a child who feels unheard and misunderstood can’t focus on reading or math scores.”

Rashbaum believes that a state regulation would put every child on an even playing field. “Right now gender and race identification are handled on a school-by-school basis,” Rashbaum said. “One school will help a child grow to have dignity and the other less educated school [in the same district] can squash a child’s self-worth.”

If approved, Delaware would be among 18 states and the District of Columbia who have implemented anti-harassment regulations based on gender identification and sexual orientation.

Delaware is one of the first states to draft a proposal to explicitly acknowledge gender identification in schools as a protected characteristic, and violators – it’s unclear if would target teachers or administrators – could be prosecuted.

After a public hearing period, the Department of Education will approve or deny the regulation.


31 responses to “Delaware may let students choose their race, gender without parental consent

  1. How nauseating to see what these insane people are doing to kids. They are promoting mental illness that will result in a lifetime of misery for these young people. Then one day, these kids will snap, and that’s when we will see real slaughter in our schools and work places. But of course, it will all be blamed on us evil gun owners. 😎

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    • Maryaha . . . . You are right on the dot on this one. Frankly, I can invision that the “misery for these young people” will as you have said create “real slaughter in our schools and work places.” I should imagine also that the incidents of suicide will be prevalent in these same children. When you allow children to field like “they are in charge of the world,” rather than adults, such as their parents, teachers, and others are actually in charge of the world . . . the world becomes a very frightening place.

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  2. parental rights are slowly being eroded…empowering children is the pretext for pedophilia/satanism.
    5th Commandment:
    “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” Exodus 20:12

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    • I agree, it’s leading to open season on children by putting them in the hands of the likes of Mark Purpura, “president of Equality Delaware,” who for all we know is probably a member of NAMBLA as well.

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      • That was my first thought, trying to normalize his membership, For what reason, to increase the menu?
        If these wacko parents would keep their mouths shut and stop all the demented helicopter hovering, these kids would lead a normal life.
        And you can bet if the law says I have to support my children and send them to school I will dang sure have a say in their lives.
        Young life is hard, but letting the children work it our for themselves will only grow them stronger. We can’t solve all their problems.

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    • MomOfIV . . . . Bravo! If more children were taught to obey the 5th Commandment, and governments and others would get out of the way and allow parent(s) to raise their children according to what they feel is right and correct . . . children would be much better off.

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  3. Completely off topic, but just wondering…has anyone else been stricken with the flu? Something bad is going around here, and both my husband and myself are bed-ridden at the moment. The wiener dog is having to play nurse-maid! 😊

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  4. Hell, here we go doing a Rachel Dolezal! Nothing wrong being a negro but, pretending to be one is to be dishonest with oneself. The negros reject her and the whites despise her. More can be accomplished by being who you truly are and showing compassion for your fellow man. Pretending to be a man takes blls that you don’t have. Pretending to be a woman really takes some blls for a guy to be castrated. Ouch!!!

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    • Alma . . . . I could not agree more. It truly is the height of idiocy to one day decide, although your parents are from Scandinavian, German, English Scotch, Irish background . . . that you want to be known as a person with “African” background. To allow people to make choices that are this idiotic truth is insulting both to the actual biological parentage you have, and insulting to the actual biological parentage that you want to assume. Your race does not change, not even on a whim.

      Although what I am going to write here, is well off the subject, it was truly a puzzlement for me. I saw an article regarding some young African American woman who I believed attended a university back East. In honor of Black History Month, the school served a “black heritage meal” consisting of ribs, collard greens, macaroni and cheese. She was indignant because she felt this very food was a stereotypical offering of African American food. I had to think about the various black owned restaurants that I have visited here in Portland . . . guess what, they serve ribs, collards greens, corn bread, and macaroni and cheese. These are the “specialties” of at least four black owned food places around here. Her railing over being served such food absolutely fell on deaf ears as far as I was concerned. Actually, now a days serving “ribs” is a rather expensive proposition. Perhaps in slave days, the rib portions were left for the slaves to eat, but now a days it is not considered “scrap food.” Some folks just have to piss n moan, no matter what!

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      • When I see so many black people starting a complaint for the sake of complaining makes me believe, in spite of what they claim, they hate being black. They are unhappy and are not proud of their race. Most people enjoy eating various ethnic foods, what is wrong with that? For them, it is a problem.

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  5. How many years down the road will it be before all the damage these cretins have caused comes home to roost and will these children become mass murders or serial killers no telling what mental damage this is going to en cure and then not only will they be destroyed but if they go rampage they will destroy others lives as well. Social engineering at its best when you think about it.

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    • Brian . . . I think you are absolutely correct about the mental damage that is being done to America’s young people . . . we will only have to wait perhaps a decade to see how poisonous these “social experiments” will be on our society as a whole.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    One more advantage of ensuring no one, including parents, can get past strict security and armed guards to interfere with their indoctrination agendas.

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    • Within the prison-like confines of the Left’s new American grammar school, children will correctly sense their parents are unable to help them and that being “LGBTQ” assures preferential treatment, which of course it already does. Yours is an important point that it’s as much or more about indoctrination than safety, and it wouldn’t be surprising if 100% of these kids didn’t declare themselves to be of the opposite sex to avoid intense psychological torture.

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      • Dan . . . . Thank you for offering that brilliant observation. Children are not stupid they must realize, as you have said, “LGBTQXYZ” kids do indeed get preferential treatment. Why wouldn’t that also want to be a “special person?” This whole thing is just sick, and the damage it is doing is on an immense scale.

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  7. and the Board of Ed approved that course….?

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  8. The mass shooters of tomorrow.

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  9. What’s with the “he” crap? Is it only the males that are flipping over to fe-males? And why is that???
    IMHO; They’re trying to feminize males and, as I see it, they’re succeeding. A bunch of limp-wristed wimps as the next generation of leadership.
    G-d Help Us!!!

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  12. you’re not born queer. you are borm male or female. your gender is your sex. its in your dna. queers might be born mentally ill. but you learn to be homosexual.

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  13. The school is not the determining authority as to what’s good for the child.

    What if they say “I’m a white, straight, male”. Do they get demerits. This crap has gone on too long. Yes, pull them out and demand a refund.

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  14. I live in Ontario Canada and the government here can take your child away if parents refuse to address their child by their preferred gender. Insanity

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