Florida school shooting shills are out in full force

Immediately after the Valentine’s day shooting massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, calls for gun control began.

But this time it’s different. While there are the usual gun-control advocates — Democrat politicians and Hollywood celebrities — new advocates have joined the all-out effort, including not just Parkland students, but other schools across America.

Below are two other, quite striking, gun-control advocates.

(1) Counter-terrorism expert Philip Mudd

Philip Mudd claims to have “decades of experience as an analyst and executive at the CIA, FBI, and the White House National Security Council”.

On the day of the shooting, Mudd was interviewed by CNN — the network that faked a “live” report from the 1991 Gulf War; faked a report from Liberia on the Ebola epidemic in 2014; staged a fake Muslim “peace protest” in 2017; and has a producer who was caught on camera admitting that the Trump-Russia story is “bullshit” fake news — and broke down on camera, choking and sobbing.

Yesiree, we are to believe that a media “counter-terrorism expert” with “decades of experience” in the FBI and CIA, which would have included experience with violence, broke down on camera over a school shooting.

But not a tear for the millions of young lives who are aborted each year because, unlike the Parkland school students, their lives don’t count.

By the way, Philip Mudd is rabidly anti-Trump.

On January 11, 2018, in another CNN “expert” interview, referring to President Trump’s alleged “shithole countries” comment, Mudd said he is proud to be a “shitholer” because he is Italian and a descendant of people who left Italy when it was a “shithole.”

(2) Catholic priest Gerald Coleman

Fr. Gerald Coleman, a Jesuit, is an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Pastoral Ministries at Santa Clara University.

In a commentary on the Parkland School shooting, Coleman opines:

“It is time to stop dancing around the issue of gun violence by misrepresenting what the real problem is. Now is the appointed time for Congress to pass stringent laws regarding the very possession of guns.

Mental health is not what makes America uniquely vulnerable to gun violence. Research has demonstrated that people with mental illnesses are more likely to be victims, not perpetrators, of gun violence. The mentally ill should not bear the burden of being regarded as the chief perpetrators of mass murder.

The real problem is guns, specifically America’s extraordinary stockpile of firearms. The U.S. has the highest number of guns in the world. This is the core problem, pure and simple….

America has more lethal violence than other developed countries, and this fact is driven in large part by the prevalence of guns….

We must demand universal background checks for those wanting to purchase guns, make licensing requirements more stringent, place outright bans on certain types of firearms such as automatic and semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and other types of assault weapons, establish a registry for all guns owned in the country, require a permit for all firearm purchases, curtail gun trafficking, and wage campaigns against all film producers who glorify violent action and the dehumanization of persons.

America has become resistant to doing anything about this issue because some feel ‘powerful’ by owning a gun, and the decades-long public campaign by the National Rifle Association to convince the U.S. public and politicians that bearing arms and having more guns actually make people safer.”

I did a search for “Fr. Gerald Coleman on abortion,” but found only an apologia he wrote, in The Catholic Voice on November 7, 2016, artfully defending how  Catholics (who presumably include him) can and should vote for pro-abort Democrats (who presumably include Hillary Clinton who supports late-term abortion) despite the fact that the Catholic Church regards abortion as an “intrinsic evil” — i.e., an evil so egregious, it is non-negotiable.

Coleman writes:

“A Catholic voter should not use a candidate’s opposition to an intrinsic evil to justify indifference to other important moral issues the candidate holds involving human life and dignity, e.g., environmental degradation, unjust discrimination . . . .”

Yesiree! On the authority of a Catholic priest, we are told that “unjust discrimination” — whatever that means — is way more important than the deliberate murder of entirely innocent, tiny human lives. /sarc

H/t FOTM‘s Lana

See also “Parkland teacher: ‘Shooter was in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting a rifle I’ve never seen before’“.


76 responses to “Florida school shooting shills are out in full force

  1. Hell will probable freeze over before this debate is done in this country. America needs to wake up but not to gun control but to totalitarian government is what we should be afraid of and this is driving us closer to that every day. Be prepared when times comes to vote and read between the lines of what your candidate says and what they really mean or we shall suffer what comes at the hands of these types of idiots.

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  2. CNN scripted shooting survivor answers to push agenda…

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  3. The problem with total gun control is that (as our Founding Fathers knew), once there are no arms to equalize forces against and control the great unwashed masses, those masses, regardless of their voting or representational proportion in our elected government, will be able to enforce their will upon the rest of us via brute strength and numbers. It will be a revolution to a pure Marxist society, one in which nobody actually works or produces, all merely consume and demand others pay for it.

    The left and their cohorts (militant BLM, feminazis, atheists, drugs-for-all libertarians, those who believe in no borders… the anti-law, no-rules crowd) are all banking on it, and have up until now been content to merely use the legal system, entertainers’ endorsements, and media hype to get their way.

    Well, mostly. It’s been going on a LONG time. Want to get your ire up? Watch the current specials on PBS – America Reframed and Independent Lens, both detailing how armed militant black students took over buildings at Cornell in NY and Southern in LA to try and get their ways in the ’60s. It didn’t end so well for them in Louisiana. But at Cornell, they got away with it. And with similar tactics at SFSU in San Fran. Not by going through the democratic process, but by rioting and making demands. Which is what they’ve been taught and come to learn often times works for them.

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  4. Interesting article below titled “The Mistake of Only Comparing US Murder Rates to “Developed” Countries”. The anti-gun advocates are able to pull the wool over our eyes and the people buy it.


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  5. That was a great article you put together Dr. Eowyn. The amount of other graphs and lists that one could add to those you posted are innumerable.
    For example, the statistics show that half of all gun violence is committed by Black people even though they are 13 % of the population. With those numbers logic would dictate that Blacks should be the ones not to be allowed to own firearms, but as we know this whole argument is not based on logic.
    I lost it and laughed out loud when I saw that video last night with Mudd. How DO these people live with themselves?

    Two hundred years of weapons in this country, also in the hands of kids, without hardly any disasters…. think of all the gun clubs, and the ROTC programs that were held in schools for decades…kids on farms…I even was taught to shoot a 22 at a Bible camp I attended one summer when I was 10 years old.

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  6. “Now is the appointed time for Congress to pass stringent laws regarding the very possession of guns.”

    What are you going to do to the criminals who don’t follow the law? I have a violent 19-year old thug living on my street. As a minor and prohibited possessor, he has committed multiple crimes with a gun (including breaking into my neighbor’s home; my neighbor shot at him yet missed the target). His mommy bailed him out each time. Is the NRA to blame for the state laws regarding detainment of minors?

    One time I had two youths knock on my door at night while home alone. Grabbed a firearm and watched them leave while getting into a van across the street.

    While home alone would you rather I feel defenseless if any of these kids knocked down my door and I had no recourse to stop them from coming at me?

    Can Mudd explain how he’ll be able to prevent people from bump firing if we ban bump stocks? I’ll wait for his expert advice.

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    • This is one of the reasons I don’t care for the NRA. They “equivocate” thinking that they’ll eventually leave them alone. They won’t.

      Some things must be sacrosanct. The Second Amendment is one of them. The answer is always NO! None of this has anything to do with “crime”. Look at my chart from yesterday. There are more killings committed each year with hammers than guns.

      They have been directed to disarm us. Failing that, they will do everything in their power to minimize the effectiveness of whatever we’re left with. They are in total control of the “media” and therefore, the narrative. They make it appear that there is a HUGE “grassroots” demand that they “DO SOMETHING”. Always beware any time you see this pattern.

      If the NRA is going to be the point people on guns, they will need to do a much better job. The answer is ALWAYS NO!

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      • I dropped my NRA membership back when they sided with Sen. Frankenstein thumbed through a gun catalogue, put guns on the ban list she didn’t like the looks of, and the NRA went along with it.

        I have yet to regret my decision.

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        • That’s what I’m talking about. There are several ranges around here that “require” NRA membership to use them. I normally use the woods, but in winter sometimes that’s impractical.


  7. Philip Mudd, it is little wonder that he is a “former” employee of the FBI . . . I rather doubt that they would put up with a “nervous Nellie, blubbering idiot” as a spokesman. Even when FBI agents come on the scene of horrific tragedies–they might break down, but after they have composed themselves, and are set to appear in public–they do not comport themselves in this manner. He is a shill, no doubt about it. As far as I am concerned, he is very much reminiscent of Robbie Parker, the supposed father of a slain daughter at Newtown, CT. . . you know the one, where he was joking and laughing one minute then all of a sudden when he was due to be on camera he worked himself up to a grieving, tearful father of a slain daughter. All the world was supposed to grieve right along with him. This joker Mudd is just like that. I should imagine that many, many of us are in a position where we have seen all these cretins who have tried to pull on our heartstrings over this tragedy, and that tragedy, and yet another tragedy . . . so that now, if we had allowed them to do so–our heartstrings would be so long from being repeatedly pulled on, they would be trailing behind us as we walked. I am sorry, but I have learned to spot a fake. The only instinct that is evoked in me is sheer hatred for all of those who would attempt to hoodwink us in this manner! And an even bigger hatred for the money men behind all these actors.

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  8. AFR radio has facts that from 1900 to 1963 we only had 61 school shooting but from 1964 to now over 300 and the common denominator is God in the first number God was in the schools. But after 1963 God was thrown out of schools and look what ya got. Hum thinks its time to put God back.

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    • Good point. In The Myth of Religious Violence, Wm Cavanaugh traces it further back, to the 1940 decision forcing Jehovah’s Witnesses to salute the flag in school, in which Frankfurter, for the first time in Supreme Court history, declared religion (meaning of course Christianity) to be the primary source of strife and violence in American society. Cavanaugh read every decision of the court bearing on religion and found that in every pre-1940 decision religion was cited by the court as a source of unity in America, while in every decision on religion after 1940 religion was cited as a source of divisiveness. In the ‘62 decision you mention, Goldberg wrote that school children could read or mention the name of God in school, but only in a historical context and if it served to strengthen, in a word, mindless submission to the secular state.

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    • I think that back then they were still “testing the waters”. They would never have believed that we would be where we are now. They did hoaxes then too, they were more careful.

      We also didn’t have instant reaction like we do now with the internet. That probably bothers them more than anything else. It used to take months to get articles into writing and published. Then they were read by a very limited number of people.

      The press has always been controlled, but before Slick Willy did away with the Fairness Doctrine they had to be careful how they couched their propaganda.

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      • Much of the reactions we’re seeing now with respect to school kids ditching class to go demonstrate and demand things… reminds me of “flash mob” mentality, now bolstered by kids on social media wanting to appear to be with the “in crowd” and perhaps get new “friends” for turning out. And it’s not just in Florida, it’s gone nationwide, thanks to the social web. Watch for it to spread across the globe next.

        Wouldn’t it be great if they used the same techniques to encourage schools to discipline trouble makers when they first start causing problems, maybe suspend or expel the worst, and then have the courts watch them or at least have mandatory counseling to see if they could nip things early rather than end up with a mass shooting or whatever… rather than trying to protect the rights of those bad apples against being “labeled” or worse, “emotionally bruised” for being called out when they act out… and that would include going after the bullies who sometimes break the ones who then themselves end up attacking others.

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        • I don’t know. Of course I don’t think these things are “organic”. Secondly, I think teaching kids to be joiners is the worst thing we can do. Offering choices and giving them the tools to reason out their choice is more appealing to me.

          The entire apparatus is controlled to produce a given product. The product is severely deficient for anyone but a “human farmer” which, in essence is what we have. We are not offering hope and joy. We are offering austerity and survival in a lifeless world.

          Obviously, what’s missing is God. The “State” has now assumed that role. They are not entitled to it but will fight to the death to establish and preserve it. These kids didn’t get this messed up without help.

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          • “Obviously, what’s missing is God. The “State” has now assumed that role. They are not entitled to it but will fight to the death to establish and preserve it.”

            Beautifully said Lophatt.
            Speaking of God imposters….I ran across this video the other day with Milo. He’s not my favorite, but he sure nailed it in this video where he said the closest thing the left has to God is Oprah and how her show is a substitute for the mass……

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  9. All of you who read this blog, please tweet or use other social media to send this to the President and AG Sessions. It’s important that you do this. And don’t forget Chicago’s stellar record for killings, too. They COULD get rid of Rahm Emanuel, but they don’t. It’s the Democrats, stupid (Not You!)

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  10. Ban bump stocks? Huh, how many ever heard of them before Vegas? Do we even know how, what or why Vegas happened? Will we ever? Raise the age to buy a gun to 21? So, our 18-year-old “kids” can go fight their stupid wars, come home with injured minds and bodies, but they’re too young to buy a firearm? The Marxist progressives are chipping away at our Second Amendment after each of these shootings (coincidentally, always preceded by or coordinated with a drill). Three generations of American kids have been dumbed down and brainwashed, lacking all common sense or critical thinking ability, and now they’re being used to promote the commies’ wet dream, total gun confiscation.

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  11. Wonderful post Dr. Eowyn. Amazing about the priest. Ditto the “expert”. All the “media” (not just CNN) are full of “experts”. We may as well give up right now. We can’t fool an “expert”.

    How is it that a priest is not excommunicated for publicly defying the Church? Oh, I forgot. We have Pope Francis. I can tell you that when Ratzinger was Prefect of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith he would have had some “splainin’ to do”.

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  12. When I saw Phillip Mudd “fake breakdown”, I got really angered. It’s unbelievable to me how stupid they think the american people, err…puppets are.

    If he is ex FBI, we are in a whole lot more trouble than the american people ever imagined.

    He starts breaking up when he is talking about the skinless terrorists…..with no transition to “I have 10 nieces and nephews we are talking about bumpstock legislation a child of god is dead”…cue the uncontrollable breakdown.

    For the average person who is really not paying much attention, he cued all the right words “terrorist = fear”; “skinless = gore”; “legislation = lawmakers”; “bump stocks = crazy lone gunman stephen paddock”; with absolutely NO transition or connection between these “cued words”. I watched that 10 times and nothing he says has any continuity or makes any sense. (Kind of like listening to Obama and me going “huh”?)

    It is my opinion when he starts talking about “A child of god is dead” – he is not talking about the 17 dead students – he is talking about the skinless terrorist with no feet, no skin, no hands, who by the way, was still able to hold a conversation with Mr. Mudd – imagine that! And he is not talking about my God….he is talking about his god, who ever that may be.

    I guess my point is – they think we are all a bunch of idiots and I am sick of the condescending pompous rhetoric being espoused by these cranks!

    And when did it become “cool” for the likes of grown men, i.e. congressman, tv anchors, etc. to start blubbering on TV? Aren’t these men we are supposed to look up to for strength, wisdom and direction?

    Just mind boggling.

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    • Excellent, I completely agree. I mentioned before that at Berkeley a Sociology professor once filmed a custodian giving a speech that was total nonsense. We had to study it for a class. It was the same idea. Several “trigger” words linked together by babble.

      The crowd went wild. That is the intent of these things. They are psychological devices designed to evoke emotion, not logical thinking. They are employed deliberately.

      They DO think we’re stupid, but more importantly, they know how to do mind control.

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      • Your are exactly right and it angers me. Most people are busy trying to get on with life and not really paying attention to CNN in every restaurant, bar, or airport they may be in. Its all done subliminally….and it angers me that our youth is getting poisoned by this crap.

        I have one kid who was not common core educated and did very well in chemistry, physics, calculus, etc. in college and in life in general. I have another kid who was/is common core schooled (due to logistics at the time) and the level of intelligence is truly eye opening regarding same above. I am not sure what else they taught/teach as “common core” but the second kid is gonna have a real problem in life if she doesn’t get it together real quick! Somedays I find it truly frightening, especially like today when I see Obozo saying things like “We have been waiting for you”. Yeah….I can only imagine what he means and it sounds creepy as hell.

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        • It’s your invitation to join “The Borg”. I know what you’re saying. I would not want to raise kids in this environment. Of course I’m watching grandkids and great grandkids go through it. I mean what I say with regard to this. It is deliberate and they’re conditioning the herd.

          Obongo is the perfect representative for them. Creepy doesn’t do it justice. He’s the sort I taught my kids to avoid.

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    • Reminds me of William Hurt crying on cue in “Broadcast News”…

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  13. Instead of blaming the NRA, maybe gun-grabbers should be questioning the school district and local police about this (along with FBI’s incompetence):

    “Security camera delays, radio breakdowns created confusion for cops during Florida school shooting: The Broward School District’s security cameras did not provide real-time video for police during the Stoneman Douglas school shooting. An outdated radio system provided further confusion as officers tried to find Nikolas Cruz. Police officers responding to last week’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida reportedly thought they were tracking Nikolas Cruz live on surveillance video — but then realized the footage was delayed by nearly 30 minutes, tossing roadblocks into the frantic efforts to capture the 19-year-old shooting suspect. The security cameras in Broward School District had a 20-minute delay, which left responding officers in the dark when attempting to look for Cruz.”


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  14. There is no argument that would convince me that the 2nd amendment is not necessary. Government will always eventually try to control its citizens. If you want that, there are plenty of other countries that you can move to. As for me, I will never submit in total to the gumment control.

    Armed guards in schools is a good idea. Someone trained, no interaction with students. Blow a few of these monsters away before they can do much damage and you’ll put the kebosh on that method of insanity.

    Seen any airliners crash into buildings lately?
    We’ve got plenty of money to spend at airports.

    We guard everything of value, paintings, money, art, whatever, with guns. Guess our children are not valuable enough to protect with guns.

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    • You don’t see these in inner city schools either. Of course, because I think they are mostly (if not all) contrived, I don’t think there’s anything accidental about them. They don’t do drills in those schools because someone will shoot them.

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    • We just gotta make sure those “guards” are willing to do their jobs:

      “We reported yesterday that the only armed sheriff’s deputy at Stoneman Douglas High School was spotted in a parking lot, not in freshman building, during shooting. “He never went in,” Broward sheriff just admitted.”



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      • Well, of course. If you shoot up the participants during a drill you get demerits. If they put real guards in schools all their players would be wounded or killed.

        That is also a dead giveaway.

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        • Another dead giveaway? After the news that the only armed deputy at the school did NOTHING, Hogg’s tweets were ALL about boycotting the NRA.

          If you don’t want to be seen as an agenda-driven, partisan and unbiased voice, have the courage to call out the government agency that is designed to protect you (even though they have no Constitutional duty to do so, hence the need for our Second Amendment). But I reckon that activism is now the definition of journalism these days (and will get you a job at CNN).

          Shannon Watts and Jake Tapper must be so proud…


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          • I am still trying to figure out what boycotting the NRA will accomplish. They are the one constant in training and safety.
            If anyone thinks these few kids organized all this by themselves in such a short time I have a problem with it. The utter disrespect and getting into the faces of adults is over the line. Making demands. Who in the hell are they? Who is paying some of them. They have to trace the money back and if it is Soros, he needs to be arrested. I am sick of his getting by with inciting riots and paying for disobedience.
            And what is with that eerie tweet Obama sent out?

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            • As you probably know, a man with NRA training and an AR-15 stopped the Sutherland shooter, not that you’ll hear much about that from the SRM.

              Boycotting the NRA makes them feeeel good and gets them TV time.

              It will do nothing, absolutely nothing, to stop criminals from committing crimes (see Chiraq, Baltimore, etc.)

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          • As of midnight Friday night, the following gun-grabbers have not tweeted ANYTHING about the Broward County Sheriff officers not penetrating the school, the FBI’s incompetence, nor NOTHING ELSE about all the red flags of Cruz. All they tweet about is the terrorist organization, the NRA. These people: David Hoggs, Emma Gonzalez, Sarah Chadwick, Shannon Watts, and Julianne Moore.

            I get your agenda, gun grabbers. At least be honest and maybe have the courage to disclose that you might have some – just a little bit – of anger at the government agencies that failed to protect the dead students.

            Cowards, all of them.

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  15. Has anyone else been able to stomach the last 2 days of Dr Phil all over this shooting? Lots of strange comments and of course our cnn star wanna be was there too.

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    • I haven’t watched Dr. Phil since I saw him attack and berate two women who questioned the Iraq war. Oprah made him, and he was an expert in how to rig juries before that. I accidentally caught him on YouTube the other day interviewing Shelly Duval who is schizophrenic now, and looks terrible. It was the most shameless thing I have ever seen. He doesn’t have enough money and ratings that he has to put a poor mentally ill woman on display? He’s a bastard, and I would bet, part of the club.

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  16. Well I’m going to say, it is obvious they don’t want to eliminate guns, if that were the case the powder and metal companies would be targeted and shut, resulting in an immediate lack of ability for the citizenry to be able to be able to last in an ongoing incursion (How many people in modern day in the U.S. actually know how to make powder or forge metal properly to be used in a modern firearm?… think about that.) so the question becomes, what is the real agenda (or agendas) they are hoping for? I suspect 3 things so far:

    Generating weapons caches for a coming new civil war, via exploiting the knee-jerk reaction of gun buyers seeking to “get theirs” before the “government clamps down”, this would ensure that any hostile military force could exploit known registered gun owner properties to reload and refuel.
    Fear-traumetizing the general public to make them compliant with demands (they’ll do anything to be rid of insert firearm here) demanding more “security” and “intervention” of the “government”, resultign in a “public demand” for a police-state.
    Utilizing the events to provoke potential opposers to their NWO malarkey, and then using their gun ownership, or lack of “support” for the agenda, as a pretext to add them to a hit-list of sorts, and giving them free reign to criminalize whatever demographic they decide is the threat of the day, utilizing their association to demonize them to their friends, family, and neighbors, thus also employing “divide and conquer” tactics.

    Anyone else have any other thoughts on what these satanist filth are up to?

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  17. Great post, Dr. E. This latest attempt to disarm Americans is the most sickening yet. Broward County is filth from top to bottom. Nikolas Cruz’ numerous actions before February 14 appear to be cries for help, and Broward County officials & Federal scum abused, used and disposed of him. These people are inhuman stazi-like filth.

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  18. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    I agree that the convenient diversion of attention from the rest of the major killers of Americans. Right now it is in our face but where is all this energetic indignation for the other much more sinister issues causing death? We’ll talk about gun control but abortion is out of bounds.

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