Court rules sick UK toddler’s life support can be shut off, despite parents wishes

alfie evans liverpool Echo photo

Alfie Evans/Liverpool Echo photo

I told you about Alfie last December. The UK hospital desires to take him off life support and would not allow the parents to take him to seek alternative treatment at a Rome hospital, which they believed could help Alfie. The court ruled in favor of the hospital.

Guess it’s “my body, my choice” until the baby is born. After that, the government can decide what to do with your child.

From Fox News: Doctors treating a sick British toddler can shut off the child’s life support despite his parents’ wishes to seek alternative treatment, London’s High Court ruled on Tuesday.

The decision on Alfie Evans’ condition renewed the contentious debate about who should make life-and-death health care decisions for children.

Evans, a 21-month-old child who has been in a coma for a year, is expected to be taken off life support on Friday, the BBC reported. Alfie’s parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, lost a legal battle after Justice Hayden said the child need “peace, quiet and privacy.”

The parents began their case against Alder Hey Children’s Hospital when they said they wanted to take their son to a medical center in Rome for treatment. Alfie suffers from a mystery degenerative brain condition that has left him hospitalized. The parents maintained that the doctors in Rome could give their son a diagnosis and proper treatment.

Doctors at the Liverpool hospital, however, believed it was “unkind, unfair and inhumane” to keep the child alive. The toddler was determined to be in a “semi-vegetative state.”

“Alfie’s need now is for good quality palliative care,” the judge said during Tuesday’s ruling. The Evans family is considering an appeal.

“Unfortunately there are sometimes rare situations such as this where agreement cannot be reached and the treating team believe that continued active treatment is not in a child’s best interests,” the hospital said in a statement.

Alfie’s father said outside the courthouse: “I’m not giving up, my son isn’t giving up. No one — I repeat, no one — is taking my boy away from me, and they’re not violating his rights or mine.”

The case follows at least two more similar sagas that have gripped Britain in recent months.

The parents of 11-month-old Isaiah Haastrup lost their court battle earlier this year to continue his care despite the child having brain damage that doctors categorized as “catastrophic.”

Charlie Gard, who suffered from a rare genetic disorder called mitochondrial depletion syndrome, was embroiled in a heated court battle until his death in late July. Gard’s parents wanted to bring their son to the United States for an experimental treatment they believed could help him.

But the doctors at the Great Ormond Street Hospital argued that the treatment would be ineffective and only cause more suffering.

British courts and the European Court of Human Rights all sided with the hospital in its bid to remove life support and allow Charlie Gard to die naturally.


52 responses to “Court rules sick UK toddler’s life support can be shut off, despite parents wishes

  1. I think that is the point where physical force is warranted. What gives the hospital, or government, for that matter, the right to choose whether he lives or dies? It seems that the governments of the world are in desperate need of being put in their place – the service of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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    • Unfortunately, when you enter the hospital, you are giving up your rights to yourself and your loved ones. They become custodians and guardians, and their expert knowledge and opinion (as good or as bad as it may be!) trumps your wishes, opinion, hopes and rights. Same with money in a bank: once it’s there, it’s really no longer yours if the ptb decide to take it away, for whatever reason. Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and Property are illusions these days. Government s force, and checks and balances, well, only those where you write how much money you can pay your lawyers, or the judge, or the police, and how it all balances out, it just depends on how much that check can be cashed for.

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      • Pat Riot . . . .God Bless you for making a statement such as this . . . it is absolutely the truth, whether you are here in the USA or in Great Britain. In so many instances it really does come down to how much money you are able to lay on the table.

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    • WarOfTruth . . . Congratulations! No sane person could dispute that! It is the saddest of all tales . . . that some of the people on this Earth just accept that their government has the right to direct their affairs! I just wish they could conceive that their God made them free, and in matters such as this, they are and should not be beholden to any government, but to do as their heart tells them to do.

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  2. How sad. This is what you get when you start devaluing life and looking to the State as “God”.

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  3. Yep, once everyone figures out they’re the property of the state via the birth registration which creates a “birth certificate” i.e. the birth (berth of a commercial vessel upon the seas of commerce designated a LEGAL PERSON (research the legal dictionary def’n) then it’s like a “company vehicle” that you get to operate but don’t own. Thus they’ve fulfilled Revelation chapter 18:13 which in the KJV (not my preferred version) lists after all the preceding verses of commodities bought , sold, and traded upon the seas of commerce by the rich merchants / bankers of the earth, the following “…and the bodies and souls of men”

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  4. It is altogether strange that in court these various hospitals make the claim that the hospitals in other lands “cannot offer any help, but would sustain life and cause unnecessary suffering on the part of the baby.” How could they possibly know that for sure? The British medical care system just does not want anyone to go outside the parameters of their absolute control. Heaven forbid, that one child might live and regain usefulness by treatment from some other country–then all the mother’s and father’s would agitate for their child to receive life saving treatment elsewhere, outside Great Britain. What a horrible situation. The only way to avoid the grip of English medical services is to “go on vacation with your little one to wherever help might be offered.” If that would be possible. To have your little one admitted to an English Hospital seems as though it may prove to be an absolute death sentence.

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  5. Reblogged this on Gitardood's Weblog and commented:

    This is a further confirmation / illustration that you have no rights as a PERSON – just whatever benefits &/or privileges the elite & state decide you can have at any given time which can also be revoked.

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  6. I bet the one commonality all the little boys share is that they were vaccinated.

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  7. This is another example of the runaway super-Orwellian police state we
    live in the West. In both cases it has not been specified “what
    suffering” the infants would suffer in prolongation of their lives and
    in further treatment. Further both the Brit doctors and EU judges
    do not explain why medical doctors would want to offer allegedly
    “useless and painful” treatment to these infants.
    Could it be that the Brit doctors and EU judges don’t
    think white Gentile babies are not worth the extra
    expense and effort? Are they afraid that if the babies
    were cured, they would look inhumane idiots? Charlie’s
    parents were under police watch at all times around Charlie
    to make sure they obeyed court orders. They weren’t
    even allowed to take Charlie home to die in peace and
    privacy. Outrageous!

    When the helpless one is a fetus, the elite say
    it’s the woman’s body and her choice. Once the baby is born,
    the elite assume god-like powers showing their
    blatant hypocrisy. The inhumanity we see now from our
    elite is typical of all communist tyrannies. A small elite
    can only rule by such tyrannical measures.

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  8. So if you live in England and you have a child its yours till you give birth and then the government says it has the last say so on this child’s health. I guess I was raised in a weird way if that way my child and they told me know it would cost lives to stop me from taking my child. GIVE ME A BREAK Would organize a hostage removal from the hospital.

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    • not only in England, this system is in the majority of nations, including the US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, NZ, EUROPE, etc. The best modern similitude is the movie series “THE MATRIX” . I used to write off these ideas as “conspiracy theories” and those who tried to tell me as “kooks”, until I set out to prove them wrong only to find out I was the one who was wrong. That started me on the investigation to discover how to extricate myself.

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  9. Who’s paying? If the parents want to foot the bill fine. nobody should be able to tell them how to deal with their crisis or spend their own money. I understand that as a faceless unfealinfg entity that governenment should not be on the hook.


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  11. The parents should have been allowed to take their child to Rome a year ago. Wonder how many vaccines this child had before he became ill?? There are many babies declared not viable that fooled them and beat the odds. The shame is that for a year they have been arguing this and maybe if a year ago they would have just taken their son to Rome the outcome would have been different. Sounds to me like this hospital didn’t want a hospital in Rome to possibly do what they were unable to do.

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  12. This is nothing short of Murder in my book. I truly hope that these sick and evil scum who caused this baby to die will die themselves immediately and roast in Hell forever.

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  13. It’s all in the hands of the real GOD. The others carry the cross of their decisions.

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  14. “it’s “my body, my choice” until the baby is born. After that, the government can decide what to do with your child.”

    Perfectly stated, DCG.

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  15. The state deciding who’s a useless eater… it’s okay when liberal bureaucrats do it, of course.

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    • You know, I thought Europeans’d had enough of that 73 years ago.

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      • The Englishmen of old had had enough of that arbitrary exercise of power 800 years ago, while today’s morally degenerate Englishmen revel like drooling madmen at the extinction of this, their most basic right, which is to life itself.

        How ironic that the formerly most Christian of nations isn’t even worthy of the name pagan today, yet today’s Englishmen so proudly abase themselves like bowing and scraping serfs at the feet of their alien masters who have nothing but homicidal intentions toward them.

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  16. “mystery degenerative brain condition”….I wonder how many N W O vaccines this poor baby has received, not to mention medical treatments that typically cause more damage. God bless you little one.

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  17. The holier than thou uppity Brits screwed up on this one. Who died and appointed them God? In spite of his brain, which we will never know if it could have been helped, the little guy is thriving. If I understand correctly, he had some kind of normal life before he went into a coma. Like others, you have to wonder what kind of injections he had before then.
    For the Brits to deny the parents the opportunity to find a cure or the cause, you have to wonder what they fear. Is their big pharma running scared?
    It makes little to no sense, unless they know something and do not want outsiders poking around looking for the cause.

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  18. Goobermint health care sucks.

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  19. Update on this story: “The parents of desperately ill Alfie Evans are preparing to return to court tomorrow as they continue to battle to keep their 23-month-old son alive. Tom Evans and Kate James are now fearing Alfie will be “executed” within several hours.

    Mr Justice Hayden is now set to analyse further issues at a follow-up hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London on Wednesday and will be asked to set a date to turn Alfie’s life support off.”

    Pray for this little boy and his family.

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  20. heartbreaking…UK wants this poor angel to die…he will be in heaven soon, pray for him and his family:
    “‘HIS LIPS TURNED BLUE’ Alfie Evans’ dad reveals he’s giving tot mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to ‘keep him alive’ after judge rejected bid to fly him to Italy”

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  21. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! he’s still breathing!

    “Alfie Evans dad: ‘He’s eating, drinking and STILL breathing 39 hours on – so let him live'”

    let’s pray for little Alfie that the british high court releases him today from being held prisoner by alder hey hospital and the police (they were previously denying him oxygen, water, and nutrition) and he’s allowed to leave and seek treatment in italy…where he was recently made a citizen….
    Lord, You are using this little boy to glorify your name. Your Will be done. Amen.

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    • Wow….I thought, according to the UK gods, Alfie had no chance…

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    • And now THIS:

      Merseyside Police are monitoring social media accounts to make sure British citizens don’t relay any “malicious communications” about Aflie’s situation (i.e., the hospital and NHS are murderers). Freaking INSANE…


  22. I believe the hospital is waiting for his death so they can secure his remains for profitable medical research (they have legal custody)…refusing to let him leave and 90 police guarding him….

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  23. Day 3 of Alfie off of life support.

    Now his father is PRAISING the hospital. This makes no sense…unless the dad is trying to garner points in order to be allowed to take Alfie home.

    “Alfie Evan’s father calls on Alfie’s Army to stand down and praises Alder Hey staff for their dignity and professionalism”

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