The crisis actors of Florida Parkland School shooting

On the afternoon of February 14, 2018, Valentine’s Day, America was subjected to another mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, metropolitan Miami, Florida.

We are told that 17 people were killed and 15 more were taken to hospitals. The alleged perpetrator, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former student of the high school, was arrested shortly after the shooting and charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. He confessed to the shooting, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. (Wikipedia)

And, as in the case of past school shootings, calls for gun control immediately followed the Parkland school shooting but with a new twist. In addition to the “usual suspects” of politicians and amoral celebrities, students are also clamoring for gun control, never mind that Cruz had obtained his AR-15 legally and passed the required background checks. (See DCG’s “Hashtag solutions: Washington state student starts online campaign after Florida mass shooting“)

We are told only the official narrative, so we don’t really know what actually happened. But it is noteworthy that the Parkland school shooting carries the usual signatures of previous false-flag or contrived incidents:

  1. An active shooter drill just before or co-terminous with the actual shooting.
  2. Eye-witness reports of more than one shooter.
  3. Pre-dated news reports (on February 12 and 13) of the February 14 shooting.
  4. A decision to tear down the school, all the better to erase any and all evidence that might point to the shooting being a false-flag incident.

See “Florida Valentine’s Day school shooting: anomalies and confessed shooter

Now we can add another false-flag signature to the Parkland shooting — Crisis Actors. (See “Professional crisis actors simulate mass casualty events“)

Below is the evidence culled from Alt-Media memes and videos:

(1) A familiar face from previous mass shootings — the crying brunette. It’s remarkable that in the five years since the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook hoax, she has kept the same hair-style and hair-parting-on-the-right.

(2) Another familiar face: the dyed-in-the-bottle blonde. She even kept her hair-parting on the right side since the October 2017 Las Vegas Mandalay Bay mass shooting!

(3) Fledgling crisis actors David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, both Douglas High School student “survivors”:

Here’s Hogg and Gonzalez being interviewed and advocating gun control on CNN.

I took this screenshot in case YouTube takes down the CNN video:

Watch Hogg, who claims his father is an agent in the much-maligned (by Trump) FBI, flubs his line (Note: YouTube removed the video for “harassment and bullying“. Thankfully, someone had saved it):


Here’s Hogg in August 2017, in Redondo Beach, California, thousands of miles away from Parkland, Florida:

But wait!

How come Hogg, Gonzalez and other “survivors” of a terrible mass shooting were smiling, laughing and whooping it up moments before they put on their grim sad faces for the camera?

Just like Robbie Parker, father of slain 6-year-old Emilie, going from joking and laughing off camera to feigning tears before the camera:

Benjamin Kelly, the district secretary for Florida House of Representatives member Shawn Harrison (R-District 63), sent an email to Tampa Bay Times reporter Alex Leary asserting that Hogg and Gonzalez are crisis actors. Harrison immediately fired Kelly.

Lastly, be on the lookout for the crisis actor who bears a striking resemblance to CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr (including even similar oblong-shaped eyeglasses!) — the network that faked a “live” report from the 1991 Gulf War; faked a report from Liberia on the Ebola epidemic in 2014; staged a fake Muslim “peace protest” in 2017; and has a producer who was caught on camera admitting that the Trump-Russia story is “bullshit” fake news.

Barbara Starr makes devil sign

H/t FOTM‘s Jim, DCG, Hadenoughalready; Harmony Carter, Vivian Lee, and Kelleigh.


Minutes after this post was published, a reader posted this on FOTM‘s Facebook page — David Hogg is not a Douglas High School student as he claims.

Linda Traitz on David Hogg not a Douglas Hi student

For more on Hogg, see “Florida Parkland School shooting survivor David Hogg is a fraud,” especially Hogg’s page on, indicating he had graduated from Redondo Shores High School in 2015.

David Hogg on Classmates

See also:


174 responses to “The crisis actors of Florida Parkland School shooting

  1. Florida victim Chris Hixon seems to have had a twin working for the CT state police during the Sandy Hook tragedy:

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    • Hmmm, maybe he got tired of the Connecticut winters? He DOES look like the same guy. He too has “duping delight”. Nice to see that his acting career has taken off.

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  3. FL Attorney General within days announced they would be paying the medical bills and funeral costs of all victims, thereby limiting the legal remedies of plaintiffs, and preventing discovery of evidence and records. Now they are having closed casket funerals and will be demolishing the school. Video shows LE removing large bag from the school within an hour of the shooting. Is this tampering with evidence. Some say it was a body bag, I doubt it. I read that it was the shooters bag with ammo and other items. Sounds like the making of another Sandy Hook.

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  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Must see news with pictures! Jade Helm motto, “Mastering the Human Domain.” Upper right frame of second block of pictures, note “Human Domain Solutions, LLC. Get paid $475 to assist the Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas National Guard in Oklahoma City as a Casualty Role Played (CRP) …” Don’t miss group photo of a joyful cast of characters on the way to casualty.

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  5. I found this recently released video of the outside of the Parkland school during the alleged shooting.

    I did watch it (it’s rather boring) but there are a couple of potentially interesting things that can be observed.

    In the upper left-hand corner of the screen is where all the action takes place. Early on it appears that they are allowing some students to exit while the cops all take defensive position. The students are “blurred” so its hard to know what’ up with that.

    1) Would you really want students in the line of fire?

    2) Why would some of the cops be observed being casual and in unguarded positions while others raced around, in crouched positions, like a drill?

    3) It looks to me like they stationed one guy on the corner and relieved him periodically with military-suited reliefs. Totally unnecessary.

    4) The story line that came with the video says that some of the students fled the campus. How does that work? They are either in “lockdown”, fire drill, or free to roam. Which is it?

    Anyway, please take a look. I’ll study it later to see if I missed anything.

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    • I didn’t do much of a job of hammering home my point that this all allegedly took six minutes. So, by the time a “responder” (other than the non-responsive Resource Officer) arrived, it was over.

      Still, they didn’t know that then. So, from the video, they were allowing kids to cross in what could be an active shooter field of fire. The traffic on the roads continued as well. Nothing screams “drill” to me as much as anomalies like these. We saw these in Australia as well. In that one there were reporters standing in the clear while cops crouched behind shelter. Very weird.

      People can say what they will about this one. It’s a fraud in my book.

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  6. If the pictures are all of Barbara Starr, should she give up her day job? (Which job is it?)

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  9. Here’s my favorite fake Mom.
    Even the cnn anchors are cracking up !


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    • Your IP address is Mourmelon-le-grand, France. Why don’t you mind your own business? Don’t you have enough problems of your own in France?

      Your IP address is the same as commenter “Armand Clavel” and an identical comment from commenter “Igor”. Are you a retard?

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