Kentucky billboard tagged with “anti-gun” message: “Kill the NRA”

nra billboard

The media is spinning this as an “anti-gun message.” WRONG: It’s a DEATH THREAT.

Remember folks, #LoveTrumpsHate!

From Daily Mail: The National Rifle Association is rallying members after a Kentucky billboard was spray-painted with the message ‘Kill the NRA.’

The NRA’s verified Facebook page posted a photo of the sign in Louisville on Monday, telling all American gun owners: ‘This is a wakeup call. They’re coming after us.’

It asks members to like and share to spread the word. The billboard was tagged with ‘Resist 45,’ a group that opposes President Donald Trump.

Outfront Media, which owns the billboard along Interstate 65 in Louisville, told local TV stations that they are working to remove the vandalism.

It comes amid protests demanding gun reform after 14 children and three members of staff were gunned down in a Florida school shooting on February 14, renewing the debate over U.S. gun laws.

On Monday students participated in a lie-in protest outside the White House over gun laws just days after 17 people were killed in Parkland. They took turns lying on the road for three minutes – the same amount of time 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz went on a firing spree at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week.  Other students stood by holding signs that read ‘Am I next?’ and ‘Is Congress or the NRA making our laws?’

It was organized by Teens For Gun Reform – a group created by local students following the deadly Florida shooting last week. Students are staging walkouts, sit-ins and other protests on school campuses across the country in a bid to push lawmakers to pass tougher gun laws in the coming weeks.


25 responses to “Kentucky billboard tagged with “anti-gun” message: “Kill the NRA”

  1. Just don’t try it! The NRA has a very formidable arsenal in its gun museum! lol

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  2. Good luck with that. There are more than 5 million NRA members as of May 2013.

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  3. “Teens for Gun Reform” is undoubtedly a NWO-funded propaganda ruse. That’s their new meme, “frightened kids want gun control”. All the parasites in Congress (ha!) are doing it.

    Maybe they think they can incite a snowflake uprising and get some of them killed? Who knows? Their bosses have given them the ultimatum. They want our guns now.

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  4. The NRA is not perfect and has engaged in its share of political B.S. Be that as it may, the message itself remains pure: The Second Amendment is sacrosanct.
    I see right through the scapegoating of the NRA: Let the People know the real Agent of Hatred is the Democratic Party. And at this point, it is also crucial for us to know that the Democratic Party is really the Communist Party in drag.
    Students stage sit-downs and walkouts. They form national online campaigns. I was a teacher for twelve years. Take it from me: The student who would undertake something like this is very, very rare: Students have to be cajoled and double-dared by adults to do almost ANYTHING. (Just try to get a student to do his homework—talk about tortures of the damned!)
    I know from my experience in education that COMMUNISTS have infiltrated it and USE students to achieve their own ends. INTELLECTUAL EUNUCH COWARDS that they are, they thus use students as HUMAN SHIELDS. Because when one student does get hurt, these Communist GOONS will “hide” again with their virtue signalling.

    The Democratic Party is an Engine of Hatred.
    The Democratic Party is the Communist Party in drag.
    The Democratic Party cannot function without its INTELLECTUAL WITCHCRAFT.
    Those who cannot see through this do not want to see through it.

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  5. I must confess before my God and all Humankind . . . I would trust my safety to an NRA member . . . long before a member of Antifa or any of these other blathering idiots!

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  6. Bring it on! Come and get it! That would be the day the libtards come to a realization that their stupidity doesn’t end well.

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  7. You know this country has a standing army in each state over 100,000 hunters. So that’s a lot of folks with guns that do not want to give them up.
    What happened to it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. I get asked all the time why I carry and my answer is I can’t holster a cop on my side. And that isn’t good enough most of the time so here I have a gun because by the time I call a cop and he gets there my family is dead or beaten or raped so no you can’t have my guns. So if your going to kill all the folks with guns you better get started cuz it will take you a long and hard time to do so. People are just Idiots when you say gun!!!

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  8. Hypocrite anti-gun left/libtards much? (Also, it’s kind of dumb to make a death threat against people who clearly own weapons… )

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  9. lophatt, A is beautiful, it protects. B is a terminator, a killing instrument for an unborn child of God.

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  10. I don’t remember NRA membership being an attribute of any mass shooter lately or historically for that matter. Seems to me they are mostly liberal (read mentally ill) with mostly personal vendettas. Gun laws haven’t stopped them so far. And criminalizing gun ownership is just going to be another failed prohibition. I don’t know too many people that will willingly give up their firearms.

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  11. Go for it, you stinking commie-puke gun grabbers.

    I probably better get some more popcorn. 😀

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  12. How do they propose to do this? With… guns, perhaps? (Gasp)

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