Hashtag solutions: Washington state student starts online campaign after Florida mass shooting

will we be next

This student attends Pacific Lutheran University, which has its own Department of Campus Safety that has security patrol officers on site every day of the year. That might be a novel concept for other schools.

From MyNorthwest.com: A Pacific Lutheran University freshman has started an online campaign to put pressure on lawmakers hoping they take action in the wake of another mass shooting.

“When I heard the news on Wednesday, I wasn’t as bothered as I usually am,” Gracie Anderson said. “It was a huge red flag. I noticed I was desensitized.”

As she read more news of the mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, she felt she had to do something locally.  “Instead of the usual sadness and grief that I feel, I felt really angry and really scared, and really motivated to do something,” she said. “My parents both work in schools, my younger sister is a freshman in high school. The people who mean the most to me are on school campuses every day.”

Anderson says she feels safe at her school, but can feel afraid after reports of a mass shooting; or worse — inaction by authorities after such incidents. That’s why she started the online campaign with the hashtag #WillMySchoolBeNext.

“This all began on Friday, in the wake of the Florida shooting,” she said. “What we are trying to do is draw the attention of the Washington State Legislature to mass shootings in schools. We want to demand that they take action. We aren’t specific on what that action is so that students, regardless of political persuasion, can be involved.”

People can get signs through the campaign that say “Will ____ be next.” They can then write in a name or school in the blank space. The effort also includes a letter writing campaign and petition for lawmakers. The effort spread quickly on Twitter, reaching 200,000 people by Monday, Anderson said.

“I’ve noticed a lot of adults are really sad that students and young people have to take on this burden … we’re disappointed in adults for not taking this upon themselves to make a change,” Anderson said.

Anderson says that there is no specific legislation or action the campaign is advocating for — she wants lawmakers to get to work on the solution. She also wants the effort to be void of political affiliation.

“There has to be a bunch of actions taken,” Anderson said. “We can’t isolate this as a gun issue, or as a mental health issue. I think that’s what both parties are doing right now. I’m in the middle as a student … all I want to see is something to make me feel safe. I think it’s a mixture of the two – gun restrictions as well as adequate mental health treatment.

“I can say that if lawmakers fail to protect us as students, we will vote them out as voters and when we are old enough we will run for their positions as candidates. And if we have to, we will be the ones who fight.”

While I understand the student’s emotional desire for a “bunch of actions,” she might want to read through Washington State’s current firearm laws. Here’s the list of them:

Chapter 9.41 RCW


Complete Chapter | RCW Dispositions


9.41.010 Terms defined.
9.41.040 Unlawful possession of firearms—Ownership, possession by certain persons—Restoration of right to possess—Penalties.
9.41.042 Children—Permissible firearm possession.
9.41.045 Possession by offenders.
9.41.047 Restoration of possession rights.
9.41.050 Carrying firearms.
9.41.060 Exceptions to restrictions on carrying firearms.
9.41.065 Correctional employees—Effect of exemption from firearms restrictions—Liability limited.
9.41.070 Concealed pistol license—Application—Fee—Renewal.
9.41.073 Concealed pistol license—Reciprocity.
9.41.075 Concealed pistol license—Revocation.
9.41.080 Delivery to ineligible persons.
9.41.090 Dealer deliveries regulated—Hold on delivery.
9.41.092 Licensed dealer deliveries—Background checks.
9.41.094 Waiver of confidentiality.
9.41.097 Supplying information on persons purchasing pistols or applying for concealed pistol licenses.
9.41.0975 Officials and agencies—Immunity, writ of mandamus.
9.41.098 Forfeiture of firearms—Disposition—Confiscation.
9.41.100 Dealer licensing and registration required.
9.41.110 Dealer’s licenses, by whom granted, conditions, fees—Employees, fingerprinting and background checks—Wholesale sales excepted—Permits prohibited.
9.41.113 Firearm sales or transfers—Background checks—Requirements—Exceptions.
9.41.114 Firearm sales or transfers—Denial of application report—Dealer’s duties.
9.41.115 Penalties—Violations of RCW 9.41.113.
9.41.120 Firearms as loan security.
9.41.122 Out-of-state purchasing.
9.41.124 Purchasing by nonresidents.
9.41.129 Recordkeeping requirements.
9.41.135 Verification of licenses and registration—Notice to federal government.
9.41.137 Department of licensing, authority to adopt rules—Reporting of violations—Authority to revoke licenses.
9.41.140 Alteration of identifying marks—Exceptions.
9.41.171 Alien possession of firearms—Requirements—Penalty.
9.41.173 Alien possession of firearms—Alien firearm license—Political subdivisions may not modify requirements—Penalty for false statement.
9.41.175 Alien possession of firearms—Possession without license—Conditions.
9.41.185 Coyote getters.
9.41.190 Unlawful firearms—Exceptions.
9.41.220 Unlawful firearms and parts contraband.
9.41.225 Use of machine gun in felony—Penalty.
9.41.230 Aiming or discharging firearms, dangerous weapons.
9.41.240 Possession of pistol by person from eighteen to twenty-one.
9.41.250 Dangerous weapons—Penalty.
9.41.251 Dangerous weapons—Application of restrictions to law enforcement, firefighting, rescue, and military personnel.
9.41.260 Dangerous exhibitions.
9.41.270 Weapons apparently capable of producing bodily harm—Unlawful carrying or handling—Penalty—Exceptions.
9.41.280 Possessing dangerous weapons on school facilities—Penalty—Exceptions.
9.41.290 State preemption.
9.41.300 Weapons prohibited in certain places—Local laws and ordinances—Exceptions—Penalty.
9.41.310 Information pamphlet.
9.41.320 Fireworks.
9.41.330 Felony firearm offenders—Determination of registration.
9.41.333 Duty to register—Requirements.
9.41.335 Failure to register as felony firearm offender.
9.41.340 Return of privately owned firearm by law enforcement agency—Notification to family or household member—Exception—Exemption from public disclosure—Civil liability—Liability for request based on false information.
9.41.345 Return of privately owned firearm by law enforcement agency—Duties—Notice—Exception.
9.41.800 Surrender of weapons or licenses—Prohibition on future possession or licensing.
9.41.802 Proof of surrender and receipt pattern form—Declaration of nonsurrender pattern form—Administrative office of the courts to develop.
9.41.804 Proof of surrender and receipt form, declaration of nonsurrender form—Requirement to file with clerk of the court.
9.41.810 Penalty.


Carrying loaded rifle or shotgun in vehicle: RCW 77.15.460.

Explosives: Chapter 70.74 RCW.

Possessing a stolen firearm: RCW 9A.56.310.

Shooting firearm from, across, or along public highway: RCW 77.15.460.

Theft of a firearm: RCW 9A.56.300.

If you are going to vote on issues and are that concerned about legislation and “doing something,” remember that “Knowledge is Power” in any fight.


37 responses to “Hashtag solutions: Washington state student starts online campaign after Florida mass shooting

  1. “As she read more news…she felt she had to do something…. ‘Instead of the usual sadness and grief…I felt really angry and really scared, and really motivated to do something…’”

    The so-called news on every channel in America (incl Fox) is state propaganda, no matter whether it’s coming from the mouth of a sock puppet on the left hand or on the right. As Jacques Ellul writes in his classic on propaganda, the more one fancies oneself educated and an avid follower of the news, the more brainwashed by propaganda that person will be. The objective isn’t simply to author the opinions in the minds of people who then take them for their own, but above all else to motivate that person to action.

    So there we have it, a Chicken Little who fancies herself a thinker and doer, who’s so brainwashed that her words could serve as the epigraph of a new book on propaganda.

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  2. Let’s make it illegal to break the law. <= That should solve everything!

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  3. The Florida shootings was the spark THE LEFT NEEDED to have the (sheeps) do their work of disarming the law abiding citizens of their rights to possess guns. The left is not going to succeed, no matter how much they try hauling the new generation, the youngsters, to march and stage protests, kids only know what they are taught, their hormones are in constant evolution so the left uses all of it to their advantage. This will not be the last shooting we’ll experience, it’s the new wave, the FBI is the shield to protect the citizens.

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  4. Astonishing that the State of Washington has such a so many statutes dealing with “guns,” “gun owning,” “gun managing,” “gun disposal,”
    “gun __________” . . gun–you name it. Yet we do not see safety and freedom in Washington State from scenarios related to guns . . . I would think that any person who has wit one would basically realize that “guns” do not kill people, people kill people. That is an extremely old adage–yet people just don’t get it.

    I really feel personally very angry over the garbage that went on in Parkland Florida. We see that someone close to Cruz contacted the FBI . . . yet. our FBI chose to just sit this one out, which leads me to think that the FBI could not find their own butts–if they were searching with both hands! There were plenty of indicators that this young man suffered with mental illness. Why in Heaven’s name don’t young people picket the FBI–DEMAND BETTER SERVICE FROM THIS ELITE GROUP! Demand that anyone who had ever seen the memo which indicated that there was a valid referral which had been initiated regarding Cruz–be strictly disciplined of these same members of the FBI. This would include up to and including separation from the FBI.

    Why are these same students not advocating that there be “mental health evaluations” required after anyone who displays some of the traits that Cruz evidently did?

    I am left wondering why all the rage over an inanimate object, which is what a gun is. By this same logic. . . . why are we not all RAGING over banning automobiles? After all, cars are used by drunk drivers whereby they murder innocent humans, due to their state of incapitation to operate a vehicle safely. We also see the phenomenon of terrorists using vehicles to mow down groups of pedestrians. By the same logic as the libtards use against guns . . . why is this same rage not applied to protest the use of vehicles by terrorists in our society that wish to kill and maim citizens here in America and in Europe.

    I would suggest that the reason that the same degree of RAGE is not directed against other inanimate objects . . . is that the citizens of this nation are being manipulated by covert organizations, such as those that George Soro’s and other New World Organization proponents who wish to disarm the American people in order that their plans may be put in place with the least degree of resistance.

    It is the epitome of sad that the state of critical thinking is so lacking in so many of our young people, that they are so easily duped by these clandestine organizations. I don’t hold out a lot of hope for this nation unless those who really are thinking people can somehow grab hold of the imagination of those who are currently brain dead, and convince them that their current stance and protests of guns makes them willing shills of the Socialist movement.

    God Bless America! May her people ever be free!

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    • Auntie Lulu excellent post.

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    • “Why are these same students not advocating that there be “mental health evaluations” required after anyone who displays some of the traits that Cruz evidently did?”
      Auntie,THIS is the exact question that EVERYONE should be asking. Rather than pushing for Gun Control,people should be pushing for more attention to mental health evaluations on people,starting in the mid-teens,who show more than a few of a specific set of mental health issue parameters present in known mass shooters. Guns are NOT the problem-it’s the mental health of the people HOLDING the guns that is causing these shootings. There MUST be a way for this concept to be delivered to every American.

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  5. She should post gun free zones signs all around campus. Sure way to be safe. Now she can eat some more Tide pods.

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  8. I do not understand how as a Nation we got here. But I do know if we don’t sit up and pay attention we are doomed.

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    • We started this downward slide many decades ago,when some politicians took it upon themselves to “reinterpret” parts of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights in a manner that “gave” the Government powers that they were not intended by the Founders to have. I imagine there were offenders from BOTH Parties involved,but one Party in particular has really picked up the ball and run with it,and that Party starts with a D.
      This is only one dumb Biker’s opinion-please feel free to prove me wrong.

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    • Brian, we got here because WE were betrayed by corrupt politicians, their lies and ambitions of power, and WE believed and trusted them.

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  9. In case you didn’t know, here’s where the money comes from for garbage like this:

    Of course, he’s just their agent. He needs to be a prisoner.

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  10. She looks like a REAL CHARMER….(sarc)

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  11. If these mal-educated, brainwashed little brats want to live in a country in which only goobermint and criminals have guns, let them move their ignorant asses to Mexico.

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  12. A little more reality:

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  13. Erick Wellnitz

    We need to do that for police shootings ” Will Erick Wellnitz Be Next” ? Police kill more people than all criminals combined and that is why they don’t have a tracking system of who they have murdered .


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