Another lecture from Bill Gates: He and other rich people should pay significantly higher taxes

bill gates and bill clinton

Hey Gates: Good luck convincing your buddy Bill that he and Hillary need to give the government more of their money!

Bill knows darn well he doesn’t need the federal government to tell him to give the government more money. He can make a donation to the US Department of Treasury any time he wants. And he can convince his super-rich buddies to do the same.

From Yahoo: Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has said wealthy individuals such as himself should be made to pay substantially higher taxes.

Mr. Gates, who is worth over $90bn, said despite the fact he has “paid more taxes…than anyone else” he should be required to fork out more by the government.

Speaking to CNN in an interview on Sunday, he said: “I need to pay higher taxes. I’ve paid more taxes, over $10bn, than anyone else, but the government should require the people in my position to pay significantly higher taxes.”

He criticised the Republican sweeping $1.5 trillion tax reform bill which Donald Trump signed into law at the end of last year.

The measure constitutes the most profound changes to tax laws since the 1980’s and slashes taxes for corporations while providing most Americans with only temporary relief.

Mr. Gates, the second richest man in the world after Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, argued the greatest benefits of the bill would be reaped by the super rich. “It was not a progressive tax bill. It was a regressive tax bill,” he said.

He argued the biggest advantages would be felt by the wealthiest in society despite the Republicans’ assertion their first major legislative victory would help America’s working and middle classes.

“People who are wealthier tended to get dramatically more benefits than the middle class or those who are poor, and so it runs counter to the general trend you’d like to see, where the safety net is getting stronger and those at the top are paying higher taxes,” he said.

While Mr. Trump has drawn attention to the magnitude of the tax cuts and branded the legislation “a bill for the middle class and a bill for jobs”, Democrats have labeled the measure a “monumental con job” that will benefit the rich at the expense of America’s poorest.

The bill slashes the corporate tax rate from 35 per cent to 21 per cent.

It also raises the threshold for the estate tax, a levy that applies to property passed down when a family member dies which only affects a few thousand ultra-rich families each year. This change predominantly benefits the upper echelons of earners, including Mr. Trump himself.

Asked about his view on “rising inequality” in the US, Mr. Gates said: “All advanced democracies have to think about that.”

He added: “You still have about a sixth of the population living in conditions that should be very disappointing to us, and government policies need to really think, ‘Why aren’t we doing a better job for those people?’”

Mr. Gates has donated more than $40bn of his personal wealth to charitable causes. He founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private foundation in the US, with his wife in 2000. The organisation aims to improve healthcare, cut extreme poverty and expand educational opportunities and access to information technology.

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17 responses to “Another lecture from Bill Gates: He and other rich people should pay significantly higher taxes

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Just a matter of common sense that those who have more are going to benefit more by any form of tax reform, that is unles it is specifically targeted at the ultra rich via a higher tax bracket well beyond the working class.

    As far as his, and those like him, with their own foundations, I think it is well established their idea of improving healthcare is centered on population reduction.

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  3. There was a big todo on Twitter on Monday, about the “Liddle Kidz Foundation”. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is involved in it, along with many others. From what I can tell, it’s about an international program to educate parents, teachers, caregivers, etc. in the importance of touch for infants and children. There’s some strange stuff going on with it, and the Gates being part of it raises my antenna. I guess there were too many people asking questions, so their Twitter page is now private. Here is their website:

    Also strange is that right before the ads for Liddle Kidz showed up on Twitter, President Trump commented to a couple of people by name, using the exact word “Liddle” (example: Liddle Bob Corker). Something bizarre here.

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  4. Following Gates’ own reasoning that a significant part of excess wealth should be taxed, it’s his accumulated excess wealth itself that should be taxed, as well as his income. There may be one thing both ends of the political spectrum can agree on, which is that such power in the hands of men whose chief trait is insatiable greed cannot be tolerated by a free people. The proof is in the pudding since humanitarianism for Gates, Buffet, and Turner means exterminating huge swaths of mankind in the name of “sustainability.”

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  5. While Gates is talking shit, BillGoat is,thinking thinking who can I screw next?

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  6. Slightly off-topic, but Pat Condell roasts Google/YouTube for censoring what it’s like for women in Europe now:

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  7. Nice article DCG wish they all would give a little and that would help a lot. But Mr. Bill if they did start taxing you to death like the little people you might have a different view of the government.

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  8. I especially detest Bill & Melinda Gates, because they are of the same ideological line as Margaret Sanger: Gates’ father was a pioneer eugenicist with Planned Parenthood. (And Melinda Gates was, at one time, a Roman Catholic. Whether she still considers herself to be a Catholic now, I don’t know).
    I especially detest Gates’ virtue signalling. Here is a little know-it-all, who dares to lecture us on how we should live by stating how he should be required to pay more taxes, as an example. In other words, it’s a reverse lecture: Instead of saying, “You should do such-and-such,” he reverses that and says, “I should be required to pay more taxes (or do such-and-such).” Either way, he is a confidence man, and by posing a false humility, he is expecting us to cop the same attitude. Thus, if and when we do, we con ourselves!

    And this is the thing with the Left: They’re always coming up with “ideas” (false ones at that!) as to how WE should live, but they are to be exempt from their own ideas, Of Course. Why should this tall stringbean TWERP be any different?

    BTW: Did you know that Bill Gates is under indictment in India? Some years back, he sponsored a polio vaccine campaign that killed or paralyzed some 70,000 people. (My own father contracted polio in 1954 and spent almost half a century in a wheelchair. So this really grinds my gears.) Yes, Mr. Gates, I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU to go to India right now. Go to India and see what they do to you, you LITTLE INTELLECTUAL EUNUCH COWARD.

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  9. This guy…and the sheeple audience…

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  10. Medical Breakthrough!

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  11. Hey Bill. You got too much shit? give it all to the gumment. You don’t have to wait for them to tax everybody else. Shut the hell up. If I want your help I’ll ask for it. Go write software.

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  12. Hey komrade Bill, writcho check today.

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