Tuesday Nite Funny: Cat reacts to Fergie singing National Anthem

On Sunday night at the NBA All-Star Game, one-name pop singer Fergie sang tortured the National Anthem.

This cat’s reaction to Fergie’s caterwauling speaks for us all:

Soon to be 43 years old, Fergie‘s real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson.

A Democrat, Obama supporter, and pro-gay marriage (source), Fergie is a former crystal meth addict, she called meth “the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with.”

H/t long time FOTM reader/commenter Anonymous


13 responses to “Tuesday Nite Funny: Cat reacts to Fergie singing National Anthem

  1. Good one! (The Cat, not the singer). It looks like a Maine Coon, they’re a really nice Breed, a lot of Canine traits. Thanks Dr, much enjoyed.

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  2. My cats didn’t like it either!

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  3. I thought the cat was being very generous in her ratings. Fergie embarrassed herself.

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  4. I believe the cat could have sung the Anthem better! Fergie, FOREGO!

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  6. Here I thought most states had statutes against “inhumane treatment of animals.”

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  7. Let’s see, 1- burning the flag, 2- taking a knee, 3- singing the National Anthem to the sound of jazz in a sultry manner to a crowd of confused sports fans and undeserving PLAYERS that owe this country fame and fortune. She, Fergie, a woman so known for the garbage attached to her name should have been the last entertainer to be standing at the podium singing our National Anthem. We have so many unknown talented people, military, young and old that may not have a golden voice but their heartfelt voices can be heard throughout a crowd proudly singing our hymn. PRESIDENT TRUMP, JUST LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE CONDEMNED BURNING THE FLAG, PLEASE DO THE SAME FOR OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM, WE ARE A PROUD NATION AND OUR VALUES COME FIRST.

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  8. Fergie, too late for you to apologize, garbage always stinks.

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  10. That was truly awful.

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  11. Her voice is appalling. Almost as bad as Alanis Morissette.

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