Rob Reiner calls President Trump an ill sociopath after Florida school shooting

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Remember folks, #LoveTrumpsHate!

From Fox News: Following the news of a Florida school shooting, Rob Reiner attacked “GOP patriots” and called for an end to Trump’s presidency. 

On Sunday, the famed Hollywood filmmaker took to Twitter to accuse the government of putting the president before the lives of children and the country.

The Hollywood writer and director tweeted, “How much longer do we have to put up with a mentally ill sociopath? When the f—ed up psyche of the leader of the free world comes before the horrific deaths of innocent children, it’s time for GOP patriots to stand up and end this sickness.”

The filmmaker, who is a frequent critic of Trump, also called out the president over reports of Russian interference with the 2016 election.

“There was a time when the GOP was the party of national security. When Trump refuses to acknowledge Russia’s attack on US, he refuses to protect US from without. When he refuses to support sensible gun safety, he refuses to protect US from within,” Reiner tweeted on the evening of Valentine’s Day following the mass shooting.

That Friday, the filmmaker continued to slam the president.

“There are 21,000,000 reasons why Donald Trump refuses to protect our children from being slaughtered by guns. The NRA has deep pockets. But we will show them that our hearts and our pockets are deeper than theirs,” Reiner wrote.

The “Princess Bride” director joins the chorus of celebrities who have called for government action after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Back in December, while accepting a social justice award at the African American Film Critics Association Awards, Reiner called the Trump presidency “the last battle of the Civil War.” 


44 responses to “Rob Reiner calls President Trump an ill sociopath after Florida school shooting

  1. Meathead cannot distinguish what’s real from his vicious fantasies, which is a defining attribute of psychosis. In 2014, he called the peaceful TEA Party just like the terrorist group Hamas.

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  2. We should all pay the respect to Reiner that his vast medical education and experience allows him. But remember that his official title remains, Meathead.

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  3. He is a meathead. Archie Bunker would have called Donald Trump a good American patriot.

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  4. “time for GOP patriots to stand up and end this sickness”
    I agree! It is time to arm and train all teachers willing to be armed!

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  5. Mister Reiner is the one that should seek help because his obsession with President Trump qualifies him as a fanatic and those are the ones we should fear most. No doubt he has accumulated grease on his grey materia that doesn’t agree with his talents. I recommend Mister Reiner “stick” to filmmaking and not politics, we have plenty of blockheads talking bullshit.

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  6. Rob Reiner and Michael Moore would just make an adorable couple, wouldn’t they? 😵 Two old fat pedophile perverts who, truth be told, have two of the most twisted minds in this country. But oh, President Trump and those who support him are monsters.

    I’ve been wondering lately if it’s even possible for us regular American citizens to continue living side by side with these people who are hell-bound determined to keep up these ridiculous assaults against us and our way of life. I think I will try to find a book about the post Civil War years, and see what the answers were back then. Did the hatred between the North and South continue? Will the hatred between the right and left continue? The chasm that now stands between us seems to be irreparable. I don’t want to hate people, but I loathe what they are doing. 😬

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    • Spot on- ” “two of the most twisted minds in the country”.
      I saw Reiner on Tucker Carlson last week and I couldn’t believe it. Watch this vid and ask yourself if the guy doesn’t seem absolutely mentally off kilter and detached from reality.
      Were you talking hyperbolic or is there evidence these two are pedos?

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      • What’s “off kilter” is that assholes like these get an audience. It’s even scarier that there are those out there who listen to them. I can tell you, regardless of “affiliation”, I’m sick to death of the whining and shrieking.

        I am gonna blame Trump for that, to a certain degree. He should be able to put the brakes on some of this. I would. If I had to round up the lot of them I would. This has passed from criticism to sedition.

        He has the FBI, CIA, and DoJ in full-blown revolt and the leadership is still in place? Why? Mueller wouldn’t be doing any press releases unless he had enough quarters for the prison phone.

        Anyway, what we’re being shown is that, even if their candidate loses, we don’t win. Well, I can probably write a book on the whys and hows of this, but it is easier than that, really. The Government has a job to do and certain individuals both in it and out of it are hindering their ability to do that.

        Remember the much-vaulted “Patriot Act”? I know, I hate it too. But, its still there. Maybe its time, for the good of the country, in this “emergency” to lock a few of these traitors up? I have a feeling that “Trump Derangement Syndrome” would start to abate immediately.

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        • I have to agree with you. I kind of liked Tucker Carlson, but am to the point where I have lost interest because he keeps putting people like this jack ass on. If I wanted to hear lies, and mental illness I would tune into Maddcow or CNN. I keep asking, what’s the point of putting these retards on- do his handlers demand it for “fair and balanced”?
          Trump is an enigma. I was calling this kind of thing sedition (and it most clearly is sedition) last year. I know he is part of the club so I wasn’t expecting miracles, but there are obviously factions within the club and his inaction is incomprehensible. Here is a man who does not like to be humiliated or lose BIGLY as he would say, and yet NOTHING. The only thing I can think of is that they are hanging some bigger humiliation over his head that he does not want revealed- a bigger humiliation than losing power.
          I have to laugh- you sound like my husband who says it’s time to use the FEMA camps for these traitorous commies. Can’t you hear just hear the media then? One thing I am sure of, it is either us or them, because if they ever regain total power again, they are going to push full speed for communist tyranny.

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          • Yeah, that’s the truth. There’s no shortage of Trump bashing. Obviously, the longer it continues with zero response, the worse it will get. Some of them are actually calling for his murder. Still, nothing happens.

            He’s either in on it or not capable. He even did a “tweet” about Mc Master and his making “Russian involvement” statements. Of course the whole thing is contrived. Is he not clear enough with subordinates? Why doesn’t he fire him?

            If I were him I’d just boot them all and wouldn’t say a thing. Make them come asking. My answer wouldn’t be any more detailed than “I’ve made a decision”.

            The proper way is “act”, remain aloof, answer only what is absolutely necessary. Let them fear you, not the other way round. He is surrounded by losers who would toss him in a minute. He needs to rectify that situation while he still can.

            I’d make one statement after the whole bloody mess was over. In my opinion, he’s lost. I don’t like it, it’s just an observable fact. He has intrigue and open rebellion in his own administration. He has whole departments in opposition. You cannot allow that to happen, ever.

            So, you raise an interesting point. Is he frightened? Maybe. If they had something don’t you think they’d use it. As time goes by they keep manufacturing things. They are world class liars. They are utterly shameless. Again, you’d be a fool to give them a chance to work their magic.

            If he’d gotten rid of Sessions and the other scum he wouldn’t be dealing with Mueller. Look at that recent memo and Hillary’s past email, uranium fraud. Where are the indictments? Where is the discussion? Oh, it’s “under investigation”. That’s D.C.-ese for buried forever.

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          • That’s it, that the Dems are calling for assassination, white European genocide, and showing their hand via controlled antifas that they’re ready for blood in the streets, while Carlson and the Judas goats of Cuckservatism, Inc are calling for dialogue. The president inexplicably plays Louis XVI to the Jacobin Dems. The Republicans and the President himself (in the new budget agreement) have now openly revealed their total betrayal of their patriotic base.

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            • ” The president inexplicably plays Louis XVI to the Jacobin Dems”
              Now there’s a frightening analogy…..
              BTW, I think that was you that posted some stuff the other day on the Jacobins and what they did to the women? I knew things were extreme…..the blood was supposed to have run a foot deep in the streets, but that was a detail I had not heard. I love history so I would normally say thanks for sharing that detail…….but really, God save us…… it reiminded me of the demonic visciousness with which the Jewish Bolsheviks inflicted their tortures on the Russians.

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      • Lana, I’m going by what I’ve read about them and those who hang out in the same circle as they do. Also, just judging from their virulent hatred all who are good, it tells me they have much to hide.

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  7. Archie, come back and talk to this guy!

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  8. You think these types must be exposed to some toxic chemicals in their business or is being really stupid and disingenuine a requirement in that field? What about the halfwits who listen to them and hang on every word?

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  9. Stephen T. McCarthy

    >>… When he refuses to support sensible gun safety, he refuses to protect US from within,” Reiner tweeted

    Actually, when we don’t protect our Constitution from domestic enemies by deporting or incarcerating communists like Meathead, we are not being good American patriots.

    ~ D-FensDogG

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  11. As I stated in my comments on my reblog of this it’s notable that idiots like Reiner, De Niro, et al, didn’t scream about Obama’s head needing to roll due to all the shootings during his watch. It”s a logical fallacy which Reiner et al are propagating, let’s use that logic in a different way: there’s more people killed by medical malpractice, or by automobile accidents each year yet they’re not screaming for the ban on autos, or doctors. As I said in my comments, in a culture where Henry Gruver types are few and far between, where rebellion vs YHWH flourishes, and the prince of this world dances with glee at more bloodshed, maybe those suggesting teacher training along with concealed carry is a place to start.

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    • No, and you didn’t hear a peep about Eric Holder and his gun running to gangs in Mexico either. In fact, the champion gun-grabber himself has not been charged for any of that.

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  12. Rob Reiner’s brain has been hijacked by Communists, and he doesn’t even know it.

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  13. In case you missed it
    really excellent starting at around 18:11

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  14. Still the “Meat head” after all these years.

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  15. From his own remarks in the Playboy interview and “60 Minutes,” the late Carroll O’Connor admitted he was a leftist, also.
    Rob Reiner is so “seamlessly” left, I wonder if he really believes what he says, or, is he compromised?
    No one is being asked to like Donald Trump, either as a person or as a President. But when criticism of the man goes ad hominem and over the top, as it has, this proves one of three things: Either the left is deranged, or Donald Trump poses an existential threat to their position, or both.
    Oh Well, that’s the Left for you. They are a CULT. Now the only question is, where is the Kool-Aid when we really need it?!

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  16. He’s a meat head; dead from the neck up, In the words of Archie Bunker. More than likely a part of the group that want to disarm the citizens of this country and enforce martial Law with no resistance. Dummy up Meathead

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  17. Just another loud-mouthed “cosmopolitan” and “internationalist” tribe member who will only ‘feel safe’ when Christians in the U.S. are disarmed, because what their brethren in the “deep state” are doing running these psychological operations isn’t working quickly enough for their liking. Here is another peace-loving tribe member busy at work ensuring the open-air prisoners in Palestine remain as such until the last person is either chased out or eliminated:

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  18. This doofus is in no position to point fingers at anyone or call names to fellow citizens, just because he hates their politics. I heard nothing from him during the dozens of shootings under Obama. You can’t pick and choose, either you hate all shootings or just shut up.
    This guy lives in LaLa land with protection with his every move, but wants to deny others that same protection. Just another hypocrite.

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  19. It’s true that vicious Hollywood liars like Reiner never criticised Obama even though he was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Libya, Afghanistan and elsewhere. So much for these liberals’ much vaunted ‘anti-racism’. Liberal/Neocon wars kill more non-whites in an hour than the Klan managed in 150 years. Yet where’s the outrage about this from Reiner? It also should be noted tthat Hollywood anti-Trump bile is not just Democrat hatred of Republicans. Hollywood leftists and the Goldman Sachs stooges of Antifa never attack Neocon Republicans like McCain, the Bushes, Marco Rubio, and Lindsay Graham – at least not in the deranged apoplectic way they attack Trump. And the Bushes, McCain, Romney et al., return the love by schmoozing over the Antifa soy boys. If that doesn’t prove that the Neocon Republicans, the Hollywood liberals and the so called far left are all basically the same people, what will?

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  20. Something tells me they know these shootings are fake. The has-been actors are just working from part of the script. Just playing their role of the outraged gun grabber because, you know, they so value human life and all that. Sure they do. They just want to disarm us for their dark masters; they hate human life except for theirs. That’s why they are so miserable. Their hearts are totally black and their souls have no light in them. They will die in that same condition and the devil will be dancing for joy.

    The news outlets that have any conservative qualities about them should NOT be giving these scumbags a podium to stand in and broadcast this hatred. Cut them off and drown them out. For heaven’s sake, don’t give them a bigger audience than they had.

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  21. Meathead 2018
    Teenagers want to cancel the Second Amendment, and the commies want to elect President Oprah and Vice President Looney Clooney
    Makes you want to resuscitate Hillary doesn’t it?
    NO IT DOESN’T, it males me want to buy more guns

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