Man carrying concealed pistol stops attack on Utah police officer

utah conceal carry stops cop springville police fox 13 photo

Good guy with a gun Meyer (r) stops bad guy Anderson (l)/Springville Police/Fox 13 photo

Story sure to be ignored by the anti-gun, anti-NRA, agenda-driven liberal media.

From MyFoxChicago: A Utah police officer who was being attacked on Friday was saved by a passerby with a concealed pistol after the man drove by while the assault was taking place and turned around to help, officials said.

The unidentified police officer confronted the attacker, identified as Paul Douglas Anderson, after spotting feet dangling from a donation bin in Springville, FOX13 Salt Lake City reported on Saturday. Anderson got out of the bin, but refused to remove his hands from his pocket.

The officer ordered Anderson to remove his hands out of his pockets. Anderson eventually took his hands out of his pants’ pockets and began repeatedly punching the officer in the face.

Derek Meyer told FOX13 he was driving by the area when he spotted the police lights and saw Anderson attacking the cop. Meyer turned around, pulled over and pulled out his pistol.

“I carry a gun to protect me and those around me, but primarily I carry a gun to protect my family first and foremost,” Meyer, who has a concealed-carry permit, told FOX13. “Outside of that, if I were to use my gun to protect anyone it would be law enforcement or military personnel.”

Meyer aimed the pistol at Anderson and yelled at him to stop attacking the officer. Anderson bolted from the scene as responding officers arrived. The attacker, who was found hiding under a flatbed trailer, was arrested and faces several charges, according to FOX13.

More from Fox News:

The officer suffered a fractured eye socket and lacerations around his eye.

Cpl. Cory Waters of Springville Police told FOX13 Meyer’s quick action helped save the officer’s life.

“Had he not been in the right place at the right time, who knows what would have happened,” Waters said. “But he definitely stopped the attack from continuing and becoming much worse. He might have even saved either one of their lives. It could have gone really bad, even for the suspect.”

Meyer said he stepped in because it was in his nature. He added, “[I didn’t do it] to get any extra attention or to have people talk about me or anything I did,” he told the news station.

Meyer added that he’s sharing his story because there aren’t enough “good stories from responsible, gun-owning people.”

The officer was released from the hospital and is expected to be ok.


18 responses to “Man carrying concealed pistol stops attack on Utah police officer

  1. Thank the Good Lord there are still good, God-fearing people out there!

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  2. GOOD

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  3. What a perfect demonstration of the point!

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  4. I need to renew my expired license, I had a credit on my card and Sunday joined the NRA group, I’m not getting insurance because the judge can say “she’s a cute ole gal taking care of business”.

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    • Alma . . . . I like your way of thinkin’ . . . “I’m not getting insurance because the judge can say “she’s a cute ole gal taking care of business.” Well said. Bravo!

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Makes me muse over the possibility of citizens with the resources and access to viable property, organizing and staging some crises drills of their own. Providing perpetrators, realistic looking victims, and, of coarse, gun owning citizen heroes saving the day.

    Of coarse it would have to be filmed and completed before any official interference; the media may or may not be gullible enough to take it serious, but at least it should or could stir the pot.

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  6. Police personal should know how to fight…..


    • Kevin J Lankford

      It is true not just any one should be allowed a badge. A badge alone is no protection, as only the honest and just will have any respect.

      Fighting true crime takes not just physical ability, but an awareness, mental control, and nature, capable of handling stress with out panic. Also they should be dedicated to ‘justice’ with out discrimination.

      No doubt these are rare qualities to all be found in one person, but I will add one more personal belief, with out the intent of being sexist, but, I thing the place for female officers should be limited as they may well be forced to use deadly force where a male officer may not.

      But like in every thing else, so called ‘political correctness’ will not allow rational evaluation protocol.

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      • Rear qualities for American cops. In Japan every cop of the force is a Judo expert so they have the confidence to physically protect themselves while American Cops think a gun is the ultimate deterrent


      • I couldn’t agree more. When I was in England in the late sixties the bobbies were still unarmed. They were amazing to watch. I watched them bring down drunks twice their size without ever using more force than was absolutely necessary and never losing their tempers.

        The other aspect of it was that, because they were polite, the public had their backs. They were out there every day with people on the street.

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  7. CCP laws suck. I mean who cares. Crooks don’t pay any attention to the law. Why call attention to yourself by telling the gumment you have a firearm. Just stick it in your belt and go. If you’re honest and God fearing you’re not going to go around shooting the place up anyway. But when you encounter someone intent on shooting the place up at least you can defend yourself and family.

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    • I have a license, but I agree that I shouldn’t “need” one. To be honest, before I got one I didn’t let that slow me down. The problem here is that if you don’t have one, and you carry concealed, if the cops stop you you WILL go to jail.

      Now, I don’t think they have any right to do what they do. But they do it. The “Just Us” system is a racket. Many things are not “rational” or “right”. We don’t need a law. This is what happens when people ask permission.

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  9. This story happened weeks ago, not “Friday”


  10. Because of what is happening here (Car jacking) on a regular basis they said if your not a felon then you can carry a loaded gun in the car with you but can not exit the car with it unless you do have a permit to carry. That is an improvement over the last 8 yrs. I have been a few situations that I encounter someone bulling a cashier at a store I did not have to draw most bullies will run when confronted as what I did he left and he was bigger than me. But I have 30 yrs of Karate and 2yrs hand to hand in military so was qualified to handle but I do carry in case he has a gun and I can’t karate chop a bullet.

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