Monday Funny: We need more politics in spectator sports!

This spoof video makes clear how ridiculous it is to politicize spectator sports like the NFL.


10 responses to “Monday Funny: We need more politics in spectator sports!

  1. Not just sports. Everywhere. Take grocery shopping. All that wasted space on cereal boxes. Why not editorials on determinism and political primaries? And the cereal itself. Why not miniature high-fructose corn syrup infused donkeys and elephants? Can’t start the kids too young on political discourse.

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  2. these people are not only idiots, but they appear to be mainly leftist LBGTQ mentality

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  3. This is a hilarious satire! Thanks for the morning chuckle–but NO THANKS! I don’t need sports teams to educate me on politics! Either play ball, or shut up and go home.

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  4. Oil and water. Political teams, Senators, Nationals, Patriots. By the way, the NFL is considered in the entertainment business.

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  5. Plenty of clowns to go around, Colin Kaepernick, LeBraun James, etc.

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  6. Slightly off-topic… cat reacts to Fergie singing national anthem:

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  7. I have seen it all. Where do they find these people do they really exist or are they just stupid androids naw robots are smarter than that. Just write it off as dumb human tricks. No one is that dumb.

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