The “Soy Boy” effect: US Army General says new recruits not strong enough to throw grenades

soy boy

From Daily Mail: The United States Army will no longer require recruits to show they can throw hand grenades 25 meters because many of them can’t throw the explosive far enough, it revealed on Friday.

The Army says that starting next summer it will remove the requirement from its Basic Combat Training because it takes too much time to teach enlistees to throw grenades at an adequate distance. The new policy was reported by

‘What we have found is it is taking far, far too much time,’ said Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, the commanding general of the US Army Center of Initial Military Training. ‘It’s taking three to four times as much time … just to qualify folks on the hand grenade course than we had designated so what is happening is it is taking away from other aspects of training.’

‘We are finding that there are a large number of trainees that come in that quite frankly just physically don’t have the capacity to throw a hand grenade 20 to 25 to 30 meters,’ he said. ‘In 10 weeks, we are on a 48-hour period; you are just not going to be able to teach someone how to throw if they haven’t thrown growing up.’

Recruits will also no longer be required to successfully pass the land navigation course in order to graduate.

But the Army says that enlistees will still receive the same amount of training in hand grenade proficiency and land navigation, which will be incorporated into existing training regimens.

‘Just because we took it off as a graduation requirement does not mean they won’t be conducting hand grenade or land navigation training,’ Frost said. ‘They are going to learn all the technical aspects of the hand grenade, and they are going to learn tactical employment and they will throw a live hand grenade.

‘With land navigation, it’s the same thing they are still going to conduct land navigation training; they are still going to conduct the day course they are still going to conduct the night course.’

Many who are critical of the army’s recent attempts to recruit women jumped on the news to blame increased diversity in the army for the drop in physical demands. 

On Facebook, John Clayton wrote: ‘Army to lower hand grenade requirements because women do not have the strength to throw it far enough to meet existing requirements to graduate SMH.’

‘One of my female soldiers couldn’t throw a grenade so she couldn’t deploy,’ wrote Anthony Anderson. ‘This generation is just weak and lazy, and think they deserve everything.’ 

‘When you turn your military into a social experiment, you get these kind of results,’ wrote Zac Booterbaugh.

Others on Facebook say that women and men among the younger generation are spending too much time indoors.

‘I cannot believe it,’ wrote Harry Davis. ‘The people going to basic training are not strong enough to pass the grenade portion of qualification to graduate so they just remove the requirement. Get off the couch for crips sakes. Put down the game controller and get outside and play. What a sad situation.’

One Facebook user wrote: ‘So…because young “men” who join the Army are so weak, they can’t throw a hand grenade, the Army is doing away with it? When I first enlisted, I probably could not throw a grenade 30 meters (I guess), but it did not take too long of ridiculous amount [of] push ups and [physical training] to take care of that. By the time it was time to qualify, it was no problem. I just do not understand the military any more.’

Read the rest of the story here.


70 responses to “The “Soy Boy” effect: US Army General says new recruits not strong enough to throw grenades

  1. These new rules and watered-down training routines will be to the detriment of normal guys who will have to cover for the mamma’s boys.

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    • Goldbug . . . . Bravo! You called that correctly. This is an absolute travesty, that we have raised several generations of physical, and in many instances mental weak individuals.

      If you will recall last weeks article which was brought to us by Dr Eowyn of the Antifa youth who were bested by middle aged white guys . . . .it now becomes clear to me; if you will remember back, the group was a mixed group of both young women and men. What we saw was that it was predominately the young Antifa women who were on the attack, while the males rather hung back. Then we saw the males come to the front and join the fray. Nothing bares out the fact that we have pansies amoung our young adults . . . as now learning that new Army recruits, in testing situations are found to be physically incapable of performing duties that previous generations handled.

      As far as “normal guys who will have to cover for the mamma’s boys,” although this may not have been prevalent in previous times, I believe that this could cause those who are the strongest to jettison those who have inferior strength, and never were prepared for the rigors of Army life. Individuals who enter the Army at correct body weight, well toned, and able to hold their own may very well have choose between their own lives and trying to save physically inferior comrades . . . if the hand to hand, on the land fighting becomes fierce enough that they are overcome and bested because of some of their members really are not sufficiently strong enough to hold their own.

      This should be a warning call for all parent(s) . . . get your children off the electronics, the TV, whatever . . . and force them to go outside and get some exercise. Your failure to raise your child correctly in this very aspect of their life could be the difference between a child who lives, and a child who dies.

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  2. THROW grenades?? Well-they have MACHINES that do that stuff now,don’t they? And “Land Navigation-that’s why my phone has GPS-I’m good…..

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    • That’s exactly how they probably think. Try getting you cellie to work in the sandbox in the middle of no where, oh, and getting all your equipment in there, too! Doh!

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      • DCG . . . . What a terrific article! Although, for many of us it evokes feelings of sorrow, and not knowing what to do to turn things around.

        I am 100% with you in the sentiment of . . .”Try getting your cellie to work in the sandbox in the middle of no where, oh, and getting all your equipment in there, too!” Bless you! I think you have really nailed it on this one. We must have physically strong, capable young people to protect our nation . . . and unfortunately, that is not the state we are in!

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        • “We must have physically strong, capable young people to protect our nation . . . and unfortunately, that is not the state we are in!”

          While that is true, according to this general, we do have some strong brave men. I see it all the time in the military town I live in. You won’t find these men though in Seattle, Portland, New York, San Fran, etc., etc. The good, strong ones are just getting harder to find yet not in the south 🙂

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          • DCG . . . . thank you so much for that update, as you know I am from Portland . . so I can only judge by what I see here. I am glad to know we do have some “good, strong ones.”

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    • truck . . . . I also thought about “grenade launchers,” but if these new recruits are so lacking in muscle mass . . . perhaps having to carry all this “equipment” with them would be an impossibility.

      If you were referring to yourself–truckjunkie, I think we would all agree you are probably equipped to handle yourself!

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    • They should be “promoted” immediately to the “Human Shield” division.

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  3. OOPS-(sarc)

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    • truck . . . . Sorry, I didn’t recognize your comment above as being of the “Sarcastic” sort. I must admit, you are almost always stellar in your concept of things . . . I just thought you were having an “off day.” Thanks for the clarification. I must admit, I was worried about you.

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  4. All that most of them have ever thrown growing up, were tantrums.

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  5. Seems to me like the “grenade toss” would be the perfect way of weeding out the unfit.

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  6. Ouch. Reading thiis article reminds me of my shoulder problems. One little, stupid accident without proper recovery therapy. And throwing grenades will always induce cringing. Of course, at this point, literally typing right now is painful. Praying to the Lord Jesus I get better just in case.

    It does upset me young men who haven’t all but crippled themselves with idiocy don’t use it more. I know that, if I had my old shoulders/Back/serratus Anteriors back, I’d be using them like no tomorrow. . . :{

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  7. So what.
    Let them get lost and then blow themselves up.
    I can just see their obituaries. Cause of death: got lost in the middle of the desert and died of self-inflicted grenade explosion.

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  8. The full article mentions women now serving in all combat roles and two just graduating as officers from Army Ranger School. First, the Army isn’t just a massive bureaucracy—it’s the mother of all bureaucracies. It’s leaders are anything but warriors and rather selected and promoted for the opposite characteristics; that is, for being dyed-in-the-wool martinets. The best, and I’m talking about male West Point grads, can’t get away from that Mickey Mouse soldiering fast enough. Women make the best little martinets and so the Army is salivating over placing them over the expendable male rubes in the ranks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to have served in the Army myself, but is there anything left in official America that isn’t upside down at this point?

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    • Dan . . . . Thank you for that extremely well thought out submission to this discussion. I for one, call me a traitor to all the feminists out there, DO NOT believe that women should be fighting in the ranks! No doubt there are positions where they may be invaluable, positions that do not depend on strength, endurance, etc. but fighting in the ranks and putting men in jeopardy is beyond the pale. I agree, America’s quest to be “PC” has brought about the fact that we are “upside down.” in so many of edicts.

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      • Well, Auntie…I have a different “take” on women in the military. For sure, probably the best of able & well-trained women in the military could equal any man’s “best” in the military…..but, I find it almost incredulous that we will ban, for instance, the taking of Maryland Blue Crab during their reproductive season so as to insure future generations….but, not protect our own future generations by withdrawing women from combat positions. Every woman is born with her reproductive ova (” eggs”) for her entire lifetime intact…which means that she is also carrying 50% female eggs who would be born with THEIR eggs of a lifetime intact……you lose ONE WOMAN in combat, and you lose not just ONE generation of possibilities, but three—the woman, her reproductive eggs…and the 50% of her eggs that have the possibility of being born with THEIR eggs……This is insanity for the sustenance of mankind on earth. Don’t believe me? Think I exaggerate? Well, the WICK program of feeding women and children was based on this very biologic fact, because, malnutrition does not affect just a woman…but her ova, and any child born through her ova supply….and if it is a female….the maternal malnurishment affects the viability of the eggs of HER female offspring……..consequences are generational….as would be the same for female combat deaths to our future as a nation.

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        • CalGirl . . . . God Bless you! Your addition to this article is beyond any understanding that I have had up until this moment. That was just stellar. I had never, ever thought in those terms before

          Furthermore, I appreciate the information regarding the background of the WIC program. I just thought it was another ill advised giveaway program. My Mother was born into a family that was really destitute. As a young child of four, she was finally adopted. Her adoptive parents had the ability to provide excellent food for her, as the man was the Superintendent of three lumber mills. However, up until the time she was adopted, they just did not have adequate nutrition. It is told that she suffered from the large bloated belly that we see in starving African children.

          For many years I wondered why each of us four siblings have such precarious health. I had come to the conclusion that since she lived in starvation circumstances during the gestation period, and the four years up until her adoption, that this accounted for the fact that her children inherited sub-par genetics due to insufficient nutrition during her early childhood. The information regarding why the WIC program was instituted confirms to me that what I had always thought.

          We may not always get what we want as far as inherited traits. Never the less, I would not wish to trade her as being my biological mother for any other mother–even if it might have meant being a healthier person.

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  9. Wonder if it is more girls than boys that this adjustment is being made for, or both? Obummer put women as heads of the Air Force and Navy which is a travesty. Our military is going down, down, down. I knew a young man who worked for my chiropractor. He joined the army and they had to discharge him within 6 months because his bones were so weak. His hip fractured after basic training because all he had done previous to enlistment was sit and play video games.
    This is bit off topic but contains a funny story about hand grenades. He is talking about people who have a little knowledge, but no experience being dangerous. Check at about the 6:30 second mark for the hand grenade story.

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    • The piece I read said they were doing it because they had come to realize that a lot of their recruits (didn’t say what gender), were unable to do the grenade toss so they were going to have them concentrate on other things.

      Now, having been in the Army, I can attest that the grenade toss is about the simplest, easiest thing they have you do. My company DID have a guy fail it, but he failed EVERYTHING.

      Girls should have no problem with this. Getting gassed with CS and crawling under live machine gun fire were MUCH harder.

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  10. Putting people who can’t do the job in combat will get good people killed.

    The doofus in charge of removing the requirement needs canned. Yesterday.

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  11. The result of pussification of America; the military is lowering it’s standards allowing rejects to join they are that desperate

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  12. It is simply stunning how much damage 8 years of Obama wrought.

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    • True, but it goes further back than even that. When you start to normalize bad behavior and call good things bad and bad things good, what more can you expect than to see the entire level of society slip, including physically. In high school, I could throw a baseball, which weighs less than a grenade, of course, nearly 300 feet in the air, accurately. Only one other person on my team could come close. But to throw a grenade with a kill radius of 20 meters less than 30 meters sounds like a recipe for disaster. Or it could come from the old joke about the bad military who developed a hand grenade with a kill radius of 300 meters.
      I’m here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitresses and bartenders.
      Seriously, everytime I see that the military is lowering the standards, I cringe a little bit more, and count my own ammo stash, just in case I am ever needed as part of that citizen militia that we are so familiar with. Because if it continues, we will certainly be perceived as weak by someone who will attempt to invade us. Where are our Eisenhowers and our Pattons at today? Heck, we have Mad Dog Mattis, and they keep him chained up so that he can’t affect any real positive change. I hope that they remember that you will reap what you sow.

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      • pigpen51 . . . . your comments were a stellar addition to this conversation. I certainly do hope that we have many, many citizens who are ready and able to defend this nation, if the need arises. Bless you for being one of them.

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  13. The problem isn’t “soy boys”.
    That’s just PC whitewash for the real answer.
    It’s the women.

    The Army can’t tell you that.
    I just did.

    They knew the women couldn’t cut it years ago.
    Every Pentagon study for decades proved it.
    This is what happens when you try to outlaw physiology, and stick your finger in your ears when that fails too.

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    • The creepy thing here is that they have pushed, and pushed for women to be in the military,combat that is, and yet who’s doing the pushing? Not real women, but he women, lesbiatics- the same off balance crowd who push feminism. What real woman wants to go to war and kill people? It’s bad enough when the men have to do it. it won’t be long now before they require women to serve like they do in Israhell. I shudder to think of my sweet little granddaughters ever having to be put in such an environment.

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      • I wouldn’t want any female relatives or friends involved with the military. I was in it because I was drafted. It is disgusting on MANY levels. They want women for bullet stoppers and something to “play” with when needed.

        They get the dregs of society and put them in positions from which they either fight or die. That’s how it works. Nothing wonderful about it.

        Basic training used to be VERY physically demanding. The “grenade toss” was the least of it. It is all the running and climbing and carrying heavy loads, lack of sleep, etc., that wear you down.

        I think this is just another area where politics as interfered with common sense. Women are better at some things than men are and vice versa. That’s natural and wonderful. Why do some want to disturb that and create certain failure?

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  14. The original soyboy who can’t throw a grenade:

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  16. I just realized somebody else who would fail grenade tossing:

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  17. Bradlee Manning was a wimp in basic training as well. You can find articles about that easily enough. How he rose through the ranks is anyone’s guess.

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  18. So, I wonder if this means that the military might reconsider not allowing people who would pass the physical and mental tests but happen to have a lifelong disability like multiple sclerosis.


    • Well, if they have superior skills that don’t depend on “battle readiness”, for example, data processing, intelligence, logistics, etc., then maybe so… ?

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      • Except in the past, don’t soldiers in non-combatant roles still must meet minimum standards of physical fitness and abilities?

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        • Yes, PFT requirements exist for all. Clergy MIGHT be given an exemption (have to check w/my military expert who is asleep now).

          If someone fails the PFT multiple times, they are put in a “remedial program” which is designed to help someone pass, eventually. It’s a pass though, that because of PC, allowed killer Hasan to stay in the military.

          Disabilities are not favored, no matter what your role. Medication requirements and the logistics of delivery of said medications are an issue (you could be in a non-combat role in a foreign country where there is no guarantee of med delivery). The military is not going to be held responsible for putting a soldier in a situation (whether combat or not) where their physical ailment might result in anyone being hurt/denied treatment. They’ve got a ton other issues to deal with.

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        • Well, at least in my day, the idea was that every soldier was an infantryman. This is because, even a clerk might find himself in a situation from which he might have to fight. They wanted to at least give everyone the skills to maybe save their life or someone else’s.

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        • Yes, they do.

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  20. very sad….the military is becoming one big expensive social experiment

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