Obama portrait has two right hands?

That portrait of Barack Obama by “gay” artist Kehinde Wiley is a most curious thing:

  1. Wiley slyly painted a sperm on the left side of Obama’s forehead.
  2. There appears to be a demon face in Obama’s hair.
  3. Obama’s left hand seems to have six digits instead of five.

In the video below, Bill Smith proffers an intriguing idea that the sixth finger is actually a thumb.

But how can the thumb on Obama’s left hand be on the outside?

Only if the left hand is actually a right hand, which means Obama has TWO right hands.

Who has two right hands?


The video below says in Sahih Muslim 1827, one of the books that make up the Hadith, a collection of Muhammad’s words and deeds, it is written:

It was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr that the Messenger of Allah said: “Those who are fair and just will be near to Allah on thrones of light, at the Right Hand of the Most Merciful, Glorified and Exalted is He, and both of his hands are right hands, those who are fair and just in their rulings and towards their families and those who are under their authority.”

I tried to verify the quote from Sahih Muslim 1827. Below is a screenshot of Sahih Muslim Book 004, Hadith Number 1827, from the website Hadith Collection:

As you can see, the alleged “both of his hands are right hands” quote is not in the screenshot above.

Whatever the case, Wiley’s portrait of Obama is strange indeed.

Alexander R., a viewer of the “Allah has two right hands” video, said it best:

“Allah also has two horns, hooves for feet, pointed tail and a long forked tongue.”

H/t FOTM reader docepac

See also “Obama’s gay portrait artist distorts biblical Judith as a black woman decapitating white people”.


37 responses to “Obama portrait has two right hands?

  1. I’m a bit puzzled since the hand in question appears to be a left hand, judging from the ring on the appropriate finger and the wrist bone appearing where it should on a left hand. It may be that this ‘artist’ was hoping to make the suggestion of two right hands, but the ring and the wrist bone don’t fit.

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  2. Next the colors are going to start fading and it will become a useless piece of canvas, hahaha. Actually, I believe this portrait is a purposely deformed painting to hang among the honorables and not so honorable men of this Nation. It does not look good at all, it is out of place in any angle it can be seen, Mustafa Obama does not and will not ever fit anywhere. He is an outcast.

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    • Alma . . . . You have spoken wisely . . . . I just hope that they hang both this atrocious picture, and the hideous picture of Moochelle in a back broom closet somewhere. It certainly does not need to be hung in a place of any prominence. I cannot agree more . . .”Mustafa Obama does not and will not ever fit anywhere. He is an outcast.”

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  3. Note all the “reptilian” green around him (guess scales would have been too obvious) and the “extra digit” like Oprah’s 6th toe. “They Live”

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  4. looks like s***

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  5. Everyone is saying that Obama’s picture is full of metaphors the other day they said the artist painted sperm on Obama’s face. I wonder what they said when Bush jr had his picture done….


    • Apparently they didn’t say much because there the artist didn’t paint a vein on his head that looks like sperm, and six fingers.

      Here’s the painting, see if you can find Goldbug.
      From the Huff Po:

      “In his portrait, Bush is portrayed standing in the center of the Oval Office in the West Wing. The White House provided more details of all that is pictured in the portrait, painted by John Howard Sanden:

      His right hand rests on an armchair made for the White House in 1818 by District of Columbia cabinetmaker William King, Jr. A corner of the “Resolute desk,” presented to the White House by Queen Victoria in 1880, can be seen behind the chair. Over his right shoulder hangs a 1929 western painting, A Charge to Keep, by William H. D. Koerner. The President, who had used the same title for his 1999 memoir, often called attention to that painting and its significance.”


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  6. This artist has also worked in China, apparently to cut costs, have a homosexual relationship and enjoy China as a “retreat.”

    From NY Mag in 2012 entitled, “How to Make It in the Art World. Rule No. 6: Outsource to China”:

    Producing work in China cuts costs, but not as much as it used to, Wiley says. These days in Beijing he employs anywhere from four to ten workers, depending on the urgency, plus a studio manager, the American artist Ain Cocke. The Beijing studio began as a lark: After visiting an artist friend there and liking what he saw, he and a couple of his New York staffers flew out, rented some space, and started painting, “sort of like a retreat,” he says. One thing led to another—“another” being a five-year relationship with a Chinese D.J.—and eventually the Beijing studio became the main production hub as well as his second home. He recently bought an apartment overlooking Chaoyang Park, complete with a live-in maid and two miniature greyhounds, Xiaohui, or “Little Gray,” and Celie, named after the character in The Color Purple.


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  7. Someone on 4chan said there was a baphomet on the arm part of the chair. I tried blowing the picture up, but my computer is not that sophisticated. That would not surprise me a bit.

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    • Teri, my husband said the EXACT same thing the very first time he looked at it! Something tells me that the designs on the arms, legs, and back of his chair have some details in them that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Luciferians always do that.

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  8. Long wordy article dated 2010 from a RoP site on why the right hand “is more noble” than the left:


    All that being said, Kehindra is simply a bad artist who got his Yale art degree for reasons other than talent. He can’t draw hands. He can’t draw much of anything. He does bad photoshops, projects them on canvas, outlines them and paints in what he can. The rest gets done by his ChiCom slave labor.

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  9. When I looked at the portrait I thought he had 6 fingers – meaning besides being a white/ black hybrid he might be descended on one side from Goliath’s family – rephaim

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  10. Oh this was predictable:

    NBC says the riff-raff can’t understand Kehindra’s “art”


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    • Thanks for the link and a great laugh to start off the day! The black author and NBC’s art expert, Seph Rodney, who sports a Buckwheat ‘fro, has the temerity to say Wiley’s art is more intellectually demanding than traditional portraiture. Of course! I’m still laughing out loud to myself as I peck this out since the chief characteristic of Wiley’s portraits is a background of low information, empty modularity that’s about as undemanding as it gets. Also, having no context or connection to the subject, it’s a sign of clinical insanity.

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  11. That’s what happens when you out source your labor. Doesn’t matter much-BOTH hands are WRONG.

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    • Good link. I’m not surprised, as the writing had been on the wall (also connected to the Iran contra). However, I’d like to add, I came across an article a few weeks ago, (now I don’t know how true it is, being as I could only find this one said article), but supposedly, the body of the housekeeper for the Clinton’s while in Arkansas, who had gone missing WHILE employed by the clinton’s, and who I believe was pregnant, had recently been found. (Omg, right?)

      I Google + the article. I’m going to find it and link.


  12. From the left ear to the right, the gray hear is some kind of a furry animal with little eyes, pointed ears and an elongated snout towards his left ear. His mouth, the center of his lips, whitish, looks like his tongue. Turn pic upside down, right ear looks like a vagina, left ear is a hooded little gnome, the pick is good for a hallowing night, scaaaary!

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  14. Not a second thumb. Review pics of BHO hands. He has oddly large hands and a oddly shaped outside of his hand. The artist’s skills suck and this is a poorly done painting.

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    • Well, yeah! He gets cheap Chinese labor to manufacture a tablecloth backdrop. He gets an existing photo of Obongo, runs it through his computer to make it resemble a painting, and pastes it on. Ka-Ching! Then he stands around in a pimp suit shaking hands.

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  15. I’d be more interested in the subtle “W” formed by his sinister (left) hand.

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  16. I can see where it appears he has an extra digit on his left hand due to the placement of his wedding ring and wrist bone. Two right hands are not depicted. His thumb is merely unseen. Regardless, it’s an ugly painting.

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  17. All the Islamic hatred is really a turn off here. For, there’s ONE religion that on the sly, worships lucifer, whom they refer to as hillel, and it, “ain’t,” the Muslims (aside from the yazidi). These sly foxes are the ones that Barry is a part of, as are many of the global players/destroyers.


  18. No wonder he throws like a girl.


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