Danbury Hospital sent message about Sandy Hook 48 min. before police received first 911 call

According to the Newtown police’s timeline of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on the morning of December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut:

  • 9:35:39 – First 911 call to Newtown Police Department is received.
  • 9:36:06 – Newtown Police Department dispatcher broadcasts that there is a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • 9:37:38 – Connecticut State Police are dispatched to Sandy Hook Elementary School for active shooter.
  • 9:38:50 – Connecticut State Police are informed that Sandy Hook Elementary School is in lockdown.
  • 9:39:00 – First Newtown police officer arrives behind Sandy Hook Elementary School on Crestwood Road.
  • 9:40:03 – Last gunshot is heard. This is believed to be the final suicide shot from the shooter in classroom 10.
  • 9:42:39 – Newtown officer calls out the license plate of the shooter’s car.
  • 9:44:47 – Newtown officers enter Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • 9:46:23 – Connecticut State Police arrive at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • 9:46:48 – Connecticut State Police enter Sandy Hook Elementary School

Danbury Hospital in Danbury, CT, is the nearest hospital to Newtown, just 12 miles down the road from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

On December 14, 2012, at 8:47 ammore than 48 minutes before police, at 9:35 am, received the first 911 call from SHES  — Danbury Hospital posted this message on Facebook:

We are here to care for any victims and their families in any way they need us. Our hearts and prayers are extended to anyone involved in this terrible tragedy. To date, three patients have been transported to Danbury Hospital from the scene.

Out of abundance of caution and not because of any direct threat Danbury Hospital is under lockdown. This allows us simply to focus on the important work at hand.

We will keep you apprised of any additional information as details are confirmed.

Below is a screenshot of Danbury Hospital’s Facebook page (source: Wolfgang Halbig):

Danbury Hospital message

Here’s a screenshot of Halbig’s email that he bcc’d FOTM yesterday (I redacted his email address):

Wolfgang Halbig email

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56 responses to “Danbury Hospital sent message about Sandy Hook 48 min. before police received first 911 call

  1. Wow that’s huge. Another smoking gun. To add to the other 10 million

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    • 50 Shades Of Pissed Off . . . .You are certainly correct about that. What a monumental misfortune that so many of our citizens remain in a stupor, unable to even conceive that their governments (City, State, Federal) are culpable in this obvious H O A X !!!

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      • I tried to tell one of my libtards aquaintances that SH was a false flag, and they retorted that they did not think so because they knew a shrink who treated or knew some of the parents. I didn’t say another word as I could see it was pointless since he thought he had furst person testimony. But beyond the shrink testimony his disbelief was still typical of even half way awake liberals. This person believes Bush did 911, and he believes some of the incidents involving Muslims could be false flags, but he believed nothing like this would be done under an Obama WH. True believers.
        I don’t waste my time anymore.

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        • How utterly disgusting. I have lost all patience with morons. I don’t care what they think they think. There are people who live their lives and others who watch theirs go by like cows watch a passing train.

          The reason these evil, self-serving trash stay in control are people just like you describe.

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          • You are right, it IS disgusting! Did you ever watch the old Cheers episodes? I think it was Carla or one of her mad Italian relatives who would say something like ” I am so angry I could spit!” That was me! I do not communicate with this person anymore despite the outward level of amicability because I could not live with the insanity of outwardly being friendly, but inwardly being angry.
            This person is absolutely charming and loving, and I can’t think of anyone who could dislike his personality, but here is the real kicker ( for me) He is a well educated East Indian man who immigrated here in his twenties. He is for the most part very Westernized, and his friends are Americans. He has made a point of saying how much he hates his homeland because of how effed up the country, and it’s people are.( his words) So he loves this country, and how it operates, its values etc. ( he did not come here to escape poverty like so many) and yet he is doing the very thing that will destroy it- voting liberal. So the silent conversation in my head is ” how dare you fricken come to MY country and then vote to destroy it you stupid ass! It is not like this person is voting for a handout, but he had adopted the liberal mindset of the educated White liberals around him. At any rate this person was more of an acquaintance so I was not in the position of being able to challenge him much. I would never have brought up politics in front of someone I was not better friends with, but he felt free to make comments assuming I would agree. I have seen that over and over with libs. They feel free to express their opinion, but when one responds with a mild counter thought, they immediately shut the conversation down and switch the subject. Can’t handle it.

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        • Alas, too many Americans are like that, on both the left and the right.


          • I won’t say conservatives aren’t guilty of this, but I don’t think they are guilty in the numbers that liberals are- my experience anyway!
            It is just as you have stated- don’t confuse me with the facts!!!!
            As I said , above- I can’t handle it!
            It simply comes down to those that love the truth and seek it at all costs, and those that love lies because it supports the fantasy land between their ears.

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            • Many hold beliefs that simply don’t square with the facts. Many Democrats think they are “The Party of the Little Guy” and on the “right” side of justice. While that was NEVER true, they were less tyrannical years ago.

              Those who see the world this way think that they are only allowed two ways of looking at anything. They are relieved that they don’t have to think too much as their “party” takes care of that for them. All they have to do is go “root” for them like a high school rally.

              That’s as deep as it gets with them. No matter how hard you try they will not place themselves in the position of actually having to reason something out. That is how Obongo steals and sleazes for eight years and they have the nerve to say his administration didn’t have any scandals. His administration WAS a scandal.

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    • It’s not huge at all unless you can actually prove it was out and seen at that exact time.
      What you people fail to understand is if this was written over a previous comment or page, the original date and timestamp would remain.
      Also if you truly belive there are millions of smoking guns then please answer why you can’t get anything done with all this supposedly proof.


      • “please answer why you can’t get anything done with all this supposedly proof.”

        You don’t seem to even begin to know what rules of evidence require.

        Unlike you, we do not automatically swallow everything government — which has perpetrated false flags, e.g., Gulf of Tonkin incident and the Kennedy Admin’s Operation Northwoods (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2015/08/29/operation-northwoods-a-true-u-s-government-conspiracy-for-those-who-mock-conspiracy-theories/) — and the MSM tell us. (Did you know that a Florida judge ruled that it’s not illegal for the media to lie?)

        What we do is ASK QUESTIONS when we notice anomalies — things that don’t fit the official narrative. It is government and the media who have asserted certain things to be true, who are the ones who should defend their narrative with credible evidence and by answering questions raised by citizens. We who ask questions are in no way obliged to answer questions or defend ourselves. Why? Because we don’t know what actually happened, which is why we ask questions — unlike you, content to be a sheeple.


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      • Because we are the unorganized truth fighting a VERY organized lie. Satan is the god of this world. We live in enemy occupied territory. THEY run this ship.

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      • With a view to what Dr. Eowyn said about the judge’s ruling on the truthfulness of media, why would you assume what they tell you to be true? That would be “faith-based” journalism and I wouldn’t recommend that based on what we’ve discovered.

        It might surprise you to know that many of us would like nothing better than to be honestly able to say “the Government never lies to us”. I know that I would like that. Unfortunately, they DO lie and we know it.

        Having some perverse “loyalty” to liars is probably not a desirable attribute.

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  2. Your reblog button is gone. Will post a link to this on CB. THANKS!

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    • That’s odd. The reblog is enabled:


      • Reblog not available for me as well, but not just for reblog of fotm postings.

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      • I think we can safety say . . . this is another indication that something is rotten in Denmark!

        Furthermore, we see huge groups of people in mob mode (In Florida, following the school shooting there)–demanding that the government DO SOMETHING ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE. These people who are, and probably will remain ignorant of the full scope of what has gone on, and probably will go on . . . remain part of the problem. They certainly are not part of the solution!

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        • Have to wonder; surely students informed their parents there was actually ‘crisis drills’ scheduled for that day. There has to be students who are aware of what is happening, aware of staged scenes and crisis actors in make-up.

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          • That presupposes that it was operating as an actual school. I think it may have had a few special needs kids (maybe), but not a regular population of students.

            In addition, we are seeing many unannounced drills. In fact, this one appears to have been originally scheduled for the 13th. This may account for early releases to the players.

            Most of us are LONG past the point of questioning whether this is a fraud or not. It is.

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            • It was very much an operating school.


              • Really? Then why is it that the State of Connecticut refused to release the documents, such as Sandy Hook Elementary School’s maintenance work orders in the 6 months preceding the alleged massacre, which Wolfgang Halbig requested via FOIA?


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                • I think they won’t release the records because they don’t have any and it would be a dead giveaway. Just like there would be records of lunches served, workers paid, grounds work done and maintained. All of the costs of running a physical plant are public records.

                  My pet theory is that there were “some” kids who attended the school periodically. Probably “special needs” kids. There is no way that they had anywhere near the claimed number of students.

                  I live approximately two blocks from a large high school. Near that is a Middle School and an elementary school. I have no idea what goes on there. My wife worked for the school district and she would often tell me about different schools that closed for various reasons. I would have no way of knowing about those.

                  When districts do that they often use them as “warehouses” to store books and supplies. That is certainly what it looks like in this case. There is also quite a body of evidence that suggests that the actual drill was to take place on the 13th. This probably accounts for some of the early releases of announcements. We have photos of the coroner there either the evening before or very early on the 14th. How is that possible?

                  No matter how gruesome the scene, or how willing a person is to believe that it happened as advertised, does anyone actually believe that they would not “allow” the parents to see their dead children or that they would leave them lying in the school to do autopsies later in the parking lot? Who pronounced these kids dead?

                  I could go on. It is so bad that I suspect that the ability to control the narrative was a heavily scored item in the drill. What it did was cleave a divide between the “believers” and the “skeptics”. It established some sort of “requirement” for belief in media from the citizenry. It was a subliminal “pledge of allegiance”.

                  All of the subsequent ones have been bad as well. They have now established that they don’t have to actually communicate facts. They are not beholden to answer questions. Public records are no longer public.

                  Needless to say, these things are very useful to establishment of the new Maoist state odor.

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            • What I am suggesting is that there must surely be people close enough to know and have seen what is playing out and trying to expose the fraud. I fully understand the extent of government and media cooperation, along with willing participants in their charades, will stoop for their desired effects.

              Sadly still, as powerful as the internet has become, I can still get the rolled eyes and shaking head for suggeting any thing beyond the mainstream official versions of….well, nearly any event, among too many people.

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              • I went through a period of that too. Now I know that it isn’t so. Most, even if they “suspect” something can be easily intimidated by that “eye rolling”. They would rather be accepted than speak the truth.

                We don’t have to make apologies or excuses for these things. They are what they are and they speak for themselves. We are able to either see through them or we aren’t. There is certainly no logical reason for having a default position that say the “media” tells the truth.

                We all have varying degrees of experience. Some of these are SO bad that even young people with limited worldly experience ought to be able to see how unlikely they are.

                We often discuss the various degrees of lying in these things. In truth, a lie is a lie. Some are HUGE lies and others are just a collection of multiple smaller lies. What is missing is the truth.

                My “default” is anything that isn’t truthful is suspect.

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  4. Sandy Hook, crazy crazy Sandy Hook.


  5. Yes, Google has removed the use of there blog button to limit distribution of information. Just another way to censor the information.

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  8. Typical of inside jobs like 9/11, Boston massacre, etc. Training exercise
    turns into actual terrorism and/or other attack. Great cover. Allows
    close control and preparation for the false flag attack.

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  9. Was this Facebook post & noted time not available years ago?


  10. Great post, I’ll store it with all the others. Those who can’t see this as a hoax are willingly blind.

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  11. Andrea McCarren tweet: No reason why this would not be EST. Why was she in CT? Yes, she is from Hartford area but wouldn’t her two kids still be in school back in MD? Too early for Xmas vac.

    Andrea McCarrenVerified account‏@AndreaMcCarren14 Dec 2012
    Horrified to be in CT now as this elementary school shooting unfolds in bucolic #Newtown. 3 shot, inc 2 kids and one adult. @wusa9

    0 replies5 retweets0 favorites





    •Embed Tweet

    • Retweets 5
    •Kelly PettyOmar MohammedBeatrice E. PetersonDeMetria Lynia

    8:38 AM – 14 Dec 2012

    Reply Reply All

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  12. The reblog button only shows up in certain browsers. It’s annoying

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  13. Neither the mobile version or the WordPress app show a reblog button

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  14. Had to be officers wondering, “what the heck. No body goes to that old school”.

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    • My guess is that the cops were told there was a “Capstone Drill” at SHES. Perfect location, off the beaten path, no kids. Once they were participants they are told “open your mouths and you’ll lose your jobs, or worse”.

      In the others, where there ARE students, they just tell them its a drill. Later, they tell them people were shot. Easy.

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  15. Not to mention Sandy Hook had been closed for almost 5yrs. Authorities forgot to mention they were having a “drill” that day, not unlike the Boston marathon and San Bernadino as well as in Parkland last week. Oh, forgot to mention 911 was having drills that day. Who da thunk?

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      • And you know this. How?

        Does this look like an operational school?

        How do you explain the absence of any Internet activity since early 2008 (when asbestos and other environmental toxins were found)?

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        • You’re showing a photo of the school at later stages of the investigation. Also, if you’re going to use the wayback data to show the school was closed, you have to also claim that every school in the district was also closed in the same time frame. (The district switched servers, show the wayback for the other schools in that period.)


  16. I think the hospital post timestamp depends on your own timezone. For me, viewing their post from an Eastern Time location, their timestamp on the post says 11:47 am.

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      • There is a 3 hour difference from EST to PST. We looked at several posts years ago where they were posted DAYS ahead of the operation. I don’t know on this one, but, obviously they are in the same time zone as SHES.

        If you’ll recall, we even had “Go Fund Me” sites set up in advance complete with messages about the shooting. How does one explain that?

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    • 8:47 A.M. EST is still prior to 9:35 A.M. EST. How could they be reporting patients from something that hadn’t happened yet? As you move West it is still in increments of an hour until you reach PST (three hour difference).

      I must be “thick”, no matter how you read it there is about a 40 minute discrepancy. In PST it would be reported at 11:47 having happened at 12:47 P.M. PST. It doesn’t “work” either way.

      I’ll have to call “California Psychics” for an explanation.

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  17. Conspiracy is the order of times!


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  19. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Okay, so no one was murdered by firearm in Newtown/Sandy Hook in 2012. It could have happened, couldn’t it? But don’t believe that those who developed the fake news regarding deaths of 27 would ever think of culling the human population through the loss of six and one half billion people with the ultimate servitude of most of those allowed to live. All worth a much closer look, don’t call on Hogg or Gonzalez for cooperation

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    • If you think about it, the new dynamic is such that this is about “belief”. Rather than discuss this rationally, TPTB reduce it to “you either believe what we say or you’re an extremist conspiracy theorist”. Well, nobody wants to be one of those so, they are supposed to express their “loyalty” be nodding vigorously no matter how insane the proposition.

      For me at least, it is apparent that they intended to create sharp divisions. The reason for this is to put one group on one “side” and anyone else on the other. It is a formula for conflict. Anyone seeking to avoid conflict would certainly emphasize commonality, not division.

      We can speculate all day but what is clear is that they intend to have a conflict. The rift is too deep to reconcile. Now that they have created a whole segment of Godless, immoral losers, how would they ever fix that?

      The only question for me is “when”. Some areas are moving faster than others. California, for example, is seeking to make it illegal for anyone to counsel or assist queers. Why is this a government function? Well, I’d say their owners told them to.

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