Shoplifters thwart convenience store robber

This video has gone viral on Twitter.

Watch how two shoplifters overcome an armed hold-up of a convenience store.

I search on the net to find out where the incident took place, and discovered, to my disappointment, that this is not real.

It’s a production by Facebook Watch’s “Five Points Show“.

Here’s a link.


14 responses to “Shoplifters thwart convenience store robber

  1. VERY cool move though-would have been EASILY worth the $30.00 of stuff the shoplifters took….

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  2. Although this particular film clip may be staged . . . you can bet your bottom dollar it depicts actual events that go on in each and every city. Recently, when I was at Safeway, I reported shoplifting. I was told that they could not do anything about it per store policies. There have been so many people of color who have used “profiling” as an excuse, and they sued the store, that stores let them “go about their business.” He made the suggestion that I “say something to the perpetrator myself!” Now that sounds like a good way for me to be attacked . . . don’t you agree.

    This makes me so angry I could spit. You and I, and every honest person pays higher prices to cover the shrink of inventory. I for one don’t like that deal!

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    • Yes! That’s happening at my local store, too. Ridiculous that the stores won’t hire its own security; it seems that it would be a lot more cost-effective than the loss of product. Then again, the cost of fighting lawsuit after lawsuit adds a whole lot of $$$ on top of that, so…

      Did this happen in the ’50s? I don’t remember it happening in the ’70s or ’80s.

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      • Shoplifting has been around forever. Of course it is worse now than before. The video looks staged to me, but I suppose it could be “real”.

        As they further consolidate and “level” us all into eaters and owners we can expect more of this. Eventually they will close the “brick and mortar” stores and those with enough resources to eat will have to order from their computers using “credits”.

        If you anger the privileged, they’ll shut off your credits and you’ll starve. Of course most won’t starve without a fight. That means more eaters will be eliminated and fulfill two goals instead of one.


        • That’s where it’s heading. Forum for the Future and other two-tier, elite vs. the masses globalists call the breeding and economic management of we humans as resources “sustainability.” The FF’ers, most of whom are not involved in food production and distribution, I believe, are already planning to feed the masses of humanity a plant protein diet, calling it “The Protein Challenge 2040, The first global coalition exploring how we feed nine billion people enough protein,” etc.—meaning something akin to fancy looking animal feed. Who’s that we? It ain’t us. Pretty soon vegetarianism will be associated with patriotism in the minds of Americans whose thoughts are authored by the media and Hollywood.

          Speaking of control, mind control, what do you make of Black Panther. I almost fell out of my chair reading something on it when I came across that the leader’s name is T’Challa. Are they kidding? Unambiguously naming him after Jewish ritual challah dough that’s twisted into bread shapes commemorating Jewish triumphs? Why didn’t they just call him T’Golem so everyone would at once understand everything about the relationship between black leaders and their Jewish creators.

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          • “the leader’s name is T’Challa.”

            The movie is based on Stan Lee’s “Black Panther” Marvel comics, where superhero Black Panther’s real name indeed is T-Challa.

            Until I looked him up in Wikipedia, I had no idea Stan Lee, 95, is Jewish! He was born Stanley Martin Lieber in NYC, of Romanian-born Jewish immigrant parents.



    • It bugs me, too… but I find as I get older, and still without any mouths to feed or support, sometimes I think about just paying the store owner whatever they just lost to the kids who just ran out the door with soda and candy or whatever. Of course, that enables the little punks… but it makes life easier.

      Ditto for when I’m behind someone in line at checkout who’s $5 or $10 shy of being able to afford their groceries (especially if it’s at WalMart). While they’re trying to decide what to put back and the cashier is glaring at them, I often just want to say, “just put it on my credit card” to get things rolling. I almost never do, mostly because they sort things out. And there’s a fear that if I do, maybe their friends will be waiting for me in the parking lot to relieve me of my credit card since I obviously have “too much” for my own needs…
      I don’t; I just live within my needs.

      I like shopping occasionally at a local Dollar General store near the car registration shop, because it’s cheap, and to support them. It’s in a rough area. Cashier told me folks bring in empty garbage bags, fill them, and leave without paying. Some actually bring stuff back, trying to get “refunds” (they do this also at my local WalGreens in a nice area, which is slowing getting worse). But get this — they also get robbed at gunpoint at least once a year, sometimes twice in a Summer. A DOLLAR store. Why would anybody bother robbing them? It just depresses me… Go rob the rich stores, sheesh!

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  3. Who’s minding the store?



  5. Dr Eowyn, you run a really good Site, I can’t imagine the work that you put in to keep everything going. Thank you very much Sir.

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  6. no honor between thieves…..


  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Crime averted……and yet, still no hero.


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