Radical Left’s murderous minds on full display after Florida Valentine’s Day school shooting

The Left like to flatter their narcissistic selves as tolerant and open-minded. But history shows them to be anything but that.

The 20th century is the bloodiest century in human history, thanks to the killing fields of Marxist-Leninist regimes like the USSR, the People’s Republic of China, and the short-lived Khmer Rouge reign in Cambodia. Altogether, the radical left exacted a doleful human toll of 85 to 100 million people who perished from misguided economic experiments and the deliberate abuse and murder by the state. [Source]


The killing fields of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia

More recently, former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl revealed the murderous mind of the Weather Underground (WU) — a radical left group that originated in 1969 as a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

Obama’s Chicago pals, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, were founders of the Weather Underground, the goal of which was a violent overthrow of the U.S. government and the instauration of a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” WU instigated a series of terrorist bombings in the 1970s. Ayers and Dohrn were complicit in the conspiracy to bomb the office of California State Senator John Briggs. The two turned themselves in December 1980. Charges were dropped for Ayers; Dohrn received three years probation and a $15,000 fine. Both dispute their being labeled “terrorists” and remain unrepentant to this day.

Grathwohl went undercover and infiltrated the Weather Underground. In the video below, Grathwohl described how members of the Weather Underground calmly spoke of their plans to kill 25 million (their estimate) Americans who they expected would resist reeducation after the WU seized political power.

In the aftermath of the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the American Left once again reveal their murderous intentions:

(1) Israeli newspaper columnist Becky Griffin @dorothyofisrael made Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz a poster child for abortion. Griffin wrote in a tweet (LifeNews):

Becky Griffin tweet

(2) A far-left group on Facebook, who call themselves Milkshakes Against the Republican Party (MARP), call on people to murder Republican lawmakers who support the NRA as revenge for the Florida school shooting. (InfoWars)

One of the posts, referring to the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) at a Congressional baseball practice game on June 14, 2017, says:

“Dear Crazed Shooters, The GOP has frequent baseball practice. You really wanna be remembered, that’s how you do it. Signed, Americans tired of our politicians bathing in the blood of the innocent for a few million dollars from the terrorist organization NRA.”


Milkshakes Against the Republican Party threat

Another MARP Facebook post reads:

“You remember the shooting at the Republican baseball game? One of those should happen EVERY WEEK until those NRA-funded sons of bitches do something about this.”

Other Leftists on Twitter heaped vitriol on a dad, Andrew Pollack, who had lost his daughter in the Parkland school shooting simply because Pollack wore a “Trump 2020” t-shirt:

“He’s Pro-Trump which means he supports the guy who is responsible for the death of his child!”

“I don’t feel sorry for him and fuck trump.”

“Maybe should have thought twice before voting for #TerroristTrump”

hate at Andrew Pollack

H/t Big Lug

See also “Florida Valentine’s Day school shooting: anomalies and confessed shooter“.


32 responses to “Radical Left’s murderous minds on full display after Florida Valentine’s Day school shooting

  1. This reminds me of a comment I read last night over at zerohedge (it was for the article; New Zealand a doomsday preppers paradise). The person said, “Being a liberal is fun, when you’re 20. If you’re still a liberal at 50, it’s a sign of mental illness.” I truthfully, LOL’d.

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    • solejahway . . . . that is an excellent post. I however would differ in one thing . . . if your thinking has not been straightened out by age 35, or 40 at the latest–you are beyond help. You are a full blown mental case.

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  2. QAnon referenced a section from the book, “Behold a Pale Horse: by William Cooper, in which the CIA would use drugs & hypnosis on Mental Patients to get them to shoot up schoolyards in a Plot to get America to beg to be Disarmed. I will provide a link to a free PDF copy of the book shortly.

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  3. Book referenced by #QAnon in which the CIA would scheme to get America to want to disarm themselves through Project Orion, which targeted Mentally Ill people who were drugged and hypnotized with the intention to get these mentally Ill people to shoot up schoolyards so public Outrage would result in America wanting to be disarmed.
    Behold a Pale Horse — Milton William (Bill) Cooper, 1991
    500 page PDF

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    • Sadly Trico I have every reason to beleiver bill cooper is a disinformation agent himself, his book is peppered a bit with stuff intended to promote the UFO/Alien disinformation campaign that the devil worshipers seem to be actively engaged in promoting, he even goes as far as to mention himself engaging in mixing lies with truth in order to get some agents off his back, and his manner of writing comes off as overly extravagent, rather like jim stone. This to me says that while he may have included legitimate info in his book, he is not a trustworthy individual, especially for the promotion of the “aliens” disinformation operation, which if he were as informed as claimed he would’ve been more informed about… it is also telling that the “national security trolls” have a vested interest in promoting the same “UFO/alien” malarkey (check the isgp’s research into coast to coast AM which also ties into rense etc. beware though, for they promote evolution, something they really should know better about themselves, and I’m unsure how compromised they are.) on such things as rense and david icke’s forums.

      Also it seems the satanists etc. themselves are eagerly promoting the “aliens/UFO” stuff with intent to link it into the whole host of malarkey that is associated with it, such as the nephilim, serpent seed, and evolution disinfo campaigns, probally with an intent to get as many people as possible inducted into gnosticism/satanism which seems to be at the core of all this. I’ve noticed other disinfo agents seem to bear an almost heroic status and similarly use truth as bait to get people hooked into deceits… types like juri lina, who outright promotes astrology as legitimate (not as “believed to be legitimate by the satanists, but not really legitimate in reality” but rather as something that is accurate, real and “powerful”.) in his “opus” “under the sign of the scorpion” while also often taking time to bag on “christians” in general, and not just one denomination, either. Then theres eustace mullins, who promoted the nephilim & serpent seed false doctrines, “planet X”/nibiru disinformation, (astrotheology false doctrine is also part of this whole mess.) as well as racism, which similarly appears to be precious to the devil worshipers, and also stems from gnosticism, etc.

      I would strongly advise caution in reading any such texts, many may have some truth tossed in them for “flavor”, but from what I’ve noticed so far, most seem to only include truth as bait, to sweetent he poison so to speak, relying on people’s tendency to take a whole instead of a part (that is, generalizing.) to get them to accept the gnostic/satanic garbage along with the truth tidbits, this and the “heroic” status afforded these names also gets people inclined towards following or trusting everything they write/say due to people being conditioned to not think, or if they do to think, to think in the direction most advantageous to the devil worshipers. This is not to defame the legitimate Truth, but this is to warn you, and every other reader here, of what seems to be going on as far as I’ve noticed through my own research… not that what I write should be trusted without examination either, always question, do your own research, and the research will bear it out, and if you’re unsure of something, rememder to ask God/Christ for Guidance, He is always around, after all.

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  4. The Obama Administration schemed to get America Disarmed with a whole series of false flag shootings designed to make America outraged and demand an end to the 2nd amendment. The Media fanned the outrage. The Poster Child for a False Flag Event was Sandy Hook which the Left really played up. In light of the recent shooting in a Florida school, the Left’s Disarm America Narrative is back in full swing with full Mainstream media support. Therefore, it is timely to reveal the fraud for those still deceived by the Leftist controlled media.
    Free Book: “Nobody Died at. Sandy Hook. It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control.” by Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek. Editors.
    426 page PDF

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    • There’s a reason why LE agencies and criminal justice majors are being offered time and or semesters to go to Israel and work/train w the IDF. This may not be popular to say on this site, however, we need to look at the Palestinians, for we are next.

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      • You are absolutely correct. It us not just an offer to train in Israel, in many cases, the senior officers are sent. Here, an honest ex IDF warns Americans- we are the next Palestinians if we allow Israeli methods to be used by our own law enforcement.

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  5. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: 100% of the hatred in this country comes from THE LEFT.
    Who does Hoodie Rebecca thinks she’s kidding? WHO but GOD is able to see the end from the beginning? WHO but GOD knows how anything will turn out? Although authorities have someone in custody—whether he did it or not, or whether he is just a patsy—he has been the victim of grief and loss in that his parents are deceased and his foster parents are deceased (if I heard the news correctly). That, of course, grants him no venue to vent his grievance via killing people, obviously.
    But this is PRECISELY what the Left feels entitled to: You offend me, so I’ll go out and kill someone else, or, I will suborn violence to satisfy my own grievance, real or imagined. And this, as even someone affected with Down’s Syndrome can tell anyone, is IRRATIONAL to the point of insanity. But it is an insanity freely chosen, and, therefor, is EVIL.

    I have heard the death toll from communism has been UNDER-reported. It may very well be that the real death toll could surpass 350 million. (China even admitted, a few years ago, that they discovered some heretofore hidden records, and they hiked the Mao death toll to “between 84 and 100 million, estimated.” I have even read the Mao death toll could be as high as 240 million. And this is for China alone.)
    Now let us look at the death toll of abortion and contraception, another platform of communism and eugenicism, as practiced in the non-communist West. If we include the death toll from that abortifacient, The Pill (and I demand that we do), the ANNUAL death toll, worldwide could very well surpass ONE BILLION.
    Does this make the communists any less guilty than the West? NO: Both sides have blood on their hands, and God Almighty shall not be mocked.

    But back to the point here: This is the LUNACY and EVIL of the Left, and they revel in it. They prove they have not been raised with a knowledge of or respect for the Natural Law through reason, let alone Revelation. It is precisely this NIHILISTIC IMPULSE that prompted Vladimir Lenin to proclaim that “Jews make the best revolutionaries,” and it is this “joyful murder” proclaimed by Franz Fanon (one of Obama’s “heroes”) celebrated by Nietzsche with his “Will to Power” that move these SUBCRETINOUS GOONS to do the things that they do.
    Now it is up to the rest of us to stand up to these monsters, because the confrontation is coming: The Great Tribulation spoken of in the New Testament is coming (unless one could argue it’s already here).
    And we must look at all these gun massacres in the right context. If any one of these massacres qualifies as a “false flag event”—and I believe that most of them do—then we must look to that agency (singular or plural) or agents who facilitated them. This means, of course, that we are up against instigators and conspirators with an agenda and the money and means to pull it off. So this necessarily means that these agents provocateur are ready, willing and able to marshall and direct these insane minions!
    This is what we are up against, and I certainly hope that at this time President Trump understands it. He’s been President for about 14 months now, and no major name arrests have been made—of the Clinton’s, the Podesta’s, et al. I would imagine Mr. Trump understands it is HIGH TIME for BOTH Mueller AND Sessions (and, by extension, Rod Rosenstein) TO GO. If Mr. Trump does not understand that the conflict is coming, no matter what he does, and that he needs to take DECISIVE ACTION NOW, then, regrettably, it is time for Mr. Trump to go: The populist movement is bigger than he is, and it can provide the man needed to do the job, even if it takes a civil war to find one.

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    • I fail to see how she links the child’s adoption with his growing up to be a killer. Every child will go through problems,pitfalls and misfortunes as he grows up. The one thing that remains consistent throughout his life,though,is that HE has the power to change his course,his circumstances and his future reality. If he is to fail,it’s nobody’s fault but his own. We may start out from a different beginning,but that mustn’t dictate where we end up in life.

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      • It’s a childish insult turned into a left/libtard talking point.


      • If she murders somebody she’s actually “saving” a life because he might take it. Therefore, if I kill my mother and father I should get sympathy because I’m an orphan.

        Because Christianity teaches that to murder is a sin they must take the opposite because they are Satan’s spawn.

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    • Seventy years ago Richard Weaver wrote that the American deep state not only initiates and controls all domestic conflicts, but correspondingly, it must also control the media to control the narrative, and so it does. The radical Left is one example of the state’s controlled war on the American people, and while it could be wiped off the face of the planet tomorrow, it is a function and no enemy of the deep state today.

      The deep state either executed or connived in the assassination of JFK and in 911. Building 7 literally proves the official propaganda is a lie, yet almost every mainstream conservative and liberal pundit to the man, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, CNN, and Fox News all pathologize and ridicule anyone pointing out the lying propaganda orchestra hat 911 was a false flag.

      So I don’t see how President Trump, no matter what his real beliefs may be, could possibly oppose this totality of evil called the swamp without being threatened with the unthinkable. It scared the daylights out of JFK, who was assassinated in part for alluding to the ruthlessly evil forces who own the state. Wilson was also deathly afraid of them, but as the scholar he was he could cleverly identify them right under their noses by an allusion to Cicero’s remark, namely about those whose name we may only mention in whispers under our breath.

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      • I’d agree with MOST of that with the exception that it is not an “American” issue. It is a global issue.


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      • Joseph E Fasciani

        My entire day instantly got better when I read that you were aware of and referencing Dr Richard Weaver, whose 1947 seminal work, Ideas Have Consequences, first established a wave of true Conservative philiosophy. Your comments are very insightful and inclusive, uniting some of the disparate elements we live under in what I term our Bizarro New World Disorder [BNWD].

        I will move next to Steven Broiles comments, which are as astute as yours, albeit in a different vein. Thank for your comments, I look forward to hearing more from you.

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  6. The Left is filled with people whose life’s are consumed by envy, greed, hatred, and self loathing. Their only aim in life is power. Such evil manifests itself by the fruit it produces. What have social warriors and justice provided but hate, envy, violence.

    You saw the photos of tens of millions of dead sacrificed by the Left. The Left wishes and dreams for such slaughter.

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    • No argument with that:

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    • Indeed the “Left” and “Right” are fictitious constructs designed for the Controller’s use. While it is true that a lot of Marxists see themselves as belonging to “The Left”, just as many “Conservatives” see themselves belonging to “The Right”, both are merely inventions.

      We say that God seeks to liberate and Evil seeks to control. I think that is exactly so. We live in a situation where we have wheels within wheels. Few even realize this, yet alone study it to the point where they can see how intricately these elements are managed to an end.

      When someone is distracted by a particular “wheel” they often lose perspective as to how important it may be or how its related to another “wheel”. This is very useful to those who wish to control. For those who wish to escape to freedom it is essential that they see and understand this.

      In essence, this is the true meaning of “Free Will”. Unless you actively resist manipulation you don’t have it. Since God is not the one taking it away from you, you can readily see who is responsible for the theft.

      The key is to stop joining. Stop being manipulated. If you didn’t ask for it, you don’t need it. Motives are important, always question motives. This is all about control. Those who wish to live authentic lives do not want to be controlled by others.

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  7. There was a time when openly conspiring to kill multiple people was grounds for arrest,prosecution and CONVICTION.Every day we see the results of not taking these killers-in-waiting seriously. Ironic,isn’t it,that these people who protest the motives of the NRA and politicians’ endorsements BY the NRA,choose WHAT method to voice their protests? GUNS!!! THEY are the VERY same lunatics they want to KEEP from having guns.
    And the Left can’t understand why their Political Credibility is in the negatives??? They’d be absolutely HILARIOUS- if they weren’t so damned DANGEROUS.

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    • It’s easy to see how simple it is to get them to do the “ape dance”. Quick to anger, slow to think. I believe that’s the definition of a moron.


  8. I thought #LoveTrumpsHate?

    With hatred such as this, ain’t no way they are getting my guns. Molon Labe.

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  9. We are up against some serious evil folks, we can’t exist any longer being a silent majority, that’s what they’re banking on. We no longer live in a polite society. Guns, Schools, and Humans always existed, what didn’t exist is psychiatric medicine,,they’re not thinking straight, acting on impulse thoughts. We have to bark as loud as them, demand that every Teacher/Administrator be armed, that will eliminate the soft target. That’s common sense gun legislation, everyone on any Social Media Platform should start banging that out everywhere, we can call into talk shows, take out small Newspaper Ads, just to counter the Left’s bully pulpit banter. We are more level headed and intelligent, we have to act, this is the fight of our lives. Beg my pard ;-(

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  10. Regarding Steven’s reference to ” HIGH TIME for BOTH Mueller AND Sessions (and, by extension, Rod Rosenstein) TO GO”,why not bring Joe Arpaio in to replace Sessions-I doubt HE would hesitate to throw the cuffs on ANY or ALL the crooks that need,read that as NEED to be arrested. I’m SURE we have people available to us who won’t fear doing what needs to be done-IF that’s the cause of the delays.
    I REALLY believe Trump has this all timed for certain events to happen in a specific order to get the most “bang for a buck”. As upsetting as it is to see Killary still walking free,I think there’s a reason.

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    • I’ll second Steven’s recommendations. If he doesn’t dump these guys (and a dozen or so others), he’s toast.

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      • Well not only is Trump toast, so are we. I have the worst fear of when the left gets in power again, and they will at some point. I think they are so itching to push their agenda to fruition, I shudder to think where we could end up in a very short period of time.

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        • Considering it took Obama and Jackass Joe just their final 2 years in office (with an eye toward the election in 2016) to force gays and trannies to the front of the line with respect to rights and favor in the eyes of the courts and the law, I think the next wave could spell the end of this nation, perhaps within a single term. If it doesn’t set the world at war, it could definitely set our country at a “civil” war once again.

          Would the powers that be permit that? Or could it be their design for us?

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    • Podesta in pink underwear…. ick.

      But Sheriff Joe? Absolutely!

      (Say, wouldn’t that mean taking McCain’s seat? Or SnowFlakes? —
      Born in Snowflake, Arizona, Flake is a graduate of Brigham Young University and was a Mormon missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to South Africa before working in public affairs, serving as Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy in Namibia and Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute. -Wikipedia. SERIOUSLY?)


  11. Hoodie Rebecca is a brain dead libtard. Her opinions are nothing short of idiotic. A dung beetle has more common sense. When she opens her mouth, it’s hit and miss, most of the time, miss, but this time she might have a point, dang it! I’ll side with her on this one and say that there are times when abortion can spare a lot of pain and heartache: If she had been aborted, we would not need to listen to her drivel.

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  12. Seems to me that the devil worshipers here are also utilizing this event to criminalize those who are autistic or suffering from depression, effectively making them a targeted demographic for demonization, notice how the media almost happily lays out distinctive traits like “depression”, “autistic”, or other terms to hint at being non-nconformative in some way, along with their contant drone about how “bad” guns are…these in order to manipulate the public into ostracizing these individuals, while at the same time corrupted society at large promotes mental illness, and the spread of it, same as it promotes bullying and all the things it claims to oppose. Perhaps when “war” was delcared on “terror” what was meant was terrorism was to be increased to make the public at large have a victim complex making them more suitable for control, ergo a war for terrorism upon the citizenry, the zionists, and the judaic devil worshipers before them have been using that tactic on their own people for thousands of years to the same effect, no?

    Also does it not occurr to these jerks that the lack of morality would be the problem here, not the presence of guns, because the deranged or evil can kill another person even with a rock, shall we then try to ban rocks? But then the ones manipulating these events know exactly what they’re doing and this is the calculated result, it would seem to me that the “weather underground” never went away, worse still it seems to have succeeded in at least some of it’s goals, even churches are compromised by agents of evil, catholic, orthodox, protestant or otherwise, makes no difference, they all seem geared towards becoming like the cult groups, that is; the JWs, seventh-days, and mormonism. I also notice theres been almost no exposure of this corruption in the churches either, the gnostic doctrines or otherwise seem to go untouched, and are even promoted by them or associated bookstores and the “prophecy” groups/sub-sect as a whole, said groups themselves having origins in them, so I suppose that is to be expected, still, why is there not even one leak as such, one wonders? I also notice that gangs and drug production pushers aren’t exposed either, much less to the same extent secret societies are, (despite gangs etc. being secret societies, now why is that, one wonders? Or how about the presence and influence of secret societies and/or gangs within the military, this too is often ignored.) or if drugs etc. are brought up, its in the context of gnostic use, “conscioussness expansion” and other satanic propaganda claptrap.

    Also why do they choose to target gun ownership, and to a lesser extent manufacture of the item in question, when obviously if one wants to control the firearms one need only control the constitutents for production, you can’t have a gun that’s usable if the components for powder in the cases are unavailable, or the metals are unavailable, now we can reasonably conclude that the companies making the powder and metal are likely controlled, so if their real aim is to remove guns entirely, why do they take this rather ineffecient approach, are they really after your guns, or are they after something else, potentially several something elses rolled up into one? (like creating the victim complex in society, and encouraging infighting/civil war amongst the regular citizenry, being two examples that come to mind, I don’t know if there are some specific agendas they can only push via firearms legislation that they can’t push some other way, but it might be interesting to see if there are…)

    The real question here though is, what can we do about this mess?

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