Gun control, Chiraq style: Felon accused of killing Chicago police commander

Chicago commander paul bauer

Police Commander Paul Bauer: Killed by prohibited possessor criminal who didn’t follow the law

Chicago has some of the most strict gun control laws in the nation. They also have a major problem with gun violence: In 2017, Chicago’s homicides outnumbered US military casualties 18:1.

Do tell, you members of the #GunControlNow crowd, how will more gun laws stop criminals?

From MyFoxChicago: A repeat felon with a decades-long rap sheet was held without bond on Thursday for the murder of Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

Shomari Legghette, 44, is also charged with aggravated use of a weapon by a felon and drug possession. Legghette is accused of shooting Bauer multiple times in a stairwell at about 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Thompson Center. Legghette shot at the veteran officer seven times and hit him six times, Assistant State’s Attorney Guy Lisuzzo said. Bauer was struck in head, neck, torso, back and wrist.

Legghette’s bond hearing was held in a larger courtroom on the seventh floor of the Leighton Criminal Courthouse to accommodate the standing-room only crowd, which included Police Supt. Eddie Johnson. As Legghette was brought before a Cook County judge in gray sweat pants and a Bears T-shirt, many uniformed police officers looked on.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bauer, who was wearing his uniform, had attended “active shooter” training in handling mass shootings. He was planning to meet later with aldermen at City Hall to discuss his efforts to quell violence in his Near North District.

Bauer was unable to fire his weapon during a struggle with Legghette in the stairwell, police said. Bauer had spotted Legghette after he heard police radio traffic from tactical officers who were chasing him through the Loop. Legghette matched the description of a suspect running in a long, fur-lined coat, police said.

The officers wanted to talk to Legghette about a shooting on Lower Wacker Drive on Friday afternoon. Someone in a car had fired at a car traveling in the opposite direction, but no one was hit.

Police said they don’t know whether Legghette was involved in that incident but wanted to see if he knew anything about it. Legghette had evaded the pursuing officers when Bauer spotted him on the street running south on Clark toward the Thompson Center and City Hall, police said.

Bauer, 53, lived with his wife and 13-year-old daughter in the Bridgeport neighborhood. He was the distant cousin of Officer Martin Darcy Jr., who was fatally shot in the line of duty in 1982, authorities confirmed.

Bauer’s killing was the first time an officer has been shot to death in the line of duty since 2011.

Bauer is remembered for his efforts to reach out to residents of his district to hear their concerns about crime. He was outspoken in his views that the criminal justice system isn’t doing enough to lock up repeat offenders.

Not a lot is known about Legghette’s background, except for his criminal record.

News stories say he played high-school basketball for Dunbar Vocational, with 23 points and eight rebounds attributed to him in one game in 1991. But people who know Legghette say he didn’t stay on the basketball team through his senior year and was basically in trouble since then.


23 responses to “Gun control, Chiraq style: Felon accused of killing Chicago police commander

  1. It’s not the gun that kills IT IS THE MURDERER,

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    • Kill those bastards on the spot, investigate later.

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      • Alma . . . Bless you, frankly I have to say I lean towards police officers protecting themselves–even if it is that they have to take the life of someone that they have good reason (lengthy criminal records) to suspect that the person poses mortal danger to them. After all, they (the police officers) deserve to go home to those who love them at the end of their shift.

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  2. Why hasn’t Illinois governor sent the national guards to Chicago?

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    • On the taxpayers account?

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    • The gov. is on the way out. He broke every promise he made to get elected. Everyone is disgusted with him.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . You have asked the pertinent question! Rather funny that a Chicago alderman or whatever contacted the United Nations about sending troops to try to cleanup the mess that has developed there.

      It is a travesty that the Governor of Illinois is such a POS that he sits back and DOES NOTHING to help preserve the lives of those innocent people living on the South side of Chicago. As far as I am concerned, he should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty, and malfeasance in office. I suppose that this stupid lump of clay is just chomping at the bit to be called up to fill a national office of some sort . . .

      DCG . . . Once again you have presented us with an article that makes the majority of us just sit and scratch our heads. Bless you!

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  3. Every felonious taking of life by a firearm is a tragedy not to be ignored but to be dealt with carefully. In a nation of more than three hundred and twenty million people, many on prescribed drugs causing anti-social behavior, we have about ten to fifteen thousand felonious killings per year; compare that with the number of deaths caused by prescribed medications.

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    • marblenecltr . . . . You definitely deserve a gold star! I heartedly agree with everything you have indicated. If we were to add the deaths caused by mishaps in hospitals to the “number of deaths caused by prescribed medications,” I dare say–we would all be shocked and astonished. It’s just that “deaths by violence” are more shocking, and upsetting. So we take greater note of violent deaths. I think we should think about this whole scenario.

      I, for one, really don’t want to be murdered by a felon . . . but my entire life is in the hands of He who created my spirit, and thus I trust that he knows best. If I am called Home sooner rather than later, then that is just fine–because I have many, many people to become re-acquainted with. I may not quote this scripture correctly, something about “He who puts his trust in the Lord . . .” I find that to be sufficient for me and my needs to know WHY?

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  4. Several articles on the fallen officer in the excellent second city cop blog:

    It’s been on my regular reading list for years. Tales of massive corruption in the Windy City by guys in the know.

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  5. Since 1900, two hundred and sixty-two million people have been slaughtered by a few countries pushing gun control.

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    • marblenecltr . . . Oh! My gosh! That statistic, although I know it is true . . . just leaves me almost unable to breath. What a profound travesty. This is the very reason these folks who wish to set up fiefdoms for themselves are all so eager to take the guns away from the peasants. It has NOTHING to do with the protection of the “other peasants,” and everything to do with preserving the lives, and financial status of those who would wish to be Kings and Queens of this Earth, and to subjugate all of us peasants. The problem is we have so many dillweeds, who are unable to see the end game, that they rail about taking the guns away from the average citizen–so that “they can be safe.” The dullards who are incapable of seeing what is happening are just as much an enemy to freedom loving people . . . as are George Soros, the Bushes, the Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers, the Clintons, the Podestas, the Obamas . . . . I find I am running out of strength naming them all . . . I think that those who are able to reason, will understand and be able to name others on this list.

      God Bless America! May there be a preponderance of righteous people living in this nation, and may they ever enjoy their God given freedom!

      God Bless our President, Donald J Trump!

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  6. So called “gun control” has nothing to do with crime or the proponents stated reasons for wishing to deny us our freedom. It has everything to do with “parasite safety”. They will stage as many events and kill as many innocent people as necessary to get their bosses’ desires met.

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    • lophatt . . . Amen and amen! You have called that correctly. I know that your sentence . . . “They will stage as many events and kill as many innocent people as necessary to get their bosses’ desires met.” Only the truly ignorant will read that and not know in their heart the truthfulness of that statement.

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  7. How many people did Bauer kill over the course of his career? Chicago is a failure of Policing and politicians can’t get it right. Talk about gun control, guns are not the problem in Chicago; they need to address crime and make Policing policies that work…

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    • That’s the whole point. The more killed the better they like it. They can point and say “see, if we just grabbed all the guns this wouldn’t happen”. If the shootings stopped tomorrow they’d have to dream up another excuse.

      It’s a mind game. These guys don’t care who gets killed. In the less violent areas they have to stage school shootings and such. They will not stop this until they completely disarm us or we get rid of them. You decide.

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  8. I never thought I’d be saying this….but I think it might be time to reinstate the mandatory Military Draft for these Fatherless Sons & Daughters, yes, I said Daughters too, for all of the 4th Wave feminists. I am a Veteran and I think it would instill discipline at the least, I went in at 17 and didn’t have any structure or direction, the Military gave me that. By the time they’re Discharged they won’t even throw a cigarette butt on the ground, plus it would be Tax dollars better spent in contrast to incarceration.

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    • Bob . . . . That is a stellar idea. It would also help to get the young dullards out of their parent’s basements. Just think of all the “Antifas” who could be put to some good use . . . as it is now, they run around attaching their countrymen, hiding behind masks, making a serious threat to our nation.

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  9. In contemplating the loss of Commander Paul Bauer. This is a travesty, he was one officer who was engaged with actually hearing the complaints, concerns, and ideas of those who actually live in the Southside of Chicago. I have little doubt but what he will be sorely missed by those he served.

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  10. You’d have to go back to the politically un-correct attitude that everybody gets broken down mentally and brought back up in solidarity. There’s no crying at boot camp. And there;s no quitting. You stay ’till you get it right. Once you learn that the only way somebody will have your back is to have everybody elses then society will have a chance. Until then Lock and Load.

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