Animal Funnies!

Those who have pets know that our companion creatures are individuals, each with their own distinct personalities.

A cat in Istanbul, Turkey, calmly squats right in front of a busy escalator outside a subway station in Taksim Square, forcing humans to gingerly step aside from Her Royal Felineness.

A dachshund named Crusoe figured out how he can get his dinner BEFORE the scheduled 5 p.m. — by moving the wall clock’s hour hand to 5!


7 responses to “Animal Funnies!

  1. We love Crusoe the dachshund! Here’s one of our favorites.😁

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  2. It is truly unreal that Kitty would be so sure of herself that she has staked her claim right in front of thousands of foot passengers. Today is a rather dreary day in Portland, and I seem to be beset by problems . . . so I am truly grateful for having anything to occupy my mind.

    God Bless you Dr Eowyn, the levity is really appreciated!

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  3. Crusoe is so cute!

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  4. The cat shall not be mocked! This is a good one!

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  5. Thank you for the comic relief among the heavy mind f******! God bless the animals that bring us joy and amusement.❤

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  6. My neighbors dachshunds are Wizard and Zina Marie. Zina Mary had an accident and refuses to wear the two back wheels, and so she she runs all over. My neighbor takes them out, the Wizard on a leash and Zina Marie in a baby sac. The Wizard is her keeper, they are lovable, the Wizard and Barney get along sometimes.

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