Useless: School safety bill passes in Washington senate amid day of shooting

only you are responsible for safety

There are several general ideas in this bill yet not one SPECIFIC solution. Sounds like another “feel good” bill for the politicians to tout in their re-election campaigns.

Also, the senate says law enforcement should be responsible for protecting and informing students about emergencies. Guess the members missed rulings which state police have no specific legal duty to provide protection to individuals.

From With all eyes on a school shooting in Florida and in the wake of a separate threat at a school in Everett on Wednesday, lawmakers in Olympia passed a school safety bill to address such tragedies.

“I’m pleased to see my colleagues unanimously support this common-sense bill to better protect all of our students,” said Senator Mike Padden. “Many times schools have to call law enforcement for information about emergencies when it should be the other way around.”

Senate Bill 6410 requires first responders to warn public and private schools in the region about incidents that would warrant a lockdown. It also creates two school safety centers — one in Eastern Washington and another in Western Washington. These centers will assist schools with resources for behavioral health, threat assessment, and suicide prevention. It also allows private institutions to contract with the public school safety centers.

“This bill would help increase safety in all schools, public and private, and it takes a proactive approach by requiring law enforcement to notify schools in these sometimes critical situations,” Padden said.

Padden, a Republican from Spokane Valley, is from the same community where yet another tragic school shooting took place in September — one boy was killed and three girls were wounded. The alleged shooter, 16-year-old Caleb Sharpe, is expected in court in May.

Padden’s bill is now in the House where it will be up for further consideration this session.


15 responses to “Useless: School safety bill passes in Washington senate amid day of shooting

  1. I have to laugh at those folks up North in Washington State. I hope they feel that they have accomplished something great, even if it is just aimed at making them feel good.

    The nuts and bolts of the whole matter is . . . if killers did not use guns, they could use bows & arrows, hammers, machetes ,box cutters; they could even poison the cafeteria food. If someone is determined, there are a bazillion ways to slaughter innocent people.

    I would say in this particular instance . . . it is truly a cryin’ shame that the FBI disregarded the reports they received regarding Cruz (that is if this whole thing is a factual event and not a hoax.) But then, they were far too busy screwing around, and throwing stumbling blocks in the way of our President . . . to be able to attend to their real job.

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  2. Why don’t we just arm and train school faculty? Military schools have weapons on campus, and usually former military on staff. One has yet to have been shot up.

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  3. Until schools stop being “Gun Free Zones” wanna-be idiots will know exactly where to go on their rampages. “Gun Free Zone” = We welcome you to come shoot fish in a barrel. All willing responsible adults should be encouraged to train and carry concealed, and signs posted outside every school in this country, reading, “This School is NOT a Gun Free Zone. Staff is Armed and Ready to Shoot to Kill to defend Life, Liberty and Property.” Do it, and school shootings will go down 99.9%! And allow concealed carry in colleges across the nation too. Responsible college students, willing to carry, should be allowed to do so. Gun control laws and regulations are unconstitutional anyway.

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    • Oh, and of course, the blood of these children and teachers are on the hands not only of this disturbed 19 year old, but also on the hands of all the pro-gun-control crowd, the idiots (sorry, can’t call them anything else,) that believe this world is all pink unicorns and rosy clouds. They are the real guilty ones, who keep perpetuating this massacres. Will they ever come to see that the only way to stop bad guys with guns are good guys with guns? I ain’t holding my breath, but hope they might see the light of day sometime soon, and pull their heads out of that place where the sun does not shine.

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      • Liberals must not take note of places w strict gun control, like Chicago, v places w lax gun laws, such as Vermont.

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        • You are right, and in fact I go one step further: I don’t think they take notice of anything. They are so wrapped up in their own minds and self-righteousness, that they are unable to consider anything beyond their own limited perception of what they call “reality” and their own caged thoughts.

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  4. Well, another example of the Queen of England Syndrome: Whenever an object falls off of a roof or out of a window, the politicians RECOMMEND that the thing fall to the ground!
    Yes, Wallace Stevens was right in his poem: It’s not the THING that we’re after, it’s the CONCEPT of the thing. Which makes about as much sense as a Platonic hot dog to a starving man!
    All these politicians are POSEURS. (I would say the same about our Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, but he appears to be COMATOSE.)

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  5. Padden’s a well meaning useful idiot, but he and the other posturing do-gooders in the legislature will have the state’s school children brainwashed into thinking Orwellian police state jargon like “active shooter,” “lockdown,” and “shelter-in-place” are as normal as the abc’s and that they should meekly obey “first responders”—meaning not just the police, but any uniformed apparatchik of the state, who by definition and according to Fox News are all “heroes” now. The communists in North Korea wouldn’t go that far.

    And how strange that we have these American bred “active shooters” whose bios are always so absurd as to prove they’re scripted, supposedly demonstrating that white nationalism is a manifestation of homicidal psychopathy. Homicidal teenage white males are now on the loose all over America—forget an order of magnitude greater black-on-white incidence of violent crimes—, so Washington law now requires psychiatric evaluations of school children for such crap as the Orwellian-named “behavioral health,” which in time will mean evaluation for any deviance from the mass mind on display in North Korea. The hatred for fellow white Americans by white American deep state apparatchiks is hard to figure, but an affirmative action hack like Lisa Page wouldn’t dare say anything but what her superiors say, so when she gloats over how much she hates pro-lifers, which would mean the majority of white Americans, what are we supposed to think?

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    • Very true. Of course there’s also the psychologic ploy of passing something like this that says “we don’t want any kids massacred”, leaving an unsaid implication that anyone who doesn’t sign on does.

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      • Agreed. I also see Drudge headlining “meds” when it’s easily demonstrated that TV news, Hollywood, and the hip hop industry are primarily responsible for implanting the minds of severely unstable teens and adults with these scenarios. There’s also the strong possibility this psychotic teen’s behavior was groomed by “therapeutic” suggestion as well as psychotropic “meds”—even in the passive sense that psychiatric and psychological “therapy” has been shown to intensify rather than eliminate the symptoms being treated.

        Naturally the talking heads and “experts” are calling for more school psychologists, whose degrees are typically based on sleeping through a few classes, pop psychologizing at Starbucks with other students, and rounding it out with an illiterate thesis based on a survey conducted among the candidates’ peers whose shared biases are then adduced as evidence. This is now the sad state in all the soft sciences, and beyond our madhouse schools, we now have a madhouse Pentagon on its knees before similarly credentialed “experts” whose inanities would get them run off any sophisticated comment board, yet they’ll be taking us to war if they can and incinerating other peoples’ teens from the air by the thousands.

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  6. American parenting these days: lights are on and, NO ONE, LITERALLY is at home. Who pays the “babysitting” bill? Please reference any/all these past mass shooting tragedies at schools and even elsewhere from this age-group or even slightly older……..

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