Girl fight for the lady pond: Feminists protest over decision to let transgender women use ladies-only pool


From Daily Mail: A group of feminists have urged a ban on self-identifying trans women from using a female-only pond on Hampstead Heath in London.

Members of the Mayday 4 Women group picketed a meeting of the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond Association who held a closed meeting to discuss the situation. It is understood, 100 of the 400 members of the KLPA met after concerns were raised about self-identifying trans women from using the female-only facility.

One insider told The Guardian: ‘It’s an important issue. There are different views about trans women using the pond and some of us are concerned about the fact that it has always been the only all-women swimming place in Britain.

Famous names such as Helena Bonham Carter, comedian Rhona Cameron and author Esther Freud are regular users of the pond.

The City of London Corporation who are responsible for the facility said self-identifying trans women were now welcome to use the pond and the female changing rooms. 

In a statement, the Corporation said: ‘Over the last year all lifeguards and managers at Hampstead Heath ponds have taken transgender awareness training courses, which have been offered to, and taken by, the ponds’ swimming associations as well. We are working with the LGBTQ community to ensure our facilities are fit to serve the needs of everyone who enjoys them, and will continue to do so in the future.’

But Mayday 4 Women have been campaigning against the change and have produced flyers to ‘keep the Hampstead Heath ladies’ pond a sanctuary for women’. 

According to the group: ‘Males already have access to two ponds: the men’s pond and the mixed pond. Why should they have access to three ponds when they already have access to two?’

KLPA told The Guardian: ‘Although it is tempting to assume someone’s gender simply by their appearance, it’s important to try to avoid doing so and to be aware of the needs of genuinely transgender women.’

In December, feminist writer Julie Bindell who has swam at the pond for more than 30 years told the Mail on Sunday: ‘It is totally unacceptable to allow men who identify as women, but who are otherwise male bodied and socialised as men, to be in a women-only space. I have seen mothers bring their young daughters who are self-conscious about their bodies but want to feel good about swimming and exposing their skin to the sun. The last thing they want is to look behind them and see a male-bodied person pretending to be a woman in order to gawp at them.’

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28 responses to “Girl fight for the lady pond: Feminists protest over decision to let transgender women use ladies-only pool

  1. The nonsense will eventually die of its own medicine… Just sayin’…

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    They neglect to consider (or are just too stupid to understand or care) that the only ones truly concerned about the needs of perverts [A]re perverts.

    But then, this is what they want for our future generations.

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  3. I need more popcorn

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  4. But, what about the “Woman’s Hut?”. Can men go there when menstruating? I think we need a slew of laws dealing with this imaginary problem.

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  5. If most of the women who are members of the pond were Muslim, THEN, the trans would definitely NOT get in.

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  6. This is obviously insane. I can’t wait for the first busload of male pranksters to visit the pond wearing light dresses, challenging anyone who questions their sexuality, requesting their feelings not be hurt and sit around all day drinking beers…

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  7. So let me get this straight—a “transgender” with fully in-tact phallus who “feels” like a woman, can swim in the men’s pool, the “mixed-sex” pond, and NOW, the women’s pond? Also, let me get this straight…..a “transgender” with in-tact fallus can ONLY achieve sexual expression and release/enjoyment through the use of the in-tact fallus—b/c “that’s all there is— (no matter what his mind thinks?). This is the EXACT reason why my female students DO NOT use the “girl’s rest room” (now officially identified as “gender free” at school) anymore…which means for some…..10-12 hours per school day from drop off to the end of after school programs……For sure in this country, the tail is wagging the dog……when the comfort and health of 4% or less of the population (whom have several alternatives) supercedes the comfort and health of the 96% (whom have ONLY ONE avenue…and NO alternatives provided.)

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    • Is it really “4%”? It’s a good question. If somebody has to “hold it” it sounds like them to me. How about a Honey Bucket painted pink? Something tells me that would defeat their whole purpose.

      Someday a known rapist is going to write a book about how he masqueraded as a tranny in school to scope the chicks.

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    • CalGirl . . . . God Bless You! It is the height of idiocy to have “gender free” rest rooms in schools, and consequently have young girls hold their urine for 10 to 12 hours so that they do not run the risk of coming upon some jurk who wants to push his “civil rights” by using a women’s restroom. Just about the first time a female comes up with urinary track problems, or problems of the colon or intestines do this insufferable situation your school district should be sewed up the wazoo, for creating the situation that has caused health issues for female students. All of this done as you say . . . “{for} the comfort and health of 4% or less of the population.” This whole thing is an outrage of monumental proportions.

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  8. I don’t think old school feminists have ever been a fan of transgenders! Germaine Greer certainly isn’t.
    I am not a feminist but of course on this I must agree with them.
    Those drag queens aren’t women. The ladies pond wasn’t a feminist creation. There is a men’s as well as a mixed pond. It’s a beautiful tradition from the 1770s.

    I highly doubt it is JUST feminists protesting. it’s probably a lot of sensible people. But the PTB want to stir the pot so we get a hardy ha ha narrative.

    I think the ponds are great. Not everyone is an exhibitionist and men and women can have their own pond if they want it.

    Transgenders can go in the mixed pool. However we all know that won’t be good enough. Just as men are tranphobic if they refuse an advance, women have to declare that these dudes are women. It’s all a big war on truth.

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    • I suppose my initial response would be, why would anyone go to government for a “solution” (to this or anything else for that matter)? If they are posted and someone comes along and violates the rules, throw them out.

      Just like everything else with this game, they want government to “bless” their perversion. Henry VIII split with The Church because he couldn’t convince the Pope to grant him a divorce. He didn’t go to government (he WAS the government).

      These days people go to government for “moral” pronouncements. That’s very much a Marxist concept. In their view “government” determines morality in everything from sexual perversion to infanticide.

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      • lophatt . . . I just read that the IQ of today’s individuals is actually higher than that of people born in previous times. If that were so, how come we have so dog gone dumb people, that they either come up with, or support such stupid, and dangerous propositions?

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    • Pilar . . . . I agree with you 100%. There have been accommodations made for “transgenders.” But, they just want to “stick it to all society.” So they continue to stir the pot, no matter what.

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      • My take is that this is an imaginary problem. In fact, its no problem at all. If some man wants to dress like a woman and go out in public he had better plan ahead. I’m not obligated to do ANYTHING for him.

        I think this is a control freaks wet dream. The most basic of human needs and they get to “control” them. They get to make people uncomfortable in their own spaces and force them to do the unnatural.

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      • Besides the ones who think it “fashionable” how many do you think there actually are? It couldn’t even be 1%.

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  9. But, but, but, there are no genders anymore.

    The commie-lib pervs said so.

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