Florida Valentine’s Day school shooting: anomalies and confessed shooter

On the afternoon of February 14, 2018, Valentine’s Day, America was subjected to another mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, metropolitan Miami, Florida.

We are told that 17 people were killed and 15 more were taken to hospitals. The alleged perpetrator, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former student of the high school, was arrested shortly after the shooting and charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder. He confessed to the shooting, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. (Wikipedia)


Almost immediately, the Alternative Media took note of certain anomalies — things that don’t fit the official narrative, and are signatures of false-flag mass trauma incidents:

(1) As with past false-flag incidents (2013 Boston Marathon bombings), the Valentine’s Day shooting coincided with a drill. Independent investigative journalist Laura Loomer tweeted that 15-year-old student Will Gilroy said students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were told there would be an active shooter drill at their school this week. “He said that’s why students thought they were participating in a drill when they were evacuating.”

(2) As with past false-flag shootings (August 2012 Sikh Temple killing, December 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre, 2016 Orlando gay club shooting), there are eye-witness reports of more than one shooter.

Alexa Miednik believes there was another shooter. She said she was walking with accused suspect Nikolas Cruz after she had heard shots being fired, and told Cruz she was glad “it wasn’t him” who was doing the shooting.

This female student also said there was more than one shooter:

(3) As in the case of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting (see “Sandy Hook deception: Associated Press stories & photos predate the massacre”), there were also predated news reports (February 12 & 13) of the Florida Valentine’s Day school shooting of February 14 (source: James Fetzer):

(4) As with the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES), the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School too will be demolished (Miami Herald) all the better to erase any and all evidence that might point to the shooting being a false-flag incident. Will Parkland also get a multi-million dollar freebie to rebuild Douglas High School into a swanky, state-of-the-art school like the new SHES?

Who is Nikolas Cruz?

This is what we know about the Nikolas Cruz, who has confessed to the school shooting:

(1) The FBI had been warned about Nikolas Cruz:

On September 24, 2017, a person who identified himself as Nikolas Cruz wrote a comment on a video of YouTuber Ben Bennight:

“I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”

Bennight, 36, who is a Mississippi bail bondsman, immediately alerted the FBI and emailed the bureau’s Mississippi field office a screenshot of Cruz’s comment. Bennight also flagged the comment to YouTube, which removed it from the video. He said FBI agents responded “immediately”: “They came to my office the next morning and asked me if I knew anything about the person. I didn’t. They took a copy of the screenshot and that was the last I heard from them.”

On the day of the shooting after Cruz had been taken into custody, FBI agents visited Bennight and pressed for more information about Cruz. Bennight said he didn’t know who Cruz was, and the agents left.

At a press conference the next morning, the FBI confirmed that it had received and looked into a tip about the “professional school shooter” comment on Bennight’s YouTube channel, but could not uncover any details from the account. Special agent Robert Lasky told reporters: “No other information was included in the comment, which would indicate a time, location, or true identity of the person who made the comment. The FBI conducted database reviews, checks, but was unable to further identify the person who made the comment.” (BuzzFeed)

(2) Nikolas Cruz has given every sign of being psychologically disturbed and yet nothing was done about it — as in the case of the Orlando gay club shooter — while schools punish boys for chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun, making a gun sign with their fingers, or playing with a toy-gun in their home, and police even arrested a dad for a drawing of him holding a gun:

  • Cruz was expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year for disciplinary reasons.
  • Classmates, relatives, and neighbors describe Cruz as a troubled “loner” who often talked about guns and flaunted his obsession with weapons on his social media accounts.
  • Math teacher Jim Gard told the Miami Herald that Cruz had previously been identified as a potential threat to other students. (BuzzFeed)
  • Cruz had been treated in a “mental health” clinic. (Washington Post)

(3) Like countless other mass shooters, we are told Nikolas Cruz was on mind-altering, psychiatric medications (Natural News).

(4) Cruz told investigators that he heard voices in his head, giving him instructions on what to do to conduct the attack. The law enforcement sources who told ABC News about this described the voices as “demons“.

(5) Nikolas Cruz is NOT associated with white supremacist militia:

The day after the shooting, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) claimed that they were told by Jordan Jereb, the leader for the white supremacist paramilitary group Republic of Florida (ROF) that Nikolas Cruz had participated in one or more training drills with his group.

However, Leon County law enforcement told the Tallahassee Democrat that they could not find information linking Cruz to the Republic of Florida Militia. Members of the 4chan AltRight discussion forum then admitted that all of the claims were false and were part of an elaborate attempt to troll a network news reporter and other media outlets.

(6) On the contrary, what evidence we have points to Nikolas Cruz being a radical leftist and a registered Democrat.

He is photographed in a red, hammer-and-sickle t-shirt with images of Stalin, Castro, Lenin, and Mao:

UPDATE (Feb. 17):

The above pic is not Nikolas Cruz. A Twitter account, pretending to be a California (Laguna Beach) Antifa group, had posted the pic as that of Cruz. It’s a hoax.

Nikolas Cruz

The real Nikolas Cruz on the right.

Cruz also posted to Instagram pics of himself in ISIS-like garb (InfoWars):

A “Nicolas Cruz”, age 20, address (803 W Oakland Park BLVD , Oakland Park 33311 FL 33311), phone (754-368-1309), is registered to vote in Broward County, precinct D005, as a Democrat (Florida Database):

H/t James Fetzer, Tony Mead, TrailDust, Bongiornoc, GiGi, MCA, Big Lug, Peace Frog, Vivian Lee, and Maryaha.


The crisis actors of Florida Parkland School shooting

Florida Parkland School shooting survivor David Hogg is a fraud


57 responses to “Florida Valentine’s Day school shooting: anomalies and confessed shooter

  1. I reblogged from Laurel’s blog (50shadesofpissedoff) about this incident. It was an excellent post – I listened to the student who phoned Alex Jones and the interview with him. It was explosive to say the least. Your post, adds more mortar so to speak to the edifice named FALSE FLAG – as Jones points out, the elite, the left, and the Deep State, have doubled down on their efforts to cancel the 2nd amendment, to discredit Trump’s admin, and dispose of this prez.

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  2. By the way, Eowyn, were you named after Lord of the Rings character or are you of Welsh heritage . 🙂

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  3. I have no doubt its another hoax. As I always say, they doesn’t mean they didn’t shoot anybody. Maybe they did, just as easily maybe they didn’t.

    We have the drill (dead giveaway)
    We have an “evacuation” under fire (very stupid)
    We have the video (see top, above) of people milling around behind the cop cars, in the line of fire, while the cops crouch behind the car doors. WTF?
    We have the testimony. Obviously the alleged shooter is not going to be walking in the hall talking to the girl.
    We have the “troubled youth” meme. (stand by for more Maoist mental health).
    We have the AR-15 meme. “Limitless magazines”? What does that mean?
    We have the pre-dated announcements (now standard for some reason)
    There is already much more without belaboring the point. What these things prove is that they can control the media and lock down real information. I wonder if anyone has tried looking into wounded and killed yet?

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      Just listening to local news in the other room while reading this very article. Did not get up to watch, but it was about Trump visiting victims of the shooting in the hospital. Could not help but wonder what he knows, if he could possibly be a willing participant, or was he actually being lead by the nose through a staged scene solely for his benefit.

      I find it hard to believe he could be completely in the dark about the true agenda behind these events. Could he truly just find it more prudent to play along.

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    • I am willing to bet no one was killed at the school.


  4. It’d be interesting if someone could compile the iPhone videos/recordings done by students of the gun shots to determine shooting location(s) and timeline. Yet I’m sure that, just like Las Vegas and other shootings, we will never know all the details.

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    • We won’t unless we find them. I’ll bet they confiscated any phone they could find.

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    • I notice that some are starting to wise up and either hide their phones or upload their stuff to websites before they can be captured.

      There was a lot of that in the Vegas one. Most of it is impossible to reconcile with their tale.

      They were announcing Cruz almost as it happens, complete with background, etc.. How is that possible? It’s a rhetorical question. The answer, of course, is it isn’t.

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      • It is very bizarre Lophatt, especially since for we “normal” folk, axing the data the attempted panopticon gathers on us is extremely hard to accomplish, yet when things like this happen the alleged shooter’s profile or website is often gone within hours of the event, or less. Do you know how long it took for facebook to get rid of my profile when I had one? It certainly wasn’t cleared out within such a timeframe… needless to say that’s just facebook, and not the whole scope of social media, so how do they accomplish such an extensive data-wipe (thereby hampering and discouraging private investigation.) across all these many platforms so quickly, while when a regular citizen attempts to axe their social media accounts & personal data it takes days, weeks, or longer for the information to be publically unavailable? That seems rather suspect, I’d say.

        I remember the whole hutaree thing that was used to lambast christians as terrorists some years back, although at that time the data wipe took a while because there were still people able to access the group’s website for days, and maybe even a week or two after the event in question. They were found innocent of most charges except for the “illegal” weapons ownership by the way, as I recall, indicating it was a satanist & govt campaign to defame/smear & demonize Christianity as a whole, as well as anything else associated with the hutaree group by the media, but you didn’t hear the media making any apologies, or broadcasting widely that the groups was innocent of the majority of the charges, and especially that they were innocent of the most egregious charges they were painted with… it wouldn’t do to compromise the image they previously concocted, naturally.

        Needless to say this operation stinks of another psy-op in the war on the citizenry being waged by the servants of the devil.

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        • “…especially since for we “normal” folk, axing the data the attempted panopticon gathers on us is extremely hard to accomplish, …”

          Truth. I deleted my FB and twitter accounts years ago yet today received notices from “friends” wishing me happy birthday based upon my false birthday. It’s not my BD.

          Profiles are only erased when they, whomever “they” are, deem so. And it’s happened every year since I closed my accounts.

          Data privacy no longer exists.

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          • Indeed DCG, and that fact proves that whatever profiles etc. the alleged “shooter” had should still be around, but then who has access to that data? (and by consequence who could monkey with it after they acquire it to make it fit their given narrative? Said data then released in piecemeal to the “press” as “the story unfolds”, which I wouldn’t put past ’em either.) I recall in recent years, well less recent I suppose, the NSA was building grandiose new data centers in places like utah, now what could they have been building those for, one wonders? Perhaps they aimed to archive “social media” data en masse, (because their existing systems weren’t large enough) to have a databank of personages to blackmail, patsy, or otherwise profile either for recruitment or for “fall guys” or for victims for “fun”.

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      • I think the FBI hired him in September, which is when he stupidly posted that “I’m going to be a professional shooter.” So people called the authorities and (of course) they pretended to investigate, but never intervened. I can’t figure out how they (the authorities) were later stupid enough to post articles a day too early. How can they repeat the mistake of SH?

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  5. Ok, thanks for the information, it wouldn’t be strange to dismiss the option.

    But, I have to say that the screenshot can be manipulated ( is not by fellowshipoftheminds.com ), in the sense that there are toys (free) in the browsers to modify the scripts and sources of information is known as (Network Worm.)

    What is clear is that it was linked to communist movements. And, that did not belong to supremacists movements (as they have said in the press of Soros), because this has been confirmed by the local authorities and the police.

    There are other aspects to assess as if family names have influenced a hatred against a Valentine’s Day. and the messages of ¨ Alla_h Akba_r ¨ on social networks.

    What is striking that a center with CCTV (or the police itself with portable cameras in these cases) have NOT left the images of his arrest. ( PRE- )

    There are possibly messages in police code, for these tragic events, where it is said quickly that it is not a terrorist act; Without waiting for the investigation, this makes you think it’s a false flag action.

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    • It’s a drill. Even so, there are cameras EVERYWHERE. Every one of these “events” are missing video. They may, or may not, release short segments. It’s the first thing they do. They sweep the area and confiscate the evidence.

      Why would they do that? Of course if it was “naturally occurring”, they wouldn’t. I feel like a broken record. They just keep giving us “the finger” and laughing in our faces.

      All of these police units have cameras and I imagine the individual cops do too. All of the corridors and class rooms have cameras. Any businesses in the area, as well as personal recorders have footage.

      These drills have objectives. They grade themselves. A major objective is how well they control the narrative and respond to useless eaters. What these things certainly prove is that they are not the slightest bit afraid of us. That’s not good. In fact it’s very bad.

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  6. Someone needs to file a FOIA request of the municipality where the calls would be going to. Why leave the bodies lying on the school hallways and classrooms for two days? That is creepy.

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  7. Evil demonic bastards think we are stupid. Father of lies is deceiving all those who love not the truth. Some day the Truth will be made known.

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  8. Valentine’s Day Masacre. Most famous hit of all mafia times.


  9. That last photo looks very familiar. Is that really him?

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  10. This just in! Add this to the list of things we’ve seen in past school shootings. The school is being torn down.😎


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    • Just like Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES)! Thank you, Maryaha. I just updated this post with your information.

      Here’s the new, state-of-the-art $50M new SHES. Grand fraud sure pays!

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      • They’re gonna have to start posting banners across these pictures so you can tell one fraud from another. Despite all the schmaltzy photos, most of the students thought (correctly) that it was a drill. That’s why some of the ones they interviewed are smiling and undisturbed. That doesn’t jibe with the plot line.

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      • That is one butt-ugly building. It looks like a warehouse with a bad foundation.

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  11. So…here’s the drill…..I have a kid in my classroom right now who could be /might be in the future, a double of this killer Cruz guy in looks, in troubled classroom behavior/ actions,family constellation, bizarre campus behavior, in academic record (including the suspensions, referrals, but he has a written/recorded “504” which can be something as benign as “ADHD”–which protects him especially, & makes it almost impossible for us to expel him UNTIL he, like this killer, brings ammo to school or ends up KILLING someone……TOO LATE LADIES). It has come down to us lowly teachers through the district programs from the state ed. puh-bah that, we are suspending and expelling “too many kids.” This affects our “attendance” (code word—ADA monies paid to us from the Feds) and later, “graduation” statistics. It appears, through these stats…that we are NOT “educating” our populace. It has been enforced upon us then…that, even if we request as a teacher, for a student to be suspended from our classrooms for even a DAY for ONE period…it counts statistically for an “expulsion” or “suspension” statistically, I suspect…even for a whole day………which counts “against” our district. So, the press is on for teachers to NOT remove aberrant behavior from their classrooms….even behavior that hurts or bullies others or sexual harassment or violence…etc etc…..in order to preserve the “statistics” of educatiing all……..

    Here’s an example ( & remember, I am JUST a middle school teacher)…..I put my foot down the other day when one of my most odious, disruptive, hideous students refused to put his cell-phone away…and, instead…..held it in his hand and began sexually moaning and “jiggling” his hand screaming out in class….” I feel my phone vibrator…I love my vibrator…..and this other student—whom I described above….yelled out “Have you lost your virginity yet????!!!!!” I could no longer tolerate such hidousness for me, as a female teacher, nor could I accept it for the shy, innocent girls whom have already migrated to the corners of my classroom in an attempt to escape the odious behavior, the sexual intimidation, of this student and others whom admire and mimic him. I reported him, and requested that he be removed from my classroom for 2 days (MY RIGHT by my ed code) and, he remained in my class for several days until the admin “got around to it.” Then, b/c they didn’t have a place to put him from out of my classroom….he was taken out only ONE day…..then back a day….then….he tried to go “under the radar” for that second day, and refused to leave my room, until I called security to take him out to serve his “second day out.”….Even so…..he paraded through the hall for some reason and banged on the hall windows, waving, disrupting, showing that his “consequeuence” amounted to NOTHING but an opportunity to embarass me and my classroom……


    • Yes, your description is EXACTLY how it goes. Kick the can down the road until we can drop the ingrate into the next’s administrator’s lap. The kid knows full well nothing will be done. These kids are only in school to push all the adults around the chessboard — they live for it.

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    • I would encourage you to avoid profiling the kid based on that, though, Calgirl, if the thought crossed your mind at all, (bear in mind I don’t know you so I’m just advising a precaution, I don’t mean any offense) because that is one thing the media clearly wants, they want to make a targeted demographic out of kids who “don’t fit in” (code for non-conformist, that is, potential opposition to the totalitarianism the devil worshipers seem to be aiming for at present.) such as having autism etc. while also utilizing those terms as camoflauge for corrupted kids produced by them (I’d suspect you’ve seen genuinely bad or even evil-inclined kids playing it off as if they’ve got aspergers or something for an excuse for their nastiness) to create a catch-22 type of scenario as far as these things go, to get the most evil out of whichever way a person might initially choose to go. It would seem they’re quick to slap “autism” on anyone who doesn’t “go with the flow” of how society’s manipulators would like it to. There is also a push to get teachers firearms in the clasroom in response to these “shootings”, which is not a good idea as nobody can watch an item and do a job that requires full attention at the same time, at some point the weapon would be unguarded, and this would basically present leaving a weapon on a school for easy access to anyone with a bent to use it, including but not limited to teachers or other staff utilizing the firearm to force rapes, abuse or coercion of students, or even of other faculty. We live in a time where morality has been stripped from the schools, and as such we cannot expect the occupants therein to be resposnible, student or teacher alike, especially since society at present has been manipulated into rewarding the criminal and punishing the victim… not that you wouldn’t be, but there is no guarantee about fellow staff, or of students… that kind of “armed staff” policy would also be utilized as a way for streamlining school shootings I suspect, rather than preventing them, and potentially making for real ones on top of that, (spur of the moment poor choices are a real problem, while pre-meditated plan making gives much more opportunity for someone to choose differently) not to mention it would further integrate schools with prisons, a problem trend already well underway.

      As you are a teacher, I’m unsure of what can be done to counteract these schemes, however, aside from a suggestion of trying to utilize your classroom to teach morality, and other good things, under the radar of the higher-ranks (“social values” was one term they used back in the day for such things that seemed to be PC enough for the time, although the devil worshipers used it to cover their own policies masquerading as morality, it would seem). It would have to be done with a lot of tact, however, since I suspect they’d use the “pushing religion in the classroom” excuse to try to fire anyone attempting such that got noticed, which is one way they make sure their own agendas are pushed without contest.

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  12. Totally different face, nose, chin, eyes, compare yourselves! https://www.infowars.com/man-who-warned-fbi-about-florida-shooter-speaks-out/

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  13. Please do a follow up article showing any agency stating there was to be an active shooter drill on campus that week….We need this to shut every mouth….
    And to raise awareness of this “false flag”

    Thank you

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  15. This was predicted by the Demon-crats(commies),when they said “there will be massacres”. They don”t care who or how many they kill. Reporting the nut cases to them gives them a pool of patsies to pick from to do their bidding. Go gettum Trump!

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  16. It goes to show that the old FBI’s politics and apathy is still permeating the air and needs to be clear, I am not saying the rank and file is corrupted but feels like why hurry it may be false alarm, and it has trickled down from the top, let’s face it, the word is RE-NO-VA-TION, as is in anything renovate and clean so we can MOVE ON FORWARD or we will remain stagnant. Even the respected FBI has lost its shine worldwide. What a shame!

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  17. You won’t see any retractions about Cruz (Latino) belonging to a white supremacist group either.

    Just goes to show how easily duped MSM can be.

    Cruz must be another “white Hispanic” like George Zimmerman.

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  18. Multiple shooters another false flag.

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  19. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/02/15/586095587/17-people-died-in-the-parkland-shooting-here-are-their-names
    So most of the people who died were heroes. Gasp, who would have thought it? Ok, not most, but still, it just feels corny to me.

    Question: has anyone noticed how… garbled the names sound? It was like this with Sandy Hook. I guess I’m just not used to people with different names compared to where I live, but this struck me hard. They all have bizarre names, like a random-name generator created them. We should investigate exactly who these people are, where ALL of them are being buried, and if they even existed at the school.

    For instance, 1 jewish (of course) soccer girl had 400 people at her funeral. What about all the other dead children? And was the casket open? Questions, questions.

    I also watched a short blip of footage from Fox showing all the kids running, and guards just kind of standing around with the door open… and there were not very many children. That just feels so, so… staged.

    Did anyone see footage of triage centers? I need to reread about the procedures being followed, because some likely weren’t here at Marjory Douglas Stoneman. (Did the high-school have to have such a long name, lol?)

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  20. https://www.boston.com/uncategorized/noprimarytagmatch/2013/08/29/mass-school-shooting-staged-for-swat-training

    Look familiar? It was a drill! Before you even start, I don’t care (for the purposes of this argument) whether anyone was injured or killed. It was a drill.

    One of the primary things the FBI does is to look for and set up losers for operations like this. They admit it.

    Today they are saying that Cruz says his “real mother” was a Jew. He allegedly “hates jews” (of course!). He also burns ants with a magnifying glass, farts in the bath tub and pops the bubbles with his teeth.

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  21. Thank you for this well researched article, Dr. Eowyn.

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  22. Already said about all of what I intended to say with the other comment responses here, but I would like to add, someone with the capability to do so should get footage of the interior of that school, all of it, As soon as possible before they demolish it, regardless of non-disclosure agreements etc. As most other folk here know, the guilty parties will utilize the demolition to destroy any/all evidence of their guilt that they possibly can. Barring that, it might be a good idea to take note of any names that might be getting grants or money etc. to “rebuild”, taking into consideration that frontmen are used in such deals to obfuscate who actually recieves the goods. (Also as an aside anyone notice the “grandma spied on child’s journal, then reported them to the feds” story that ran a couple days ago as a related news item to this garbage? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/15/grandmother-thwarted-washington-school-shooting-by-looking-at-students-journal-cops-say.html Seems like they’re really trying to push for a panopticon type of society, like the bolsheviks encouraging even families to rat out their friends and family.)

    As it is, theres already enough discrepancies to demonstrate something ain’t right here, but the problem is getting the other citizenry to listen to what’s presented… the mainsteam media makes the most noise to drown out anything else, so how does one speak to a person to present other information when they’re being blasted constantly by a propagandistic din? (apologies if this double-posts)

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  23. I stumbled across this little nugget of information yesterday:
    Marjory Stoneman Douglas(that high school’s namesake) was a woman famous for preventing Florida from draining the Everglades (swamp). Gee, what are the chances? Think about this for a while.

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  27. greatrighthope

    Which “shooting” are we talking about here? The 9:30 AM “shooting” that prompted David Hogg to hide in a closet with a couple of girls and do his “they said it was a drill but it’s going live…”I’m scared, Blair Witch Project” routine with the gals?

    Or, are we talking about the afternoon “shooting” when other students and teachers were expecting to, as many of them said in TV interviews at the scene, be in a drill and be shot at by police with blank rounds to “train them”?

    It doesn’t seem to matter how poorly executed they are…these “drills” seem to be training all of us.

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  28. He should not be killed by lethal.injection or spend the rest of his days in jail that costs the tax payers
    He should be shot 17 times plus the amount that were injured in the course of time untill hes dead
    May he rot in hell


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