US schools to pick up on the UK trend to ban the term “best friends?”


From Daily Mail: Schools around the world are banning the term ‘best friends,’ stopping children from naming their favorite buddy in a bid to ensure classmates don’t feel left out. A New York psychologist says the trend that started in London is now spreading across the US.

‘The idea of banning the phrase “best friends” is a very intriguing social experiment,’ clinical psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg tells CBS in New York.

‘Let’s face it, you can’t ban somebody from having a close relationship, and you can’t really ban somebody from having a best friend but what the schools are trying to do is foster the idea of kids having more than a single friend,’ Greenberg says.

The movement, which is believed to have started in Prince George‘s school in South London, isn’t intended to discourage intimate friendships, but rather encourage more inclusivity, Greenberg says.

The idea is to increase the number of interactions a student may have with different members of his or her peer group.

It’s now garnered support from educators in America, Greenberg says, who is licensed to practice psychology in both Connecticut and New York, and personally believes the rationale behind the notion is strong.

‘I see kids come in all week long who are feeling dreadful because they are excluded and because they are either nobody’s best friend or their best friend has moved on,’ Greenberg says.

Jay Jacobs, who operates Timber Lake Camp in New York, stresses the downside of not fostering multiple relationships at a young age, for exactly that reason. ‘I think that there are pitfalls in just having one friend,’ Jacobs says. ‘Remember as you grow up, interests change, children go in different directions.’

Jacobs adds that counselors at Timber Lake, which alternates in location between Glen Cove in Winter and Shandake in Summer, have made it a point to promote a more inclusive environment for years.

His philosophy is that children will be better set up for success later in life if they get used to having a wider friend group at a young age.  ‘You can’t be on the soccer field and just be dealing with one child, they’re going to be interacting with a team,’ Jacobs says.

‘It’s about promoting kindness, looking to children to be kind to one another and to be aware of what it looks like when you’re not.’


45 responses to “US schools to pick up on the UK trend to ban the term “best friends?”

  1. Totalitarianism anyone?

    Definition: A political (or cultural) system in which government intrudes into and controls every nook and cranny of people’s lives.

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  2. “Clinical psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg…is licensed to practice psychology in both Connecticut and New York,” and sees kids coming in all week long, etc, etc. This must be noteworthy news from CBS, right? Or is it a trivial point about teens often feeling excluded that becomes free advertising to promote this (I’m guessing) $250-an-hour yenta. Talk about collusive networking…

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  3. Dear Lord deliver us from the PC crowd of stupid moronic idiots who think they know whats best for everyone else. Had half of this garbage happened when I was in school we as students would have walked out time and time again we found out we had a voice and we used it when the school system we though was over Bering to students. In the 4 yrs of high school we demonstrated at least 10 different times and got what some things changed.

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  4. This new idea is trash. I have had a best friend as a kid till we both went our separate ways after grade school. I have a best friend for more than 30 years. A best friend is someone you can confide in, you know each other’s secrets, someone you deeply trust. Our kids grew up together. I would never confide in a team or a group. Ups and downs are a part of life that we learn from. Learning to trust someone is a valuable lesson. I have other close friends but don’t reach out to them as I do my best friend who lives a state away but always are best friends by phone or visits. This is just a another teaching of alienation of human emotion.

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    • weezy . . . . I couldn’t have said it better! I think having that special someone that you can trust with your deepest, darkest thoughts and secrets is extremely important. I certainly agree with . . . “This is just another teaching of alienation of human emotion.”

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  5. Total morons. you can’t legislate feelings. Kids know this without being told. This is about as stupid a deal as all things liberal! IDIOTS!

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    • “…you can’t legislate feelings.”

      Exactly. Yet liberals will try their hardest to do so. And when that fails, they will try to remove rights for all due to the common good. For example, what happened at the Florida school yesterday.

      Everyone knew the shooter was a ticking time bomb. Yet nothing was done to control his feelings (impossible). Laws against murder, carrying a gun at school, legal gun purchase, etc. didn’t stop the shooting. Therefore we need more gun control, which would have had no effect on the shooter’s feelings.

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      • It’s a dangerous world out there. Always was, always will be. Doing more of what doesn’t work, only harder, is never an answer.

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      • Gun Control would have changed nothing.
        A-Criminals will resort to whatever it takes to get guns,and thus,an advantage over their victims.
        B-If it happens that a Criminal CAN’T find a way to get a gun,he or she will resort to another method of mass killing-a bomb,or toxic fog,or crashing a bus…. the gun is only the tool they choose to do their “job”. Stopping the killings will require a LOT of “other” work-on how schools are run,on how children’s stress is handled,how Society looks at people’s behavior,how Kids’ PARENTS teach them to behave in society (Which they DON’T.)

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  6. I think this is just an experiment to see how easily totalitarian laws are implemented and which groups make any kind of fuss, if at all. The Christians of the US were neutered long ago. I swear, most of us have lived in the sheep’s pin quite happily, only venturing out for wars, which we should be speaking against. “Because Muslims are not redeemable.” Just like every other poor nation we’ve invaded for usually false-flag related reasons.

    I know certainly that no one in my family would do anything about it but shrug and go “we gots to love”, which means do nothing when convenient.

    Problem is, it really is already too late. And pretty darn soon the NWO forces are going to have us totally entrapped. Lord Jesus come soon. You always were the only way out.

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  7. The best friend I have is my relationship with Jesus Christ. Yes, I have other human friends as well, but none serve me better than the Creator Himself. His guidance in my life and His availability are truly remarkable. All I need to do is to believe; that is, to trust and obey His Word and it all became possible.

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  8. What’s next? No marriages with fewer than three people?

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  9. US public schools are nothing more than glorified Indian boarding schools. Meaning, they teach you only what they want you to know, to benefit them, aka the system.

    I’ll be honest, I know few public school graduates who will say, “my brother and I,” as it’s always, “me and my brother.” And this coming from kids presently in medical school!

    I sent my first group of kids to public school being as I always felt envious of public school kids, however you live and you learn. Homeschooling is the only option. Jeez, my toddler already speaks better proper, American English than the majority of adults around here!

    A bit off topic, I know, it’s just I get a lot of, “what makes you qualified,” when sharing I’m refuting public school for my youngest.
    Meanwhile, every day, there’s another horror to add to the house of horrors that is the US public school system.

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    • No doubt. Once we realize that all of this is orchestrated it is easier to understand. It isn’t happening by accident. It isn’t happening due to stupidity. It is happening by design.

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    • And I almost NEVER hear or see “fewer”/”less” used correctly, even from highly educated “experts”. It drives me crazy. 13 years of formal education–and usually much more–and this is what we get.

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    • solejahway . . . . Congratulations! You sound like a Mom who really, really care about the outcome of your child.

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      • I’m far from an English major, which anyone reading my comments can attest to. That said, I can promise you, my kid (like my others already) will not end up an adult who has a vocabulary filled with such phrases as, “it don’t, I ain’t, I seen it, me and my brother, etc.”

        I’ll also keep telling this little one the truth. My older ones, some who are now legal adults, have actually told me, I was tough, too honest at times growing up, but that they look around and appreciate it now. The number one thing they appreciate is that I made them own and acknowledge their, (‘scuse my French,) chit. Too many parents always acted like, it’s not my kid (who was a problem) But, what? Is your kid, Jesus (aka perfect)? Personal responsibility, too many in my generation lack it, and have passed that on down to their kids.

        Honestly, if you think about it, lack of personal responsibility, imo, is what’s at the heart of this distorted liberalism plaguing the minds now!

        I don’t know if I explained as I intended, and I’m sorry if I got off the mark.

        Good night, lu.

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  10. Children will always have a best friend and sometimes that best friend may change as they continue from elementary grades through high school and college. Children who are emotionally stable and well centered will also increase general friendships with many others as they mature, as we all know. Those who have maintained a close friendship with someone they met as a child are fortunate and blessed. The Godless ones who keep pushing the non-human agenda have to be eliminated from all positions of influence.

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  11. Seriously, this strongly reminds me of Orwell’s 1984. One of the strongest points he makes in the novel is that the state views strong, intimate relationships as threats. Hence, the Antisex League. Strong friendships are a challenge to state power, when you think about it. Unfortunately, the people who are instituting these policies are the ones who have read 1984 and thought it was an instruction manual, not a warning.

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    • Sure, they don’t want anyone considering who is supposed to be working for who. The State didn’t create us. This is what I mean when I say “they never ask for permission”. It is our job to remind them that they must.

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  12. Collectivism. Friends with the group, not individuals. No subversive conspiracies because every deviate will be caught.

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    • Sure, they must have total control. No one in their right mind would accept this unless they are fearful. There are always those who are willing to submit to others just to avoid responsibility. That is the great body of their followers.

      It’s that “Oz” thing. The little man (or group) in control. Once their cover is blown it turns to dust.

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      • I believe in all sorts of preservation. The only “mixing” is when preparing a drink, otherwise you get a half-breed.

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        • Hey girl. Nothing wrong with, “half-breeds.” I’m one. And, was given away at birth, by my deeply democratic (proud demonrats, to this day) white, American-Irish maternal birth family, for the SOLE reason, my b.father was brown (his family was in the higher tax bracket too, go figure) ! LOL.

          Nothing wrong with opinions, however, blood is blood, we all have it. It’s what in your spirit that counts. Not your skin.

          PS. Careful what you, “hate.” My sons gf, much to my chagrin, came from a very racist family, specifically against Puerto Rican’s. This past Christmas, he got her a DNA kit, well guess who’s Puerto Rican, lol (they thought they had Italian blood, which they have none of). The Lord has a way.

          I’m probably an Ashkenazi, LOL.

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      • lophatt . . . . Evidently, David Goldberg wants Europe to disintegrate . . . but he wants Israel to remain “safe from the effects of invading hoards.”

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  13. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it…we are in the 21st century what harm has done by calling someone their best friend…..?

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    • True George . . . . That is an idea that I certainly can get behind. It is absurd that those who wish to dabble in social engineering just have to put in their two bids worth. There is nothing wrong with . . . “calling someone their best friend …..?”

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  14. …because the U.K. makes such good decisions on how to improve their society.

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  15. The bane of my adulthood has been the development in this country of the mantra that you are born into “equality” with everyone else….instead of were born into a country that gives you an EQUAL OPORTUNITY to achieve with what is given you genetically and through our American opportunities (like….free public education, equal access to anything and everything you need to grow into a decent, productive adult, safety nets for low income, drug and alcohol addictions, food, medical needs…..) . OF COURSE, not everyone is born with equal abilities or talents or backgrounds to support them into the future. BUT, in this country and many nations who govern similar to the USA….you ARE born into a country where you have an equal access TO opportunity to develop yourself. This idea that these little kids can’t verbalize or FEEL for a “best friend” is the latest “symptom” of this “born equal” mantra. It’s sort of like when Obama wanted to overhaul the radio and TV airwaves to make sure that both pro and con of ANY political controversary be policed to make sure they had “equal time.” So, like the Obama “equal time thing,” with these little ones, it is an early start/indoctrination into the state limiting “free speech.” Parents BEWARE!

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  16. Because the U.K. has such great concepts on how to improve their society.

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    • I think, historically, they aren’t as resistant to it as people in the States. I was in England for quite a while in the late ’60’s and early 70’s. I loved it but I did notice that about them. I think its a matter of expectations and how one is raised.

      My ancestry is clearly 100% British. I can trace it back to the early 15th Century and earlier. I felt at home. Anyway, in the States we are raised (or were) to reject being told what to think. It seemed to me that in the UK at the time people were more accepting of their status in life and less likely to complain.

      I personally find it repulsive when these social engineers attempt to impose new standards for everyone to adhere to.

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