Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal business in U.S.

The FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is America’s central database for tracking crime-related information, and interlinked with federal, tribal, state, and local agencies and offices.

According to the NCIC, there were 465,676 missing children in 2016, an increase of nearly 5,000 since a year ago. Of the nearly 25,000 runaways reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 2017, one in seven were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 88% were in the care of social services when they went missing. (Source)

Human trafficking is the commercial sexual exploitation of American children and women, via the Internet, strip clubs, escort services, or street prostitution.

John W. Whitehead, a constitutional attorney, is the founder and president of The Rutherford Institute and the author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People. In a well-sourced article on The Rutherford Institute, Whitehead alerts us to these alarming and horrific facts about child sex-trafficking in the U.S.:

  • Sex trafficking—especially the buying and selling of young girls—is the fastest growing business in organized crime (CBS Austin) and the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally, after drugs and guns (WGBH). Why? Because, as investigative journalist Amy Fine Collins points out, it is “more lucrative and much safer to sell malleable teens than drugs or guns. A pound of heroin or an AK-47 can be retailed once, but a young girl can be sold 10 to 15 times a day.”
  • Children—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a girl being sold for sex is 13 years old. (DHS)
  • Adults purchase children for sex every two minutes, at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States. (HuffPo; USA Today)
  • Who buys a child for sex? Otherwise ordinary men from all walks of life. “They could be your co-worker, doctor, pastor or spouse,” writes journalist Tim Swarens, who spent more than a year investigating the sex trade in America.
    • In Georgia alone, it is estimated that 7,200 men (half of them in their 30s) seek to purchase sex with adolescent girls each month, averaging roughly 300 a day.
  • It is estimated that at least 100,000 children—girls and boys—are bought and sold for sex in the U.S. every year, with 300,000 children in danger of being trafficked each year. (Herald Tribune) Some of these children are forcefully abducted, others are runaways, and still others are sold into the system by relatives and acquaintances.
  • On average, a trafficked child might be raped by 6,000 men during a five-year period of servitude. (Sun Sentinel)
  • Child sex trafficking is not an urban problem, but takes place everywhere, right under our noses, in suburbs, cities and towns across the nation.
  • Where do sexual predators find their child victims? On social media like Facebook and MySpace ; malls, bus stops, high schools, middle schools; foster homes and youth shelters.

Whitehead attributes the epidemic of sex trafficking to:

  1. Consumer demand “that is increasingly lucrative for everyone involved — except the victims”.
  2. Government corruption: “a level of corruption so invasive on both a local and international scale that there is little hope of working through established channels for change”.
  3. Women’s groups who do nothing.
  4. “An eerie silence from individuals who fail to speak out against such atrocities.”

Whitehead’s advice on what we can do:

  1. Educate yourselves and your children about this growing menace in our communities.
  2. Stop feeding the monster: This epidemic is largely one of our own making. Sex trafficking is part of a larger continuum in America that runs the gamut from homelessness, poverty, and self-esteem issues to sexualized television, the glorification of a pimp/ho culture—what is often referred to as the pornification of America—and a billion dollar sex industry built on the back of pornography, music, entertainment, etc. According to The Atlantic, the porn industry brings in more money than Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Yahoo.
  3. Call on your city councils, elected officials and police departments to make the battle against sex trafficking a top priority, more so even than the so-called war on terror and drugs and the militarization of law enforcement.
  4. Stop prosecuting adults for victimless “crimes” such as growing lettuce in their front yard. Focus instead on putting away the pimps and buyers who victimize these children.
  5. Finally, the police need to do a better job of training, identifying and responding to these issues; communities and social services need to do a better job of protecting runaways, who are the primary targets of traffickers; legislators need to pass legislation aimed at prosecuting traffickers and “johns,” the buyers who drive the demand for sex slaves; and hotels need to stop enabling these traffickers, by providing them with rooms and cover for their dirty deeds.


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  1. This is a horror that will be dealt with. I understand it is one of the President’s priorities to bust the practitioners of sex trafficking, no matter how powerful they may be.

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  3. I know God is slow to anger but this is unacceptable on every level. How depraved can people be its a child not a toy. The damn nation these people will receive will not be enough pain to off set the pain these children will endure for the rest of their lives. I know the AFR radio station is trying to off set some of this they are rescuing children and putting them in safe homes for about 7 bucks a day to live free from the sex traffic. How much screaming do we have to do to make someone in government to do something about it.

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    • I think the first step is to get those involved in it out of government. Their predatory buddies are who they run for offices. That’s why they have nothing to fear.

      Just look at evidence with Clinton and the DOJ, for example (I know it isn’t the same, but its similar). It isn’t lack of evidence. It is lack of prosecution. They don’t prosecute their own kind.

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      • It feels as if it’s a prerequisite to have pedophilic sympathise before you even attempt the Bar exam.

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        • Are you serious? Wow. No wonder there are so many sick lawyers. Reminds me of a joke: A lawyer died and was sent to Hell. He was waiting in D. Evil’s office and noticed the wall was full of clocks ticking at different rates. They all had labels under them such as “engineer”, “doctor”, “plumber”, “mechanic” and so on, but he didn’t see his own profession there. The devil came in with some paperwork and sat down. The lawyer asked the devil about the clocks. Satan replied, “Every time the clock ticks, one of those in the profession committed a sin.” The lawyer was really confused and asked him why there wasn’t one for lawyers. The devil looked at the wall for a second or two. “Oh, that’s right! We have one for lawyers, but it’s in our shop, we’re using as a ceiling fan.”

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          • I am serious. Because whenever I’d question a lawyer, any lawyer (be it a prosecutor or defense att), how they could find it justifiable to see people sent to county jails, and federal prisons for literally, a handful of marijuana, meanwhile, grown men who were believed to have raped a six year old child by all the proper authorities (md, dhs, le, etc), doesn’t even get and or face probation, they’d all give me the same response, a shoulder shrug, with, “well, it’s just the way it is,” remark.

            I’m a lay person, yet that drove me insane. They are all IN the system, therefor, in my mind, HAD the power to at least try to bring about change, and all they do is give me a Bruce hornsby and the range line?

            Yeah, I do believe, all joking aside, that it must be a prerequisite to be, “sympathetic,” towards pedophilia before attempting the bar.

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            • Lawyers see their function, usually, as representatives for whoever hires them. Prosecutors, work for DA’s. DA’s are usually politicians. They care about how a particular case makes them look.

              Judges are usually payoffs for connections (see above). The system is as I described it. It isn’t like “Perry Mason” on TV. These guys hold offices for themselves, not us.


            • It could be that they’re freemasons and that’s one of the signs of it. They don’t get in trouble if a ‘brother’ is there. Freemasonry also worships Baphomet, which would explain the sickness of letting these true criminals off the hook. Freemasonry is a cancer- read about it on Henry Makow’s website, it’s pretty insidious.

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              • I agree, 100%. I’m in Lancaster county, PA – Freemason-ville! I’ve learned so much the past 11 years (about them, etc.), it’s incredible.

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                • Freemasonry is alive and well in Pa, as well as the rest of the world. Ugh. It’s horrible. Did you read “Architects of Deception” by Juri Lina? He puts the puzzle pieces together from years and years ago. An excellent book. Someone I know got me a freemasonry magazine, and my DH said he knew one of the people they were ‘awarding’ some honor to, he said he went to high school with him and the guy was a total bozo non-thinking lunk head, works in retail and he’s not too smart. Of course he’s on all these ‘boards’, like the American Heart Association.
                  It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. As you know. 😉
                  Harrisburg is pretty bad too. They have a big lodge in that vicinity.
                  One of the good things is that freemasons are losing their numbers, many of their kids are not going into it. So there is hope at least! 🙂

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                  • The lodge in Harrisburg has the creepy statue of a grown man with children hanging off of him! Then there’s the 666 lodge in Hershey, the creepy Masonic video (if you know what to look for), at the children’s amusement park, Dutch wonderland. This place is rife w this stuff.

                    I grew up in the suburbs of NYC (Westchester county), so it wasn’t like it is here. Definitely more like the AL Pacino film, The People I Know. But here, with lodges literally, in every borough, sometimes two! And with porch masons, on up, it’s been quite the eye opener.

                    I never read the book you’ve mentioned, though will, and do know, because of a hemp store I had here over a decade ago, called sole Jah way, (like my handle), I came in contact w many masons and eastern stars , for, they wanted to know what I know (in deep Masonic literature they refer to their god as jah). Yes, both tie into the teachings of king Solomon, however, this is what I’d always tell them, that if one finds out in power, (i.e.: the power of the unseen, prayer, energy, etc.), especially in a power which is so pure in intent, natural and beneficial to and for all mankind, and then keeps this on location, known only for a select few, aka EXCLUSIVE, it will always be a negative. Their (the masons), adoration of Hillel aka Lucifer is merely the icing on the cake, and really selfishness isn’t a trait of God anyway, so even if they didn’t believe they were worshipping lucifer, by partaking in exclusive knowledge sharing, etc., it’s selfish – again, not living in a reflection of God.

                    Anyway, I hope I haven’t offended. I have a tendency to, especially when talking about God.

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                    • Not at all! Someone I know has a friend who’s husband had been a higher ranking mason in PA- the wife ended up in a “hospice” they run. Her friend went to visit the woman and she said it was major creepy, she said the ‘chapel’ where you could pray had half men/beast statues and that the staff there was very ‘weird’ (didn’t go into details). It was also incredibly expensive- 8K a month!
                      Freemasons are either oblivious (or are just ignoring the truth) or know that they are not worshipping God, but their ‘god’ Jahbulon- Jahbulon is three separate entities, Jahweh the God of the Bible, Baal, another name for the devil, and ON is a reference to a city in Egypt but is generally known as a reference to Osiris god of the dead.
                      If they were an ‘above board’ organization, they would not need to have all the secrecy and blood oaths they cling to.
                      You are right about them being very selfish and exclusive. Traits that truly spiritual people do not possess or want to possess. 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading “Architects of Deception”, it really opened my eyes. 🙂


                  • The book you mentioned is online pdf! I’m very excited. I just read a quick synopsis, and am very excited. Thank you for the recommendation!

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      • Exactly! The government has been covering for itself for a long time. They’ve also been stacking the courts with those who are sympathetic to, or even involved in pedophilia themselves, so the guilty get off easy. And look at how people are now trying to make pedophilia a-okay, no big deal, just another lifestyle. Lock them up too! Heck, at least one member of the highest court in the land, Ginsberg, says pedophilia is okay.

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        • I’d love to have/see the nambla member list publicly revealed.

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        • I’m not sure what can be done about it. What I am sure of is that we have to stop thinking about things in an imaginary way. We have to look at things as they really are, warts and all.

          Most of this isn’t pretty. The same people who weasel their way to power are the same people who enjoy abusing adults and kids. They get there because of connections to other perverts just like them.

          We live within a set of myths. These myths are perpetuated in schools and through media. If you asked the average person on the street they’d tell you that they lived in a democracy and that these ruler creatures were selected by us through a democratic process, etc..

          None of that is true. Indeed the very people who present themselves to be able and upstanding are weak and opportunistic. They don’t work for us. They work for their masters and, because of that, they are allowed to eat the scraps from their master’s table.

          Sick as it sounds, the kids are part of the “scraps”. They are provided with kids to abuse as a “reward” for their service in ushering in the New World Odor. In short, “who you gonna call?”. I would not for a minute consider any “official” avenue to address this problem. You can try but you will get nowhere.

          Like I’ve said about other issues, the favorite ploy is to investigate it to death. This gives the impression of “concern” and that “someone is doing something about it”. Both are lies. They can slow roll issues using this tactic for years. If you ask they’ll tell you “we can’t discuss it, its under investigation”. Eventually it just dies.

          That’s what we’re seeing here lately. Assange’s group dropped a load of bombshell emails that show their normal activities. Of course, rather than investigate, they immediately set about denying the validity of all those claims. Had they spent a tenth of the effort spent on denial on investigation, we might have made headway. But, of course that will never happen.

          Look at the UK. They have had decades of scandals involving pedophiles. They alway end up the same. All of the top political slugs are exonerated. This pattern is repeated everywhere. Given what we know, why is nothing being done?

          I know that someone will say “look at all the arrests lately”. Well, yes, look at them. Who are they? Are they “master minds”? No, they are not. If things get too hot they are quite willing to sacrifice a pervert or two. There are plenty more where those came from.

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          • lophatt . . . . Everything you indicated is unfortunately the utter truth. it saddens me, and leaves me with such a feeling of inadequacy because we really do not know where to begin to tackle this problem. The fact that 88% of those being trafficked are wards of various State Children Services is just incredible.

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            • Judges are the ones that have final say on whether or not a kid should be taken from their home, and then where they should be placed.

              Judges, are a Major part of this trafficking problem, imo. Oh, and lest we forget, often the white collar traffickers, the Jeffry Epstein’s of the world, are usually, and from my experience, the $$$$ behind these judges campaigns!

              The whole system needs to be dismantled.

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        • Maryaha . . . . I am in total agreement with you on this issue. It is an outrage that we have so many people in high places that are involved in this very activity. Thank you for bringing up that filthy old crone–Ruth Ginsberg. It is beyond belief that she can remain sitting on the high court, when she embraces pedophilia. In fact, it truly is beyond what is easily understood–that we would have a Supreme Court Justice who would be in favor of this down right filthy criminal behavior. Children who have been subjected to this degree of brutality, most often are not able to come back, or recover from the horror of it all.

          I would not be opposed to invoking the death penalty for sex traffickers, or for those who support this egregious industry. After all . . . . they have had little problem in killing the very souls of those they choose to abuse.

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      • Look how lauded Dennis Hasbert was until very recently. Bob Menendez in NJ still hasn’t been properly sentenced I believe. It goes on and on.

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      • I think Clinton’s buddy Roy Epstein and his little island needs to be investigated pronto.

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  5. Ask Podesta…

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  6. When I was in college (around ’09-’13), I’d write a lot of papers on this global issue, and what I’d find, routinely, no matter which country, was that you’d find absolutely no stats available, for the numbers were immeasurable.

    Human trafficking makes more than illegal drugs, and weapons combined.

    Imo, it’s why they have the war on (the handful) of drugs; to appease the masses. It’s a, “look at us, look at this bust,” meanwhile 4, 5, 6 year old little kids are being smuggled in, bought for everything for sex to snuff films! Yes, here in America too.

    Again, we the people are allowing this by allowing harsher legal penalties for things such as marijuana possession than that of an adult, who has been found to have had raped an infant, toddler or child. (I know I’ve already said this, but can it really be said enough?)

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    • solejahway . . . . No! This fact can never be brought to the attention of all people too many times. I really think that until, as you have said, we put greater emphasis on this horrific crime, over small time drug offenses, we will not be able to win. I still think that those who perpetrate this evil, should be ushered from this life. Post Haste!

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  7. I get so angry when I see how pervasive this crime is, and how it’s done right under our noses. Something HAS to be done about this. Those who are involved in any way with harming these children need to be put away for life because they cannot be rehabilitated. The first thing that needs to change is the denial that it is real. People think these stories are just made up. Just like the McMartin case and the Franklin cover up case, along with many others, people have either never heard about them, or they write them off as conspiracy theories. When a lot of this stuff came out in the 80s and 90s, I remember that a lot of talk shows would have people on to talk about it, and they would get labeled as part of the “Satanic Panic” crowd in order to discredit them and silence them. Those talk show hosts are guilty for helping this scourge to get where it is now.

    Craig Sawyer of Vets 4 Child Rescue is doing great work. He is constantly being silenced by Twitter, Facebook, etal.

    I agree with John Whitehead, law enforcement should be investigating these horrible crimes against children, rather than chasing down people who grow a little something in their yard.

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    • Craig Sawyer of Vets 4 Child Rescue regularly appears on Infowars to give updates. His group works with law enforcement all over the country to find and arrest all forms of human trafficking. Many trafficking and pedophile rings have been busted since Trump became presidient. I don’t remember the statistics, but hundreds, maybe thousands of children and women have already been rescued. They started at the grass roots level. Of course, we’re waiting for them to arrest those who have infested our government at state and federal levels. Jeff Sessions is very involved in bringing the perpetrators to justice. In my opinion, this is the only directive Sessions supports that has been positive. Sadly, in all other matters, he has failed to support Trump and Constitutional law (exs. Search and Seizure, marijuana, and FISA). He has to be compromised or he’s having cognitive issues. I’m betting he has been compromised.

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      • greenworxx . . . . I agree with you, it is a blessing that President Trump has been instrumental in getting the ball rolling in busting these criminal syndicates. I suppose that since we really cannot see much good coming from Jeff Sessions . . . at least he is doing something relative to pressing charges against those who engage in pedophilia, in any way, shape or form.

        Now, if they could only nap Podesta, the Clintons, Obama, and many of the other “Big Names” who are invested in this behavior . . . I would be tickled pink!

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    • Maryaha . . . . Amen and amen! The only thought that I differ with you is . . .I see no purpose in storing people who would participate in this kind of horrific criminal activity for the rest of their lives. This seems like it would be a punishment of the taxpayers. Since they cannot be rehabilitated, which we already know from studies, I feel it would be better to send them to the next life. I am rather sure that their greeting in the great beyond will be more horrific than anything they could ever envision.

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  9. This is rather long and involved, but worth it. It even has an Alec Baldwin connection. This is how art is used to smuggle children and drugs. This also involves what we laughingly refer to as “intelligence services”. It’s worth a read and a ponder:

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    • Very informative link, thank you.

      That alefantis, Dio Mio. I was banned on another site for saying his face looks like a baseball to me, (which it does) but in all sincerity, just looking at his face makes me feel like I was punched in the stomach on an already empty stomach.

      I don’t think our minds can fully comprehend what these sick clucks are up to. It’s probably our saving grace.

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      • You’re very welcome. Watching the various interest items on Alefantis leaves one with the impression of the “queer’s queer”. It goes even further than that, he comes off as the enemy of Western culture.

        He is how you would cast “The Devil”. He mocks all Christian convention. He stretches gross to new levels. He is constantly trying to get his followers into a new depth of depravity.

        Watching the MSM do the set ups for him as the poor victim of “conspiracy theorists” was truly sickening. He’s just a humble pizza monger. Right, 49th rated demon in D.C. Hell.

        If you don’t take anything else away from reading about him it would be that his function is to lead astray. I sense that there is no low he won’t go to. He has no bottom.

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  10. We must bring these people to the courts and as soon as they are declared guilty of any of these crimes, from pimping on up, they are sent to be castrated. Extreme, you bet. How else are you going to stem this flow of sickness? No first time warning, no reprieve. For far too long this sickness has been allowed to grow and fester, something has to be done. Embarrass these people to the 9th degree, let them lose everything.
    And we have to start safe places for these children. Even if it only large homes or orphange like places. They have to know there are safe areas for them to go. We have to step up on counseling and help these kids get their education and jobs to leave this way of life. They need the tools and we can provide them.

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    • Agreed. However, we cannot simply castrate them, as, (imo), the sickness lies in their mind, it’s gone beyond the body.

      ***I’m not suggesting anything other than simple castration won’t solve a pedophile’s problem.

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  11. I’d like to say I think that a mandatory death penalty for anyone found guilty of doing this to children should apply, however, that would be politically incorrect…

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  12. When the US government is involved with their own pedophile sex rings (see “The Franklin Cover up” by John DeCamp), it’s doubtful that much will be talked about.
    These poor children are also being murdered in satanic rituals, but you won’t hear a peep about that one! The attempted abduction (via an unmarked school bus of all things!) in Michigan was not reported on any national news sources, just a local one. You would think THAT would deserve attention but no, they’ll tell you all about the Oscars or some other useless crap.
    I know of many kids that had attempted abductions by total strangers while walking home from school and it NEVER made even the local papers. The police as a matter of unwritten policy hush MOST of these incidents up. An old heighbor of mine was dating a woman who used to be a 9-11 operator, she said you wouldn’t believe what happens and is never reported.
    And, even the where they send around a ‘have you seen me’ photo in the mail, they’ve been running the same photo of an 18 year old girl for a whole month.
    I would be mortified if I had to let some daycare center watch my kids! People trust their kids to almost total strangers, yet they wouldn’t let these same people hold their wallets or purses. Value your kids and don’t easily trust people you don’t know. Heck, even those you KNOW can be untrustworthy. People are too trusting about the wrong things.

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    • The real world (unfortunately), is run through connections. Those are not based on expertise or faculty, they are groups formed to help each other’s self-interests.

      In every field there are perverts. Like a disease, once it burrows in, its there to stay unless excised. Over time these affiliations grow stronger and worse. It is obvious why all of them seek to ensure their own are represented in legal circles, etc..

      There are so many involved that those who don’t delve in perversions don’t get selected or manage to keep their appointments. After all, who are they going to take a complaint to?

      There are many right now who are easy to spot as being compromised. No matter what the nature of their vulnerability is, they must depend on the perverts in charge for relief.

      Look at Sessions and Rosenstein. Explain why they are still there. I’ll take a little nap, you can wake me when you come up with something.

      Whether it is Church hierarchy, seminaries, or schools and government, they are ALL infected. As long as practitioners remain in power, nothing will change. They are not going to remove themselves.

      So today we could assemble thousands of deviants with sufficient evidence to imprison the lot. But where would you find a prosecutor?

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      • There’s a book called, Transylvania Sunrise, and irregardless if it’s fiction or non, the point is, there’s a point in the book where the supposed head of the Freemasons, an Italian, from Rome maybe, comes and explains exactly how these groups, and hierarchies work, from the top, all the way down to the local Lions clubs. Again, whether this is a work of fiction or not doesn’t matter as it’s explained so well, it’s undeniable that that at least it 100% true.

        I’d offer the exact pages but I lent out my book and haven’t received it back yet.

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      • I know…sadly this is true. I remember watching the raw footage on youtube of The Franklin cover up in 2000 or so.

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  13. Sex trafficking of children, as well as sexual abuse/violation of children (and even murder of children) is a low priority in our criminal justice system. Children are not valued as highly as adults as victims……and for sure, the murdered fetal child is of little or no value at all in most states when he/she is a victim of murder or maternal abuse. (I’m NOT EVEN referencing this in the same breath as abortion….just criminal end of the life of an expectant mother). Has been, is now, and probably will be in the future until we STOP assigning a variable value to life according to age or gestation.

    Additionally—- Much of the recognition of/apprehension of/prosecution of those who use and abuse children for sex depends upon the “judicial culture” of the area in which you live. For instance, if you live in an area of the country, like Riverside Co., CA, where —if you stand to a jury trial for anything, let alone child trafficking, child rape or murder……you could very well “get off” b/c the aggregate available jurors have some contact with the criminal justice system and are exceedingly sympathetic to anyone arrested for any sort of crime brought to a jury trial. Case in point……

    Not too many years ago, the man who kidnapped 4-year-old Samantha Rungren from her front yard, drove her to a secluded place on the rural Ortega Mountains in Riverside Co, CA, raped and killed her, and posed her for others to find….had been charged previously in Riverside Co CA for sexual abuse/rape of the children of TWO of his previous girlfriend’s little girls…..these women came together to help charge him, seek justice for their own little girls….and prevent it from happening again….and the Riverside Co. jurors acquitted him, despite compelling evidence….and set him free. Every ONE of those jurors are guilty of the rape and murder of Samantha. This is an example of the “judicial culture” of our area. It probably would NOT have happened in, say…one of the “fly over states” of middle America…..but in our liberal coastal areas, East and West… is a way of life…….

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    • Same in Lancaster county, PA. A few years ago, our DA came out saying that the older (white) female jurors were having a hard time believing the vics, especially if they came out with the info after the fact. It didn’t matter if they were four and five when it happened and they only found the nerve at ten to talk. They consistently weren’t believed.

      It was also blamed as a prevalent problem bc of the Amish. However, I personally feel it goes deeper than that. Maybe even to the days of the first settlers here. As many of those, whose families were the establishment then, are still within the ranks of the establishment, and they’re all sympathetic towards pedophilia crimes. The men, and women. I just don’t know. It truly boggles the mind.

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  14. Thank you Sol….being originally from PA….I’ve followed exactly what you’ve described with the Amish and the sexual abuse of minors within their well as the struggle of the judicial to “handle” this……..this, too, is a really VALID example of what I’ve called “judicial culture” of an area where the “jury of peers” are compromised by the “judicial culture” of the specific area, and are ill-equipped to make a neutral and judicially valid decision that protects the public from future victimization by these same defendants.

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  17. Did John Whitehead ever go after the Bushes; Jeb–and the 2 prez. Bushes as they were/are certainly part of the top child sex traffickers in the world. Jeb, when he was gov. of Florida trafficked and allowed trafficking of countless innocent children, babies etc. Just look at who is in charge of any entity world-wide, and in 99.999% of cases, the “leaders” and those is positions of “trust” and “power” are your——————— think Clintons, Obamas etc, etc..



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