A Second Shooter in Florida High School?

We’ve seen this before

Spicious reporting in Florida

Second Shooter Eyewitness Testimony CENSORED

The Alex Jones Channel – Feb 15, 2018

Eyewitness Alexa Miednik, who believes there was a second shooter, said she was WALKING with accused suspect Nikolas Cruz after she heard shots being fired – and told Cruz she was glad “it wasn’t him” who was doing the shooting at the school in Florida.

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Somebody needs to place extra protection on this girl. The people who mentioned other shooters in Las Vegas had a tendency to die. We don’t want that to happen to her.

Here’s an afterthought

Something about this girl’s ease and enjoyment in the interview has been nagging me. If there was such a horror inflicted on innocents all around her, how can she be so unaffected? I’m just posing a question, not making an assertion, but is it possible she is stretching the truth to get attention and find her 15 minutes of fame?

74 responses to “A Second Shooter in Florida High School?

  1. I don’t know what to make of these teenagers’ stories. Last night one on Fox News said she saw “blood, gun powder and bodies” all over the floor after the shootings. She also smelled all the “gun powder” from an AR15.

    Seems to me if they haven’t been around firaearms they will make up what they feel happened.

    If her story is true, you can be sure it won’t reach the light of day in the SRM.

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    • Lisa Haven had a piece about her today as well. She was trying to get her on the phone. If her story is true where did he put his AR? It’s a little large for a concealed weapon.

      This has the ring of a setup. Find a troubled kid and set him up for a fall. I hate to sound this way but somebody needs to verify all the alleged killed and wounded. That doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t do that, it is just worth knowing.

      If you remember the Columbine shooting it took a LONG time for them to enter the building. This one was VERY speedy. When I see that I think “drill”. All of these have strange aspects, even the more or less straightforward ones.

      There hasn’t been a shooting at a school that I think wasn’t staged since that one in Dallas decades ago.

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      • lophatt . . . . As far as I am concerned, the worst thing that could happen at this moment is that this young girl would be swept up into the public frenzy! She needs to be videotaped, and a deposition needs to be made of what she both saw and heard. Then perhaps her life might be safe. I just do not trust the powers that be . . . if this event has been manufactured, the powers that be, will be chomping at the bit to dispose of her. Just call me skeptical!! I really do believe that her life must be protected.

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    • The way she worded it, though, it seems that there either was a second shooter, or she was lying. I doubt it was the latter. Who to trust? A confused student, or snake-tongued news sources?

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        • It sounds like a drill, and they either set this kid up, and will kill him, and her to, now, IF there are real bodies, or they will all disappear, and he’s a crisis actor. Same as SandyHook. Look for the crisis actors as the news starts with the tearful interviews. I hate to be so sinical.

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        • He wouldn’t be walking with the other students carrying a gun. They say that he no longer attended class there. I tend to believe that she recognized and talked to him. She is probably assuming that if the media said it was him, it was him. So, even though she doesn’t see him do anything, she assumes that he did.

          It REALLY sounds like a drill.


      • Initial reports are always confused– unless people saw two shooters at once, it’s usual mistaken.

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      • I certainly don’t know, but I think she’s just a young, unsophisticated girl. The reporter asks her about a “second shooter” and she is a kid who’s been taught not to argue with an authority figure. Rather than say “no, you’ve got it wrong. He wasn’t shooting, the shooting was coming from elsewhere”, she just said what she said.

        A lot of people don’t strive for accuracy when they talk. Her point was “he didn’t have a gun when she talked to him and there were shots elsewhere”. Although she didn’t say it, I am quite certain if he were carrying an AR nobody would have stopped to talk to him.

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  2. If her story Is true it wouldn’t be a “second shooter” it would mean Cruz is not the shooter. She says he was walking (unarmed) when she talked to him and she immediately heard shots from somewhere.

    It really is a crying shame that we can’t believe a thing they say, but I’m afraid that’s the truth. I have no way to verify her story either. She doesn’t seem very bright but she doesn’t come off like a liar either.

    They said that he was no longer at the school. They also said he was still enrolled with the district. I’m not sure what that means.

    They are also trying to spin this that he was involved with a “white supremacist” group. Of course! The Hispanic, Cruz, is a “white supremacist”. Anyway, like the Vegas operation, they are creating tons of spin here.

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    • lophatt . . . . Bless you for pointing our the obvious! Just as Newton, CN–they supposedly pick some smuck who supposedly had “mental issues” From what I heard on the radio today, this young man also has had a very troubled life . . . I am sick to bloody death, of these Hoaxes being created,

      Unfortunately, we have so many American citizens who cannot run screaming to hide under their bed covers . . . screaming that the government should protect us from all the crazies with guns! It would not surprise me in the slightest degree if this was not another manufactured atrocity!

      The very first thing that needs to happen is that the parent’s of the young woman, Alexa Miednik, need to immediately send her away to a very safe location. One that is not specifically tied to close “friends and family” members. Since she stated that Nikolas Cruz was with her, unarmed, when they heard gun shots, and she exclaimed, “I’m glad it isn’t him {you}.!” If they do not put her into hiding, I think the likelihood that she will meet with an ACCIDENT {Sarc} will happen in all probability. This is exactly what happened to numerous people that were involved in the shooting in Nevada, who told the story of their being a “second shooter.”

      It is the saddest of all things, that we do have within the Deep State, those who will sacrifice you or I, or anyone else in order to further their political plans for this country, which is to disarm American citizens. The very reason why they would perpetrate this horrific slaughter on young people . . . is that the loss of young people’s lives horrifies us to the greatest degree!

      God Bless our country, may the truth eventually come out.

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      • In my second paragraph omit the word “cannot: in the first sentence. I get excited and my fingers outrun my brain. Sorry!

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      • You’re right Lulu, I thought the same thing about the girl. I read some accounts with the Vegas operation and if that had been me I would have been scared. Not the open shootings, but the police and others forcing people together in big groups in windowless rooms. No thanks.

        It is their fault that I am suspicious of all of these. You’d have to be crazy not to be. I hope she stays safe.

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    • Notice how these school shootings never happen in the ghetto where folk might have weapons and return fire? They always happen in the “gun free zone” ‘burbs where the shooter knows he won’t get rounds back.

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      • Seriously, for a whacko (or false flag, for those inclined) one or more unexpected people with guns who don’t want to die make evil plans go sideways quick.

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      • That’s an excellent point. They know that if they tried this somebody would get killed.

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      • Plus, he supposedly set off the fire alarm to cause a mass exodus afterwards to allow himself to escape. Does this kid strike anyone as being clever enough to think of doing that? Also, I don’t think he’s the type to plan this for a particular day, just so it can be referenced as the “valentines day massacre”. That this would even be thought of sounds to me like the work of more than one person and certainly not something that Cruz might think of on his own. Furthermore, the event occurring on this particular day strongly implies that this had to be planned relatively far in advance which again seems out of character for the shooter. IMO, persons like this don’t plan for weeks to carry out a shooting, they just suddenly snap and go do it. And the chances of this happening right before Valentines day and him realizing the significance of the timing is just beyond belief. And speaking of Cruz doing this, has anyone yet learned of his motive? If so, what was it? Finally, the average household income in this school district is supposedly about $300,000 and the average cost of a house is almost a million dollars. Definitely false flag. Here’s an interesting site I just discovered on the matter…


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  3. I don’t mean to sound conspiratorial, but this time, I want to see pictures taken on the scene – complete with bodies, before I am going to believe this thing really happened.

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    • Dave . . . . You have my permission to be “conspiratorial” all you want! I also feel about 150% skeptical over this event. I want to see some real evidence . . . . and I want the young woman who said there was a second shooter to live, and tell her story! Something just stinks in Denmark, so to speak! We have been hoodwinked far too often, as far as I am concerned.

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    • At least, where’s the pics of the bodies being removed under a sheet? Media clamors for shots like that of dead celebrities. Yet none from this shooting, Newtown, etc. None. It’s very odd…

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      • Yeah, I read the police report from Vegas. Anyone familiar with police reports would spot that as bogus in five seconds. There are no names, places, etc., just useless generalities.

        “Victim “X” was taken to a local hospital with unspecified wounds”. Really?

        EMT’s and ambulance attendants were excluded but pickup truck drivers were allowed to transport and invited into the hospital to assist the doctors and nurses. Really?

        I haven’t started with this one yet. From the look of it we may get even less than usual. This, of course, is by design as well. They want us used to not being informed.

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      • There has been a limited videos posted of students showing bodies on the floor and bloody drag marks.

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        • You mean like someone would put together to look like a shooting?

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        • The only vids I have seen show kids cowering in place and you hear gun shots.

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          • Yeah, and I can walk down a hallway with an AR-15 and fire blanks all day long.

            I saw the same vids, and I didn’t see even one bullet hole anywhere.

            I’m not saying this didn’t really happen, but until I see positive proof, I am not about to take the word of the gun-grabbing Marxist State Media and Broward Co. officials, as Broward County might as well be a communist hell-hole all on its own.

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      • I agree. These kids are growing up with these “drills”. We’ve seen several of them pulled in schools with no warning. Sometimes the kids are terrified. Kids can’t tell blanks from the real thing and few adults can either.

        So, the alarm sounds (after having had a fire drill in the morning) and everyone is told to file out. While going through the hallway they hear gun shots. Some will be scared. After all, they’ve been trained to be scared.

        This girl says she saw the alleged shooter in the hall and spoke to him. I really don’t believe she would make up a story like that. She might make up a story but it wouldn’t be that one.

        As I said, if they had a real active shooting in progress, would you want them evacuating your kids through the halls? To where? That’s insane.

        There are also some “human interest” stories of “heroes” already in this. I don’t believe those either. I think that girl is smiling because she “knows” this is bunk.

        As far as victims go, they could be real, they could be non-existent (or some combination thereof). If I control the “media” I can say anything I like. We’ve seen this consistently.

        I am quite certain with the Vegas operation that medical staff knows that they can’t let ordinary civilians with no training into the ER to “help” with treatment. But THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. Think about that. Don’t you think a doctor would say “hey, that’s nonsense”? Well, they aren’t.

        That one too has BMB “miracles” as well, multiple gunshot victims up running around over night. Just like the dancing amputees.

        This lying has to stop. At least we have to stop acting like its real. That will rot your brain.

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      • Yes, it’s beyond odd. Every, single, person has a video camera.

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    • That doesn’t mean it happened anything like as advertised. Sheets and blood can be actors and fake blood or real dead people with real blood and the whole thing can still be a hoax.

      Whether people are hurt or killed are just means and methods. Somebody makes the decision to “go live” or not. These are psychological operations. Whatever is most efficient from their standpoint is what they do.

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  4. Traildust . . . . Thank you! This is an extremely important event in our history. If it is real . . .it is unimaginably sad . . . if it is a hoax–it’s still unimaginably sad!

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  5. I saw this last night on Twitter, by Thomas Graham.

    Tips to recognize a false flag attack:
    • Simulations/ Drills prior or during the
    • Chaos to confuse witnesses
    • Conflicting statements
    • Crisis Actors
    • Protocols not followed
    • Shooter Soc Med pics with guns
    • Narrative shift to gun control
    • Hero emerges

    Also, news of the event dated February 12th and 13th.😎


    How does that happen?

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  6. Mr. Pozner lived in FL until recently. Calling Mr. Halbig, calling Mr. Halbig. While dredging up remembrances of the recent past, shortly after the LV NV shooting, we were given a toll of 58 dead, 500 wounded, figures that have been held ever since. (How many ambulances and helicopters would be needed to bring to the hospital’s?) With 500 wounded, would not some of them have died of their wounds? Should not the number 58 have increased, 500 decreased?

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    • Don’t get me started. I’ve been saving everything I’ve read on that LV thing. Wow! It is beyond belief, but there it is. WHATEVER happened there, if anything, is NOTHING like as described. I could say that about all the others as well but that one is SO bad it hurts.

      Once they pulled off SHES they knew they had it in the bag. All they have to do is stonewall. They really don’t care if you believe them.

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      • Get started, get started! There is a woman with whom we don’t agree on political philosophy or religion but do agree on where we are headed and why. She (Debbie Lusignan, Sane Progressive), has done a lot on LV NV, and it can be found on bitchute.


    • They “say” that the ambulances weren’t allowed but people with pickups were. When they got to the hospitals the drivers were let inside to help the medical personnel treat the wounded. I’m not making this up. They want us to believe this.

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  7. I just watched her video. I think she is lying. She wasn’t sad and even smiled and couldn’t even look at the interviewer in the eye. Did she even go to that school? The shooter wasn’t a student there, so there was no reason for him to be walking the halls unless he was the perp.
    I just can’t buy her story.

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  8. a. Similarity of reports. Talking points same?
    b. That area is heavily Hispanic. Do news images represent the demo?
    c. What’s not in the news?
    Wag the dog?

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  9. BTW: Ever notice how these school “mass shootings” only occur in government schools?

    Face it, kids are impressionable, and can be easily manipulated through no fault of their own – particularly if they come from parents that willingly pack them off five days a week into the clutches of government agents.

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  10. My 14 year old daughter got off the bus yesterday after school and we watched this unfold pretty much from the beginning, live.
    I have always talked to her about all the false flags and media manipulation over the years, she would laugh at me and roll her eyes especially after I called Sandy Hook a bunch of bs, I never believed in the conspracy stuff, until I was home and watched that live also on tv and I was like WTH!?!?

    Well yesterday we watched this, and she was like, chaos, (reporters comment while the cops were drinking bottled water and on phones) what chaos everybody is just standing there, and I said, just wait, there are 20 injured, but shortly they will be dead, and we will have a hero teacher/nurse/secretary that will die saving people. The kid that killed all these people will have a mental illness and an FB or Twitter account with guns and middle fingers and probably look like a psychotic ass.

    This was so ridiculous, golf carts, pick up truck backed up to door with tail gate down, then moved 10 feet further away from the door when they brought some black bag? Out the door to throw in the bed of the truck. Kids went to Walmart then came back to school. Active shooter but the kids were all sitting on the grass along the road, some on blankets….the laughing little kid video where he’s laughing and yucking it up with another kid, sorry for the rant but seriously what the ever livin hell…..who believes this crap! Ugh obliviously a lot of people I know….

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    • Thank you, precisely. There are…..signs. People don’t act that way when somebody is really trying to shoot them. I was in the Army and know that much. It’s amazing how small you can make yourself.

      In this movie they have them marching through the halls while gun shots ring out. People in the line of fire just “chewing the fat”. It’s an identifier.

      That one in Australia a while back was the same. Reporters standing in the street, in the line of fire, while cops exchanged gun fire with the perps in the building?

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      • Yesterday my daughter text me at 1:45 and said Hey mom guess what! We just had a fire drill! I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry……

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        • Now this morning my daughter text me that “someone” pulled the fire alarm, and the scene was total chaos, with kids running to get out of the building, paper and folders scattered all over the hallways. Pretty sure the fire drill they had the day after the shooting, instructed them to stay calm and proceed to their assigned location for head count. She said kids were in a panic that there was a shooter. So the manipulation is working from all directions with these false flags.

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  11. While videos showing kids running from the school seemed real, the thing that seemed so reminicent of Sandy Hook was photos taken of the kids evacuating the school in a line with their hands on each others shoulders, (and all conveniently filmed from the air). WTF is that about? Like they are moving through smoke and fire and can’t see ahead so they must keep in physical contact? It just struck me as weird and the fact that the press could get there that fast and just happen to catch that activity.
    I was suckered with this one initially cuz they didn’t kill the suspect, but it really doesn’t take long for the inconsistencies to start coming out. I also saw another YouTube vid with an interview with a Dad who said there were two drills, the fire drill,that had that morning and another shooting drill.
    One thing is for sure, they keep upping the ante with these by increasing the numbers killed and will most likely continue to do so until they get what they want.

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    • Sure, that’s part of the drill script. They tell them to look scared and run. Then they hear gunshots. They don’t know if they’re real or not. They are TOLD that they’re real.

      Later, they tell them that ___students were killed or wounded. I thought about this last night. My high school graduating class was over 1,000. I maybe knew 50 or 60 kids by name. Several others I would recognize by their faces but never spoke to them.

      Pulling this off would be easy. Unless we are real social butterflies we tend to stick with those we like in a small circle. If you’re a kid and hear gunfire in another part of the school, you will believe what you’re told about any casualties. You won’t miss them because you’ve never heard of them.

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  12. Trust NOTHING the mainstream news tell us! I listened to Fox news for like five minutes, already found holes. The suspect managed to “blend in” with the crowd? A youtube comment led them to the suspect? Ridiculous. People say anything on youtube! And everything.

    I have no suspicion this was more than it seems. Clearly, another assault on our own people by the enemy. I still pray Trump is actually fighting them.

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  14. Would someone explain these basic questions:

    1: HOW DID THEY FIND HIM, the suspect??? Fox NEVER MENTIONS IT, save that the suspect “blended” in with the other students he was killing a second earlier?
    3. What about the witnesses who claim there were multiple shots? Remember their names.

    Qanom impersonation Think.

    Remember Sherlock Holmes, and how he always foiled Lestrade’s knee-jerk reactions and Wattson’s half-logic? He used two things:

    Logic is a given. If you can’t use logic, you aren’t sane or aren’t paying attention!

    These three elements are not met by the news media. Questions are appearing where answers should be.

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  15. 01/27/2018, Qanon mentions the following:

    “Mueller Fake News.
    Russia Russia Russia
    Should that fail expect a major FF to force a shift.

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  16. An earlier witness states multiple shooters:

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  17. Enough, the liberals keep dumping all on President Trump, it was that piece of shit president Mustafa Obama that didn’t care to do anything but push his executive orders on everything he wanted done but refused anything to the country and travelled his ass all over like a king Showing his power, he the queer and his slave slut Michael, they brought our country to its knees, damn the liberals. Hope God pours HIS wrath on you.


  18. Of interest is the interview of Jarel Martin on infowars broadcast yesterday. Student and witness, he told of numerous Secret Service drills and training to bring about new security protocols. Should have asked Mr. Halbig to do that.

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  19. Yes. Several survivors of the Las Vegas Massacre insisted on multiple shooters. The FBI SEIZED everyone’s cell phones and ERASED all the content.
    The survivors of this massacre who have ANY cell phone footage must release their content to members of the friendly media right away and BYPASS both the Sheriff and the FBI: The first duty of ANY conspiracy is to convince us it does not exist. Therefor, they immediately go about to destroy any and all testimony of all the eyewitnesses. We’ve seen this since, Oh, the Kennedy Assassination!

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  20. Is there a grassy knoll anywhere near the school?

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