New York fashion show features a 10-year-old boy who promotes “kinderdrag”


@desmondisamazing Instagram photo

First feminism, Satanism and the #MeToo movement inspired voodoo at a New York fashion show. Now a fashion house is using a very young and “unapologetic” gay child to promote “kinderdrag.”

The kinderdrag model Desmond Napoles is from New York City. I told you about this boy in July 2015 when his mom allowed him to walk in the New York City Pride March. From my blog post:

“There was plenty to marvel at during the New York City Pride March on Sunday, but one precocious 8-year-old boy stood out from the crowd: Desmond Napoles, of Brooklyn, who joyously strutted and vogued his way down Fifth Avenue in a rainbow tutu and gold sequined cap. And when critics reared their heads on social media Monday, suggesting his participation was inappropriate, mom Wendylou Napoles shut them down with grace and pride.

“If you are offended, don’t look,” Napoles wrote, in part, in a lengthy post on the Facebook page of LGBT website NewNowNext.

“He is old enough and smart enough to know he would be marching in the Pride parade in front of thousands of people and did it willingly,” she wrote.

Napoles tells Yahoo Parenting that she and her husband Andrew have been taking Desmond to watch the Pride March since he was 6 years old.

“He loved to see the drag queens and the colorful costumes,” she says, admitting that she did have initial moments of discomfort, but got over them quickly. “I believe my son will be better off and more successful in the long-term being exposed to all of the diversity at Pride. He needs to know that there is more to life than what he experiences at home, at school, and in our neighborhood.”

According to Desmond’s bio, he “came out of the closet when he was born”.

Now Desmond is taking his gayness to New York Fashion Week to promote his status as a “drag kid, dragutante, dragketeer, and draganista.”

He participated in the Gypsy’s Sports Fall 2018 show, wearing an oversize black blazer with Elizabethan ruffles around the neckline. See the photos at Cosmopolitan.

RuPaul has also given Desmond his stamp of approval, telling Desmond at DragCon 2017 in New York City that he was the “future of America.”

Here’s a thought: If the “future of America” is gay, then how will people be created?


26 responses to “New York fashion show features a 10-year-old boy who promotes “kinderdrag”

  1. When the judgment comes the folks who lead these children down this satanic path will find the wrath of God will not be restrained at all for the lose of innocent life to sin of the devil.

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  2. This is such evil BS .. “came out when he was born?” Yeah, he came out of a demon. How does a 10-year-old boy know he is “gay,” unless he has been sexually used (abused) by the gay adults around him. This is child abuse of the worst kind.

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  3. What the parents of this boy are doing should be a crime. Desmond Napoles looks demonically possessed.

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    • Goldbug . . . . You are absolutely correct . . . this is the worst kind of “parental abuse” possible. To willingly lead your child into a life (where if he hasn’t already been sexually abused) he will be caught up in a lifestyle where older homosexual men will latch onto him for “their enjoyment.” Once he has passed the “youthful age” he will be thrown away, or perhaps he will turn to turning tricks on the street. I feel almost sure that we can have every expectation that this boy will in all probability have a rather short lifespan. This just sickens me, and to think that the parents are 100% behind it . . . .Dr Eowyn

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    • He does look possessed. He appears to have physical symptoms of severe child abuse, possibly analogous to Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, such as malnutrition, lack of any discernible muscle tone (even for a ten-year-old), and a persistent trancelike look in his eyes. MSBP comes to mind because of the bizarre relationship with his puppeteer mother, typified also by a go-along cipher of a dad. It’s straightforward child abuse on the face of it, regardless of the reason and by any metric, but nonetheless this very activity is promoted and protected by local, state, and federal governments like none other.

      Another element here is the field of child psychology, where homosexuals have been quietly recruited and heavily subsidized in the Ivy League (and likely elsewhere) to promote the homosexualization of every child who may be sent to “therapy” and to lend pseudo scientific credence to lies about, for example, little Desmond being born a transvestite.

      The media seem to love parading and celebrating this sort of sexual child abuse, which can only be symbolic since they couldn’t care less if he died tomorrow. As i’m writing this there’s something on TV about a school shooting being categorized as a “systemic nightmare” no less, which, horrific as it is, distracts us from the big picture, which is that the very same media, Fox included, are sacrificing our children to Satan right under our noses and to lives of diseases, drugs, and early death, and without a single meaningful counter-offensive by their accomplices in the Republican Party.

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    • He should be removed immediately and placed in residential counseling. His parents should be arrested.

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  4. Napoles’s parents are unfit to parent. This is a disgrace. What are they trying to do, set up their son for life-long failure???

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    • Steven . . . . Amen to that! He will end up as lost as the young men we hear of in Hollywood who turn to drugs to quell the emotional pain that there circumstances have caused them.

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    • HOW in GOD’S Name is this NOT Child Abuse?? Look at how SKINNY he is! His parents,and whoever is promoting this tripe,should be in Jail-while they’re waiting to be sentenced to PRISON!

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  5. Oh how tragic for children caught up in the LGBT movement.

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    • If they don’t murder them before they’re born they sacrifice them on the altar of Satanism later.

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      • So true the damage these children will have to over come to have a normal life will be devastating and debilitating to there minds. How many years will they lose getting past all of this just to have a normal life with a family so much time lost on sin.

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      • lophatt . . . . The dichotomy that you have brought up . . . death before birth, or death of life and/or spirit on the altar of Satanism is truly a sorrowful thing to contemplate.

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        • Don’t think for a minute that I enjoy this. It makes me physically ill thinking about it. These self-serving Satanists destroying everything holy. Then I go look up the “Pizzagate” stuff and there they are, laughing over how clever they are.

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  6. Child abuse like this was once a criminal offense.

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  7. He said he came out gay when he was born, no he came out of his demented mother’s womb. Like everyone previously said, this is child abuse.
    The child looks like he is stunted in growth. If this had been a conservative child being home schooled, the CPS would have been there in a nano. Where are they now?
    At 10 years old, I knew nothing about sex, let alone what being gay meant. Why has he been schooled on this at such a young age? They parents have a lot to answer.

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  8. that poor boy!
    my heart aches for him.
    again, the red, black, and white colors of the illuminati and left eye symbolism…satan and his followers are all over this child.
    he looks to me like he is screaming for love, instead, he is just being used.

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    Social services would take a child from a parent for giving him, or her, a swig of whiskey and honey for a cough, but they turn a blind eye on such an obvious case of long term sexual child abuse.

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  10. May the Lord have Mercy!

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  11. I don’t care what gender this kid, or his parents, think he is. Someone has to call CPS on these parents and STAT stick a feeding tube in this kid…for starters! He is so unreasonably thin and I don’t think so in a “normal way” b/c he also has those bowed/fragile legs that look like a childhood rickets case….so problems that started LONG before this picture was taken. I GAURANTEE you that, if this kid showed up in my classroom a year from now as a 6th-grader, at age 11, in this shape, I’d be investigating all over the damned place to find out if there was a medical record in his cumulative school records that explains his low percentile growth/appearance medically. And, if nothing explains it…I’d be ON IT LIKE A DUCK ON A BUG. This is NOT DNA..& unless there is a medical explanation…..this is starvation due to some un-natural cause.

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  12. This’ll be him in 20 years:

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  13. This is so disturbing, especially on the heels of the recent JonBenet Ramsey post here. Both children sexualized and exploited by their parents- and that is the stuff that is happening in plain sight. I shudder to think what could be happening to that poor boy.
    And as others have pointed out, that poor child is sickly thin. I made the mistake of Google image searching him and he looks as though he’s been in a concentration camp. Not to mention the dead eyes. His parents should be locked up.

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  14. Sick, Perverted, Vile, Asinine, Demented, Satanic, Kinky, licentious etc. WendyLou when listening to her babble you can tell that she is not mentally stable. She comes across as a person who is #SIMPLE with the IQ of a BRICK. Andrew (Desmond’s Father) is obviously a debt to society. Completely uninvolved with his son and what he is being directed to do. They are sexually exploiting Desmond for their own Political Expedience/PC Culture, Fame and Money. It’s pretty clear that Andrew doesn’t work but rather lies around being the “BUM” that he is. Desmond is headed to a life of Hate, Intolerance, Racism, Violence, Drugs, Alcohol, and being prostituted out. He should be playing baseball, swimming, riding bikes, skate boarding,
    scooters, sleds, jump rope
    BUILDING With his DEADBEAT Dad. Such as:
    building outdoor forts, clubhouses, and treehouses
    Board games, card games, jigsaw puzzles
    or trading card collections

    Science, nature, arts, and crafts kits

    READING Books about animals, sports, school life.

    Attending Mass/Reading the Bible and learning The Ten Commandments which is based on COMMON SENSE and MORALS. This poor boy is doomed.


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