Liberal/Marxist logic: King County Executive says “fairness comes down to your ability to pay”

dow constantine

Dow Constantine: It’s not fair…

I’m so glad I moved out of Washington state.

From King County Executive Dow Constantine says Washington taxes are unfair and he wants to fix them.

“Now, what is fair depends on where you stand, obviously, but I would submit this: That fairness comes down to your ability to pay,” Constantine recently said at an event for the Sound Cities Association.”

“It’s not fair to expect those with limited means to pay a larger percent of the little they have to support our collective roads, and police, and transit that are essential for all of us, for a prosperous economy and a strong community,” he said.

Constantine was recently the keynote speaker at an event for the Sound Cities Association. Here, he laid out his argument that Washington taxes are not being collected fairly. In short, families at the lowest end of the income ladder pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than those earning at the highest end. Also, households in a city like Seattle are paying much more than households elsewhere.

Constantine made this example:

It was mentioned that I live in West Seattle. My folks live in the house in which I was raised. It’s a modest house owned by two long-retired public school teachers. They get their pension; they get their Social Security. And the Legislature just handed them a big property tax increase on this little house in which I was raised.

They are going to be paying more for schools statewide, but my mom’s brother and his wife – my aunt and uncle – live down in Centralia. They are also long-retired public school teachers. They also live in a modest house they’ve owned for a long time.

Their school district is going to get subsidized by my parents and they are very likely going to get a tax cut. Even though they have the exact same income as my parents. That is clearly not fair.

You can see the data he presented here(A link to his web site that provides his full speech. It doesn’t include any links to hard tax data/analysis provided by a nonpartisan organization). His speech comes as Seattle is championing an effort for an income tax; the city plans to take its case all the way to the state Supreme Court.

Constantine’s speech, however, was short on specific solutions to the issues around Washington taxes. He did point out examples of “things that could be different.” He also said “no one is actively considering” an income tax (someone might want to point him to Seattle’s Supreme Court case). Also, in August, voters rejected Constantine’s proposed $469 million sales-tax hike (“Access for All”) to raise money for art, science, and culture programs.

Constantine suggested:

  • Recast the sales tax: Apply it to more types of sales, but at a lower rate. This is also done in Hawaii, New Mexico, and both North and South Dakota.
  • Tax capital gains — income that people don’t earn — as a way to offset property taxes.
  • Allow governments to tax app downloads (Constantine admits that the local tech industry might not be in favor of this).
  • Fix “our goofy B&O tax”: The state should tax based on value added — on each stage of production — which would ultimately be paid by the end user. Businesses are currently taxed on gross receipts whether or not they make money, Constantine notes.
  • Property tax relief for seniors, veterans and other homeowners based on income.

Constantine also expanded on what taxes should primarily be used for:

  • Ensure all children get a decent education and job training that allows them to do better than their parents.
  • Build transit and a power grid for a modern economy.
  • Provide access to health care for all.
  • “And so much more.”


10 responses to “Liberal/Marxist logic: King County Executive says “fairness comes down to your ability to pay”

  1. Straight out of Karl Marx’s playbook — of communism’s “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for pointing out what should be obvious to all, but some folks still have their heads stuck in the sand.

      What I find to be interesting in the enumeration of items that taxes would be used for . . . . . it’s the fourth item that really gets me–taxes would be used for … “and so much more.” It’s the “and so much more” that will come at you to bite you in the backside. There will be monies allocated for items that the individual taxpayer never dreamed in their wildest imaginings would be the responsibility of the government!

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  2. Democrats today:

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    • Anonymous . . . The real fallacy in this way of thinking . . . there will be a top tier of folks who will be installed, who must be taken care of before all else–even though their “ability” may surpass that of many of the peons whose efforts are confiscated. On the other end of this . . . giving “to each, according to his need,” these are the very people who are left to starve to death, because they really are unless eaters. Anyone who is stupid enough to fall for this line of BS should be sent to a Gulag, for six months–or until their thinking has straightened out.

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  3. Was he one of those Hitlery students who is now trying to bloom in the foot steps of the great (Benedict Arnold) scar he seems to be in lock step with her ideas as in marxism do as I say since I know best.
    Sounds great till you get the bill and we all know what that will reap.

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    • Brian . . . . God Bless you for your concise enumeration of just what is wrong with Marxism. You really nailed it with the idea . . .”do as I say since I know best.” Your truly golden sentence is . . . “Sounds great till you get the bill and we all know what that will reap.” If we cold just teach more of our young people exactly what will happen under Marxism, we would truly be blessed. As it is the “line they are swallowing sounds just great.” They have no concept of the peril they are taking on in pursuit of Marxism.

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  4. What is that old wag….something like, “The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a new, different outcome each time?” Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Nazi-ism etc, ….have all failed within living memory, over and over and over again on GIANT, national scales…..they didn’t EVEN require the benefit of looking back over centuries…b/c they all failed within a living generation…..and they did not just “piddle away,” they failed in gigantic proportions….starving masses, strangled State economies, low birth rates, missing productivities of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in the marketplace, wasted creativity of their populations that could have truly propelled them forward into a “legitimate” world discourse, stunted growth in education, manufacturing, digital and other modern growth systems….and, most of all, hideous human rights violations against their own citizens…..

    Washington State is its own “country,” as is Mexifornia…..Never ever gonna take my CA retirement income to Washington, and for sure, gonna get out of Mexifornia when I retire….and take my income with me. NO RETIREE in their right mind, or right checkbook, can afford to live here on, pretty much, the entire West Coast on a fixed income. For instance, I pay $2 more per gallon of gas than my brother-in-law does in Virginia….and…I might add…Virginia is not a paragon of conservative virtue these days…so, even despite Virginia’s leftest leanings, they have not dragged their populace as far left economically and idealistically as has happened here in Mexifornia. Also, I could pay HALF or mostly LESS for a home in many states with my same square-footage and acreage than I have here in Mexifornia…AND there are several states that, as a retiree, I would NOT have to pay property tax (and some places……state tax on my retirement income). People—there are states/places out there that are waving the big flag of “COME LIVE HERE WITH YOUR RETIREMENT DOLLARS”……and any of us would be STOOOOOPID to not take advantage in our tender, later years.

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    I know, crazy talk.

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  6. why do I have to pay taxes for something I don’t even use? I have no children in school but i still have to pay for it. How about raising taxes on the people that have the kids.? Collecting taxes has been is and always will be done unfairly. Income tax is the stupidest most unfair way of collecting taxes. instead tax us on what we spend. No tax on unprepared food. No tax on healthcare. Everbody should get an exemption for a portion of housing, utilities, transportation and clothing. Everythiong eles gets taxed according to what you spend. Don’t want to pay taxes. Don’t spend anytthing.


  7. Wrong-o, liberal moron; “fairness” doesn’t and never will exist. Your and my individual lot in life is determined by our individual choices. Admittedly noone begins equally, we won’t end equally either. He who depends on an benevolent all-giving “government” to provide for their very existence is a slave.

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