Obama’s gay portrait artist distorts biblical Judith as a black woman decapitating white people

Yesterday, February 12, 2018, greeted by much media fawning, the official portraits of Barack and Michelle “Big Mike” Obama were unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

The National Portrait Gallery, founded in 1962, is a historic art museum in Washington, D.C., and a part of the federal government-funded Smithsonian Institution.

The artists who painted Barack’s and Michelle’s portraits are, respectively, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, who are the first black painters to receive a presidential portrait commission from the museum. (NPR)

Aside from the fact that Wiley painted Barack with bizarrely elongated fingers, and Sherald’s portrait doesn’t even look like Michelle Obama, it is noteworthy that Obama chose Kehinde Wiley to paint his portrait — a man so consumed with hatred of whites that he distorts history by depicting white historical figures as black, and the biblical Judith as decapitating a white woman instead of an Assyrian general.

Wikipedia describes Kehinde Wiley, 41, as an openly homosexual, New York City-based portrait painter who is known for his highly naturalistic paintings of African-Americans. In 2007, the Columbus Museum of Art hosted an exhibition of Wiley’s work, describing his work gushingly:

“Wiley has gained recent acclaim for his heroic portraits which address the image and status of young African-American men in contemporary culture.”

Artsy.net describes Wiley as an artist who selects “works from old masters like Peter Paul Rubens or Jacques-Louis David” and “replaces the historical figures with handsome young black men.” An example is Wiley’s painting of Napoleon as a black man, which is displayed in the Brooklyn Museum.

In one painting, supposedly of the Old Testament account of Judith, a Hebrew woman, seducing and beheading an Assyrian general, Kehinde Wiley portrayed Judith as a black woman holding the severed head of a blonde-haired white woman.

This is the artist whose works are praised by a former President of the United States, Barack Obama, as “challenging our conventional views of power and privilege,” and whom the taxpayer-funded National Portrait Gallery commissioned and extols (NPR):

“Wiley typically portrays people of color posing as famous figures in Western art. Through this practice, he challenges the visual rhetoric of power that is dominated by elite white men.”

See also “Gay portrait artist Kehinde Wiley, spirit cooker, painted a sperm on Obama’s head


52 responses to “Obama’s gay portrait artist distorts biblical Judith as a black woman decapitating white people

  1. More from the classless and clueless fools in the BLM Hate mongers movement. Crappy art IMHO

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  2. Exactly what Obama and his handsome husband deserve.

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  3. This just adds to hundreds of other signals we have received, all of them flashing, “DEFCON 1,” and screaming that Obama is the front face of a war on American freedom.

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  4. truly disgusting and revolting…interesting how michael’s portraits always appear more feminine than the actual subject…interesting illuminati colors in the dress

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  5. Artist? Down Under we’d call him a bull sh#t artist. While his paintings appear colorful, they are actually black & white statements. Some video ……..


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  6. UGLY, UGLY, UGLY .. beauty is skin deep, but UGLY is to the bone. How could portraits of these two America haters be anything other than UGLY?

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    • It’s worse when you consider what they pulled off for eight long years. They put a queer racist in the President’s office. Wow! They’re gonna be laughing about this for a long time.

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  7. She (he) doesn’t even look look like her
    (him). He looks like Wes Studi wall hanging at Wrigley Field.

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  8. Incongruous ……

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  9. Stephen T. McCarthy

    As a friend of mine texted to me yesterday:

    “I’m just surprised that Barack didn’t freak out over his husband being portrayed as a woman.”

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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  10. POTUS #44 Hates America and did everything in his power to gut us from within. I truly hope him and his ilk will pay the penalties for treasonous acts. When I was younger, you would be investigated for any un-american activities, now, for some reason it’s accepted. We actually had a socialist openly run for president?! The IRS openly targeted conservatives, Prayer Groups?! #44 also loved that Cloward & Piven strategy. OK, I’ll stop….because I could go on and on all day, I despise that lying creep to my core.

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    • I feel your pain, Bob……I literally woke up a few days after the Obama inauguration….and certainly in his “first 100 days,” & thought that there was a literal BULL IN A CHINA SHOP running through our Constitutional rights, our country, our American Ethic, American History……..Had NOTHING to do with race….but EVERYTHING to do with political alignment to the FAR left. Furthermore, as I’ve detailed on other posts here…..we were one of those targeted by the Cleveland IRS, even tho’ we live in Mexifornia…and then that let us open the next year to an audit by the Mexifornia State audit……..ongoing harassement b/c our little geographic area turned back the Obama illegal immigrant buses on interstate 215, for instance, and refused to let them be dumped into our little, ill-prepared, ill-funded communities…..(illegals happened to be dumped upon us anyway a few weeks later…by ARMED force against US citizens, under Obama…a whole ‘nother story that I’ve also detailed on this post before)…….Is this a clue (?)……when my husband and I went to the US Post Office to get forms to ready ourselves for an audit…….they were ALL OUT…..& we were told informally by the US Post Office Employees at the facility..that….there were THOUSANDS of people coming in to get the informations/forms for their zip code area……that’s why they were out of supplies for it……..

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  11. It looks like Kehinde Wiley is also linked to spirit cooker Marina Abramovic. No surprise there!

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  12. I didn’t see the sperm.
    Any sperm on ‘her’?

    But then again, really, who cares, Bette Midler?

    It’s all so odd, and so WRONG.


  13. Well I know this comment is hardly original, but can you imagine the outrage and accusations of racists! White Supreeeemacist!, if Trump chose someone to paint his portrait whose oeuvre included multiple paintings of Whites beheading Blacks??!!! This is another in your face from lowlife Barry.

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  14. Only one word for him and his art; “Racist”.

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  15. Good grief, it’s always about race with Obama. Yawn…

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  17. Those leaves behind Oreo, could they be the ones obama’s smoke? Talk about God haters!

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  18. After eight years of having a mulatto, queer, Muslim president with a tranny for FLOTUS, is this really surprising? This shows how much they hate us and our culture.

    It says a lot about the system that made this possible. What if Trump selected a portrait artist who was famous for showing backdrops of black jockey statues and black lynching scenes? The howling would be deafening.

    Any of us that have studied the communist playbook know where this comes from. They have a government for the Goy and it looks a lot like Maoism. If they need to use racial war to achieve it, they will.

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  19. Stephen T. McCarthy

    At another website — Gateway Pundit, I believe — someone mentioned the fact that in Odumbo’s painting, it looks like he has five fingers on his left hand, which would make for six digits altogether.

    And that immediately made me think of this:


    Hmmm…. Is the artist implying that Barack is a modern day offspring from the ancient Nephilim?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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  20. Copies of the original portraits should hang in all Walmart’s toilet rooms. Walmart caters to the LGBT and BLM. Shit no matter how is painted is always shit. How crude to hang those pictures next to so many honorable people. Queers favor queers that’s why Mustafa commissioned the queer painter. The portraits will sure stand out amongst the other portraits, hoping that the paint runs out disfiguring both portraits to be thrown in the garbage not too far from now.

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  21. About the designer of Michelle’s dress, Michelle Smith, a baby butcher supporter:

    “But it’s Obama’s choice of Milly as a designer that may send the most direct political statement, because Smith is known for her outspoken activism. Last September, she debuted T-shirts commemorating 100 years of Planned Parenthood, for which 100 percent of the proceeds were to benefit the nonprofit women’s health care organization.

    At the time, the designer told Yahoo Lifestyle that Trump’s election was a “severe wakeup call to do something,” which inspired her to hand out “Steinem AF” T-shirts at her February 2017 runway show, referencing feminist and political activist Gloria Steinem. “We are aligned with female empowerment, helping others, LGBTQ rights, and we want everybody to know it. We’re not hiding it,” Smith said of Milly. “Now more than ever, if we feel threatened, it’s a time to speak up.”


    Here’s a picture of the Steinem fan: http://www3.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Milly+Michelle+Smith+Backstage+Spring+2016+UaIIYjC56RJl.jpg

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  22. Just another stick in the eye instead of showing any kind of class at all. Typical action from Obama. He always wants to stand out, and he certainly does here and not in a good way.

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  23. It’s actually fitting that these two get such obviously horrid paintings on permanent display. Their defiling of the office & WH should not be forgotten. Future generations will ask, “what was wrong with those two?” regardless of how much the media & academia try to whitewash their legacy.

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  24. On reddit the donald page you can find the x rated tranny portrait of michael… mansplays the pose……


  25. Well, yeah, they will be noticed not only for their tasteless portraits but because all the portraits are honorable white men!


  26. So basically you’re jealous and pissy because Obama is being recognized and you’re not. He’s out of office over a year now but you’re still on his dick because you can’t get enough of the school yard name calling he’ll never pay attention to because he’s better than you. This is why white people are mediocre and mad they can’t be great and only act out shooting up your own schools. Get over it. You’re pathetic.


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