Gay portrait artist Kehinde Wiley, spirit cooker, painted a sperm on Obama’s head

Barack Obama’s portrait by Kehinde Wiley which was unveiled yesterday at the taxpayer-funded National Portrait Gallery, is utterly bizarre.

To begin, Obama is depicted with elongated fingers, and an extra finger on his left hand.

Then, there is the matter of Wiley’s specialty of portraying white historical figures, like Napoleon, as black, not to mention his distasteful depiction of the biblical Judith, a Hebrew, as a black woman who beheaded a blonde white woman, instead of an Assyrian general. (See “Obama’s gay portrait artist distorts biblical Judith as a black woman decapitating white people“)

Thanks to the AltMedia (see here and here), our attention is drawn to another bizarre feature in Obama’s portrait: Wiley had slyly painted a sperm on Obama’s forehead.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of sperms (l) and the sperm painted on Obama’s forehead (r):

The openly homosexual Kehinde Wiley is obsessed with sperm. Below is his 2002 untitled oil painting of sperm (source: Artnet Auctions):

There’s also a demon face in Obama’s hair. Can you see it?

H/t FOTM‘s Maryaha

Update (Feb. 14):

Kehinde Wiley is a spirit cooker.

On July 29, 2013, Wiley tweeted that he and satanist/black-supremacist Jay-Z was in one of satanic “artist” Marina Abramovic’s “performances”. H/t Reddit.

Abramovic specializes in “spirit cooking” — the use of menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm to create a “painting.” Abramovic also conducts spirit cooking dinners, which would be a form of vampiric cannibalism via the ingestion of human blood, to which John and Tony Podesta were invited.

As explained by Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars, “spirit cooking” is a “sacrament” in Thelema — a cult founded by British satanist Aleister Crowley, whose motto was “Do As Thou Wilt”. (See “Spirit Cooking cannibalism and Obama’s bandaged middle finger“)


68 responses to “Gay portrait artist Kehinde Wiley, spirit cooker, painted a sperm on Obama’s head

  1. Oooooh there are so many great sarcastic jokes that come to my mind, but I will refrain from writing them. (I think my head is about to burst).

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  2. Weird.

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  3. Recent photographs show a vein popping out on his left temple that wasn’t visible when he was younger.


  4. I’m listening to a local afternoon drive call-in show right now on WTIC in Hartford, Ct., a CBS Affiliate no less. The topic of the show is the oddness of these portraits, everyone calls him a Black President, #1….He’s half White!!!!! You never hear about that half? #2…He couldn’t care less about Black Americans. I think his and Mikey’s portraits should have been done on some real tacky black velvet….eat your heart out Elvis!!!

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  5. The very idea that portraits of this lack of artistic ability should be allowed to hang anywhere in a public building as depicting Obummer and Moochelle is an extreme travesty, and a major slight to the citizens of the United States of America. I suppose we should have seen it coming . . . only the bizarre and ugly out of those two.

    When I look at the picture of Obummer, it is not too difficult to imagine him with his pants down, as if on the toilet, to take his morning . . . . . (I will let you imagine what I am indicating.)

    When Obummer’s portrait was compared to the majestic, and stately offerings of portraits of previous Presidents . . . his portrait should be stored in a back closet somewhere. It should never be displayed in a public area.

    The Moochelle I saw as First Lady looks nothing like that picture; what a travesty that she would choose to wear, what can only be called such a trendy/trashy dress. We know judging from some of the divine creations she wore to inauguration balls, and formal dinners, that there were better choices in garb to be worn.

    Well, this just goes to show . . . . . you can elevate hood rats to be among those who live in the White House, but you just cannot take the low class hood out of them.

    I certainly do hope that the American taxpayer’s were not on the hook for either of these awful creations!

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  6. I’m surprised they weren’t painted with a tiled background.

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  7. I expected him to pose as Superfly (white wide brimmed hat with red feather) pimp suit, and 8 inch stacks with goldfish in the soles and heels. All on black velvet, naturally. I am disappointed.

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  8. Um…there’s something about Barry.

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  10. Q’s posts about this state there is deeper meaning behind flower and garden symbols. Barry’s picture has flowers all in and around it. It may be commonplace for the artist’s work, but it could also easily have hidden connotations.

    After all, the very purpose of symbolism is to hide the true meanings to the uninitiated, while openly sending a message to those in the know.

    Admittedly, I don’t think the portrait of the woman is badly drawn, just grotesque in what it’s portraying. But something legitimately “off” about Obama’s photo leads me to say this: analyze it. There is definitely something we are ALL picking subliminally comprehending, but aren’t seeing. Maybe it’s the sperm. I doubt that has nothing to do with it. maybe it’s lots of little things and details, like the demon face.

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    • According to a 2015 Village Voice review of his work, the textile/wallpaper backgrounds are supposed to eliminate reference to space and time and are painted by his assistants.

      The reviewer calls him a predator and makes it clear his other male subjects were also black male homos, but lured off the street for sex in exchange for the promise of being memorialized in this pervert’s art—very much as a sort of macabre trophy glorifying black sexual degeneracy as an affront to the heroic whites the paintings are intending to mock.

      His painting of Judith explains a lot about this man’s homicidally psychotic racism and his interest in dismemberment, in this case represented by a beheading. He may hate whites, but it’s the black street homosexuals that this man preys upon for degenerate sex who should fear encounters with a potential Jeffrey Dahlmer.

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      • If you ask me (and I know that you didn’t), it looks like after the backgrounds, he “pastes” photographs of the face onto painted bodies. It definitely is more about hatred than talent.

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        • When I think about it, he has someone else paint the backgrounds, like wallpaper. Then all he has to do is take a photo of the subject, run it through his computer to make it look “painted” and paste it to a body.

          My computer will do this with one key stroke. That’s what this looks like.

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  11. He wanted to ‘fundamentally’ change presidential portraits.

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  12. &, apparently, he didn’t even paint it.
    “And there you have it, disgusting as it may be. Is the skill of Wiley’s work good? No, but maybe that’s because he outsources the work to underpaid Chinese labor. Are his concepts good or original? No. It’s very unoriginal these days to be a racist black man whose raison d’etre purely centered around anti-white ideologies. So why is Wiley famous now? How did a former president of the United States end up tapping this sly con artist to paint his portrait, an incredible honor for any artist? What does it say about the state of the arts and modern American culture that we’re willing to pay a hustler hundreds of thousands of dollars to have underpaid Chinese women paint large anti-white paintings?”

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    • Wow.

      So, Kehinde Wiley exploits poor Chinese labor — and so did Obama and the National Portrait Gallery, by commissioning Wiley to do the portrait.

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    • So here we are again. EVERYTHING is political. This isn’t “art”. He’s another “Mack Daddy”, like Obongo. Anybody remember his promotion of “energy companies” that went belly up? Same thing.

      He likes to throw Whitey’s money at his black friends. If you don’t like it, “you racist”.

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  13. One more Obama F-you to America…

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  14. First link has video with images of numerous paintings artist did that are even more strange showing Illuminati/Mason/Beast connection, fallen angel six finger connection, plus stained glass windows with sick images depicting Saint’s halos plus staff/swords like Archangel Michael.
    This 2nd link is embedded in the first link with even more different sicko images.
    The 3rd link is embedded in above link
    During the Campaign – Donald Trump Calls Obama ‘Founder of ISIS’ and Says It Honors Him

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  15. Well, I’m not surprised by use of near-menial labour, toiling away on this and no doubt a zillion others. However, let us recall that the very greatest graphic artists in the West –Michelangelo, Titian, Rubens, and dozens more– were both the products of and the passers of a long-time studio practise: the creator-lead artist.

    Under this system the artist was taught to draught a cartuna –our cartoon– that sketch would then be divided into 12 equal sections, then put up where his students each took a section to work. In time, the new work was 90% completed, and the maestro would then walk through the workshop and put on his finishing touches that made it a ‘Rubens’ for example. There was no other way some of these truly immense [8′ X 12′ and larger] paintings could be created in a human’s lifetime.


    • The difference is that Michelangelo (and other “great masters”) was aided by his students and apprentices as part of their training. Michelangelo did not out-source his paintings to Third World laborers.

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  16. Might be the only sperm he has. Something is seriously off. Might be his final finger salute to the country by having such a POS picture painted.

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  17. Shitty portrait of a Shitty president. Fitting, I suppose.

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  18. It’s pretty blatant:

    Artist is a fraud. Got a Yale art diploma and can’t paint a hand.

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  19. Is Wiley into spirit cooking? Does he have any relationship to that lady Satanist Abramovich?
    Or is Wiley slyly insinuating that Obama is into spirit cooking or Satanism?

    And I’m all for nature, but these paintings are surrealistic—which I take as a giant red flag for demonic activity. So are Wiley and Obama possessed? Seems like it to me.

    Either way, both of these “men” are poor excuses for men, wastes of sperm and should be relegated to the trash can of History. Old Father Time will get around to that when he’s ready, I guess. But what really gets my goat is that very few members of the public will give this a second look, or give a damn. Beaten down for too long, it seems.

    I can hardly wait for the Hillary portrait. In the interests of realism, blood should be seen dripping from her mouth and shooting out of her eyes!

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    • Kehinde Wiley tweeted, on July 29, 2013, that he was with Jay-Z, another satanist, at one of satanist Marina Abramovic’s spirit-cooking performances.


      • I’m not surprised. It figures….

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      • Kehinde definitely is part of the club. Here he is in this video with all the nice little hand gestures Freemasons like to signal each other with.
        In other words, another talent-less fraud who would be nowhere without having been deliberately raised to status by the Satanist kingmakers.

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        • Yeah, if you’ve followed the Pizzagate stuff (especially on VOAT), this whole “artistic” Satanic meme repeats. It seems to me that they are signaling each other that they are all”Kool Kidz”.

          Just mull that over a while. This is the now ex-president promoting even more divisiveness. He belongs to a political party that is pushing Satanism and Communism.

          Don’t you think the end game is to make people choose one or the other? Apparently they feel pretty confident that the odds are on their side.

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          • I never thought of it in the terms that you stated i.e., that they are MAKING people choose, but now that you mention it, I think you are right because with the whole Satanic thing their supposed rule, law or whatever that you have to allow people freely choose evil so they can’t say later that they did not know. I think they break their own rules all the time though. There are just too many dim bulbs, and even young people that surrounded by this stuff since birth will not be able to recognize it. Think chemtrails—there are young people that don’t know what a normal sky looks like.
            I can’t think of a time when I didn’t know I would have to choose- isn’t that strange? I can’t remember when or where, but for the longest time I have known. Seems like it was in me from the start thought I may not have been able to articulate it as a child.

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            • This is hard to explain. They don’t ask permission, they just “do”. In this case they do all of these evil and ridiculous things and then “signal” each other to show who’s “in the know”.

              By doing this they take advantage of some people’s inclination to join whoever they perceive as “The Kool Kidz”. Of course the reverse of that is that they demonize anyone who has problems with their new “culture”.

              In their “culture” homosexuality, transgenderism, child sexual abuse, cannibalism, you name it, is the “norm”. Anyone who opposes these things are the enemy.

              Now, take it a step farther. These are not people on the fringe. These are elected officials and their close advisors. They work for an entity that has the opposite goals for humanity as Christians. That’s the “choice”.


          • He’s Boule. They’re very dangerous.

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            • I’m not real familiar with this. I know that Henry Makow promotes this idea. I think its true that the Jews “elevate” certain blacks and reward them handsomely. From their perspective it makes sense.

              Anything that helps divide is fine with them. Remember, “root out, pull down, destroy”.


  20. Two of my favorites …

    (How do I upload an image?)

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  21. There is another hidden object in the fabric of sleeve (of the same arm with 6 finger hand). The artist is openly gay, so you might imagine what that object is. Kinda reminds me of all those hidden objects in Disney movies – The little Mermaid castle.

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  22. Six fingers on one hand, leads to the likelihood of 6 fingers on the non-exposed other hand. Makes me wonder if the “artist” is implying that Obama has nephilim DNA, which would begin to explain all the flies.

    This artist is a monster, and the very idea that Obama would choose him to do the portraits is a declaration of war on straight, christian, non-african people.

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    • That’s been his MO from the start. He has been “The Satan President”. Crooks and perverts everywhere. He spent the eight years stealing and laughing at us. To me it couldn’t be more obvious.

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      • lophatt, I couldn’t said it better. There are so many indicators of demonic involvement with this former president that we could easily forget some of them. With the Clintons having honeymooned in Haiti at the home of a voodoo priest and Michelle’s mother being a voodoo priestess performing demonic ceremonies in the White House, it’s a wonder we salvaged any of our freedoms.

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  23. I agree with MissPiggy about the disney hidden objects…
    I noticed what appears to be a green spermatid on top of obama’s head…
    I noticed the shadow lining the ridge of his nose for his left eye looks bolder than it a shadow of the satanic ‘black eye’ …
    I noticed the back of the chair appears to have the image of a faceless child…
    I noticed obama’s ring finger appears to be missing the ring.

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