Feminism and Satanism: #MeToo movement inspires voodoo New York fashion show

Though the stuff of Hollywood knowledge for decades, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse of women did not become public news until October 2017.

That news, in turn, opened the floodgates, followed by accusations of sexual misconduct against other Hollyweirdos — producers, directors and actors — as well as men in other industries, including the media.

In response, a “Me Too” movement (hashtag #MeToo) spread virally on social media against the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment of women in the workplace. The movement went beyond social media to include in-person protests, as well as spawn the Time’s Up movement to help fight sexual violence and harassment in the workplace through lobbying and providing funding for victims to get legal help if they can’t afford it.

All well and good.

But what does #MeToo have to do with Sports Illustrated magazine posing women naked, or with satanic voodooism?

Associating #MeToo with voodoo was exactly what the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) did, by featuring a creepy voodoo-themed fashion show claiming to be inspired by the #MeToo movement.

On the first night of NYFW on February 8, 2018, fashion designers Lamine Kouyate (of XULY.Bët), Mimi Prober and Hogan McLaughin combined their shows as a “paean to two voodoo spirits demons, Ezili Dantor and Ezili Freda” who are said to represent “perfect femininity”.

XULY.Bët designer Lamine Kouyate, who hails from the African country of Mali, said the fashion show was inspired partly by the #MeToo movement and anger over President Trump’s alleged “s—hole countries” remark.

The fashion show included:

  • A voodoo priestess, Sallie Ann Glassman, who was flown in from New Orleans.
  • A group of Haitian voodoo drummers, led by Atibon Legba.
  • TV personality and amateur witch Kelly Cutrone, founder of People’s Revolution, a group described by Cutrone as an assembly of “pagans, Jews, witches and voodoo practitioners trying to do something for feminism and the retail business.”
  • A machete, supposedly wielded by the spirit demon Ezili Dantor.

Paul Bois of The Daily Wire points out that contemporary feminism has “strong ties” to witchcraft, i.e., satanism.

According to Laurie Penny at The Baffler, the number of feminist witches has been steadily rising since the 1960s to an apex in the Trump era. Since day one of his administration, witches have performed a variety of spells and hexes to “bind” the president from implementing policies that defund baby-killing Planned Parenthood.

See “Crisis actors dressed up like witches put hex on President Trump in California park”; “Demonic Left’s curses on Trump backfired”; “2016 presidential election was a spiritual war, and it’s ongoing”.

Why do contemporary feminists identify with Satanism?

The answer: Abortion, the common nexus of contemporary feminism and satanists.

See “’I’m a millionaire because I had an abortion’: Abortion and Moloch”.


According to Market Watch, “interest in spirituality has been booming in recent years while interest in religion plummets, especially among millennials.” Millennials are replacing traditional religions with witchcraft, astrology, aura reading, mediumship, tarot-card reading, and palmistry — practices that Christianity views as demonic. Adherents to these practices grew 2% between 2011 and 2016, creating an industry that is now worth $2 billion annually.

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37 responses to “Feminism and Satanism: #MeToo movement inspires voodoo New York fashion show

  1. To further understand the how and why of this (sick) movement go to this article on Kate Millet. Her sister Mallory Millet gives her real life experience with sister Kate. Not quite what MSM, Wikipedia etc portrays Kate Millet to be.


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  2. Every time I read something like this, I just think that we have gone so far beyond what Sodom and Gomorrah every was, when will it stop? May the Lord have mercy.

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  3. SANTERIA an Afro-Cuban religious cult developed from the beliefs and customs of the Yoruba people and incorporating some elements of the Catholic religion. That one Is really bad. It is very much alive and practiced in the Caribbean and CUBA, and very much alive in MIAMI, animal sacrifices, drinking the blood, ceremonial dances and potions, powders, herbs-and some seeds that can cause blindness and if injested may result in damages to the liver and even death. Santeria has replaced Catholicism in Cuba, that is one to stay away from! Seed of rosary pea contains abrin, strong toxin that is similar to ricin, found in the castor bean, this plant has been eradicated in Florida. Please be aware!

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  4. ” a group described by Cutrone as an assembly of “pagans, Jews, witches and voodoo practitioners trying to do something for feminism and the retail business.”
    As a Jew,I loathe reading things like this because so many non Jews assume this means ALL Jews are like this. The obama worshipping, leftist secular Jews who don pink pussy hats and supported the anti-Semitic, anti Israel Iran deal and support the fictitious “palestinians” and the FGM supporting, anti Semite terrorist Linda Sarsour who marches in these metoo marches and views the hijab as some sort of symbol of religious freedom, while women in Iran burn them….I pity self loathing secular Jews who have been blinded.
    I need to emphasize that all Jews hardly agree with this vile and disgusting movement, anymore than all Catholics supported obama and late term abortion.
    Those interested need to read Robert Avrech’s blog ” Seraphic Secret”, Front Page Mag, Daniel Greenfield, ” Sultan Knish”…. there are many conservative Jewish voices out there and they need to be acknowledged as often many non Jewish Conservatives are unaware of this, and think we all belong to these cabals of evil.
    …..anyway, when I see things like the paragraph above, I feel compelled to speak up.

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  5. If you read the catechism of the Catholic Church it does condemn astrology along with other forms of divination. However in times past astrology was not considered satanic by the Catholic Church, or hasn’t been for most of it’s history. Are you aware that for much of the Church’s life, astrology was considered part for the science of the day? There were at times certain books which were banned because they approached astrology with predictions that were made with a certitude, therefore taking away human will and choice,but outside of that, it was considered a valid science.I have tried in include some links below that give a history.
    The three wise men were astrologers that used their knowledge to find the baby Jesus – there is no way around that fact. It was not merely astronomy that informed the wise men, but the interpreted meaning of what they were seeing in the stars, which is astrology.


    “Popes became votaries of astrology— . . . Popes Sixtus IV, Julius II, Leo X, and Paul III. . . . At the papal . . . courts ambassadors were not received in audience until the court astrologer had been consulted. Another well-known man was Lucas Gauricus, the court astrologer of Popes Leo X and Clement VI.Pope Leo X valued astrology so highly that he established a professorship of astrology at the papal university in 1520.”

    Catholic Encyclopedia, Astrology


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    • I’m not surprised by that at all. Nor is it a “secret”. The Church’s concern is God and God’s people. The Church also has scientists. As God’s revelation becomes clearer the Church makes adjustments. I could do a whole bit on Lucifer and his relationship to theology and liturgy.

      That doesn’t mean “the Church embraced evil”, it means that She borrowed from existing forms just like everyone else. There is Platonic Dualism, bits of mystery religions, mythology, etc., woven into the fabric of theology.

      I think that Protestants tend to have more difficulty with these things as they have a different view of Scripture and its history, importance and interpretation. The Church, having existed for approximately 400 years without an established canon of Scripture is more focused on Tradition and what the Church Fathers had to say about a given subject.

      Looking back one often sees what appears to be condemnation or suggestions that the Church “conspired” to keep thus and so away from its congregants. I think most, if not all of that is utter nonsense.

      It is true that The Church exhibited a more paternalistic aspect prior to Vatican II. That was done out of concern and respect for the People of God, not out of some sinister desire to hid information.

      It is much easier to simply tell someone what the Church teaches than it is to explain why. Trust me, there is always a reason why. The Greek and Russian Orthodox churches are more paternalistic than us Catholics. That doesn’t make them “wrong”, it just means that they have less patience, theologically with lay misunderstandings than what the Catholic Church has been been forced to address.

      I have absolutely no problem with Orthodoxy. I have a copy of the Philokalia and I read it a lot. I see not obstacles theologically save the issue with the Holy Trinity. In practice that is not going to create issues for the Faithful.

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      • I was not attacking the Church. I am in general agreement with you on this- indeed the Church has always made adjustments as you stated. But the article above places astrology in the same category as other occult practices that are demonic, I thought it a point of interest to bring up the history of the Churches historical relationship with astrology for the reason that I that I DON”T believe the Church would condone something demonic, and therefore I don’t believe that astrology is demonic, but more a mistaken path if one uses it to try to know the future. Yes the Church has historically made adjustment upon further understandings, but I think that is outside something that could be labeled demonic. Something either has the possibility of opening one up to demons/ entities or it doesn’t. The main arguments against astrology historically have been that it takes away free will by stating that the future is already set in stone which I agree with. Oddly I think it was Calvinism that held the theology that each man was predestined for either heaven or hell, which takes away free will and sounds as anti-christ as it gets, but I digress.
        The majority of modern astrology is psychological in nature- in that it gives a profile of the persons psychological conflicts, drives attributes etc. and claims it can be helpful in knowing ones own self- as in physician heal thyself, or the ancient precept: know thyself. If there is a tool whereby one can know ones own unconscious conflicts and imbalances, I am of the thought that it can serve helping a person out of self defeating behavior, and don’t see how that can be classified as demonic. Just my thoughts.

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        • Lana, sorry, I’m not trying to imply that you are. Thanks for the response. It is probably beyond the space and interest available here to really do a discussion like this justice.

          With regard to Church theology, consulting the sources or “The Catholic Encyclopedia” on line is a good source. The reason I say this is that everything is VERY CAREFULLY WORDED. Every word should be considered and reread multiple times if any confusion still exists.

          The Church has always been extremely cautious of being misinterpreted before issuing an Imprimatur. That means that it has been checked by theologians and approved by a bishop.

          As to the Calvinist concept of Free Will, I’ve had MANY discussions with Protestants on this. Two of my good friends are ordained Protestant ministers. One a Lutheran and the other a woman Methodist. I also have a good friend with a doctorate in theology who is Presbyterian. He seems (for obvious reasons) to have the biggest problem with this idea.

          In theology, like it or not, there are things called “mysteries”. That doesn’t mean they are untrue, it means they are either difficult to understand or explain or both. The Trinity is like that.

          “Free will” is somewhat like that in the idea of God knowing everything, therefore God knows what our choice will be. I suppose it is subtle but my take is that, even if God knows, He lets us make that choice. To believe otherwise makes any self-improvement meaningless as those who are doomed remain doomed.

          I actually think Calvin was brighter than many think. I’m not entirely certain that his works are not misinterpreted. I know that, in my discussions with my Presbyterian friend, he came to agree with me. In fact, through no effort on my part, he converted to Catholicism.

          Anyway, I love discussions like this but they get pretty wordy. There is a whole other segment that deals with psychology masquerading as theology and similar phenomena. I’ve seen that myself with some people’s attempts to make Karl Jung into a theologian.

          While they may be interesting, I’m not sure that they are conducive of good scholarship or belief.


          • Very good Lophatt, and no I did not think you were implying anything at all! You gave a good explanation of what you know to be true and I appreciate that! I was afraid you thought I was implying the Church condoned occult activities ( I don’t ) which is what I was trying to clarify with my answer ( which I now see was somewhat garbled). I think the only point I was trying to make is that things are not always so black and white, and in this instance I was referring to astrology being lumped in with demonic activities. I was wandering off and free associating with the Calvinist comment, which I should not have done.

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            • That’s a GREAT observation, and true. I had this evangelical neighbor once who was afraid of my lawn ornaments. He used to make me laugh. I had some Native American carvings someone gave me and he was terrified that they might have been used in a ritual at some point.

              I think mostly it is important to try to follow Church teachings. If one finds oneself inadvertently exposed to something they shouldn’t be, they can always pray for help and it will come.

              I do the same thing you did. Every time someone mentions Calvin I think of his position on Free Will. It’s natural.


            • Your remarks remind me of difficulties that sometimes arise when discussing things of this nature, especially among those of different confessions or understandings. I’m not referring to you in that.

              We use the same words and terms but we don’t always have the same understanding of what they mean. For example, when I hear “astronomy” or “astrology” I don’t think “demonic”. The reason being that they are “things”.

              Someone mentioned Ouija boards. That is a “thing” too, but it is specially made for a problematic purpose.

              In dealing with things potentially demonic, there are certain properties and behaviors one should be aware of. In general, they require “permission”. to attach themselves to us. The problem being that it doesn’t necessarily have to be “express” permission.

              There are also ways of controlling a demonic spirit, should one need to. This takes training and courage. I wouldn’t recommend it.

              I guess what I’m trying to say is that some put all of these “things” in the same basket and call them “demonic”. Exposure, intention, actions, etc., can make something that otherwise was quite harmless into something less so, and vice versa.

              There is a difference between being in love with God’s world and wanting to know all you can about it and wanting to know for control.

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        • If its helpful, I’ll add some of what I found in my own studies, that is it would seem astrology is entirely demonic, in the sense that it seems to originally be geared towards metering the influence of pagan deities (having to do with time and space, so to speak, or time and location, a constellation represented a given deity, while another deity governed the region in which the person was born and that was factored in as well, it seems modern occultists have tried to obscure this to a degree with their anti-christian and rather atheist “astrotheology” garbage) upon a given individual, not so much “rays” or influence from planets or other nonsense, and pagan deities seem to be three things chiefly: imaginary things which can be exploited by devils for their own ends, devils themselves, or people who were turned into deities by their followers seeking to immortalize them in myth and legend.) The psychology stuff is just it’s modern cover-story. Also, the Bible texts make negative mention of astrology, both as divination in general, (because divination attempts to bypass God, while attempting to know His mind, and also opens a given person up to devilish suggestion and deception, this too is why I’d classify it as demonic, both of which make for a considerable amount of trouble.) and a few times specifically, such as when Daniel proved the astrologers, among others, incompetant regarding interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and the mention in Isaiah 47:13-15.

          As far as the popes go, can’t say I’m surprised, they are only human, and as such are tempted the same as anyone else, that they’d take up diviners/astrologers in rejection of God, and chasing the bait of a promise of “divine knowledge” isn’t a shock, people are doing so even as I type this, especially if they don’t feel like they’re communicating with Him well enough (or are impatient.) even suppsoedly wise rulers shoot themselves in the foot as well, as we saw with solomon and his polygamy/adultery, both with wives and with their pagan deities. None of this makes that excusable though, ideally if they were consulting an astrologer they should’ve been thrown out on their ear… allowing that kind of pollution into a nominally holy environment is a decided contradiction and a non-sequiter, even moreso for if they were communciating with God proper they’d have no need of astrological mediums. I do verymuch appreciate the information though, and thanks kindly for mentioning it.

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  7. In other voodoo news, Obama’s lovely spouse had her official portrait revealed:


    The audience gasped, lol. The comments are great.

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  8. Perfect! Now maybe I can explain myself better. These people are morons. #1, I feel the last paragraph says it all, for unless a person has God, and Christ at their core, they have been deceived, and by you know who (Pow-Wow Art 101). They are then opening up themselves to darkness, because, that is the sole quest of this life, for all of us, which side we choose! By denying God’s, and Christ’s existence, you’re done for.

    #2, many Freemasons go to Christian churches every Sunday, so was my point in re: to shamans and satanism. People can call themselves whatever they want, but it’s what you do in, “private,” what you allow, etc. that in the end defines you. You can’t hide that from God, lol.

    Lastly, someone last time said something about God being more than energy. God IS energy. Everything that is alive, is energy. All that is unseen, is energy. That’s the reality, they, tptb, keep on lockdown, and as such, that’s why there are exclusive organizations (and thus, negatives, toppled w their adoration of hillel, rather than God). If everyone understood their own personal power, BECAUSE of their very own connection to The Creator, God, (I and I) this world would be a different place.

    Anyway, I’m not here to fight. I do respect everyone else’s opinions, and this is merely mine.


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  9. Well we’ve known for a long time that Jews hate the Church. We know who owns Hollywood and who runs the NWO. We also know that they are actively working to establish a new “universal” religion for the Goy. This is a little preview.

    Hollywood are just salespeople. Lately, virtually EVERYTHING we’re exposed to is a sales job. We say things are “politicized”, really they are marketed.

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  10. Again, President Trump was correct when he called some countries s-holes.

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  12. I would also posit, Dr. Eowyn, that the other reason feminism and satanism run together is that feminism is a “daughter” of it, that is to say it was contrieved for the express purpose of pushing it’s “parent”… lest we forget the feminists of old tended to be occultists and sickos to some degree, like sacher-masoch (from whence the modern world got “masochism”) and margaret fuller, a trancendentalist, and the author both of the first “feminist” publication in the U.S. “Woman in the Nineteenth Century”, and first editor of the transcendentalist journal “The Dial” (thus one of the propigators of this occult malarkey). Often these things run hand-in-hand, and just as often other causes are taken up as cover, such as “freeing slaves” etc.

    It would seem feminism has always been a tool of evil, it uses lots of pretty words to try to convince people that it isn’t anti-human and misanthropic to the core, which it truly is, it was never about bettering the female gender’s lot in life. Sadly far too many these days are convinced of this craziness, even going to the lengths you cite, such as advocating porn. They also go for wanton fornication, abortion as birth control, slut “pride”, etc. The end goal is probably a return to the practices of the vile temples of old that had “sacred” sluts, etc.

    It would also seem that “new york fashion” stuff in general has a history with occultic filth, not too long ago I saw vigilant citizen having a report on a new york fashion week loaded with freemasonic & occult symbols and themes (and ugliness). I should also mention a NSFW/barfbag/eyebleach Caution for anyone looking at it… see here: https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/satanic-fashion-show-inside-church-london-fashion-week/

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