A “conservative” lawmaker has a plan for free tampons at Washington colleges


“Conservative” Melanie Stambaugh

Back in November 2014 I told you about this woman, Melanie Stambaugh, a Republican and former Daffodil Queen who defeated five-term Democratic incumbent Dawn Morrell in the 25th District (Washington state). From my post:

The 24-year-old old owns her own business, You Impression, which is a company that helps people build confidence, providing leadership training, anti-bullying workshops for kids, and professional development.

Stambaugh said her own confidence skills came in handy during the election. She said her strategy was really to focus on people and not focus on politics.

Stambaugh is excited for the opportunity to go to Olympia and said she’s confident that her age is not going to hinder her ability to make an impact. She thinks it will actually be a good thing for the legislature.

“I think it’s important that we have a variety of perspectives down in the legislature and really young voices are not represented.”

Turns out she’s not that conservative after all. Sounds like she’s more of a republican for the progressive voters in Washington state.

And remember, the feminists want you to believe womyn are equal, until they need you to pay for their personal hygiene products. How empowering!

From MyNorthwest.com: A House bill in Olympia aims to establish a new $1 million government program that will provide free tampons to students at Washington colleges.

“The Conservative argument is that we want to support our students achieving their education,” Representative Melanie Stambaugh told 770 KTTH’s Jason Rantz. “Currently, at our community and technical college campuses, 56 percent of the students are female. The median age is 26. These students often have more difficult financial situations. Hence, why they are going through the community and technical college system. We want to ensure that when a woman needs — often times in an emergency situation — a product, that she has it available to her.

Stambaugh is a Republican representative for the state’s 25th District (Puyallup). HB 2863 proposes to provide free tampons at community and technical colleges in Washington state. There are 34 such institutions in the state.

If approved, it would cost taxpayers an estimated $1 million a year to provide free tampons. But Stambaugh believes that is an overestimate. Washington State University in Vancouver already provides the feminine hygiene products for free, so she is looking at those costs for a more accurate estimate.

Stambaugh notes that the tampons currently available to students at colleges — for a price — don’t align with modern spending habits because they require people to carry cash. She says that only about 24 percent of purchases are made in cash nowadays.

The representative says professors at some colleges are already providing free tampons.

She knows there’s a need for it in Washington.

“The idea for this bill actually came to me from a student at Pierce College in Puyallup,” Stambaugh said. “She had noticed that many of the tampon and feminine hygiene product dispensers in the bathrooms weren’t stocked. So she started doing some research and found that there is a wave across the country where many four-year universities are now providing tampons for free.”


43 responses to “A “conservative” lawmaker has a plan for free tampons at Washington colleges

  1. Typical liberal, not a conservative at all. They love spending other peoples money. Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill on something like this? IT IS TOTALLY MORONIC! How does a seemingly smart girl, come up with such a stupid idea?

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  2. “56 percent of the students are female. The median age is 26. These students often have more difficult financial situations.”

    A box of 36 tampons sells for $3.99 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tampax-Plastic-Absorbency-Unscented-Packaging/dp/B01BNGBD3W/ref=sr_1_12_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1518451225&sr=8-12&keywords=tampons+regular

    That’s 11 cents per tampon.

    And yet no doubt these same “in-dire-financial-situation” students have money for iPhones. No wonder this generation are called Snowflakes.

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    • “Same students have money for I phones”
      Mommy and Daddy probably bought the I phones, but never the less I bet we could add a lot more to that list like beer on the weekends,

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  3. Dr, Eowyn, you nailed the problem, which involves priorities, not lack of
    money. Taught physics and chemistry at an inner-city high school for
    decades. All the students in later years had cellphones and went to
    Disneyland but had no money for calculators and notebooks.
    Luckily the Title One (on the dole) school threw out hundreds or
    maybe thousands of used notebooks bought for endless
    administration meetings on why students weren’t learning.
    I would grab the notebooks from the trash before they became
    compost. My students were required to have a notebook.
    My notebook pitch was they were old, ugly, but the price was
    right. See me after class for your free notebook, which you
    can hide in backpack. I won’t tell anyone you’re broke.
    (No tiene dinero.) Sure enough everyone grabbed one
    after class.
    My wife and I are members of the Los Angeles Zoo.
    The zookeepers (overwhelmingly now lesbians) tell
    us that hordes of kids there on tax-payer paid bus
    trip excursions would never see the zoo if not
    for “free visits” (paid by tax payers). What bull.
    Virtually all those kids had smart phones and
    went to Disneyland regularly.

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    • Gary Jones . . . . Thank you for highlighting the absurdity of the taxpayers ponying up monies for things when these same “indigent” students have money for “all the things that they WANT, but none of the things that they NEED.”

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  4. It’s time for a company to install electronic vending machines in college bathrooms that will dispense tampons and condoms. Then, students can use their debit and credit cards they so prefer over coins. Miss Stambaugh does not yet have the emotional and intellectual maturity and life experience to be in state politics, yet she is. I’m sure the state of Washington is proud to have another Demorat…….er, Rebublican representing them.

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    • greenworxx . . . . Bless you for being the voice of reason! This is nonsense on a grand scale.

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    • My first thought exactly, green!!!! Better the money be spent by the colleges and universities (probably comes out of the same Fed pocket anyway) on installing machines that allow one to swipe a debit or credit card than to vote in an entitlement that will NEVER EVER EVER go away….and could most probably grow to include other personal hygiene items “for free.”

      What a vapid ding-bat daffodil this Stambaugh is!!!!!! Pretty soon she’s gonna climb up the chain of this reasoning and want ME to pay with my taxes for other people’s abortions…….oh wait a minute…………..

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  5. The freebies are just for college students only? Now, now, that’s unfair to other students! So, here comes another bill for taxpayers’s pockets! Incredible!

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    • Alma . . . . . I always love the way you think. Yes, in order that everyone have equal standing before the (law) or in this case State of Washington. What freeby is going to be doled out to young men who are in college? Well, for that matter, what if your life has taken a different turn, what if you enter the work force rather than college . . . why would you be denied the VERY SAME CONSIDERATION AS THESE OTHER YOUNG PEOPLE? This cuts many different ways.

      Please do not be deceived into thinking that I believe that everyone should be given this and that, and that and this–individuals need to plan on taking care of their own needs. There will never be a time when the government can take over supplying everything for everyone. What good would it do the individual to work to supply his own needs, much less wants.

      I am flabbergasted that the average age of young women in college, according to their statistics . . . is 26! By that age I had been out of college for five years. Even at that I had worked several years. Why would the average female student be 8-9 years past high school graduation? Are these young people dumber than previous generations? One might certainly ascertain that fact from these statistics.

      With this young woman coming up with such “enlightened” ideas such as this, the voters of Washington State need to send her boney butt down the road in the next election. Truly, this is a travesty.

      DCG . . . . You never cease to amaze me, you always snatch the very best of articles to bring to us. God Bless you for your time and efforts.

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      • Gosh! I should imagine that most of you figured out that my math isn’t all that good! Actually, I graduated at age 23, because I stayed out of school and worked two years. I should have graduated at age 21, if I had gone straight through from high school.

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      • Auntie. They used to give out condoms… until they found out that college boys intend to use them. Well why not pour gas on a hormone fire? Not to mention free birth control chemicals. Now here’s all this free stuff as young adults/old adolescents go and use them responsibly. And now all the me-toos are coming forward as victims. Wonder if the rubber pushers free pill gang want to step forward for a word. They already had free birth control. ABSTINENCE.
        And then there’s STD’s Shudder

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        • YouKnowWho . . . . Bless you for bringing up the obvious. There is NOTHING better than ABSTINENCE for avoidance of unplanned pregnancies. It just plain works every time. The idea of STD;s, the very thought of that is really awful. Why would anyone with half a brain want to risk that?

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  6. what’s the big deal the gov’t give out free tampons at welfare centers and women’s needs programs….


    • Clearly, you don’t see the distinction between welfare recipients and all female college students.

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      • Neither does this lawmaker. Apparently we all need the government to help us get through life and menstruation…

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        • Don’t you know that “Your Government” cares for you? They want to know ALL about you. Soon there’ll be mics and cameras in every bathroom.

          I read this morning where a school administration is forcing girls who attend dances not to refuse a dance. That would not be “inclusive”. I suppose, by extension, it wouldn’t be “inclusive” if a Somali rapist shows up and wants to “know her better”?

          We have got to resist this. We can all see where this is going. We don’t need permission. They have no right to stick their noses into our business and tell us what we can think, say and do.

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  7. Obviously the larger goal of these things is to get people used to the idea that they are totally dependent on government. Being the enterprising thing she appears to be, why doesn’t she start a business stocking those for a profit and put some people to work?

    Do young people really expect government to follow them around taking care of their every need? Is there some crisis with a shortage of tampons? If there is, this is the first I’ve heard of it.

    “A chicken in every pot. A tampon in every dispenser”. Go comrade, go.

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  8. Speaking of “conservative,” I think the word has lost its meaning. How many “conservatives” recently voted for the budget including $500 million funding for Murder, Inc., a.k.a. Planned Parenthood? It’s good to support the military and get them built back up, but NOBODY asked the Pentagon if they FOUND the several trillions of dollars that are said to have “gone missing.” What, exactly, is the meaning of “gone missing?” Never to be found?

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    • I’m afraid that my take is that if we took care of OUR business we wouldn’t need to spend trillions on the military. This is secondary foreign aid to Israel. We need to pull completely out of the Knesset and concentrate on America for a change.

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      • lophatt . . . . You have just hit the very center of the bulls eye with that comment. Why indeed are we bleeding our own people, and running up such horrendous debt . . . when we should be “concentrate{ing} on America for a change.”

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    • Goldbug . . . . Thank you for the reminder! I knew there was something I was supposed to be pissed about . . . and this certain qualifies. Where did several trillions of dollars go? This is just unimaginable. I think my blood pressure shot up quite a ways, just contemplating this kind of garbage.

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  9. I’m all for these programs. Where do I opt out for paying for them.
    Let everybody vote with their tax dollars for what they want the gumment to pay for. Then you’ll see what the taxpayer really wants.

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  10. I bet these same students have the money to spend on that brand of coffee so popular there. When will these people realize their personal expenses are theirs and theirs alone? I would have been mortified to have had anyone know of my personal time of need.
    If they can’t learn to take care of their responsibilities needs by college, when will they?
    This lunatic Stambaugh is doing nothing to encourage self responsibility, instead she is pandering for votes

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    • Glenn47 . . . . I am in total agreement with you. If young women cannot handle this situation on their own . . . how are they ever going to make it out in the world? Talk about a bunch of Snowflakes.

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  11. They’ve gotta save that money for milk to counter act the pepper spray:


    Don’t ya’ love it? Red Square?

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  12. Until the death of Pius XII, the Catholic Church always sided AGAINST any sort of novelty, and with good reason.
    Let me be clear. I think women should not be in politics, generally speaking, for this reason: They tend to bring the factor of sentimentality into the discussion. This will accomplish NOTHING, except to use that sentimentality or “humane side” as another tool of the Elites’ divide-and-conquer games.

    In other words, meet the new boss, Same as the old boss.

    I will give you a pertinent example. During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, I had plenty of women in my Uber who said they would not vote for Donald Trump under any circumstances because they heard news reports that “he cheated contractors,” and that they did not want to vote for a crook. When I recounted, in summary detail, the laundry list of crimes of Hillary Clinton, they looked at me as if I had two heads.
    Obviously, these ladies WOULD NOT be red-pilled under ANY circumstances. And they could not or WOULD NOT be told they were being suckered yet again on their sentimentality—or call it a plea for fair play, if you will.
    (This was nothing new at all: Absolutely no one I have driven would hear ONE DAMN THING about 9/11—not about AE911Truth.org, Lyndon Larouche, You Tube videos or anything else. So who’s worse: Men who are ignorant because they have small minds, or women who are ignorant because they think they have big hearts? Either way, we lose. I’m sorry to appear cynical here, but it’s the truth. And the same can be said of those Catholics who THINK they’re Trads who can swallow V-2 and Frankenpope without contradicting themselves.)

    And let me VENT MY SPLEEN here on this issue: You women have to BUY your hygiene products? TOUGH NOOGIES: No one ever bought my deodorant, shaving cream or razors. No one ever paid for my haircuts. No one ever paid for my hospital bill back in 2000. So if someone would please tell Ms. Stambaugh to shut up, THAT’D BE GREAT.


    • What is wrong with you, Steven?

      You do know that Ann Barnhardt, whom you often quote and cite, is a woman in politics? You do know there are MEN who voted for Hillary Clinton? To name a few: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta, Rep. Joe Kennedy III, and these men who screamed at the sky on the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration.

      To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, it is not the color of one’s skin (or one’s gender), it is the content of one’s character.

      Your blanket anti-women rant is repugnant to the many intelligent and very sensible women of FOTM.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . I do agree with you regarding there are both men and women who succumb to the idea that we have entire groups of people who must be taken care of by the rest of us.

        When I receive my Voters Pamphlet prior to upcoming elections. I pour over the names of both men and women . . . if they list their accomplishments as being the transfer of monies from hand working individuals to offset the stupidity, or lack of wit or will on the part of others in our society. I mark a big black “X” thru their name. Then when the ballots come, I automatically dismiss all those who are “Socialists” or down right “Communists.” Heaven knows, we have more than our share of those types in Communist leaning Oregon.

        It is an insult to human beings who may have a hurt leg, to forever supply them with crutches to aid in the healing process . . .only to find out that these same individuals have grown dependent on using that very same crutch.

        I must say, I am rather prejudiced, if I come upon a Libtard, I really do not pursue a close relationship with them . . . because I just cannot overcome the absurdity of the liberal line, and the damage it does to untold millions.

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      • I am not against women: I disagree with those who supported and voted for Hillary despite the evidence against her! I am not against sentimentality, per se, except to say I don’t think it belongs in the political sphere, or should be used to guide public policy.
        I was referring to those women I have driven in my Uber who said they were Hillary supporters or never-Trumpers. And I got the gist of the article here: Stambaugh may be intelligent and articulate and even sincere, but this free hygiene pitch just galled me.

        Does this make me a misogynist? I don’t think so.

        As for Ann Barnhardt, I have no knowledge of her having been elected to any public office: She has admitted on her blog that she has not paid her taxes in years, and that she refuses to do so due to her belief that to do so would support an evil system. Do I really quote her that often?
        And as for conservatives, I am conservatively inclined, but I am leary of the conservative mentality in that many conservatives have grown used to being cucked. Does this make me a cuck on the one hand or a hater of conservatives on the other?


        • “As for Ann Barnhardt, I have no knowledge of her having been elected to any public office: She has admitted on her blog that she has not paid her taxes in years”

          In your previous comment, you said “women” (implying all women, since you did not qualify ‘women’) should not be “in politics”. Voting is a political act; so is not paying taxes as a form of protest; so is Barnhardt’s blogging about politics.

          By the way, you do know that Barnhardt sold her possessions on eBay at grossly-inflated prices (tens of dollars for a teaspoon) and asks for, and receives, donations from her readers who, no doubt, pay taxes. In other words, she gets the moral high-ground of being a tax-protester, while being financially supported by people who pay taxes. I find that ethically/morally troubling.

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          • I was not aware that Barnhardt sold her possessions on e-Bay at inflated prices. Point duly noted. Yes, she posts political commentary,
            I comment on political things—does this make me a politician? Does this put me “in politics”? But, when I think about it, you are right that voting is a political act, whereas I was accustomed to thinking of it as a legal or a free-speech act.

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            • “but by “being in politics,” I was assuming you I meant elected to office.”

              I corrected the “you” to “I” because I sure didn’t write that. You did.

              Since you did not explicitly define what “being in politics” means, one can only go by your CONTEXTUAL definition — the context in which you used that phrase. In the context of your comment in which you ranted against women, without qualifiers, you complained about women who voted for Hillary and who refused to be “red-pilled” by you in your cab — which certainly suggests that you do not approve of women having the right to vote.


            • “I was not aware that Barnhardt sold her possessions on e-Bay at inflated prices.”

              I’m surprised by that since you seem to be a regular reader of her blog. I’d stopped reading her blog because I find her “refusal to pay taxes as a protest against an immoral system but receives generous donations from her readers who do pay taxes” to be ethically troubling, if not plain hypocritical. You can search her posting history for those posts in which she discussed putting her belongings (mainly cups, dishes, forks, spoons) on sale on eBay. This was after the IRS confiscated (my presumption) her house in Colorado, which led to her moving to live “in a shack by the river” (her metaphor; I think she’s living on a friend’s property) and taking minimum-wage menial labor jobs. However, since she was a seller on eBay, I would think the IRS would go after her for income tax. To my knowledge, she did not write about that.

              Lastly, I have problems with her blog not allowing readers to comment, which means readers only get her side of things, except for rare occasions when she chooses to publish some reader’s particularly vicious piece of correspondence — which wins her sympathy and puts her in a good light.


  13. I am appalled any woman my age would even suggest their personal hygiene products be supplied to them at government expense. This sounds like something that moral miscreant Lena Dunham would propose.
    But maybe — just maybe — its proof that all those free condoms the boys get for free are working 🙂

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    • Carissa . . . . You are most assuredly a girl after my own heart. I cannot even begin to imagine why young women would wish to involve anyone else in their need for or use of personal hygiene products. Bravo! I really love what you have shared with the rest of us.

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    • And I agree: Condoms should not be free, either. In fact, they MUST NOT be free: Because it would seem to imply either that the woman has no excuse not to consent, or that the man has the right to seek a partner without the responsibilities that follow thereafter. It sends a really bad signal: It would seem to violate the protocols of right heterosexual relations.

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